Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 266

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 266 256: Nao Vs Broly Iii

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Nao, Miya, Goku and Vegeta could currently be seen standing flat on a large patch of snow, surrounded by massive glacier ice mountains all around them. Goku wore his blue coat while Vegeta wore his green coat. Nao and Miya wore their plated armor without any shoulder pads. Nao had a black bodysuit underneath his while Miya had a violet bodysuit underneath hers. Both of them wore their black boots while nothing was around their arms.

Whis, Vados and Bulma could be seen parked a while away from them on a higher cliff. Further in the distance were the two goons who had fear in their eyes.

Everyone saw the sky turn red for a brief moment before Frieza's small blast of ki blasted away the surrounding clouds. It revealed Frieza's mothership hovering higher up in the sky.

"Well, well, here comes Frieza's entrance.", Goku spoke out.

After he said that, Vegeta's eyes became serious as his eyebrows shifted downward, similar to that of a sword.

"Hmm? What is that?"

"It ain't just Frieza. There's some other out-of-this-world guy in there too.", Goku responded. Even his eyebrows trembled a bit with seriousness.

"So you two can sense it? He is coming.", Nao said with a serious look as well.

"Definitely someone strong, that's for sure.", Vegeta grumbled as he couldn't help but retort back.

Hearing that, Nao didn't respond. Miya stayed quiet as well. The four soon saw Frieza's mothership descend down. A blast of air struck out from underneath. Frieza's secret service members immediately flew out from the hatch after it opened, landing on each side of the pathway in front. Four on each side.

Stairs descended downward which revealed three more figures at the top. Frieza stood in the middle with Paragus on his left and Paragus on his right. Frieza descended first, and the two followed after him. Broly sent out a huge ki intent as his eyes focused, and it created a large blast of wind.

It struck the four head on. Vegeta and Goku had to put up their guard. Miya did the same and even got pushed back a bit. As for Nao, he felt a cold shiver run down his spine the moment he felt Broly's ki blast him. Miya frowned and realized her power was truly lacking compared to the rest. She didn't actively train like Nao did, only managing to achieve up to SSJ2. She could feel finally a disparity from this feeling, and she didn't like it.

From here on she swore to herself she would get stronger in the next plane when they reach it. An important topic would be discussed as well once this fight was over with the girls,

As for Nao, he became excited sensing Broly's ki up close. It was extremely wild! For sure he would give them a good match for his final fight.

After the wind died down, Vegeta raised his head a bit, and saw Paragus and Broly.

"Those are two Saiyans, aren't they?"

Goku took this time to look as well. On the other side, Paragus focused his eyes and immediately spotted Vegeta and his hair, signifying that of the Vegeta family.

"Vegeta! There's no doubt about it...He looks just like the King."

After Paragus said that, he could feel pressure strike at him, shocking him to the core. He then focused his eyes to the right of Vegeta, and immediately spotted the white and red haired duo, donning the Palace's royal battle, armor. This caused his eyes to turn wide, and almost stumbled backward. He pointed his finger at Nao shakily.

"So it's true...", Paragus grumbled to himself.

Nao only smiled at him, not answering. Goku took this time to speak to Frieza, ignoring Paragus's behavior. Vegeta had a glint of light streak across his eyes seeing the interaction between Nao and Broly, finding it weird. But he kept silent.

"What are you doing here, Frieza?"

"I am sure you already know that, don't you? Having a wish granted by the Dragon Balls.", Frieza calmly replied while moving his finger. It caused the Dragon Balls to levitate out of the goons' arms, which shocked them, and brought the seven balls to his side.

He then let them form a circle-like shape, evenly spaced so they wouldn't touch each other. They calmly floated and hovered over his right hand.

"Hey, give back the Dragon Balls!", Bulma said while wearing full winter lime green black jumpsuit.

Yet Whis smiled at her and replied before she could do anything. Vados was watching the ongoing scene with interest in her eyes.

"It appears that we have a larger problem, Bulma. I suppose you might call it the nature of their warrior race, hohoho.", Whis replied while laughing.

Anger streaked across Bulma's eyes as she looked forward again, but she couldn't do anything but watch on.

"Hey, Frieza, who are those two?", Goku asked once more.

"These are the newest members of the Frieza Force. Broly and his Father...", Frieza spoke as he introduced the two. Paragus took this time to walk up next to Frieza and introduced himself.

