Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 265

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 265 255: Nao Vs Broly Ii

The Z Fighters, Whis, Vados, Nao and Miya soon left Bulma's private island leaving behind Beerus who soon fell back asleep on his padded chair, letting baby Bulla rest in his arms.

Nao was soon on his way to his final destination so to say in the DBZ plane, the ice continent where he would fight alongside Goku and Vegeta against Broly! That alone excited him greatly. Miya was there too but she would not join in, and would watch from the side next to Vados and Whis.

She had been coming along with her own term of power but she did not actively pursue it, so she only managed to achieve Super Saiyan 2. She was Nao's moral support along with the other girls who kept him in check as well. Her main role was to only guide his soul through the void while going to new planes. She had free reign to do anything else if she wanted.

Most of that was spending time with Nao, and that included having s.e.x with him. Still, she managed to form bonds with the others and wouldn't keep Nao to herself, since fairies can be quite lascivious like that. She enjoyed everyone's harmony.

Overall, her duty was coming up soon. She had to ensure Nao's soul would successfully traverse into the Overlord plane!

And she along with the rest were heading to their final destination of this plane.

All they had to do was wait for Broly's arrival along with Paragus and Frieza

Meanwhile, somewhere unknown in Universe 7, Frieza's mothership could be seen roaming the stars. Strangely no light shows or explosions echoed around it, he was just calmly flying through space.

As for Frieza, he could be seen inside the ship, looking out the huge observation deck window, looking at the myriad of stars and planets before him. He was currently in his final form. His tail swerved around calmly while a melancholic look appeared in his eyes.

Behind stood five other figures. One was exceptionally buffed with muscles, completely bare. A couple of scars could be seen over his left arm. His black hair wasn't as spiky but shot out in several directions, and was baggy, much like Gine's hair.

A green fur pelt could be seen tied to his waist while wearing simple blue pants and white boots.

The figure to the right of him was wearing an older battle plated armor which was black around the chest and pale yellow around the shoulders and sides. A scar streaked across his left eye which he kept closed. His hair was white-gray. He wore a speedo-like pants which was blue, revealing most of his legs. His waist had a brown tail around it along with an orange pouch of sorts.

Two smaller aliens stood behind them nervously. One was orange and rather skinny, but appeared older than the other. He wore a black-green plated armor with green pants and an orange cap.

To the left of him was a taller female alien who wore a purple jumpsuit with a white-green plated armor. It covered her chest which was a decent size. She had white hair and green skin, wearing white gloves and boots. Blue scouters could be seen on her left eye and the older figure next to her respectively.

Berryblue was the last figure who had her arms held behind her back. She floated on over to Frieza and called out to him.

"I have brought them, Lord Frieza."

"Oh...!", Frieza replied back, turning around.

Berryblue saw his face which curved into a smile.

"Are you really a Saiyan?", Frieza asked, looking at the two in front of him.

The buff figure ignored his question and looked around, seemingly confused. Paragus formed his right hand into a fist and crossed his chest over with his arm. He did a bow with his head after.

Seeing the other figure bow, Frieza acknowledged it and continue to speak.

"You do not appear to have a tail."

"No, sir." the aged figure spoke out. "The effects of transforming into a Great Ape, which is a trait among us Saiyans', caused him to lose all sense of himself. Which is why I cut off his tail.", the aged figure spoke again.

Meanwhile the buff figure ignored them talking once again. He even spotted Frieza's pod he always sits in hovering close by. A look of interest appeared in his eyes, and tapped it, causing the pod to change directions and float away.

Frieza ignored his behavior and replied back.

"Has he lost his sense of himself since then?"

"Yes, sir, on rare occasions."

"So you are saying that it does sometimes still happen?", Frieza said as he squinted his eyes a bit.

The aged figure appeared scared seeing this moved back a bit. He then replied back.

"Please do not worry! When that happens...using this remote control, electricity will run through the device around Broly's neck.", the aged figure responded while rummaging inside his orange pouch, only to take out a simple device with a large red button on it.

"It is not a strong current, but it allows me to control him.", the aged figure replied back once more.

That's right, the buff figure was indeed none other than Broly! He tried grasp onto the device around his neck, but it wouldn't break apart.

