Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 269

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 269 259: Nao Vs Broly Vi

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Before the three realized it more time passed even though it was only approaching the five minutes Nao requested of Goku when they transformed into Blue. The golden clockwork gear behind Nao's back pointed at the 9 o'clock position now. It wouldn't be long before he could use the clock to cast Time Stop!

Even though with Nao's current affinity he could only stop time for several moments at best, it would give him enough time to use the technique he's been wanting to use. He wanted to push his saiyan god powers to the limits. It would also give enough time for Goku and Vegeta to teleport away!

Sure when that happened in the original, Broly started to pummel Frieza down, but Nao was also here. He also didn't want Broly to start targeting Miya either. He could tell there was such a large disparity between the two. Their hearts still shared their special link so he could even tell that Miya didn't like such feelings. As to whether he knew Miya actually resolved herself to get stronger after this, he didn't know.

Seeing an enraged Broly howl into the skies in anger letting his vibrant green ki shoot upward into the beyond, Vegeta, who was now next to Nao and Goku, clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"This really isn't the time to be playing around with such a monstrous ki! I fear it may even be more crazy than yours Nao. Yours is more like a raging river while this guy's is just going all over the place!", Vegeta yelled out with a retort.

"I feel the same way. It's really giving me an itch of excitement! You feel the same way, right Goku?"

"Sure do. Blood's pumpin' like crazy, I love it haha!", Goku said letting out a light laugh.

"If you got time to laugh then focus your power on this guy! How much longer of that technique do you have left anyway, Nao?"

"About one and a half minutes left. Think You can handle this monster during that?"

"Hmph. You don't need to ask me twice. Even I've been wanting a challenge like this."


With that said, the three could be seen in their Blue form. Broly let out a roar while Goku and Vegeta flew in. They twirled their body, striking out with their fists. They landed a blow onto Broly's chest but it felt extremely tough and hard on impact. Nao vanished and reappeared, striking at Broly's back. He too felt the sane toughness but he felt his fist indent into Broly's armor unlike the other two.

More time soon began to pass and Nao's clock hand soon started its course again, entering its last quarter. Broly tried to blast the three away with point blank ki blasts but they dodged every time. But Broly took opportunities as well, sending Goku flying by twirling his leg again. Vegeta and Nao managed to dodge each time he tried that and Goku quickly recovered.

The four danced around on top of the endless lava pools. Before long they even rode a huge magma geyser shooting straight high up!

"Let's go, Vegeta, Nao!"

"Damn it all!"


Acknowledging Goku, Vegeta cursed out while Nao agreed. Vegeta and Nao flew in. Goku had his back against Nao's and Vegeta did as well. Goku charged up a Kamehameha while Vegeta entered his signature stance, rotating his palms, bringing them high up his chest and pointed them away. Yellow energy condensed in his palms. It was his Galick Gun!

Blue energy condensed into Goku's. Nao locked his palms together horizontally, aiming them directly at the charging Broly. Vibrant bubbly green ki condensed forth. At the same time, they all fired off their charged ki!

A wave of blue, yellow, and green started to spin around each other. Broly responded by charging two green spheres of energy in his palms and dove right in. A large boom echoed once the tricolored blast struck him. BOOM!

Broly felt large resistance this time trying to fight the three energies. His own energy started to crack, and soon dissipated. Letting out another roar of anger, he shifted his body and started to spin around it, narrowly dodging it!

Another thirty seconds passed in a blink of an eye and Nao only had one minute to go. They rode up another magma pillar, only see Frieza standing nearby enjoying the fight. Frieza took a moment to realize he was now standing in the way, but Nao, Goku and Vegeta rushed past him. Frieza only saw a massive Broly reaching his right arm out, obviously trying to grab a hold of him.

"Just a moment! I am Frieza!", he said yelling out. But Broly disregarded his comment.

Broly flew in and let out another howl. Green energy condensed ln his chest which he then puffed out. Frieza took a point blank ki explosion, sending him flying. Broly now had his attention on Frieza.

Seeing this, Goku and Vegeta let out a quick sigh. He then looked over to Nao and had an apologetic look in his eyes. He spoke out to him while grabbing a hold of Vegeta's hand.

"Sorry Nao but we gotta head out for a bit. Ya sure ya can keep up while we're gone?"

"Yeah. Leave it to me. Frieza getting pummeled is something I want to see and it will help my last minute."

"Got it. Let's go, Vegeta!"