"Paragus!", Paragus said with a strong, firm voice.

Acknowledging him, Frieza spoke out once more.

"Well there you have it. As you guys appear to have noticed, they, like you, are Saiyans."

"I don't like them.", Vegeta replied back with an annoyed tone.

"I understand when you were quite little, your Father, King Vegeta, did a terrible disservice to Paragus and Broly here, and up until now, they were trapped in an unfamiliar, inimical world.", Frieza continued to speak. He squinted his eyes a bit, making them appear more sharp.

An air of silence spread around them for a good moment. Goku spoke next, only to place his hand on the back of his head, scratching it in confusion.

"Frieza! What does 'inimical' mean?"

Hearing that, Frieza's eyes lost focus for a few seconds. Nao also received an urge to fal forward but he withstood it. Frieza calmly replied to Goku.

"It means, 'beyond severe."

"Hehe, thanks!", Goku replied with a chuckle

"You idiot!", Vegeta yelled out with a a retort.

After he said that, anger appeared on Paragus's face as it became visibly shaken. He then yelled out in anger, drawing everyone's attention.

"I swear that you, at least, will pay for that, Vegeta! We are here to take revenge! Lord Nao, Lady Miya, even if you take his side we will not not forgive you!"

After he said that, he shot out his right arm diagonally out of anger as he walked forward a bit more. Vegeta's eyes shifted and became serious. Goku appeared confused once more.

"Lord Nao, Lady Miya?", Goku couldn't help but ask.

But Vegeta and the others ignored him. Vegeta spoke out, responding to Paragus instead. Anger appeared on Broly's face during this and started to tremble. Nao took this time to whisper to Goku saying he'll tell him at their birthright later. Goku nodded slightly.

"Don't be ridiculous! How is that any of my affair!"

"He ain't got nothin' to do with that!", Goku yelled back.

"That's right. King Vegeta is long gone, Paragus. Or should I say, Teacher?"

After Nao said that he calmly walked up to Paragus only stood only a couple feet from him.

Shock appeared in everyone's eyes. Frieza came to learn of it prior to this but it was still surprising hear it come from Nao. He didn't like him ever since Frieza met Nao again back in the Tournament of Power.

'Wait, did he just say Teacher!?", Goku uttered in shock.

"So this fool is related to him after all. Does that mean these two studied in the Palace at some point...?", Vegeta said, uttering to himself.

"Was. We no longer hold any responsibilities to each other, Lord Nao. I was merely doing my duty by King Vegeta the Second's orders back then. It is a shame things ended up like this."

"Surely you won't reconsider?"

"This is our long sought after revenge! If you are going to stand in our way, we will strike you down along with the Prince!", Paragus yelled out in anger once more.

More anger appeared on Broly's face, and started to clench his arms. He even began to let out a low growl.

"So be it. This will be your death wish.", Nao responded back. He turned around and walked back to the three. Vegeta clicked his tongue in annoyance. Paragus shifted his head and looked at Frieza. Broly became more unable to withstand his anger.

"Lord Frieza?"

"He appears unable to wait. Very well. Please show me what he'd has to offer."

"Understood, sir.", Paragus said, nodding his head. "Alright, Broly...", Paragus continued to say. He then bent his right arm out before his chest. It then extended outward, and declared, "Do it!"

Hearing Paragus's command, Broly let out a deep bellow of anger. He then suddenly charged out from the staircase. Going into a punching motion, he took aim right at Vegeta.

Seeing Broly come right at him caused Vegeta to smirk. He put up a cross guard with both of his arms. Broly arrived in front of him in mere seconds and punched out. BANG!

Broly's fist connected to Vegeta's block. His force sent the two flying away, heading straight toward The nearest ice mountain. Vegeta yelled out and swung his arms open, causing Broly's fists to fly outward.

Broly ignored that and aimed at Vegeta, striking down with either a right cur or a left downward seeing. The two started to dance as snow dust knocked up, leaving behind a trail.

More moments passed and Vegeta now appeared to cross his arms again to taunt Broly. Broly yelled out, striking out with his left fist this time. Vegeta squared himself, and kicked out. It hit Broly's chest directly, causing him to be sent backwards.

Broly recovered quickly and started to throw more punches. Vegeta dodged them and even used his hands to direct them away.

