Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 273

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Hey guys. So it's time to start Volume Two and what better way than to start it off with the most up to date status screen! Also note I have compiled images of the girls as well. May not be the best out there but it will still give you guys something to look at!

The girls and future girls will be posted in the Chapter Comments down below. Sorry if some appear blurry, had to crop them down to fit all onto one page.

Volume Two Chapter 1 will detail each girl's background down below as well. Readers who don't want to read volume one don't have to! They can start Volume Two from the get-go.

Also shoutouts to Waifu Labs as a lot of the OC images came from them. They aren't exactly matching fits but you guys know the descriptions I have for each one and can base it off that. It's unfortunate I'm not artist.

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[Rebirth] ({Pre-Soul Split)


[Hosts : 2]

[Name] : Nao


[Age] : 76 (Physical + mental)

[Race] : Ancient Saiyan, Legendary Saiyan, Saiyan God

[Current Level : - ]

[Current Ki Remaining - 100%]

[Fairy : Miho]


[Name] : Chelsea

[Age] : 76 (physical + mental)

[Race] : Human

[Current Ki Remaining - 100%]

[Current Level : - ]

[Fairy : Mist]


[Active Quests : -]

[Active Side Quests : -]


[Inventory Access - Pocket Dimension]


[Active Planes] - DBZ, Vainqueur (Historia)


[Plane Shop]

Purchasable Planes : Overlord, Pokmon, Continent of Zemuria


[Titles - The First Player, Creator of Planes, Reincarnator]


Soulbound Lovers (Lovers now share same age as host, including descriptions for first time readers):

Miya- System fairy Miho who received a soul from The President, Creator of Rebirth, who underwent rebirth, born as a Saiyan twin alongside Nao. Acts as Nao's guide while traversing the void between planes. She views Nao as a lover as well as both his sister and master.

Elsa- A royal Elf and last surviving princess of Planet Elosyia. Engaged to Nao since she was a child by her mother, Queen Elena and Nao's father, Oscar, after Oscar and his squad saved their planet from evil Saiyans. Oscar is one of the last remaining Saiyans of the righteous faction. Met Nao in the Other World Tournament. She is now his Head Wife., with the girls seeing her as the Big Sister.

Sayuri-Last member of the Sunlit fox clan. A former thief after experiencing the genocide of her race, and entered the Galactic Patrol, starting over a new leaf. Met Nao in the Other World and became sibling disciples under King Kai. Suspects the Moonlit fox clan. her distant relatives, was the perpetrators behind the genocide. Met Lord Liquiir from another Universe, only to find out he is a progenitor of her race. Now treats her as her grandfather and is Nao's lover. She very much likes to cuddle with him while he he grooms her tails.

Isabella- Sole daughter of the very rare Gemmed Dragon clan whose family resides on Planet Nem. Their clan underwent a mass murder by hunters aiming for the gems that grow on their bodies, known to be extremely valuable and conductive of heat. Their surviving members, now akin to a mafia family, live in peace with Planet Nem's indigenous people. The two races interbreed and Isabella now shares a Succubus-Gemmed Dragon bloodline. She shortly became Nao's lover after she declared that she will be his if he beat her during the Other World Tournament, which he did.

Chelsea- One of the few Earthlings in Nao's group. Chelsea originated from Nao's first life back on Planet Earth, even going to the same High School together. Passed away by Earth being destroyed by a meteor. The President rescued her soul as well as sent the others to Heaven or Hell accordingly. She underwent all trials in the Babel Tower and passed them, successfully being granted a second body and became Rebirth's second host. Met up with Nao in the DBZ Plane and now enjoys living their lives together.

Tights- Bulma's only sister and fellow scientist and engineer. Has a dream of exploring space and quickly became friends with people of the Galactic Patrol. Ever since she first met Nao and Miya sleeping n.a.k.e.d together in Tights' home, the Capsule Corporation, she couldn't get the two out of her head during their long absence of time, only to find out she grew to love Nao, an alien and a Saiyan. She now resides by Nao as his Head Maid. She often likes to tease Bulma's husband, Vegeta, for being Nao's brother-in-law.