"I see.", Frieza said calmly. He then walked up to the aged figure and asked another question.

"What is your name?"

After he asked that, Broly stared at him in silence, only to start looking around again.

The aged figure became worried seeing this and answered in Broly's place.

"H-His name is Broly, sir!"

Hearing his, Frieza focused his eyes and smiled as he started to observe Broly.

"I see you still have a tremendous level of yet-untapped battle power."

After Frieza said that, the aged figure walked up and replied to him.

"I am certain that he can be of use to you, Lord Frieza!"

Hearing that, Frieza turned around and walked back to the giant window before he spoke out once more.

"Well this was a rather unexpected bounty. Berryblue, please see to it to the two who brought these two get a reward."

After Frieza said that, the two aliens became happy. Receiving a plentiful bounty, the two became shocked . They thanked Frieza with a bow as the door closed in front of them. These two also had names. The female was Cheelai and the older one was Lemo!

With the four remaining in the room, Frieza continued to speak while Berryblue floated back into the room.

"I understand that you were unable to escape from a barren planet for quite a long time."

"Yes, sir."

"Are you aware your home world of Planet Vegeta is no longer there?", Frieza asked. A grin formed on his lips, but the two couldn't see it as he was turned around.

"Yes, sir. I heard it on the way here. But none of that matters now. It's just...", the aged figure started to ask.

Frieza turned his head around and continued the rest for him.

"...Vengeance, yes? You called yourself Paragus, right?"

That's right, the aged figure was indeed none other than Paragus! Father to Broly and one of Nao's and Miya's mentors who mainly taught the two military tactics and how to fight properly!

"Yes, sir.", Paragus answered Frieza in confirmation.

"Then let me ask you, Paragus. Did you know that King Vegeta's son, Vegeta IV, is still alive?"

After Frieza asked that, Paragus stepped back in shock.

"W-What!? Prince Vegeta!?"

Once Paragus asked that, his shock soon became anger. He formed a fist with his fist and yelled out.

"Why that...damnable Vegeta!", Paragus yelled letting out a curse.

Frieza's tail swerved around in response and he spoke out once more.

"Allow me to lend you some assistance with your vengeance. Berryblue, once these two have had a shower, please arrange for some battle uniforms for them."

"Yes, my lord.", Berryblue said, acknowledging Frieza.

A look of hope appeared in Paragus's eyes as he bowed to Frieza once more. The three soon exited the room. Frieza spoke out once more to himself.

"I had not meant to fight this time around, but now...This is starting to get interesting, isn't it?", Frieza said, uttering to himself.

More time soon passed as Paragus and Broly situated themselves on the ship. Paragus now wore his green-white battle armor with shoulder pads, a purple bodysuit and a long purple robe toed with a black belt, covering most of his legs.

Broly came out wearing a black bodysuit and his green fur pelt. His bodysuit was very similar to the ones Nao and Miya liked to wear underneath their plated armor.

Time began to pass as they got friendly with Cheelai and Lemo. Some disturbance ls happened causing the three to separate from Paragus. Cheelai took this time to steal the device Paragus had inside his pouch.

Meanwhile, Paragus was called back to see Frieza again while Broly, Cheelai and Lemo started to talk with each other at the locker area.

Back on Earth, the two goons found themselves high up on a cliff, surrounded by blizzarding snow. Yet they managed to find the last Dragon Ball.

While that happened, Frieza started to talk to Paragus once again.

"The planet called Earth, to which we are about to go to, will have Vegeta and one other Saiyan. I would like to see Broly's power.", Frieza said who could now be seen up in the observation room throne.

"The innate strength that Broly possesses is super-prodigious. We will achieve our long-sought vengeance!", Paragus said, bowing his head.

"Speaking of which, you are free to do with Vegeta whatever you wish.", Frieza said, replying to him.

He then closed his eyes for a moment, only open them. Paragus saw clear anger appear in Frieza's eyes, causing a cold shiver run down his spine. Frieza then yelled out.

"But please allow me to finish off the other Saiyan named Son Goku. Killing Son Goku has been a long time wish of mine, you see!"

His voice got louder and veins appeared around his eyes. Exploding with anger as his eyes creased diagonally.

