Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 274

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 274 Two: Recap Thus Far And Michael Joins

(A/N) So these first couple of chapters will introduce the Overlord plane and its creation, so it will be a bit before they actually dive into Yggdrasil for the first time. Just setting the expectations now. Nao still needs to split his soul and buy the plane from the shop first!

Enjoy the chap below and don't forget to use those power stones!


Rebirth's Void Space.

Endless void could be seen all around, combined with that of darkness. Within a very small portion of this space stood one singular massive golden planet. Another singular land mass detailing many different landscapes and cities could be seen attached to it, with a rainbow bridge of sorts.

These two were none other than the DBZ Plane and Vainqueur Continent Plane which Historia found its way from, attaching itself onto the DBZ Plane!

It's been over half a century since Nao's last visit into this space. Last time he was only with Miho, his system fairy. But now he was blessed with love and affection while living in the dangerous DBZ with many dangers and unknowns, especially while living among countless gods.

Among the anime-filled Multiverse, DBZ was ranked insanely high just because this one fact. A god could have destroyed Nao without even batting an eye before he achieved godly energy himself., who was a mere mortal. Yet he chose to form relationsh.i.p.s with them instead, both friendly and romantic interests.

Heck he even has a few goddesses as lovers now!

Chronoa, Fie, Vados and Towa to name them. Actually, another goddess will soon join their ranks since Nao completed his trial by fire, which was a series of fights Nao envisioned during the latter part of his life. He either managed to beat his opponent or thwart the fight altogether by changing the outcome, and was deemed worthy for the angel goddess to join him. She was essentially a prize given by The President, the creator of Rebirth.

This of course was none other than the twelve winged busty and angel seraph, Michael! She could currently be seen calmly hovering in the void relatively far away from the golden planet. She was in calm meditation before her eyes flickered, and opened.

Not too far away, she saw space distort in this endless void. The White Palace, which was gifted to Nao by the Grand Minister for beating both Lord Belmod, who was Universe 11's God of Destruction, in a 1v1 duel, also served as a gift for his wedding with five of the girls he had encountered in the DBZ plane!

This DBZ Plane was also gifted to Nao by Rebirth as the first place to experience his first life of reincarnation. Nao is obviously the main star of this story, and he used to just be s normal human who ended up being killed by a severe earthquake while inside his house, only to have wooden beams pierce through his chest. He didn't know by dying and getting his soul sent and judged, which was actually visible to his parents thanks to their tight-knit connection in his previous life, that his soul would be the one worthy to become Rebirth's first successor!

On the outside, Rebirth appeared as a new and first virtual reality game that was created by the Cosmos Corporation to hit the public market back then, but its true appearance was that of a Plane System. The ability to create planes and grow by its host's will! If Nao wanted a shop, he could will to to create one, if Nao wanted a gamer-like status screen, he could will it to create one, and so on.

It was a very adaptable system, and it could adjust to be what the host wanted it to be, on top of having the ability to create planes. It was created by the entity known as The President, who no longer goes by a name, but is actually a god who watched over Nao's Planet Earth until it perished several years later by a huge meteor!

With Rebirth given to him, it created a guide pixie, who was also born on the first day Nao booted it up. She became a personal fairy who Nao named Miho, and stated she would serve as a guide to traverse endless void between planes. Thus started his first reincarnation in the DBZ Plane with Miho actually reincarnating by his side thanks to receiving a soul by The President.

Living a dangerous yet annoying childhood, Nao grew up alongside his guide fairy, who became his twin 'Sister', Miya, also a Saiyan. They eventually left Planet Vegeta, their home world and ventured many places, eventually coming across future wives and lovers of Nao along the way. Nao spent a total of 60 years in that plane, four of which were spent in a special training room where one day spent on the inside equaled to one year spent on the outside.

And now sixty years later, he found himself with fourteen girls who all either love him dearly, like being with him, or was offered a contract to be by his side. Their races were very diverse, and even contained goddesses, with Nao ascending into godhood during the time as well. As a result he now has Divine Energy all throughout his body.

Rebirth will soon let Nao's body undergo his first Soul Split, to where it would create a true second avatar for Nao. This avatar would be essentially a new game plus, a newborn body with Divine Energy. He would be able to keep his current known affinities he had mastered but he would not be able to use any skills his first avatar currently knows. Also, this new second avatar would be one without a race, and Nao decided his second Avatar's race would be human!

Being a human again excited Nao, since he was originally human in the first place. Yet this was only temporary for the first of two worlds this next plane Nao and the girls would venture into. Once a certain 'transfer' happens, his body will change once again and receive his true race he is aiming for! This would apply to any of the girls who wanted to create this 'character' as well! Otherwise, they would retain their current appearances and skills, since they will not undergo a Soul Split!

Also speaking of Soul Split, as Chelsea is a co-host of Rebirth as well, she too has the ability to undergo Soul Split! Chelsea became a co-host to Rebirth when she passed all one hundred floors of Babel Tower, a trial grounds created by The President at his own residence, while also being granted a new body when she perished back on Planet Earth. Yet Chelsea did not choose to undergo a Soul Split at this time, as she is one of the couple of humans with Nao. She will fit right in until she creates her 'character'.