"Tch.", Vegeta replied, clicking his tongue. Goku then used Instant Transmission and the two vanished, leaving behind Nao alone. Those two headed straight toward Piccolo, the same location where Goku would teach Vegeta the Fusion Dance!

As for Nao, he let out a sigh, but kept releasing his ki. He backed off a ways, only to see Broly start pummeling Frieza. It was quite nice seeing such painful looks coming off of Frieza's face. He received several kicks as he was pummeled into a large scorched rock formation.

Blood and saliva sprayed from his mouth being kicked in the gut multiple times. Frieza even entered his Golden Frieza form to stop being pushed back.

Before Nao realized it his clockwork struck noon once again. An ancient sound of a gong spread out in all directions. Nao received a weird look from Frieza but the next moment after he transformed, Broly struck out with his fist, shifting Frieza's jaw further way before sending him flying.

Broly and Frieza then started to enter a fierce bout of combat that seemed to go on endlessly.

"Since its still like this, I'll wait for 'him' to make an appearance. My Time Stop is now ready. Can't go Great Ape without one of the main stars can I?"

Sure, he could use this time to launch his Power Ball and save his Time Stop for a crucial moment, but he had no idea what it would be like going into Great Ape one final time, especially as a god. This would be new territory for him, and with each powerup Great Ape can tend to become more unstable until they get used to it.

He wanted to go Great Ape while in god form, achieve gaining control of it, and see if that would trigger ascending into a Saiyan God's true power. The fabled Super Saiyan White!

Nao turned his senses elsewhere while keeping a focused mind, observing Goku teaching Vegeta the Fusion Dance.

He saw the two fail twice, costing them thirty minutes per fail. Frieza kept getting wrecked more and more as time went on. He couldn't handle Broly alone.

And just like that a full hour passed!

Nao, who was focused on himself all this while and also healed his wounds, soon, focused his eyes on a pretty beaten Golden Frieza found in another crater. He was lodged into another giant scorched rock. Broly could be seen a while away in front of him, yelling out. More green vibrant ki emerged from his body in a giant circle, spreading out in all directions.

Seeing this, Frieza couldn't help but smile despite clear injuries on his body.

"Wonderful! What wonderful battle power!"

Seeing Frieza not react any further, Broly shifted his attention onto Nao. He dived bomb right at him, only to have Nao jump high in the air. All of a sudden a humongous ki entered the battlefield, revealing one lone figure. They arrived in front of Frieza.

"W-who are you?", Frieza asked, not expecting this sudden arrival. Nao jumped high enough getting out of Broly's way and also approached this figure with a smile.

"I am Gogeta! Goku and Vegeta have merged together!"


"You've been dead for a long time so you wouldn't know. Their two strengths are not just added together, they're significantly greater."

"That is not fair!"

"You're a fine one to be saying that, Frieza."

That's right, this new figure was indeed none other than Gogeta! Broly also found himself with another opponent, trying to fight Whis and Vados in the distance.

Luckily Miya reacted quickly and managed to take off with Bulma, avoiding any clash with Broly.

Whis and Vados calmly dodged him, floating side by side after each strike.

"Over here!", Whis said with a playful voice.

However, once Whis created some distance, he suddenly saw two figures appear in front, leaving Frieza behind in the dust.

"Oh my."

"Whis, let Nao and I take it from here!"

"So you two can actually merge, I see."

"Yeah. Nao, you've been waiting long enough, right?"

"It's ready. I'm going to use it."

Hearing Nao say that, Whis and Vados left the scene arriving back at Miya and Bulma. Vados wished Nao good luck as well.

Unleashing ancient, black ki, the clockwork gear behind him started to shine.

"Time Stop!"

Yelling that out, the black ki immediately spread forth, arriving at Broly's side instantly. He couldn't react before Broly's body suddenly turned grey, and stopped moving. It was as if he turned into a stone statue.

Nao's eyes started to strain once it took effect. He knew he didn't have much time. He squatted a bit and latched his right arm onto his left. He raised his left arm up, opening his palm up.

"Gogeta, if things get out if hand, don't hesitate to strike me down. I don't know if I'll remain conscious during this!"

Seeing Nao enter the Power Ball stance, a glint of light streaked across Gogeta's eyes begore they widened with shock.

"This stance...I know it all too well. Are you crazy trying now of all times to transform into THAT!?"

"Yes. I want to push the Saiyan God to its limits. If it succeeds you'll see a new form witnessed for ir the first time!"

"Hoh? A new form Saiyans have never seen before? Very well let us witness it. We won't hesitate to take you down if you try to destroy the planet."

