Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 270

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 270 260: Epilogue I

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Year 780 December 31st, Planet Elosyia, White Palace.

Nao's fight with Broly had long come to an end. It was the most exciting fight he had by far in this world. If there was a second, it would be his fight with Lord Belmod, the God of Destruction of Universe 11!

But everything must come to an end eventually. Also the new form Nao achieved, Super Saiyan White, was spectacular. And unlike Goku who couldn't tap into Ultra Instinct at will, just yet anyways, Nao found he could transform into it whenever he wanted! Thanks to him being a Legendary Super Saiyan, he did not feel any drawbacks to how much ki it consumed.

He found that it actually came into an equilibrium of sorts. The constant ki produced met the demand of how much Super Saiyan White consumed!

And after the fight came to an end Nao even went along with Goku to talk with Broly and get to know him better. Cheelai and Lemo were with him as well. Unlike the dense Goku, Nao saw it was clear Cheelai had something for Broly.

But when Nao introduced himself as a God, or more specifically, a Supreme Kai, the two became shocked while confusion appeared on Broly's face. Yet he mentioned he would be departing soon, and if they wanted to reach out to Nao, they could contact Goku. Broly opened up to Nao and became friends!

And now, a couple days have passed since then. It was now the last day of Year 780. Everyone celebrate upcoming new year, and this was when the farewell banquet occurred.

Surprisingly all fighters from the Tournament of Power showed up with their respective Gods! Even the Angels and Lord Zeno appeared, causing everyone to be shocked to the core. But since Lord Zeno appeared l, no one dared to try anything out of hand, and no fights sprung up.

But there were still casual spars and people who wanted to flex their power. It was a fun time for everyone.

Even Nao's and the girls' families appeared from their respective planets. Nao and Miya's parents and the two maids. Elsa and her mother. Isabella and her family from Planet Nem. Even members from her idol agency arrived. Even Lippti and Teo from inside Historia showed up causing everyone to be shocked! The two siblings told Nao and the girls they were awaiting their arrival into the land of Vainqueur, and that the Satyros Tribe and the beastkin of Celestia were very much looking forward to Aht's and Eir's return. Members of Eir's planet, Planet Aero also came to the banquet.

Speaking of the Vainqueur continent, this would be where Aht would have her first time with Nao and propose to him to be her husband...but that would be a story saved for another time.

Moving along, this party and banquet was blocked out to be an all day event. Isabella of course had her finale debut which was streamed across all her channels on top of the live performances staged in the White Palace! Heles from Universe 2 and her Supreme Kai squealed like little fangirls during the whole performance, and it was quite spectacular. Isabella drew in everyone's adoration. It was no wonder she was the number one idol in Universe 7.

Besides that, there were mainly gatherings for people to talk to each other during the day. Nao and Miya, took this time to speak with their parents. They wanted to come to terms with them as it would be especially a farewell to Oscar and Iona.

The reason being was now Oscar and Iona had gray hair, obviously signs of turning old. Saiyans had young appearances throughout most of their lives, but once their age reaches a certain turning point, it would become very visible.

The two were sad seeing their parents like this. They finally came to know how old they were exactly. Oscar and they were born 80 years ago, right on Year 700!

They also learned that unless Saiyans do extensive training with their ki, their lifespans aren't too different from what normal humans are. Sure Oscar managed to become a Super Saiyan, but he didn't strive for strength much anymore, after settling down on Planet Elosyia.

As a result their ki slowly deteriorated over time, causing their age to advance at a quicker pace. The two couldn't help but feel emotional seeing their children's responses. Oscar and Iona knew their time was approaching.

The two maids with them also appeared similar, they were much older than Nao and Miya remembered. Still they knew their resolve to die and to die peacefully. Nao and Miya wouldn't persuade them.

Speaking of death, while it is a sensitive topic, the family members of the girls were still alive and kicking. Elsa's mother Elena still had a few hundred years left in her at least. Isabella's family are able to live up to millennia. Eir's race didn't even have lifespans to consider. They could live infinitely as long as Mana was prevalent. They were born from Flux, and Flux was the ability to freely control Mana at will.

As for Sayuri, she didn't give a damn about the Moonlit fox clan. She wasn't alone any longer. She had Lord Liquiir and her three triplets as her family now. Well, Nao and the girls included too of course!

Chelsea was also alone, as everyone back on their Planet Earth perished after the planet blew up from an incoming meteor according to the old man's words.. But she was able to meet her love again and enjoys spending time with Nao and the girls. She enjoyed the farewell banquet to her hearts content. She did appear to have a hidden side to her, something that was developed in the Babel Tower trials. But that side only showed up if she released heavy bloodl.u.s.t.

