Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 267

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 267 257: Nao Vs Broly Iv

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After Goku hopped around for a bit with his eyes closed, a smile appeared on his face. He welcomed Nao to join him. He lowered his body to where his left fist hung down low and his right fist hung up high way behind his back. He then extended two fingers outward, bending them forward on each fist. Nao also entered an offensive stance, shifting his body to where his left shoulder pointed forward and brought his right arm back. Lowering his right arm a bit and raising his left arm, he formed his own fists.

A bubbly green aura surrounded Nao's body. He hadn't transformed yet, only releasing his Ki, and did not match to any element he had an affinity with. Nao didn't want to use any affinities if he didn't have to during this fight. He wanted to enjoy it. Broly let out another growl as his body shook. Vibrant green aura covered his body. Sparkles of green light constantly shot out from his back.

Goku dug into the ice a bit, and launched himself directly at Broly. Nao did the same, launching himself forward. Broly charged at the two. He struck out with his right fist, and Goku met Broly's fist with his own right fist. A large blast of air spread out, creating a cold gust. Nao vanished and reappeared at Broly's left side, and struck out with his fist. Broly managed to block it head on, and his expression sent chills down Nao's spine the moment he saw Broly up close. His fist didn't even budge from Broly's grasp.

'Tch, now there is a monster for you. Won't even budge.', Nao thought to himself. He tried to take out his fist from Broly's grasp, but it wouldn't even budge. Broly's previous strike caused Goku to be sent flying backward so he used this fist to grab a hold of Nao. He swung Nao at a very fast speed, throwing him at Goku.

Broly then gained the advantage and initiated more close combat with the two. Nao felt heavy strikes against his body each time Broly connected. All of a sudden, Broly swung out with his left foot, kicking Goku right in the chest and sent him flying. Seeing this, Nao struck Broly's chest in its center expecting some damage, but Broly didn't flinch one bit. Broly grabbed a hold of Nao's head, and kicked him as well. He was sent flying off in same direction as Goku.

While being sent flying, Goku entered his Kamehameha stance, and charged up his ki. Nao twisted his body to have his frontside face Broly again, and recovered. He tasted a bit of iron in his mouth, and droplets of blood seeped from his lips. He couldn't help but grin. He arrived beside Goku and decided to unleash more of his Ki. Sure enough it was pure green still when Nao entered his own stance to fire off a double charged ki blast.

Goku fired his Kamehameha while Nao fired off two strings of green ki blasts. His danced around Goku's and hit Broly directly. A large boom echoed but it didn't take long for Broly to shake it off. Goku started to fire off blue ki blasts and Nao followed up. Every time they approached Broly, Broly managed to punch them, stirring up cold white dust in the air. Broly took this time to fire off green ki blasts of his own.

Both Nao and Goku were able to deflect Broly's ki blasts, they could tell they weren't as heavy as his punches and kicks were. Yet Broly closed in and suddenly struck out with his right fist. He caught Goku off guard, blasting him right into a giant glacier of ice. His body indented the ice before it was blown away inside it. Broly ignored Nao and yelled out in anger once more. He dive bombed right into the ice, and locked onto Goku.

Nao was left alone in the cold wind. Seeing this, he took the chance and flew over it, arriving at the other side of the giant glacier. He could hear Goku's pained yells as Broly punched him in the chest a few times inside the encased ice. Goku tried to block it but Broly's strength was no joke. He managed to push Goku through the full glacier, sending him flying out through the other side.

Goku sped at a really fast pace, directly into Nao's path. Nao managed to grab a hold of Goku and ensured he wasn't flying back any longer. All of a sudden, Broly let out a crazed yell, and his vibrant green aura burst forth. It expanded into a giant pillar, overtaking the glacier. It opened up a giant hole, allowing Broly to calmly float upward.

Seeing this, Goku coughed out some blood as he struck Nao's body head on. Nao managed to catch him. Goku could only smile wryly as he looked up into Nao's eyes while watching Broly expand his aura into a giant pillar.

