Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 271

Volume 1: First Reincarnation Chapter 271 : 261: Epilogue Ii

Year 781, White Palace, The Next Day.

The start of the year officially began and the old one passed on. The warm sunlight Planet Elosyia's two suns peered into the large bedroom. Twelve n.a.k.e.d girls could be seen resting next to one lone male figure with white spiky hair shooting straight up, curving at its tips and a white tail sticking out of his butt.

Another lone figure could be seen n.a.k.e.d as well, currently seen cross-legged on the bed further away. This figure was a girl with light blue skin, a perfectly beautiful and toned, but smooth body. The way the sunlight shone on her body made it appear ethereal, as if she were an angel. Well, that's because she was an Angel! It was of course Vados.

She had her eyes closed, and was reveling in the sunlight, while also taking whiffs of the room here and there. She was still trying to get used to Nao's scent. She was actually starting to like it.

Before long, the next one to stir on the bed was actually Nao himself. His eyelids fluttered a bit, before they slowly opened. Nothing happened at first but his eyes laid upon Vados and he became stunned seeing how beautiful she was n.a.k.e.d on this morning.

However that soon came to an end as a dull pain struck against his head. It wasn't from the girls nor from the wild day they had yesterday. It was one if the best days Nao ever had. But what he felt was more of a groggy state. He wasn't recovering from a hangover either.

His heart felt extremely heavy right now. He could listen to every beat it made. Hearing and feeling this way, Nao curled up into a ball, wrapping his arms around his legs.

The atmosphere changed around them but the other girls still slept peacefully. Vados of course realized this sudden change in the atmosphere but she didn't turn around to look at Nao. She only kept looking through their large sliding window which lead into the veranda, calmly absorbing the two suns' rays.

Vados then took this time to speak out to Nao with a calm voice.

"Your heart seems to be in turmoil, Nao. Care to enlighten me?"

"...Was it that obvious?"

"Fufu, like an open book. I may still be new to love but its quite easy to observe such things even without looking at it directly. Your aura is different right now."

Hearing that, Nao didn't respond to her. He took this time to wiggle his way out of the girls and slowly approached Vados while still on the bed. He didn't even say anything, and only proceeded to rest his head against her back, wrapping his arms around her waist.

"...Can we stay like this for a couple moments? I won't do anything. It's just...", Nao spoke up as his voice began to wander off.

Yet as soon as he did, Vados seemed ready to reply to him, as if she already knew what he wanted to talk about.

"You wish to talk about the woman whose throat you crushed to death before your very eyes, the very same one who caused all those time flow incidents and constantly put TokiToki City into a state of chaos, yes?"

"!", Nao tried to exclaim, but he became speechless. Only shock remained in his eyes as he felt the warmth of Vados's back, but at the same time it was still cool to the touch

But Vados felt this nonetheless and a smile crept on her lips before she continued to speak with a laugh.

"Fufu, too shocked for words, Nao? A curious one. You must be wondering how I know such things?"

"...Should I say, as expected of an Angel? But please enlighten me, Vados. I kind of have a rough idea."

"Do you, now? Well it's pretty simple. Once I made my decision to join you and Father officially appointed me, I decided to look at your remaining future, in this 'plane', as you call it. I also tried to look into beyond that but every time I did, I would only see static. Quite the strange phenomenon really."

"So you really, did, huh? And me talking about this person was seen in that?"

"Just for a brief moment. But I cannot help you in your decision. It must be decided by you. If you do plan to bring her in, you will make sure to face the consequences after. I will use what power I have so she can be brought here."

Hearing that, Nao felt his heart stir a bit, and the heavy feeling he was having lifted quite a bit. But it was still lingering.

"...Thank you for those words, Vados. I am well prepared if things go wrong. I've made my decision already too, it's just I don't know if the girls will like her..."

"But you've already decided, haven't you?"

After Vados asked that, Nao remained silent for a moment before responding to her.

"Yes. I want to resurrect Towa."

Nao spoke out softly to not wake the others. Hearing his firm voice, Vados couldn't help but let out another giggle.

"Fufu, such a firm resolution. I like it. If you are indeed ready for that then we can do the resurrection later today. Why don't you go freshen up for now? Would you like me to inform them?"

Nao lightly shook his head denying her.

"No, I will tell them myself. As long as Elsa isn't against it I'm sure the others will slowly get used to Towa. I'll go on ahead and take a cold shower. Thank you for talking with me about this, Vados. My heart is feeling better."

"Anytime. Now off you go."

After Vados said that, Nao parted from her back. He got off the bed and let his white tail droop beneath his legs. Sliding open the double doors that lead into the bathroom, Nao's figure soon vanished. He closed them behind him and could no longer be seen. The sounds of running water soon echoed from the inside as more time began to pass.