As for Tights...Well, let's just say she probably had the time of her life at this party. She didn't forget to constantly scold Jaco, and Sayuri joined in on that as well. She still had her duties as a maid to ensure everything went fine during it but she accomplished that well. The Galactic Patrol did indeed come and join the party too! Even Merus came which was a shock to Sayuri. She did come to learn that Merus was officially appointed as Universe 6's Angel, and was no longer an Angel in Training, and everyone congratulated him.

Merus was a heavy topic thanks to Nao's last vision, but seeing him officially being promoted like that by the Grand Minister no less, Rebirth treated that as a mission accomplished. That was why Nao didn't need to worry about the last part of his trial by fire, it was set in stone.

Aht and Eir took to their own thing and had fun playing around with different kinds of beast creatures from the other Universes. Aht was still very playful but Eir on the other hand grew out her hair and now is vibrant lime green. She appears much more graceful than she used to be during her time as Aht's guard back on Vainqueur Continent.

Fie and Chronoa obviously chatted with the fellow gods and goddesses throughout the day. Fie was starting to become an official member among them. Even though the Grand Kai passed knowledge down to her on how Kais use their abilities, she formerly received the same thing from her seniors and Chronoa. Hence forth Fie became really interested in one of the Supreme Kai's main abilities, Creation. They were known as the gods of life after all.

This was a whole new realm for her, and she would start to create simple things to develop her skill. The two enjoyed spending time with the others.

As for Caulifla, she followed Nao wherever he went.

She couldn't get his fight with Broly out of her head and her eyes would constantly sparkle. Kale could only follow her silently in embarrassment. The two did meet up with Universe 6 for a last time as well. All fighters, even Frost, made it.

Regarding Vados, she was enjoying relaxation time mostly sitting at a table with Whis, talking about various things.

She also got with her other siblings and did a final farewell to them too, which caused them to be surprised. They knew they had basically infinite lifespan but the way she worded it, it sounded like she would never come back again. Perhaps only in small moments once Nao started to link the planes together.

The twelve-winged angel Michael was patiently waiting for him and the girls to leave with the White Palace, back into Rebirth's Void Space. Only then will she join them. The old man was still on his adventures searching for potential new planes for Nao, so he would not be around this time. Only Michael.

But little did she and the other girls would know that a final fifteenth member would join the team before they move onto the Overlord plane! This member especially impacted Chronoa. Chronoa probably wouldn't like the idea but Nao wanted her. If this girl stayed true to her values, then deep down she wasn't as bad as what to what she had caused on the outside.

It was just that she was placed under those circ.u.mstances in this world. If she was free from these constructs, she would be nothing more than a girl who wanted to bring her brother back to life.

But this was saved for after the farewell party and banquet ended. After all, she was currently dead, rotting away in hell.

Nao also didn't forget to remind Lord Zeno of his promise to bring Lord Zeno into the Overlord plane once it was fine enough to do so after linking the planes together. Lord Zeno thanked him greatly and told him he was very much looking forward to it.

The Grand Minister was also here and since there was enough relaxation time, the Grand Minister personally thanked Nao for reviving the Origin Tree on the Sacred World of the Kais thanks to his lovely time with Chronoa. It helped revitalize the three. Thanks to their actions, many Supreme Kai would come to be born.

The Grand Minister even told them that a small little golden apple seed, proof of their love, started to grow at the very tip of the Origin Tree. This was the same as one being expected to give birth, and once everyone came to learn of the fact, everyone congratulated Chronoa, who in turn, became extremely thankful to Nao.

Even though all of this was happening, Nao and the girls wouldn't officially leave until they gathered the Super Dragon Balls once more. The Grand Minister even allowed them to collect them from any Universe pair they so desired as an unexpected surprise. With that being declared, they decided to go with the Universe 2 and 11 paired Universes so they could have a look at Ribrianne's and Toppo's worlds respectively.

That was planned to happen in January. They would restore Alter Ribrianne's, Alter Toppo's, and Alter Jiren's timeline back to normal, one without Fu's influence. This way they could live on happily.

And once the three came to join the party, Nao saw Ribrianne holding Toppo's hand. He even saw her belly slightly protruding out. She was actually blessed with his child! He hadn't been keeping tabs on them lately ever since the three settled down on Planet Elosyia.

And boy, once these three Alters met their true selves for the first time, it caused quite a commotion. It was a pretty funny scene overall. The true Toppo couldn't fathom the idea of him dating Ribrianne, let alone having a child from her. Seeing this caused laughter to erupt from the other Pride Troopers that joined in.

