Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 268

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 268 258: Nao Vs Broly V

'"You damn got that right, Piccolo. It's nice to hear from you again."

"Nao's right...", Goku said, twitching his fingers a bit

"Sounds like you two have your hands full."

"You got that right.", Goku who took his turn to respond.

"It's a tremendous ki. Even if I went there, I'd just be in the way."

"Just stand by there for us. Nao and I will settle this."

"Goku's right. We still have a ways to go."

After Nao and Goku said that, Goku managed to stand back up but appeared limp in his arms. Nao also struggled to get up, he took quite a beating as well. More blood dripped from his mouth. His plated armor appeared in shreds here and there, revealing spots of bare muscle. His white tail dangled down below.

"If things get out of hand, I'll use Instant Transmission to head there."

Once Goku said that, Broly strained his face, appearing more angry as he watched Goku limp his arms, breathing heavily. He even had his right eye closed.

"For you to say that, this must be some foe alright."

"Yeah. I personally saw him be sent off in exile. King Vegeta feared his abnormal power levels. This guy is a Saiyan, like us."

"A Saiyan, huh? Well he definitely plays the part. All of you are freaks of nature."

Hearing Piccolo say that, Nao chuckled. Goku also let out a laugh of his own. He grabbed his torn Gi and spoke out once more.

"Hehe, later.", Goku simply said, cutting Piccolo's connection off.

"Say, ready for round three? I'm not going hold back any longer", Nao asked Goku.

"Me neither.", Goku replied him.

He then tore off the remaining portion of his outer slayer and revealed his blue undershirt. He threw it onto the ground and bent down a bit. Letting out another yell, he unleashed a golden-yellow aura while in god form. He started to power up again!

Seeing this, Nao let his ki roam free inside his body. It started to surge up and up, not finding any limit. He also crouched down, releasing more green aura.

'Guess I'm going to have to use Chronos. Broly won't give me any opening. I'll need to stop him so I can transform into THAT. Should give Goku and Vegeta enough time to fuse once the two teleport away.', Nao thought to himself.

After a few moments, Goku's aura turned a temporary green as he struggled to meditate the rage of a Super Saiyan and the calmness of the Super Saiyan God. His way worked a bit differently since he originally achieve Super Saiyan through a fit of anger. It didn't take long for his hair to start flicking blue. Once it did the green aura changed to blue, and burst forth.

Nao also had his hair flicker blue as well. He yelled out, and achieved Super Saiyan Blue. Goku soon followed him, and turned Blue, completing their transformation.

Yet Nao didn't stop there which caused Goku to become surprised. A calm black aura started to seep from his feet. It engulfed Nao's body extremely fast before it converged into a thin layer around his blue aura, becoming blue and black.

"Chronos, activate!", Nao said, yelling out.

All if a sudden, everyone saw a golden pristine clockwork appear behind Nao's back. Its two hands were stuck at the noon position. Another moment passed, and an ancient sound suddenly echoed around them. It ticked once clockwise, and remained there. It didn't seem like it would move for a while.

Seeing this on the other side back in the white Palace, Chronoa felt a sense of pride swell within her after she saw Nao use her personality crafted technique that she taught him once again. The other girls also became excited seeing the battle enter its climax.

As for the more recent additions, Caulifla could not leave her eyes off the screen for one moment. She could feel the thrill of the battle thus far and it excited her greatly, which caused Kale to worry about her. Kale only saw stars appear in Caulifla's eyes, continuously sparkling. She could only sigh.

Meanwhile a look of seriousness appeared in Goku's eyes. After transforming, he dropped his right arm down and left arm up, entering his stance. Nao decided to mimic it, lowering his left arm and raised his right arm up, squaring his back against Goku's.

Nao took this time to speak out once more.

"Say, Goku, think you can last five minutes till my technique is done? I'll stop this guy in his tracks."

"Five minutes? Got it."

After Goku confirmed that, Broly couldn't take it any longer and aped forth, launching himself at the two. Goku. The two clasped hands but parted within seconds. Broly tried a couple of hard swings with his fists, but Goku dodged and managed to strike him in the face, and finally sent him flying.

Goku pursued, getting off a couple more hits in. But Broly recovered, grabbing a hold of Goku's shoulders. He pushed Goku down to where he could grab him by the legs again, and he did. He swung Goku around a few times and sent him flying. Goku recovered.