"You're not bad, huh? I'm finally starting yo get warmed up!"

After he said that, he dodged a bit more and took off his winter coat revealing his white-yellow plated armor and blue bodysuit. He struck out with his right fist, landing a direct blow on Broly.

Broly aimed to cut his head from the side but Vegeta ducked. He then did a backflip, landing on his two hands. Shifting his body to see Broly, Vegeta struck out with his feet, getting another hard hit in in Broly's chest.

He then did a swipe of his feet, knocking Broly off balance. He then acted quickly and did a swing of his legs, kicking Broly away. It sent him flying.

Broly recovered once more. The two entered a match of exchanging blow for blow. Broly's aura leaked for a brief second, turning him green.


"He's fast!", Vegeta thought to himself. "He must of studied on how to use his power!"

After thinking that, Broly tried to elbow him but he shook it off. The two exchanged blows again, flying higher up into the sky. BANG! POW!

They started to use Vanish as well, reappearing in different spots each time. Every exchange of fists caused a loud boom to echo. Seeing the battle well underway, Paragus spoke out.

"It looks like Vegeta is fairly well trained, too."

"They have been through their own share of battles, after all.", Frieza responded to him. "Moreover, it seems your son is still unaccustomed to this. Broly has never fought another person, correct?"

"Only simulated fights with me."

"Fighting against someone of your battle power is all but meaningless. Not to worry. He is steadily becoming more familiar with it."

After Frieza said that the two continued to watch.

Broly and Vegeta struck each other's fists causing a loud boom to echo. Vegeta struck out with his other fist but Broly blocked it with his arm. Broly struck out with another fist, but Vegeta caught it with his hands. It caused Vegeta to back up a bit. He then clasped both of his fists together, and chopped downward.

Vegeta aimed for Broly's head but Broly blocked it with both arms. It sent Broly downward but he quickly regained himself and entered a charging ki stance.

He yelled out, letting his ki explode wildly. A white aura appeared around him. He shot off at very fast speed. Vegeta saw him but Broly suddenly vanished from sight. The moment Vegeta saw Broly reappear, he saw a fist aiming right at the side of his left cheek. BANG!

Getting hit, Vegeta was sent flying and Broly followed.

"Good, Broly!", Paragus yelled, cheering on.

Vegeta became angry and while in the air, he clasped onto Broly's hands with his. His body and Broly's body shot out horizontally. Both struggled trying to push each other away.

Vegeta scrunched his face in anger. All of a sudden, a golden-yellow thin aura appeared around his body. Thanks to that he started to gain the upper hand. Broly felt his hands started to get crushed and a pained look appeared in his eyes.

Broly tried to release himself from Vegeta's grip but Vegeta kept still, and he couldn't do anything.

"You're a real pest!", Vegeta yelled out.

With a large bang, Vegeta struck Broly's head with his. A headbutt! He then formed a fist and struck Broly's head once more. Broly flew back, crashing through a nearby ice mountain, and Vegeta followed.

Broly latched his hands onto the snow and recovered. Crouching down a bit, he saw Vegeta land on an ice cap nearby. His eyes became shocked as Vegeta entered his own charging ki stance.

"Haaaaaaah!", Vegeta yelled out. His golden-yellow aura burst forth. His eyebrows and hair flashed green before a golden sheen of light enveloped it. His hair soon became golden-yellow and was surrounded by a golden-yellow aura. He became a Super Saiyan!

His anger erupted and so did his aura. It burst out before it condensed around his body. It was breathtaking for Broly who had never seen this before. He couldn't utter a word!

Meanwhile, Paragus also stood back in shock. It was visible on his face as it trembled.

"W-What is that?"

"Oh? Is Broly not able to turn Super Saiyan?", Frieza asked as he turned his head to look at him.

"Super Saiyan? You don't mean. Like the legend!?""

After Paragus said that, Vegeta dispersed his aura and a serious look appeared in his eyes. Broly had ice fog come out of his nose while he growled in anger. Letting out another loud yell, he took flight. He arrived right in front of Vegeta but vanished. Reappearing behind him, Broly tried to catch him off guard, but Vegeta backslapped his face with his right fist.