Hearing this, Vados kept observing the two suns as they rose into the sky. She then spoke out once more, causing Chronoa's body to shudder a bit, the same went for the other girls.

"So, Chronoa, when are you going to stop pretending to be asleep? The same goes for the rest of you. I think Nao realized it already but he still tried to keep his voice down.

"Urk. Busted...", A soft voice suddenly spoke out.

Chronoa, who was among the girls, currently was seen laying on on her side. She was curled up slightly as well. She could hear her heart beating heavily the moment she heard Nao wanted to resurrect Towa.

She soon shook that feeling away and slowly raised her body. Elsa soon followed her and before long the ten other girls raised their bodies as well. It was Elsa who spoke out to Vados.

"Guess we can't hide much from you, Vados. Still, this makes me very uneasy. I can tell where Nao is coming from. If that Towa is removed from all of her current circ.u.mstances, she is nothing more than a girl who cares for cares about her family, right?"

"Indeed. according to what Nao said. It makes sense, considering Chronoa here actually went through with it. You are no longer the Supreme Kai of Time.", Vados responded calmly. She now took this time to shift her body, now looking at the rest of the girls.

"Yes...but Towa and I go really far back. She caused sooooo many messes in the time flux. I'm grateful to Nao for helping kill off the culprits and brought peace back to TokiToki City. I don't like this...", Chronoa said as she became downcast.

Hearing Chronoa say that, Elsa approached her and gave her a big hug from behind, but didn't say anything. Chronoa's voice escaped from her mouth as she continued to speak.

"But as much as I don't like Towa,...she is someone who can be decisive and can kill without a second thought. This next plane Nao mentioned to us where our next adventure lies is wrought with war and unknown. I can see we need people like her."

"So you actually aren't against it, Sister Chronoa?"

"Not really. Though there will probably be some friction along the way for a while, Big Sister. I don't want to go against Nao's resolve."

"If you aren't against it then I share the same sentiment. Do the rest of you have any ill will on this matter?"

After Elsa asked that, she parted from Chronoa, only to look at the ten girls around her, and Vados. Caulifla and Kale were confused on what was going on. To them, it sounded like someone would be joining them. They didn't know who this Towa was, but they simply shook their heads.

The rest of the girls followed suit, shaking their heads no. A smile bloomed on her face.

"Then it's decided. We will let Nao calm down in the shower alone. Let's go get ready ourselves. Vados, you said you can resurrect Towa? Do we not need to contact King Yemma?"

"That is not necessary. I can bring her soul back directly from Hell. She has been locked in her own special Hell where not even time flows. I will need to contact Father though about this, just as a precaution."

"Alright, Vados. Let's go get ready, everyone. We must be ready for any uncertainties during this resurrection."

"""Yeah!""", Everyone happily responded. They even raised their right fists into the air. Vados watched on with curiosity in her eyes, and she decided to join in too for the fun of it.

Before long time started to pass by again. It was well past noon now. The heavy feeling in Nao's heart completely vanished as he washed his body in cold water.

He freshened up and donned his Supreme Kai attire. He could hear various chatter coming outside the bathroom so it was obvious the girls were awake.

He exited it letting his spiky hair wave around. Yet the moment he did all eyes went to him. He saw all the girls dressed in combat wear. Those who had weapons even had them drawn to the side as they sat on their knees on the bed.

Seeing this, Nao could only sigh.

"...Did Vados tell you guys?"

Hearing him ask that, Elsa and the girls shook her head. She had her bow sitting to the side of her. She then replied back

"No. We just happened to be awake during the whole thing. We could feel your determination on this. All of us made a decision and we won't go against you resurrecting Towa. This is just for safety measures in case she tries to fight back."

"Really? I know this is a sensitive topic, I'm surprised you all are going along with this, Chronoa. You hate Towa, don't you?"

"I do, for every mess she she's caused since my ascension into the Supreme Kai of Time. But now that title of mine is no longer, and has been passed down to Trunks. You only see me as a normal Supreme Kai and a girl now, Nao. If Towa is willing to do the same, then I'll try to reconcile with her. Don't expect much though, okay?", Chronoa said with a hint of sadness.

"I won't. Shall we get this over with? Are you ready, Vados?"

"I am. Please step aside. I will now make a connection to the Other World."

After Vados got off on the bed, Nao made way for her. With him now beside her the girls made their way one by one off the bed and stood at either side. Vados's eyes became serious but she still let out a funny chant, causing the black orb of her angel staff to shine a green light.

"Hoi-hoi-hoiiiii~!", Vados chanted, doing a single swing of her staff. It then shone a bright green light, lighting up the room. Further away from them, a spatial distortion suddenly appeared. It opened near the room's ceiling. It kept expanding until a shadow of a figure slowly dropped through it.