"Hehe, how ya holdin' up, Nao? This dude is insane, but I love it! I'm surprised ya are takin' quite a beatin' too.", Goku said letting out a laugh.

"You really do like to battle, don't you, Goku? Well Broly will give you a run for your money, that's for sure. I can't believe there is such a large disparity despite being the same legendary Saiyan...I wonder if it's because his father molded Broly to be the best warrior there could be?"

"His father? You mean that guy who showed up beside him? He was your teacher ain't he?"

"He was. But not anymore. We went our separate paths."

"Is that so? Say, I'm going to transform. Mind watchin' my back?"

"Go ahead. I got you."

After Nao said that, Goku parted ways and regained his composure. A look of anger streaked across his eyes as he bent his body downward. Forming two fists, he yelled out. It didn't take long before he was surrounded by a golden-yellow aura and his hair flickered.

"Haaaaaah!", Goku yelled out. Unleashing his ki, his hair turned golden-yellow, turning into a Super Saiyan once more.

Nao let his own ki roam freely in his body. He could feel his blood pump further and further. A bubbly green pillar shot up into the sky, as he powered up in his own way. His muscles even started to expand slightly!

Ready to start the next round, Broly became a jet and pushed out both of his arms. He sped right at Goku while Goku and Nao flew right at him. Loud bangs would echo as their fists met with Broly's. Nao felt more confident but Broly's strikes were still very heavy. Nao would get pushed around a bit while dodging point blank ki blasts. Goku still ended up getting sent flying farther than him.

All of a sudden, Goku used Vanish, and disappeared from sight, which caused Broly to become confused. Goku would reappear in his blind spots but Broly would vanish as well. Nao observed this pattern, and took the moment to strike into Broly's chest. His punch dug right into his armor but Broly didn't budge.

Broly suddenly grabbed a hold of Nao's hair, and gripped tightly. Nao felt his head constricted and let out a painful grown. He then felt his body spin in the air, finding himself striking Goku's body. Nao's back hit his chest, causing more blood to spray from his mouth.

'KuhHow the hell is this guy so much more powerful?', Nao could only think as he was sent flying

with Goku.

Yet he couldn't even react before Broly vanished and reappeared before the two. They saw a large green sphere form in Broly's hand. He swung his hand down and aimed right at their center. The two could only see a large burst of green expand out before they got sent flying.

"Are you shitting me!?", Nao yelled out with a curse. His body flew backward with Goku's for a while before it changed direction. He his body strike into a nearby ice mountain, having jis own head lodge itself into it. Only half of his body remained outside.

Goku flew back some more before Broly reappeared above him. He clasped his fists together, and struck down with a chop. He struck Goku's head and sent him flying downward while Nao regained his composure being stuck halfway into ice.

Goku struck down into the snow below creating a large crater. He drew in Broly's attention as Broly dove in with his fists out again. Yet Goku reacted quickly, and got out of the crater. He then kicked Broly right into the chest, and stopped his momentum. Broly landed nearby, crouching down.

Nao took this time to unleash his ki. A bubbly green aura expanded into the sky, which received their attention. Nao broke out of the ice, doing a flip. He then calmly flew down. Goku saw a clear string of red flowing down from Nao's lip to his chin. Seeing this Broly let out another loud yell of anger.

An annoyed look appeared in Nao's eyes as he flew downward, landing near by Goku. He spat out some blood to the side as he spoke out.

"Tch. A monster will always be a monster. I thought I could match him while in my own base form but the disparity is clear."

"Oh come on Nao, ya are doin' great. He is just that amazin' of a guy to take us both on, and even I'm transformed now!"

"You've still got more left in you, don't you?"

"Plenty. Same for you right?"

Hearing Goku ask that, Goku saw Nao's lips curve up into a grin. He knew what Nao's answer was.