The moment Goku recovered, Broly hopped over and started hitting the snow with his fists while Goku laid inside it. Goku responded by firing a point blank Kamehameha, and sent Broly into the air. Nao took this moment and pursued Broly, getting a few hits in himself.

They connected and he could feel his impacts, they finally started having an affect. Broly sprayed out some blood. Goku followed behind and Broly backed off. Broly then started to form ki blasts in his hands, launching several at the two. Yet Goku smashed through, creating strings of explosions along the way.

Nao vanished and reappeared behind Broly. He struck out quick with his leg, hitting Broly in the back. Broly tried yo swing his arm around but Nao saw it and dodged. Goku arrived and the three entered close combat once more.

Goku distracted Broly enough to where Nao managed to clutch his arms together, and struck down at Broly's head. Broly let a painful groan, and was sent flying into the snow. It tore apart and his body was sent into the ground. It travelled all the way until it reached its depths, only to find endless pools of magma!

Ignoring the sudden change in temperature, Broly appeared fine as he recovered in the endless lava pool. Goku and Nao followed and found themselves within it as well. They were protected by godly ki and the lava felt cool to them.

The three duked it out some more, only to have Goku seeing Broly's leg around quickly, sending him through the hole they created. A large pillar of magma erupted as the two gave chase. Yet they were distracted by a green light.

All of a sudden, Broly stood hovering over them up in the sky. He had the time to generate a massive colored green sphere of ki which had debris of ice and rock constantly flowing around it! It expanded hundreds of meters wide. Looking at this sudden ball of ki, Nao whistled in surprise. It looked very menacing up front!

And sure enough, with a flick of his hand, he tossed it at the two! It didn't take long to arrive. Nao's clock ticked once more causing the area to vibrate around them but it didn't help push back the massive green sphere. He, along with Goku, had to grab a hold of it with their palms, trying to keep it steady.

It caused massive wind gusts to fly outward. Frieza erected a shield to protect him but Paragus took the hit and was blasted away. The sphere expanded more before it sunk into the earth. All of a sudden, it vanished, turning into a sharp pillar of energy.

The ground soon gave way, imploding in on itself. It shattered ground and ice for miles. It literally tore it apart.

The whole landscape soon changed around them. The ice and snow were no more, and what replaced it were volcanoes and magma pools! It became hell on earth!

Goku then punched some scorched rock into bits, and drawing Broly's attention. Another couple moments passed as Nao, whose injuries were mostly dried up by now, stood by Goku, staring at Broly. Another tick echoed, sending out more vibrations.

Broly had his attention on the two. He actually smiled, and his eyes regained some clarity! It was as if he was enjoying the fight!

He then launched himself at the two once more.

Meanwhile, Paragus's nerves were a wreck. He observed Broly for a while, and started to stutter.

"P-Perhaps what King Vegeta said...was true...", Paragus said while laying up against a scorched rock. Frieza flew in beside him.

Frieza saw the three enter close combat again, exchanging punch for punch. Broly started to get pushed back now. He soon got caught off guard, only to have Goku and Nao send a point blank ki blast right into his chest. A trail of blood sprayed from his mouth as he was sent flying into a nearby mountain. His back crated a small sideways crater.

"Are you sure that he really has nothing more to offer this time?", Frieza asked as he squinted his eyes, looking at Paragus.

"Y-Yes, sir..."

"I see...", Frieza responded. His lips then curved upward into an evil smirk. He then recalled how Goku transformed into a Super Saiyan went he fought him back on Planet Namek. "Shall we put that to the test?", Frieza asked.

After Frieza asked that, he turned around and looked at Paragus. He became stunned as he saw Frieza lift his right arm. He pointed it at Paragus, only to have purple ki condense at his fingertip. He then fired off a Death Beam, shooting Paragus right in the heart.

Paragus had no time to react before he felt his life slipping away. His head then sunk forward, and his eyes lost l.u.s.ter. His body became a corpse right then and there.

Seeing this, Frieza cleared his voice. He then spoke out to Broly who managed to get out of his crater and could now be seen throwing punches at Nao and Goku.

Frieza's voice interrupted the fight, drawing Broly's attention to turned to look at him. Frieza spoke out with 'worry', pointing at Paragus's body. Frieza appeared panicked but it was just a ploy.

"Broly! Look at this! Broly!"

After Frieza yelled that out, his eyes became clear and looked down. They then heard Frieza continue to speak, drawing Goku's and Nao's attention as well.