This figure gently floated on downward. Yet they didn't move one bit. Only a smile crept on her face.

However the moment this figure became in clear view, everyone was not only stunned by her beauty, but her actual current appearance. Despite no blemishes, scars or injuries on her body, it appeared as if all of her orifices were tightly sealed.

She was gagged, blinded with a blindfolded, and even had her hands and feet cuffed together. Not only that, an inverted hourglass symbol could be seen on her forehead.

As for the figure themselves, it was obviously a female. A very beautiful one at that, even breathtaking. Her blue skin appeared even lighter now, more that of sky blue now. What changed most was likely her hair.

It was now extremely bushy and wavy, curling outward in every direction, but it was still pure white. It was big enough to even be larger than Raditz's hair.

She wore a pure black cape-like dress with red sleeves underneath it. Her private and chest area area was covered with red as well, and black pants extended further down. Her arms were fully sleeved too. One small golden circlet could be seen on each arm, with a golden earring attached to its end. Two red markings covered the skin over her eyes, which appeared similar to that of a Sharingan from N*ruto.

And her red staff was nowhere to be found. Even an angelic halo could be seen hovering over her head.

Of course, this was Towa! And her current form was that of the Demon Goddess!

No one said anything for a good while as an eerie silence spread around the room. Nao saw Vados slowly remove the gag around her mouth but kept the others on.

A bewitching voice echoed in their ears the moment Towa spoke out for the first time.

"My, my, if this isn't a twist of fate if I ever saw one. Pray tell, exactly why my killer would bring me here of all places? Did you have a change of heart for someone like me?"


"Ah, now there is the voice I recognize. First off I must thank you for bringing me out of that boorish place. You can entertain me for a while, even though I still can't see. Still, I can tell there are several of you here. Moreover, one I'm ever soooo familiar with, hohoho.", Towa replied with a laugh.

"Enough with the bullshit. You'll hear me out, otherwise we'll send you straight back into that special Hell of yours."

"Fine. You want to make a deal with me? Then take off my blindfold. I want to see the man I would partner up with. It's been a a long time since I've seen it. I also want to see the face of my dear friend next to you~", Towa said with a teasing voice.

"...", Chronoa didn't say anything, she only kept observing Towa in silence.

Nao nodded, and Vados walked up beside her again. She removed Towa's blindfold but kept her chains on. Towa needed a good minute to adjust her eyes to the brightness of the room. The moment her eyesight became visible again, she saw Nao, twelve girls which included Chronoa, and the Angel Vados, next to her.

Towa couldn't help but let out a whistle seeing this sight.

"Well this isn't something you see everyday. You even brought me to your personal room? How confident. Moreover I didn't take you to be a ladies' man. But then again you Saiyans have boundless stamina."

After Towa said that, the girls didn't say anything, only to enter combat stances, ready to draw their weapons if needed. Towa smirked seeing this. Her eyes then landed on Chronoa, who was still in her busty transformed form. She raised her eyebrows for a moment, but then decided to take a sniff of the air. Her smirk then turned a smile.

"Looks like the little bitch finally became a woman while I wasn't around, huh? So sad I couldn't personally see it. I would love to see your face drowning in ecstasy, haha!"

"Takes one to know one, look at what they did to you in your Hell. So what, I did it with the man I love. You treated your husband and son as mere tools, you know that right?"

"So? Both Mira and Fu were my personal creations, they both belonged to me. But I didn't let them touch me one bit. I still have a pure body."

Hearing that, Nao raised his eyebrows.

"Come on, Chronoa. Didn't you say if Towa agreed you would try to reconcile with her?"

"This little girl could actually think she can reconcile with me! Haha! Well, let's take it for a spin then. I can see you no longer have your time powers. You chose love in the end?"

Hearing Towa say that, Chronoa's eyes twitched for a bit in annoyance but she still replied to her.

"I did, so what?"

"Nothing. If anything its commendable. So, let's hear it. What is it you want me to do? I may just do anything instead of rotting away in that boorish place, hoho.", Towa said letting out another laugh.

"Then I won't beat around the bush. Due to specific reasons, we're about to leave this place, starting our next adventure, more like another life if you will. You will join us."

It was Towa to raise her eyebrows this time, appearing interested.

"A second adventure of sorts. Reincarnation?"

"Something like that. But if you disagree, you will be sent right back into Hell with your memory wiped as if this scene never took place."

"Fine. But it seems you have more to say. I want to hear it all before I decide."

"I was getting to the next part. Similar to Chronoa here who passed her title onto the next generation, your Demon Goddess title will be stripped but you will still keep your powers. You will just be Towa. And if I catch any notion of betrayal, I will crush your throat again just like I did last time."