To respond, Goku bent in his left arm and struck it out a couple times. Broly lowered his arms, and his body trembled, letting out another yell. Goku and Nao smiled at Broly who decided to charge at the two.

Yet Goku and Nao jumped back a bit. They acted quickly, crouching down a bit. Goku crossed his arms over his chest, calming his heart. Nao also pumped his fists a bit, gathering his ki into a certain point in his body. His right leg!

Goku's hair flickered again his golden-yellow aura vanished. He slimmed down a bit, becoming more toned. A thin, red aura wrapped around his body, and his hair changed red. He became a Super Saiyan God!

As for Nao, his ki surged. His hair flickered a pale green, before his white hair shotc up and became fully green, and vibrant at that. He wasn't done there either, his pupils vanished, and it only appeared green inside his eyes now. He too had transformed into a Super Saiyan!

Broly's body shook thanks to the amount of power that was just released, but he roared out. He aimed for Goku again, but Goku easily saw his movement, He grabbed a hold of Broly's arm with his own, and redirected him. He shifted Broly and let his body fly at Nao, who was ready to receive him.

Nao formed a fist with his right hand and punched Broly's face. It was still heavy but he felt his own punch strike with just as heavy as an impact as Broly's now. As a result, Broly's body spun out of control, spraying a bit of blood.

Yet Broly snapped out of it, landing several feet away.

"Hey, calm down!", Goku said trying to reach out to him.

However, Broly ignored Goku's words after he recovered. He let out a giant roar of anger instead. Broly then started to run at Goku who entered another stance. The closer Broly arrived, the taller he seemed to grow.

But Goku wasn't disturbed by him. He took in a deep breath, and Nao felt a change in Goku's ki. It created some circles which were drawn into his body.

'So this is the famous God Bind, huh? Let's see what it has to offer.' Nao thought to himself as he recovered from punching Broly earlier, observing Goku.

The moment Broly arrived and struck out with his right fist, Goku yelled out. He then shifted his palms outward while keeping his first three fingers extended on each hand and bending his other two down. They latched on diagonally.

Goku then sent out a golden-like circle, hitting Broly directly. All of a sudden, Broly was stopped in his tracks, unable to move. That's right, this technique was one that bound one's body with their own ki as the medium!

Bringing his hands closer to his body, Goku spoke out once more.

"We all live in peace here on planet Earth!"

Yet he was met by another roar of anger as Broly inched forward. Most of his movement was stopped but not completely. This clash resulted in some ice blocks rising up in the distance.

"Well, a lot...has happened, but still...whatever the case is, I can tell ya ain't a bad guy.", Goku said with a smile. "I can tell."

After Goku said that, Broly's eyes trembled, before his face moved up. It was as if he had come to a realization, staring at Goku in shock.

"Stop doin' this. Ya don't have to listen to what those bad guys say."", Goku continued to say. His words were loud enough for Frieza and the others to hear. Frieza smirked while Paragus became shaken, but they didn't say anything.

However, unfortunately for Goku and Nao, his words no longer had an affect on him. Nao saw Broly's irises turn a deeper golden. 'Shit, he's going to lose control of himself again!', Nao thought to himself.

"Goku, watch out!", Nao said, trying to warn him, but it was too late.

Letting out another booming yell, Broly lifted his head up and bellowed into the sky. Broly started to move again so Goku tried to send some more ki to restrict him. But it proved useless. All of a sudden, a vibrant green aura wrapped around Broly, and struck out with his fist.

Goku stepped back and dodged it, but he saw himself soon covered in green aura as well. Broly seemed to have stolen Goku's technique and used it back on him, just from pure Instinct!

Goku couldn't move any longer! He took Broly's punch head on. Yet he was able to withstand it Nao took this time to rush in, striking Broly's back. He could feel his punch strike into his body. Seeing this, Goku reacted and grabbed Broly's arm.