"Your Father has been killed!"

Seeing his Father's lifeless corpse shifting downward, Broly felt an insurmountable rage suddenly erupt inside his body. He started to growl, and his pupils expanded. His irises started to flash intent red. His body started to quiver, and he bent downward.

Broly then clutched onto his head out of anguish, his body becoming more unstable. Letting out a giant yell, his green aura erupted, blasting away Goku. Nao hopped backward to keep a safe distance.

"So it's finally happening...Broly's transformation...", Nao said uttering to himself.

His clock behind him ticked once more, sending out more vibrations around them. Its large hand could now be seen at the three 'o'clock position.

Sounds of anguish echoed from Broly's voice. He frowned, denying what just happened. His anger started to soar through the roof. His yelling rose into the sky, and soon the atmosphere started to change color around him, sending it out in bursts. It changed from dark gray to blue-purple to violet. His yelling didn't stop and only got angrier and louder.

He finally snapped for good, and his eyes turned red. His irises also crumbled into pieces. Sinking into the ground below, his green aura erupted into a massive green pillar.

His body became hidden for a few moments. Goku stared on with surprise while Nao remained calm, but inwardly he was very excited! The two soon saw Broly emerge from the pillar. Another moment passed and Nao's clock ticked once more, sending more vibrations. They started to get heavier.

The two saw Broly's hair all pointing upward and soon to have grown. His eyes were pure red and his face could be seen seething with anger. He slowly floated upward inside the green pillar of energy.

The weirdly colored atmosphere soon got absorbed back into Broly's body and the two took this time to enter their fighting stance. The pillar converged and condensed back into a sphere, getting smaller and smaller along the way.

"Yes! I succeeded!", Frieza yelled out happily, seeing Broly's new look.

But the two ignored his remarks, as they were focused on Broly. Broly let out another yell, and his body started to tremble left to right. Energy finished condensing and became pure l.u.s.ter of green energy.

All of a sudden, Broly started to fire it off as small spheres, shooting out in all directions! They would create large explosions every time they struck the ground. Goku hopped around dodging them. Nao vanished and reappeared at every safe spot.

The two then started to strike back, punching the spheres back at him or slapping them away. This lasted until Broly sent out his huge ball of energy forth, expanding outwardly.

Nao decided to test his strength head on and rushed toward it. Goku, who was planning to fly up and dodge it, also rushed in. Nao placed his hands on the sphere, and they soon turned golden.

"Are ya crazy!? Ya know we can't beat this thing! This ki is insane!"

"I still want to try it. Just shut up and focus your energy onto your hands!"

Hearing that, Goku could only comply. Meanwhile, Frieza grinned seeing Vegeta's annoyed look.

"Excellent. Now that is the expression I was looking for.", Frieza said, uttering to himself.

As for Vegeta, he clicked his tongue.

"Tch, to think they'd try to fight this insane ki head on, those fools!", Vegeta said. He then yelled out, immediately transforming into Blue. Vegeta took off and flew right at the two, only to place his hands on the massive green sphere. He arrived next to Nao.

"So you couldn't hold it in any longer, dear Brother-In-Law?", Nao asked with a grin.

"Do you think this is a time to be joking around, you bastard!? It won't do me good if Kakarrot dies here!"

"No one is dying today. Just focus your energy onto your hands. Let's crush this thing."

"I know! You don't need to tell me twice.", Vegeta said, yelling it out.

Sure enough with the three's combined efforts and Nao's bending of space, the massive green sphere hurling that them soon came to a halt. It even started to shrink! They could hear Broly's anguished roars from within but they ignored it. Moments passed as they started to see it crack. The moment it cracked altogether, green light seeped out.


An ear-ringing explosion suddenly erupted from it, causing everywhere to quake. Those observing stumbled around thanks to the force but the two Angels acted quickly and erected a barrier of their own, which soon dispersed around them after the quaking died down.

The green energy soon cracked into nothingness. Yet the three received a chill down their spines. They saw Broly smirking evilly right back at them once it was clear enough to see.

Enough time had passed to where the hand on Nao's clock struck the 6 o'clock position. An ancient sound soon distracted the four, which caused a momentary standstill.

Yet Broly soon disregarded it and let out another roar of anger. He took off into the sky, causing the three to quickly react. It was time to fight Super Saiyan Broly head on. Two strings of blue aura, one string of blue-green aura and one vibrant green aura started to clash against each other in the sky!