"I like that firm voice of yours. I can agree to those terms, but I have a condition of my own. You currently know the situation my brother is in, yes?"

"Yes. King Yemma mistook Dabura and sent him to Heaven instead of Hell. He's a changed man now."

Hearing Nao say that, Towa burst out in laughter before a look of scorn appeared in her eyes.

"Hahaha! You really think that foolish cretin is my brother? No, he is no longer. I want you to bring back my true brother, my only family I see with my eyes. Demon God Dabura!"

"Very well."

Nao actually agreed with Towa's condition which caused a smile to bloom on her face, and caused Chronoa's to turn wide with shock.

"Nao, you can't agree to something like that with her!"

"It's okay, Chronoa. I'm going to set a condition of my own."

"Oh? I'm very willing you see, so pray tell what that condition is. You know, I may just become your 'darkness'", Towa said with a smile.

Nao's eyes twitched a bit after hearing that but he still responded to her.

"Dabura will undergo the same thing that will happen to you. Moreover I will keep him in a hidden dimension and only bring him out when time calls for it. If you can agree to to that I will have Vados remove that halo of yours, bringing you back into the Realm of the Living."

"As long as I can see him from time to time, that's fine by me. I accept your terms. I don't mind working with the person who has the strength to beat me. I'm Towa. I'll be your darkness from hereon.", Towa said with another smile.

And just like that, Towa officially became part of the team and joined the harem! She had her own interests as well and Nao wanted to learn more about her as time goes on. Vados removed the rest of her constraints and waved her staff again. Towa's halo vanished.

Not only that, another spatial distortion opened up beside her, plopping down a pinkish-red skinned humanoid with two large curved black devil horns sticking out the top of his head. He wore a full red suit with a yellow belt and a black cape going down all the way on his back. Not to mention he had a short goatee which connected to the upper portion of his chin, and going all the way up the sides of this cheeks to a thin layer above his lips.

His ears were pointed and quite large and circular, opening up most of the way. He also wore purple earrings. This was Demon God Dabura, Towa's brother!

He was confused seeing where he was suddenly dropped into, but the moment he saw Towa he actually burst into tears. He went up and hugged her, only to see Nao beside her.

Dabura came to learn of what happened and he too surprisingly agreed to Nao's terms. He wanted nothing but to see his sister again since he himself was dead all this while. Nao grant that wish of his, so Dabura agreed. It was that simple. Nao and Vados worked together to create a hidden spatial dimension exclusive to him, for now. Others may join there in the future, but Nao had no clue as of now.

And seeing Towa not take any action, the girls sighed in relief. They then became shocked seeing Towa take the initiative, actually sealing the deal with a kiss!

It was unexpected but her lips were very soft. Heck Dabura even took pride seeing her sister do this. Nao could only sigh as Towa lazily made her way and sat her butt on the large white bed. Nao then willed Dabura to enter the hidden dimension. He didn't know when he would come out again.

Before everyone knew it, Towa situated herself quite nicely during their time spent in this last month. She found a pastime of teasing Towa, but evaded nighttime activities for now. She was under constant watch.

Nao and the girls took this month of January as more vacation time. They explored Universe 2 and Universe 11 to their hearts content, collecting the Super Dragon Balls along the way. Once they had their fill, they summoned the divine dragon and Nao used the Divine Language to restore the Alternate Timeline back to normal.

Alter Ribrianne, Alter Toppo and Alter Jiren thanked him profusely and teared up. They probably knew this would be the last time they ever saw each other. Nao gave them his blessing and sent them off, returning back to their own time. Nao then sealed away the Green Time Ring, never to be opened again.

Nao also didn't forget to say goodbye to TokiToki City and the Xenos either. Besides Trunks who now had permanent godly ki thanks to Chronoa, he probably wouldn't see the other Xenos again before they pass away in old age.

But with that said, the destined time had come. Nao used the control room which was next to the bedroom to create a mirage of the White Palace, and before long the White Palace left Planet Elosyia. The Grand Minister, who was watching this happen from afar, smiled as he turned away from looking at the stars.

"Good luck, Nao. It's been a pleasure to know you. May your future endeavors serve you worthy. Lord Zeno will patiently wait for your return."

After he said that, the Grand Minister left, heading back inside Zeno's Palace. He could no longer trace Nao or the girls' ki, anywhere!

Nao had spent a total of sixty years in the DBZ Plane, including the four years spent in the Room of Spirit and Time!

And now, the White Palace reappeared back in Rebirth's Void Space once again!

Besides it, the only thing they saw was a massive golden planet that was linked to a sole continent of land mass. The golden planet was the DBZ Plane while the land mass was the continent of Vainqueur, Aht's and Eir's homeland! From that, endless void and darkness continued on for eternity.

It was time to create the second plane, the Overlord plane!