But before any of that can happen, Nao needs to meet with Michael and discuss the next plane creation process with her and the rest of the girls. That was enough recap of what happened in the last sixty years of his life, as well as the additional sixteen years he had spent before getting back on Planet Earth though, now Nao has his second Reincarnation to look forward to!

Deep inside the endless void, the White Palace soon finished materializing in the void, and settled itself nicely not too far away from the massive golden planet that illuminated the nearby darkness, only to see countless dust-like particles everywhere.

Michael, who witnessed this whole thing, didn't act surprised, as if she were waiting for this to happen!

The White Palace itself was modeled after the Grand Kai's mansion, but was several times larger as well as consisting of more floors, while also being composed of the hardest materials in the known Universes from the DBZ Plane but taking the form of white marble.

Michael soon saw the two large marble doors of the Palace's oval shaped doorway creak open. She could see several shadows within the entrance but only two actually flew out, with one clinging onto the other by the arm.

One was a spiky white haired youth, donning a majestic purple robe with golden lining around its edges, the same robe his teacher gifted him so long ago for ascending both into the rank of the Kai and the Supreme Kai!

The other female was a beautiful long mahogany haired woman who had her hair styled into a ponytail, wrapped in a black ribbon. She wore a violet colored kimono which had blood crescent moons styled all over it, making her appear quite fierce. She also had two obsidian katanas equipped at her waist, while wearing a pair of Japanese-style wooden sandals. The kimono was split at its side, which revealed a pair of red panties and her slender, toned legs.

They appeared serious seeing Michael in front of them but smiles appeared on Nao's and Chelsea's faces. Seeing the two arrive, Michael took the initiative and fluttered her wings, flying on over. She knelt down a few feet away from the two!

This caused Nao to raise his eyebrows in surprise while Chelsea remained calm. Murmurs started to whisper among the other girls inside the entrance of the White Palace, but they chose not to come out. Michael's angelic voice soon echoed around the very quiet Void Space.

"Welcome back, Young Master Nao. Or should I say welcome home since this will be your home from now on?"

"It's good to be back and it's nice to see you again, and in person for the first time Michael. Last time you appeared in my mind together with the old man, but before we move onto anything, can I ask a favor of you?"

"What is it?"

Hearing her ask that, Nao's eyes twitched a bit in annoyance before he responded back to her.

"Do NOT call me Young Master, Understood?"

"I cannot do that, Young Master. You and the Young Missus here are both successors to Rebirth. Addressing you two with titles as such is standard protocol. Am I wrong?"

"I think I'm starting to know why the old man gave you to me...", Nao couldn't help but retort very lightly, causing Michael to tilt her head in confusion.

Chelsea saw Nao's current behavior and couldn't help but let out a giggle herself.

"Oh come on, Nao. Don't you want to take this chance to act like one of those arrogant Young Masters in those popular Chinese fantasy cultivation novels that were popular in our previous life? I didn't dabble too much in them though..."

"No, I don't. Nice try, Chelsea. We kind of have a thing of not going by titles in our home, Michael. You will be stripped of yours, we will just see you as a twelve winged angel. Do you understand?", Nao said with a serious tone.

Michael nodded calmly in confirmation.

"Acknowledged. Shall I as Nao then?'

Hearing that, Nao nodded with a smile.

"That would be for the best. Once again, it's a pleasure to meet you again Michael. Once you enter these doors, Rebirth will trigger a Soul Bind, binding your soul to mine. You will be officially recognized as a sister to the other girls will treat you as one. I expect the same for you. As to whether you want to sleep with us during the night...that will be up to your discretion. Some nights can be pretty wild."

"I've been mentally preparing myself for that...Nao. I did kind of peak into the visions you had, including the one where you had s.e.x with a rather unsightly manner to say the least. I didn't think I could ever could show such bliss, but according to The President, I now belong to you. I will try getting to know you guys better and adhere to your desires. I've been advising The President for eons but he only saw me has his own daughter. Experiencing love will be a new field for me.", Michael replied calmly with a hint of red appearing on her cheeks.

"Well then, welcome aboard! I'll send my regards to the old man if we ever meet again, which I hope we do. There is another Angel who holds a similar position to you, and she goes by the name Vados. You can take it slow and learn things from her if you ever feel uncomfortable here. Or you can speak to me directly if any problem arises."

"Understood.", Michael replied calmly. The heat in her cheeks slowly vanished as well and her calm demeanor returned.

And with that, Michael ended up joining Nao and the girls, permanently! It will take her some time to get accustomed to the other girls, as she was surprised seeing more than she had previously when she attended the their wedding together with the The President in secrecy.

She also felt a tugging of her soul the moment she stepped into the White Palace, where Nao received a notification Rebirth that the Soul Bind with Michael was a success.

From here on, it was time to discuss the next plane to create, the Overlord Plane, and have Nao undergo his first Soul Split!