Broly was sent flying again, but recovered and dashed forward. While in motion Vegeta vanished and reappeared at his side, Vegeta did a back kick striking st Broly's chest, sending him flying downward once more. Vegeta started to chase him.

The two started to exchange blows once again. Vegeta also fired off point blank ki blasts directly at his face. It was clear Broly was being pushed back. Broly tried to punch out but Vegeta grabbed a hold of his head, and sent him flying once more. Every time Vegeta sent him flying with a punch or ki blast to the face, Broly started to recover quicker and quicker.

"What is this guy?", Vegeta spoke, seeing Broly's irises now turn yellow from black. Broly yelled out, drawing back his right fist while Vegeta was still punching his face. Broly struck out at his chest, causing Vegeta to block with his arms, but Broly still connected hitting right underneath them. Vegeta was sent flying and pursued him.

Vegeta was pushed back into an ice mountain. Broly struck him once more, and sent Vegeta flying right into the heart of the mountain. He was being pushed through it, digging up countless ice crystals.

"He's quick to develop!", Vegeta thought to himself while blocking.

After being pushed through the mountain, the two reappeared on the other side and exchanged blows once more. This time he was pushed back and fought evenly. Broly even grabbed a hold of Vegeta's neck which caused him to fire a ki blast at him. Vegeta was able to separate and flew off into the skies. Broly chased him and fired off ki blast after ki blast which was green.

Vegeta maneuvered around, spinning his body to dodge them. Vegeta them flew downward, only to have Broly follow. The two soon passed Goku and Nao who were watching the two fight with excitement.

"He's awesome! He's startin' to hold his own in his base form!"

"He sure is. Broly is very quick to develop his battle instincts. Every time he gets pushed around, its as if his body corrects it and finds the appropriate path shortly after.", Nao also said in excitement.

As the two flew by, Goku's blue coat fluttered in the wind. Vegeta soared into the skies and calmed his body. Closing his eyes, he calmed his heart. All of a sudden, his golden-yellow aura changed into a fierce red aura! Fiery red burst forth, and enveloped his body as he spun around. His hair and eyes became red!

He had now turned into a Super Saiyan God.

Broly approached him, only to have his face tremble in shock. Vegeta raised his right hand, entering his Big Bang Attack stance. His palm opened up and a pale white sphere formed in it. Confused, he only saw the white ki sphere fire at him. It struck quite hard, and Vegeta fired off four more, blasting Broly further away each time.

Broly recovered and approached Vegeta again. Broly tried to punch him multiple times but Vegeta dodged them easily. Not a single punch landed this time. In the end, Vegeta even grabbed a hold of Broly's fist with his left hand. He then formed a fist with his right, and struck out right at Broly's face. This time Broly spurt out quite a bit of blood taking it head on! It was really powerful compared to the previous punches he received thus far.

So powerful it sent Broly flying, crashing into several ice mountains along the way. He crashed through four of them and soon became separated by a very large distance.

"I had never imagined that Vegeta had improved so much...", Paragus said with a trembling voice, falling onto his knees.

"Oh, has he reached his limit already?"

"Yes, sir."

"Oh, very well.", Frieza said with disappointment. He turned around and started to walk toward his ship. "Perhaps we should call it a day.", he continued to say while his tail streaked across Paragus's face.

"Yes, sir.", Paragus complied.

As for Broly, he struggled within a patch of hard rock and ice. He tried to break free from it while Vegeta flew down to him.

'What is this?", Vegeta asked while he saw Broly's head down, struggling.

"No! Broly! That's enough for now!", Paragus yelled out to him, trying to have Broly return. "Stop! Come back at once!"

But Broly's anger started to surge as he crouched his body. His arms bent downward as well. It started to quake around him as Broly's voice yelled out.

Seeing him not respond, Paragus opened his pouch, oy to see his device to shock Broly missing. Cheelai ended up stealing it from him earlier when he wasn't looking. Paragus became shocked.

"It's gone!" My remote control us gone! Oh no!"', he yelled out in worry. He collapsed onto his knees once more.

"Broly! I told you to stop!"

Hearing that, Broly clutched his head with his right hand. He started to become unstable.

"Didn't you hear what I said!?", Paragus said, yelling out in anger.

Yet Broly continued to grow more unstable. His irises became smaller.

Vegeta entered his Big Bang Attack stance once more.

"This is worthless."

A fiery orange-red flame like aura converged in his palm.