He was splattered with Broly's blood thanks to Nao's punch, and he twisted his arm. Lifted his body up, Goku swung it down, hitting into the ice next to him. Broly coughed out more blood as a large quake trembled, destroying nearby glaciers. Whis, Vados, Bulma, and Vegetal, who was now next to Bulma, could feel the quake and Bulma started to panic. Frieza and his army could also feel it. Miya was also with them now and watched on with a worried look.

Frieza's ship even started to sink down, not being on stable land anymore. Frieza heard Kikono asking to back away a bit, and he complied Frieza sent the Dragon Balls to him. It soon took off into sky above.

"We are now free to watch your son's exploits without reservation now.", Frieza said as he looked at Paragus.

Meanwhile, Broly got up from the ice. He yelled out once more, letting his green ki erupt from his body. It turned into another pillar shooting straight into the sky.

It then disappeared. Broly charged at Goku and Nao and they entered close combat once more. For some reason, Broly's height was now a couple feet higher than what he was previously and his muscles enlarged once again.

Each side would push each other around. Nao felt his punches connect but Broly no longer sprayed blood. He stood his ground each time and struck out with his own. His punches felt heavier now.

Every punch he struck out, loud bangs echoed. Goku tried to block them but found himself being pushed back. Nao aimed for Broly's sides and was able to push him back every so often but the distance kept getting shorter and shorter.

Broly snapped, he couldn't come back to his senses any longer after Goku tried to persuade him. Cheelai and Lemo were also visibly shaken by this current behavior while they held onto the Dragon Balls back inside Frieza's ship. They wanted to do something but didn't know what they could do.

Seeing Broly behave like this also caused Paragus to tremble backward in dear, only to clutch his head.

"If it continues like Broly will be killed Oh, it's all over!!"

After he said that, Goku took another punch to the chest, sending him flying. He landed into some ice nearby Nao kicked Broly from the side once again, but was rendered ineffective. Broly grabbed a hold of his leg, and twirled Nao around at a super fast speed. He sent him flying in a similar direction, landing near by Goku.

Broly charged in, and started to stomp on the ice. He tried to stomp both Goku and Nao at once. They had to roll away to avoid being stopped, and Broly ended up going after Goku, stomping into ice each time, leaving behind large footprints. Nao fired off ki blasts aiming at his body but they only caused light scratches.

Broly now appeared very very tall. Goku recovered himself in the air He formed a fiery red ball of ki in his hand and shot at Broly. Nao did the same but with a green ki sphere with his left hand.

The moment they got in front of them Broly was able to react, grabbing a hold of both of their fists. He essentially crushed the two, causing the ki to dissipate immediately. Broly then swung them down ward, only yo start twirling their bodies round and round.

It stirred up cold dust around them. He swung Goku down first and slammed hard into the ground. Goku felt the wind knocked out of him, letting out a scream of pain. Nao shared a similar fate, releasing his own screams of pain, more blood spraying from his mouth.

Broly continued this action several times, now grabbing onto their feet, and swung down, creating several indents into the ice. In the end Goku's irises started to flicker in and out of consciousness, and he struck down hard one last time, leaving his body a mess inside some hard ice stone.

Broly twirled Nao around some more, he even tried to strike back but every punch he struck against Broly's head, he only caused some blood to splatter. Broly responded by hitting Nao's head with his. Even with the legendary saiyan veins and in a transformed state, the disparity between the two was evident.

Nao body struck down next to Goku and he too could feel his body a wreck now. ' the difference this great? 'Broly is really a monster...but I'm enjoying this as a final fight. Goku isn't in great shape though...', Nao said as he shifted his head toward Goku.

He could see Goku's body twitching around as he tried to stay conscious. Broly took this time to let out another loud yell, releasing more ki. He didn't see the two move for awhile and decided to wait, as if he had already won.

However, at this point, just like in the original, both Goku and Nao heard a familiar voice reach inside their heads. It was Piccolo's, who had been observing the battle thus far, and spoke out with an angry voice!

"Son! And you, Nao! What happened!? This isn't just Frieza's Ki!"