Hearing that, Nao focused his attention and sent ki into his palm. It didn't take long before sparkly white energy condensed in it. It then form a ball.

Seeing it formed, he yelled out and shot it into the sky above.

"Burst open and mix!"

After shooting it into the sky, Nao clutched his hand into a fist, and the sparkly white energy burst out. It soon became similar to a white moon in the sky.

The effects were immediate as well. Miya did not look into it and even looked away. Still she could feel her heart start thumping as she tried not to look.

Bulma, who remembered that she also had a Saiyan tail, helped out and covered her eyes. Whis and Vados stood on standby in front of him.

As for Nao, he felt his heart thump loudly, one by one. Each thump echoed inside his mind. He could feel his energy start to soar through the roof. It didn't take long before four of his teeth turned into large fangs. His eyes remained green. His body expanded out and out, reaching well over a hundred feet.

As he wore his battle armor, it adjusted itself to fit this massive size. His tail also greatly enlarged. He did indeed transform into a Great Ape! The last time he did this was his duel with Belmod!

However, there was major difference this time. The color of his fur wasn't golden like last time. It was completely red!

As for Nao himself, he lost his clarity and his consciousness just upped and left. His blood was pumping fast and all he could feel was intense rage and anger. He found his inner body holding tightly onto his legs, slowly spinning in circles with his eyes closed.

Gogeta, who was next to him, whistled seeing a missive red Great Ape now in view. He also saw Broly's body start to regain color. Broly then let out a roar of anger, breaking away from the Time Stop.

"To think I'd see a Great Ape once again...its been quite some time.", Gogeta said as he entered his thoughts.

Thankfully he was behind Nao. Yet before he could do anything he suddenly saw Nao vanish, causing him to become shocked.

"Hey, hey! Aren't Great Apes supposed to be slow in exchange for great power!?"

After letting out a curse, he was soon blinded by a large dark shadow covering the landscape around them. Broly too became stunned but he suddenly saw a giant boot descend from the heavens, aiming straight at him. A loud crushing blow echoed around the whole area, causing it to fiercely quake once Nao struck down with his boot.

It happened very quickly but Broly put up his guard, managing to catch it. In fact he yelled out in anger, unleashing more of his ki. He slowly pushed up, blasting his foot away!

Broly found in no time his new opponent. He tried to punch Nao's massive chest directly, but all of a sudden, Nao condensed green ki inside his mouth. He shot it at Broly while letting out a loud howl. Broly took it head on and was sent flying, leaving behind a huge cylindrical crater of destruction in its wake.

Seeing Broly no longer in view, Nao started to beat his chest like an actual ape did. Gogeta recovered from his stupor and saw Nao start firing more blasts from his mouth, quickly changing the landscape around them into a more devilish hell.

Gogeta flew up in front of him and tried to speak out.

"Hey, Nao! Calm down! If you do any more we will not hesitate!"

Yet his persuasion proved useless. Gogeta found himself flying at a super fast speed with a painful groan as he was swapped away by Nao's hand. Nao himself started to pursue Gogeta.

He also heard loud growls coming from his back. As he was flying, he saw Broly regain himself, releasing more green ki.

Broly then came at Gogeta from behind and Great Ape Nao shot at Gogeta from the front. He was now in a pickle.

"Well, shit. Now there's two monsters I have to deal with. Oh well, Let's get it started!"

After yelling that out, Gogeta crouched a bit and yelled out once more. He transformed into Super Saiyan and his aura alone managed to blast away the two.

Before the three realized it they entered fierce combat. Destruction laid waste everywhere they went, and Planet Earth appeared like it was going to explode. Gogeta wanted to stop Nao but his power of a Great Ape was too much combined with the onslaught from Broly.

However as time passed on, Gogeta's, along with Miya's and the others persuasion, Nao slowly managed to regain his consciousness. The moment Nao could see again he found himself as a Great Ape.

Nao let out a bellowing roar, before red mist started to condense around his fur. It soon changed as if it started to evaporate.

Gogeta took this time to launch one of his signature moves, Stardust Fall. Blue strings of energy rained down from the heaven, striking Broly constantly. It blasted him away enough to where Gogeta was able to stay beside Great Ape Nao.

Even shock appeared in his eyes as the red mist kept evaporating from his body. Nao soon felt a strange calmness strike against his heart and the previous anger and rage ceased altogether. He kept out deep low growls as his body started to shrink.

It continued to shrink until the massive Great Ape figure was no more!

What replaced that was a figure standing about 6'3. Gogeta saw the figure surrounded by red mist and it was hard to see. But he was shocked to the core, the energy levels he felt kept skyrocketing, well past his own!