"As you wish.", Paragus could only respond back while shivering.

After doing a bow, Paragus recovered himself. He could still see anger in Frieza's eyes, but still managed to speak up with what he wanted to say next.

"Say, Lord Frieza"

"Oh? Did you have another matter to discuss? As long as I get to personally kill that Son Goku, I told you that you had free reign, right?"

"You did...It's just, I happen to remember two other Saiyans. I do not currently know their whereabouts or even if they are alive. I was wondering if you came across such a thing..."

"Two other Saiyans, is it? You truly have brought me some surprises today, Paragus. Indeed I have met two such fellows."

"Y-You have!? Tell me Lord Frieza, do they have red and white hair!?", Paragus yelled out in surprise, taking a couple steps back.

He then saw Frieza's tail start to swerve around some more. His earlier anger soon vanished and he closed his eyes. Frieza closed his eyes as he placed his hand onto his chin.

A moment like this soon passed in silence before Frieza opened his eyes again and replied.

"You are...referring to the two Saiyans who managed to block one of my blows head on shortly after Father took over your planet, yes?"

"...Yes, sir."

"It's as you said, they are still alive, and I personally saw them not too long ago. Why are you bringing those two up?"

Hearing that, Paragus clenched his fist and spoke out with a firm voice.

"You see, Lord Frieza, back on our home world I happened to be one of their mentors for combat. The white haired one was especially prodigious and soaked in everything we taught. If they are truly still alive it is possible we can bring them over to our side to assist us in taking revenge! I know it can be possible, King Vegeta banished them from his Palace!"

After Paragus said that with anticipation, he only saw Frieza shake his head left and right.

"I'm sorry to say Paragus but that is no longer an option. The two already allied themselves with that Son Goku and King Vegeta's son. In fact it's possible they may be with them right now on Planet Earth, our current destination."

"Damn them all! To think such good Saiyans were taken in by that bastard...", Paragus said, yelling out in anger. He even swung down with his fist.

"But no matter. Those two cannot be touched sadly, for they are under Lord Beerus's protection. Sadly as much as I want to, even I cannot lay a finger on the two."

"...Lord Beerus's protection, sir?", Paragus asked tilting his head in confusion after calming down.

"Pardon me, just a slip of the tongue. You needn't concern yourself with him, Paragus. However I still wish to see Broly's power with my own eyes. If those two white and red haired Saiyans are there, it will be a good test, don't you agree?"

Seeing Frieza ask that with a smirk, another cold shiver shot down Paragus's spine, causing him to quiver a bit. He bowed his head and replied.

"...Yes, sir."

Hearing that, Frieza smiled and spoke out.

"Excellent. Then we will proceed with our plan of vengeance.", Frieza said happily, letting his tail swerve around some more.

Another moment passed before the door opened beside them. Kikono came rushing in with excitement on his face. He then yelled out happily.

"Lord Frieza, we managed to secure all seven Dragon Balls per your order!", Kikono said while panting.

"Oh! Well isn't that marvelous!", Frieza said, acknowledging him.

After he said that, Frieza gave the order to let his ship enter hyper drive. It sped along quickly, travelling through endless outer space.

It didn't take long at all for Frieza's mothership to arrive over Planet Earth!

Meanwhile back on the planet, everyone found the two goons who tried to escape with their ship, and landed down on a glacier cliff. Vegeta shot out a ki blast, blasting right at the ship and brought it down. Goku tried to persuade the two goons to give the Dragon Balls back, but felt Frieza's ki arrive.

That grabbed everyone's attention as Frieza exited his ship through the roof. Sitting in his pod, Frieza stretched out his arm. A very small but dense red ki sphere formed in it. Frieza willed it to drop, and it descended into the atmosphere which was surrounded by blizzarding clouds.

The ki sphere suddenly expanded out, blasting away all the clouds in the skies. Goku, Vegeta, and Nao stopped caring about the two goons, as they saw Frieza's mothership descend onto the ice in front of them. Whis, Vados, Bulma and Miya stayed back at the ship and observed on.

Nao called for Miya to come down, which she complied. After all he could sense Paragus's and Broly's ki on that ship. It was time to give their 'mentor' a warm welcome!