Also, let's not forget about the Z Fighters! Everyone, including Tights' and Bulma's family, as well as the families of the Z Fighters joined in on this party. It well consisted of over a hundred people, perhaps even over two hundred. Yet all of them could easily fit inside the White Palace, it was just that big.

Even Frieza managed to catch a whiff of this party. Nao didn't deny his entry into his home either. It was a rather awkward scene seeing Frieza stuff his stomach till he was full. He did act properly this time, mainly because the gods watched his back every where he went. Even if he wanted to run, they could kill him in a flash. So Frieza could only revel in his own delight.

Let's not forget about Goku's other family, his identity as Kakarrot. Bardock, Gine, Raditz and his sister Rucca came to play. They enjoyed meeting Goku's sons and his family.

And last but not least, Nao's children! They had long anticipated this party and blocked it off in advance. They made sure to attend. This was where Nao told his children that they would be heading to another plane soon, and if they ever wanted to come along, they would need to use the ring they were given to teleport directly to the White Palace. The Portal Room in Planet Elosyia's wooden palace wouldn't connect to the White Palace directly.

This access was exclusive to his children. If any other family members wanted to tag along, they would need to contact his children first. As Nao's naming sense was bad, he simply named these rings, 'Ring of Teleportation'. Its only function was to teleport into the White Palace.

Speaking of Nao's children. He currently had a total of seven. Four daughters and three sons.

Kassi. A Human-Saiyan hybrid born from Nao and Tights.

Ellie. An Elf-Saiyan hybrid born from Nao and Elsa.

Isabelle (Bella). A Saiyan-Succubus-Gemmed Dragon trihybrid born from Nao and Isabella (Belle).

Aura. A Saiyan-Flux Beast hybrid born from Nao and Eir.

Ichika. A Saiyan-Sunlit Fox hybrid born from Nao and Sayuri.

Nishi. A Saiyan-Sunlit Fox hybrid born from Nao and Sayuri.

Shasha. A Saiyan-Sunlit Fox hybrid born from Nao and Sayuri.

Out of his children, only Sayuri had triplets! The rest were single daughters, but everyone still saw themselves as fellow siblings. It was a harmonious relationship between them all, even though the three triplets often liked to complete with each other on who would get first, no matter what the challenge was.

And his children were the last of those who came and had fun.

The whole day was a blast. It ended with a humongous banquet that could fill bellies for a lifetime. Nao managed to adjust the size of the dining room to host the banquet in one giant room so it could accompany everyone. Everyone managed to fill their stomachs to the brim with a mixture of cuisine from Planet Elosyia, Planet Nem, Planet Aero and Planet Earth. Many also got drunk.

It was fit for a farewell party. It came to an end around ten o'clock at night and everyone said their goodbyes to Nao and the girls, and left the White Palace. The Grand Minister especially mentioned to Nao that if he ever returned, it was him to be the point of contact to catch up with matters since he wouldn't be around in the future. Nao complied to the Grand Minister of course.

And now after some time had passed after ten o'clock at night, Nao and the thirteen girls, including their recent additions, Caulifla, Kale and Vados, could now be seen lazing around in the room or on the humongous circular white bed.

Yet something seemed off about this night. The party was still not over for these people. Everyone but Kale could currently be seen stripped of their clothes. They were all stark n.a.k.e.d! And yet it seemed as if it were natural to do so for them. Caulifla, who was also n.a.k.e.d which revealed her body full of muscle, looked at Kale, who still wore a pare of pink panties down below. She was the only one who had a pair of panties on still. She covered her chiseled chest with her hands.

She was not in her transformed state, so she was still that meek looking Saiyan with her black hair bundled up together. Her cheeks were beet red as her eyes darted around the room very nervously. Her eyes then landed on Nao who was sitting at the edge of the bed, enjoying Sayuri's fluffy tails to his fullest.

Her eyes then moved downward, only to see his large member standing erect, as if it were ready to explode. She blankly stared at it before hiding behind Caulifla again. She then nervously spoke out.

"I-I can't do this, Big Sis! Why did everyone suddenly take off all of their clothes? This is too...embarrassing..."

Hearing Kale speak out like that, Caulifla let out a big guffaw, drawing the girls attention to her. Even Vados could be seen stark n.a.k.e.d, revealing her light blue skin and decent sized b.r.e.a.s.ts in all its splendor. She sat at a nearby marble table with Tights at the other side, calmly drinking some tea with her left leg crossed over her right.

"Oh come on, don't be like that Kale. You know, you showed some amazin' power durin' that Tournament of Power. We came here to be Darlin's students, and I happened to fall in love with him too. He's right up my alley unlike that wimpy Cabba who even tried to hit on me. Also, you saw how amazin' he was durin' that last fight, right? I still can't stop thinkin' about it!"