Even Whis and Vados marveled at the newfound power. This truest form of the Saiyan God as they called it could even rival that of Ultra Instinct!

Once the red mist started to die down, Gogeta was left even more stunned.

The 6'3 figure was of course Nao. He only wore dome black pants now. His full chest was completely bare

It was very chiseled with muscles. Only the inner part of his six pack abs could be seen along with his pecks. The rest of his arms and front body was covered in red fur, much like that of an SSJ4!

In fact a large red tail swerved out from his butt, a couple feet long. Large spiky hair could be seen going down the two sides of his face as bangs. The rest of it shot up straight and curved slightly at its top. It extended past down his neck.

What was the most interesting part was the color of his hair. It changed from white to pale blue. Outlines of white now ran across its edges!

To top it off, dense green lightning constantly crackled and danced around his body. Seeing this new form, Gogeta couldn't help but smirk.

"So this is it, huh? Got a name for this new look?"

"...Super Saiyan White.", Nao said calmly, still reveling in his newfound power.

Hearing that, Gogeta spat out and almost tumbled over. They then heard Broly's howling in the distance.

"Such a boring name, but I guess we still named Super Saiyan Blue like that, haha! Glad to see you're right in the head again. We tried to knock some sense into you but your ape form was insanely strong."

"...Did I do all this?", Nao said as he started to look around. He saw massive cylindrical craters extending on for miles in all directions. Lava would pour into the deep holes filling them to create lava rivers.

"Yeah. Got the shit pretty beat up around here. Your power is insane mow. We can definitely beat this guy."

Hearing Gogeta say that, Nao nodded silently. Every time Nao let out a breath, it turned into red mist. The two soon saw an Injured Broly dart right at them. Wanting to test his new strength, Nao took a single step.

He vanished and reappeared several meters away, directly in front of Broly. Broly became stunned for a moment as he didn't expect this. Gogeta's jaw dropped seeing Nao's speed just now.

"No way!", he said as he couldn't help but curse out.

But it didn't take long for Gogeta to join the fun. More time soon passed. The moment their three ki blasts collided against each other, space finally tore apart, and they shattered the dimension itself.

They found themselves in-between time and space now but that did not stop their battle. Broly took this time to enter his Berserker state, granting himself even more power after receiving lots of damage. Yet true Nao's new power Broly still got pushed around with Gogeta's help.

And just like that, that was how Nao was able to overcome Broly in this final battle! Nao managed witness more of Gogeta's Stardust Fall, and even his Soul Punisher. Broly even managed to fire long strings of green ki from his mouth.

But the fight soon came to an end once Gogeta started to gather energy to fire off his Ultimate Kamehameha. Nao obviously joined in. Unsurprisingly, his energy color became pure crystalline while and was no longer green.

This final attack was aptly named Ultimate Duo Kamehameha! It was just as majestic as it sounded power. It was strong enough to tear through space itself again and the moment it was launched at Broly, he let out howls of despair.

But much like in the original, Broly dodged by a hair's width, thanks to Cheelai's and Lemo's intervention by using the collected Dragon Balls. They wished for Broly to return back to his hone planet. Planet Vampa!

The moment Broly was sent back, he found the power he had suddenly vanished completely. His rage came to an end and his transformation reverted. He soon fell unconscious after that.

Seeing the battle come to an end, an injured Nao and Gogeta gave a sigh of relief. Just like that, the whole fight came to an end!

Once everything died down, Nao heard a ding from Rebirth, which brought a smile to his face. It congratulated him for completing the last part of his trial by fire. It was now completely done!

Nao released his Super Saiyan White but he didn't feel much of an energy drain surprisingly. Gogeta also split apart revealing Goku and Vegeta again.

To reward the two, Nao asked Vados to restore all the destruction they caused here, and Frieza and his goons sped off in the meantime. With Earth back to new, Goku bid Nao, Miya and Vados farewell and thanked them for giving such excitement. He wanted that ever since they finished the Tournament of Power.

Even Vegeta thanked Nao. Everything ended as it should have. Nao also didn't forget to remind everyone of the farewell banquet that is being hosted at the white Palace in a couple days.

It would be then Nao and the girls would say goodbye to their families and friends for the time being.

However,, Nao still had a couple of matters to talk about with the girls beside the hunt for the Super Dragon Balls that would secretly take place after the banquet. And one of the matters was quite serious. Nao didn't know if the girls would like his decision. It especially impacted Chronoa!