"Stop it, Vegeta!", Goku tried to yell at him, but it was no use.

Vegeta fired off his Big Bang Attack but this one appeared different. It stretched out onward, creating a trail of flame-like aura. It fired off right at Broly. Broly yelled out in shock ad he took this head on. A large boom echoed, shattering the ice he was standing on. He was sent flying into the icy lake beneath him. Broly found himself falling deeper within the darkness of the icy cold water.

Goku and Nao approached Vegeta behind him. A few moments passed in silence. Within the darkness, Broly formed two fists. All of a sudden, a yellow-orange aura enveloped his body. It started to disturb the water, creating waves nearby.

Broly yelled out deep inside the water as his body trembled back and forth. The water soon formed a giant whirlpool, sucking it in.

The aura burst forth, shooting into the sky from the heart of the whirlpool. Broly soon shot out of it.

His aura soon converged and became green around his body. His hair started to spike upward as his fur pelt fluttered in the wind. Anger appeared in his eyes. He yelled out once more, creating a large blast of wind.

"No way...what!?", Goku replied in shock as he blocked the wind with his arms. Nao also did the same and looked at his aura, which excited him.

"Have you ever seen a Saiyan like this before?", Goku asked Vegeta.

"Isn't there one who is like this standing right beside you?", Vegeta said with a retort.

"Beside me? You mean, Nao!?", Goku said as he looked at Nao, who was strangely smiling.

The two then saw Nao calmly fly forward, unleashing his own ki. A bubbly green aura started to wrap around his body.

"Hey, did you bring any senzu means, Kakarrot!?", Vegeta asked while also blocking.

"No, I didn't!"

"Tch. This is no time to be playing around. Those two green auras are almost identical...don't tell me!?", Vegeta uttered, coming to a realization. Shock appeared in his eyes after

Broly yelled out once more and flew upward. He soon squared off against Nao. The wind died down and Goku and Vegeta arrived behind him.

All of a sudden, Broly opened his mouth, only to have a green ki sphere form in it! He then fired it off, creating a missile like ki blast. Goku danced around in shock but saw Nao didn't move. He still instinctively dodged around it, only to see Nao slap it away with his fist.

Shock appeared in the two's eyes as the ki blast tunneled into a mountain top nearby, only to fire off into the sky.

It then shone a bright green, exploding forth. A large boom resounded as the ground quaked. BOOM!

Seeing the hole it created after the explosion died down, Goku spoke out in shock.

"If that had hit the ground...", Goku uttered to himself.

Vegeta clicked his tongue, ignoring Nao and Vegeta. He sped toward Broly. Striking with his fist, he hit Broly's face directly. Yet shock appeared in his eyes, seeing his attack rendered useless.

Broly punched back, and sent Vegeta flying. Broly pursed Vegeta as Nao and Goku watched.

"Vegeta!", Goku said, telling out. A white aura burst forth around him, and he flew to Vegeta. Nao followed suit, letting his green aura burst forth. Vegeta and Broly entered close combat once more.

"What is that?", Frieza asked happily as he witnessed Broly's new state.

"That...? He seems to have become able to transform and take on the power that Saiyans have when becoming Great Apes without a Great Ape's lumbering moves, by remaining in his humanoid form."

"Is there some issue with it?"

"Yes sir. The thing is...he cannot even control it himself."

After Paragus said that, Broly struck Vegeta once more, blasting him into a nearby ice mountain. Vegeta dug through it, only to crouch sown onto the snow, bracing himself. Broly flew onto the top of the mountain.

Vegeta scrunched his face in annoyance, but all of a sudden, Broly heard Goku call out to him.

"Hey, you!", Goku yelled, drawing his attention. Goku now had his blue coat off, fluttering in the wind. It revealed his orange Gi.

Nao also stood beside him.

"I think it's about time you fought me.", Goku said.

He then started to hop around a bit, warming himself up. Broly's muscles started to expand, increasing the height and stature of his body. Goku entered his famous stance, ready for combat.

Nao took this to speak out as well, entering an offensive stance of his own.

"I hope you don't mind me join you, Goku. You always wanted to fight alongside me, right?", Nao said, asking him.

"Hehe, sure. Lets take this guy on together.", Goku responded back with a giggle.

The two now stood waiting for Broly to strike!