"D-Darling!?", Kale suddenly blurted out. Her face couldn't be any more red now. She saw Caulifla let out another laugh.

"Haha! That's right. Besides, I'll even tell you a secret. Sure these other girls of his are super pretty but we got somethin' we can show off too!"

"I don't want to hear what it is..." Kale retorted, still very embarrassed. But Caulifla still answered her own question anyways.

"It's muscles! Only that sister of his has a chiseled body like we do. Now go show Nao your pecks that you worked so hard on durin' our training at our secret hideout in our earlier years! I'm sure he'll teach you how to further develop that amazin' form of yours!"

"Y-you really think I have such an amazing power, Big Sis?"

"Of course you do! You aren't my protg for nothin', Kale. Now off with these panties we go!"

After Caulifla suddenly declared that, Kale's mind turned blank for a moment. She then saw Caulifla crouch, only to dive right into her pink panties that she was partly covering up with one of her hands. In one fell swoop, she pulled them down hard all they way down her legs.

Seeing Kale's glory for everyone to see, a couple girls in the bedroom even whistled at her. Kale tried to hide her splendor, trying to crouch beneath Caulifla's back again, but Caulifla denied that.

"Now go show Darlin' what your body is made of! I'm sure he'll like it!", Caulifla said with an encouraging tone.

Caulifla then struck Kale's back hard with a slap. It sent her body flying forward, almost causing Kale to stumble. Everyone saw her fly straight toward Nao who was still on the edge of the bed. Her head soon dived right into his legs. Nao grinned seeing Caulifla do all this, and waited to see how Kale would react seeing his 8 1'2 inch member proudly standing erect.

Kale did indeed take a moment to recover her senses but what first came into view was Nao and his erect member. Her head started to get all hay-wire, and she started to short-circuit. Kale looked at it for a good while, unable to look away. She did start to feel something tingly down below, but she immediately backed away, scared. Kale hid behind Caulifla's legs, not wanting to look at Nao in the eyes.

"I-I-I can't do it, Big Sis! The one I love most is you! I don't think I can deal with such a big...thing..." Kale said with a pout.

"So you finally revealed your true feelin' eh Kale? I know you always admired me. Too much for a simple girl like you. I'm not dense."

"Big Sis..."

"But I'm comin' to love darlin' just as much I do you Kale. Once you get a taste of his seed, you'll come to love him too. Now don't shy away. Nao, I'm sorry Kale is like this. I'm sure she'll open up to you eventually."

Hearing that, Nao's heart fluttered a bit, and warmed up. The girls' expressions also softened. They could tell Caulifla was being earnest here. Nao nodded and a warm smile bloomed on his face.

"We don't need to rush things. If Kale doesn't want to do it now we don't need to force her. Besides. During the day today, I told you guys how we'll be moving about in our transition between planes so you all need to be ready. We will create a true mirage of the White Palace here so the people of Planet Elosyia won't become scared once they suddenly see our home vanish from sight. But in reality we will stay located in Rebirth's Void Space from hereon. But before that..."

Once Nao started to speak, he drew in everyone's attention despite being n.a.k.e.d. All eyes were on him now. Elsa took the time to speak up, wanting to know.

"What is it, Nao? We know we're staying here for another month to collect the Super Dragon Balls once more. What else could be there?"

Once Elsa asked that, the girls saw Nao's expression turn serious before he answered her.

"To be honest, I'm not sure if you guys will like this decision of mine. The only one who knows about it is Miya right now. It's a rather serious topic but I don't want to ruin tonight's festive mood. We'll talk about it in the morning once we relieve ourselves tonight. You all better be ready, I won't let you girls get a wink of sleep, haha!"

After Nao said that with a laugh, his expression softened again. Elsa could only let out a sigh while a few girls blushed, and some appeared excited. Especially Fie, she wanted to receive lots of more love from him. In fact she pounced on him right then and there, letting Caulifla and Kale slowly pick up the pace from behind. As for Vados, she tried to get used to his scent wafting in the air, and stayed behind.

The last night of Year 780 soon passed with lots of m.o.a.ning and humping sounds echoing in the bedroom. The first day of Year 781 dawned, and Planet Elosyia's two suns peered into the bedroom, lighting it up. Thirteen girls found themselves clinging onto each other who in turn clung on Nao, who was in the middle. Some of them even had white liquid dripping out of their slits.

But today would be a day of reckoning. It was time to announce the last, fifteenth member of the harem from the DBZ Plane to the girls. As to whether they would take this peacefully, Nao hadn't a clue. Heck, he didn't even know if the girl herself would be willing to join them!