Eir-First princess of Planet Aero, and member of the Aeron clan. Met Nao during the Other World Tournament. Received fatal wounds from Cooler during it, only to have Nao completely heal her back up. Wanting to repay this debt, she granted aid of her and her army if Nao ever needed it. Cooler found Eir's home planet later on, only to start killing her people. Eir could only flee thanks to her speed, but Nao encountered her once again, and saved her and her people. Love was formed between the two and Nao found out she was actually a Flux Beast, and wielder of the White Chronicle, home to Historia.

Aht-After Historia came into play, Nao and Eir found Aht as a resident inside Historia, who was brought by its two guardians, Lippti and Teo, from her homeland, the continent of Vainqueur. Aht used to be their head shaman in the lands of Celestia, and now she resides by Eir and Nao. Eir actually treats Aht as her own sister, as she was welcomed by Aht into her tribe after being rescued from Historia's depths where many Flux Beasts roam.

Fie- A newborn Supreme Kai born from a golden apple that dropped into Chronoa's hands from the Origin Tree located on the Sacred World of the Kais. Entered a blood pact with Nao and took over a decade to emerge. Reveres Nao both as a fatherly figure and is his lover. Her looks take after the deceased West Supreme Kai.

Chronoa-Former Supreme Kai of Time and born several tens of millions of years ago. Got acquainted with Nao thanks to the Angel Whis's help. Saw endless potential Nao and granted him the status of a Kai after his body's energy completely converted into godly energy. She then took Nao as her student, passing down her time techniques to him. Love formed after that, and now resides by Nao as one of his lovers, eventually passing down her duties as Supreme Kai of Time to the next generation.

Caulifla-A bushy haired female Saiyan from Universe 6. She encountered Nao during the Universe 6 vs Universe 7 world martial arts tournament. Nao saw much potential in her, very similar to Goku's and invited her to be his disciple, of which she accepted. She now lives at his place, learning new fighting techniques from him and also sees him as her man.

Kale- Another female Saiyan, but a lot more meek than Caulifla is. Caulifla took Kale in as her protg despite Caulifla being the leader of a gang early on in their years, for seeing tremendous potential in her. Kale is actually one of the strongest Saiyans born every thousand years or so, containing the Legendary Saiyan bloodline! Kale was also sold out by Caulifla, also becoming Nao's student. Kale is still wary of Nao and only loves Caulifla right now, but she is slowly getting used to his scent. She is curious of him.

Vados- a blue skinned humanoid born from the dawn of time, along with the other Angels. The Grand Minister is her father, and her mother passed away trying to calm down Lord Zeno's anger during the All Universe Hide and Seek tournament, where Universe 13-18 was destroyed in the process. She belongs to a paired Universe together with the Universe Nao was born in, Universe 7, and sees Whis, Universe 7's Angel, as her closest brother, with her being the oldest of the two. She is also one of the oldest Angels compared to her other siblings. Wields and Angel Staff that currently wields all many mystical techniques, including Time Reversal, Observe, and Resurrection. Rumored that she is one of few Angels that had mastered Ultra Instinct, along with Whis. Became Nao's advisor after being offered a contract and does not deny in nighttime activities when she is together with the other girls, she is curious of Nao and wonder if love will bloom.

Towa-The Demon Goddess of the Demon Realm, located in the most bottom layer realm of Universe 7, which sits right outside its tip. It also is not too far away from the Sacred World of the Kais, which resides completely outside the realm of Universe 7. Witnessing her brother, the Demon God Dabura, perish, she machinated several plans to gather energy. She was behind Demigra's, Mechikabura's, and Fu's plans, being the mastermind, with the latter being personally thwarted by Nao. It was all for the sake of reviving her brother. She finally was granted her wish by Nao, whose condition was to join his side, forming a contract with him. She looks very much toward teasing Chronoa in bed, and is curious of Nao. Also decided to share her first kiss with him, her creations didn't even get a chance to do so with her body.

Michael-the last and latest member to join the harem, after Towa. The President gifted her to Nao, despite being reluctant at first. She is a twelve winged angel seraph with a busty bust and blond hair. The condition was for Nao to pass his trial by fire after receiving visions of who he will be fighting against, and he passed them. She looks forward to working with him as a secretary-like status, and wonder if love will ever bloom. She used to be The President, the Creator of Rebirth's, head secretary, whose role is now passed down to one of her juniors.


Soulbound Children :

Ellie-Firstborn of Nao and Elsa, a Saiyan-Elf hybrid. A royal elf of Planet Elosyia who now rules over the planet while her mother enjoys retirement in Nao's White Palace.

Isabelle-Firstborn of Nao and Isabella, A Saiyan-Succubus-Gemmed Dragon trihybrid. She worked alongside her mother at their idol agency of which they became a sensational duet, and also where Isabelle officially passed her the handle to become its head idol while Isabelle goes on her journey with Nao and others.

Aura-Firstborn of Nao and Eir, a Flux Beast-Saiyan hybrid who takes the form of a royal harpy, capable of transforming into a human much like her mother. She now rules over Planet Aero with Silver as her number one attendant. In a very similar situation to Ellie.

Kassi-Firstborn of Nao and Tights, a Human-Saiyan hybrid. She a very beautiful silver haired woman who took a liking to Shin who constantly beat her in one on one matches, and now resides at his place on the Sacred World of the Kais as his lover. She is expecting to have an apple form between the two of them soon.

Ichika-Firstborn of Nao and Sayuri, a Saiyan-Sunlit Fox hybrid. First of three triplets and is the leader of his own elite squad of the Galactic Patrol.

Nishi-Secondborn of Nao and Sayuri, a Saiyan-Sunlit Fox hybrid. Second of three triplets and is the leader of his own elite squad of the Galactic Patrol.

Shasha-Thirdborn of Nao and Sayuri, a Saiyan-Sunlit Fox hybrid. Third of three triplets and is the leader of his own elite squad of the Galactic Patrol. Their mother takes great pride in these three triplets, and they complete against each other in everything they do to see who comes out on top.


Soulbound Friends :

Lord Zeno-Strongest being in the DBZ universe, and highest god. Is revered by all other gods, and often acts childish most of the time. Became friends with Nao and formed a contract of sorts with him.


Soulbound Family :

Oscar- Nao and Miya's father. One of the last righteous Saiyan members hidden faction. His father, Nao's grandfather, partook in being one of the five Saiyans to help ascend the first Saiyan to become a Saiyan God back on Planet Sadala, to help quell internal disputes, but quickly ran out of power and couldn't control it, only to have their planet blow up in the process, killing almost everyone. Oscar's father was one of the lucky ones to flee along with Iona's mother, Nao and Miya's grandmother in time, successfully bringing their children out of harm. Unfortunately Oscar, despite being one of Palace Vegeta's strongest warriors, passed away shortly seeing Iona give birth to Nao and Miya, thanks to being killed by the artificial Tuffle humanoid, Hatchiyack. He was later revived thanks the Grand Kai for winning the Other World Tournament.

Iona- Nao and Miya's mother, an elite non-combatant Saiyan. Quickly fell in love with Oscar after being introduced to him by the parents of both sides. Unfortunately those two passed away before Nao and Miya could meet them properly. Iona also became a widow after witnessing Oscar passing away with a large hole through his heart in her arms. It took her a while to recover and even tried to forget about him by getting familiar with one of Palace Vegeta's royal guards, but once her children brought Oscar back to her, her love for Oscar burst forth and now lives a leisure life on Planet Elosyia with him. She, along with Oscar, saw their two children off and likely won't see them again before they pass away of old age.

Roti-A combat maid from the middle class, brought in by Iona and Oscar as their lives were just starting together. She helps with their daily necessities and protection.

Neo-Roti's younger sister and also a combat maid from the middle class. Roti and Neo act as the two's maids and serve as protection, mainly for Iona when Oscar was away on missions given by the Palace. The two also taught Tights the ropes of being a maid.


Soul Split Avatars - 0


Affinities :

Lower Elements - Ice

Higher Elements - Space, Time


[Transformations Display - Off]

[Active Skill Display - Off]

[Passive Skill Display - Off]