Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 275

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 275 3: Soul Split Creating The Overlord Plane

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Just setting more expectations now. There WILL be a Yggdrasil arc! It will cover Nao's rise to lvl100, maybe even past 100 if he finds hidden limits breaking features.

Interactions with Momonga and the original Nine's Own Goal gang. Nao may even join them before he splits away to create his own!

Base and guild creation. Monster grinding. Raids and World bosses. World item hunting, 500 yen gacha rolling. Exploring Yggdrasil in what it has to offer.

Why? Simple. I find the game itself to be enjoyable and its lore despite what little was shown of it thus far, and it has a lot of unknowns to explore!

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Rebirth's Void Space, White Palace.

Another day soon passed even though Nao couldn't tell the time of day in here. He had tested it out as well, and turns out time actually didn't exist in this place! Only space did. This was just unique to the Void Space itself though, as time still flew on as normal in the planes themselves.

So while Nao and the girls didn't age here, those residing in the planes themselves would still age. Nao was especially glad he did the farewell banquet after learning about this, since he didn't test it out the last time he came here.

But for some reason his internal clock could still tell when the next day was, despite having no use here. At the moment, Nao could be seen sitting in a lotus position closer to the edge of the bed, eyes closed.

Tights, Vados and Towa could be seen next to Nao off to the right, enjoying some tea and dessert. Even though Towa was only around for a short while, she took a liking to this and made it her past time.

The other girls could be seen deeper within the bed, either making light m.o.a.ning or snoring sounds, absorbed in their own world or in dream land. Strangely enough Caulifla and Kale were nowhere to be seen.

Nao, while in meditation, found these sounds music to his ears. He could even hear the two female Saiyans making muffled m.o.a.ns coming straight out of the bathroom with its two sliding doors shut.

Nao knew this would happen eventually between the two. Especially after in the last couple days where Kale announced her love for Caulifla, even if it was just the slip of a tongue. He did not want to take away these feelings the two shared for each other. Caulifla had both accepted Nao, and Kale.

So to not go against their wishes, Nao let them do as they please. Kale was surprised by this, and started to feel admiration toward Nao. Little did she know Caulifla would take advantage of this, only to get Kale ready for Nao to take her first time!

And even on top of that, both Caulifla and Kale were soul bound to Nao, they had nowhere to retreat now. They were stuck with him from here on to the years to come.

More time soon began to pass as the m.o.a.ning coming further from inside the bed died down. The other girls who were still sleeping soon stirred awake. As for Nao, he was fully concentrated on his meditation. Michael actually sat beside him, also meditating! He wanted to be fully ready for what was to come next, undergoing his first Soul Split! Rebirth constantly warned him it would be excruciatingly painful splitting his soul for the first time and only after going through the first experience would the latter times become easier.

Yet before he wanted to perform it, he was mainly waiting for Caulifla and Kale to finish enjoying their special moment together. Nao could sense the other girts were awake now. Another hour or so passed as Caulifla's and Kale's m.o.a.ns intensified. In the beginning, Kale's voice echoed inside of it, calling out her big sister but as time went on the way she called Caulifla's name changed, and she started calling out her name directly. Her voice only got louder before all of a sudden, a plopping sound echoed from the bathroom, and the m.o.a.ning stopped altogether.

Following that was the sound of water rushing for another good several minutes, before the sliding doors opened and white mist poured out from inside. It soon revealed two n.a.k.e.d muscled female Saiyans, both with wet hair. Caulifla came out first, only to see the girls with smiles as they saw the two.

Nao also concluded his meditation at this time, and opened his eyes. His eyes landed on Caulifla, who he saw a n.a.k.e.d Kale slung over Caulifla's shoulders. Her black hair wasn't tied in a ponytail and was flown down her neck. She was rather pretty this way, and a blissful smile could be seen on her face. She had her eyes closed, and could be seen sleeping away in Caulifla's embrace as she dr.a.p.ed her arms over Caulifla's shoulders.

No one said anything as Caulifla calmly flew up a couple feet, landing deeper into the bed. She gently laid Kale onto the bedding, only to tuck her in. She didn't know when Kale would wake up so she decided to wrap her in the bed's covers. The girls then saw Caulifla approach Nao, only to wrap her arms around his shoulders, letting her b.r.e.a.s.ts press up against his back. A soft wet sensation soon spread around it while Caulifla spoke with a smile.

"I really thank you for doin' this, Nao. Kale finally came forth with her feelin' for me, and didn't back away. I just gave her the time of her life right now, haha!", Caulifla said as she brought her lips to Nao's cheeks, and kissed him.

"Glad you two were able to enjoy that time together. This is not over though, you know that right?"

"Oh I sure do. I'm goin' to rock your world once we're settled into this next place you're taking us. I'll make it so you won't even be able to stand up anymore!"

Hearing that, Nao's face beamed into a smile. He then snuggled his face against Caulifla's face, who didn't back away. He felt her large spiky hair that was wet prickle against it.

"I'll take that as a challenge, then! I did tell you guys some stuff already but there is one important thing to discuss after the plane is created. But first thing is I need to go through my first Soul Split next. Otherwise I won't be able to create the plane. Can you go round everyone up, Caulifla?"

"Got it, darlin'.", Caulifla responded happily. She then parted ways from him, heading further inside the bed, passing by the sleeping Kale.

As she left, Towa couldn't help but retort while a glint of light streaked across her eyes as she observed Nao.

"You really are a pervert, aren't you?", Towa said with a chuckle.

Nao's expression became calm after hearing Towa's remark.

"You're just now realizing that?"

"Not exactly. I knew it from when I met the rest of you. I'm looking forward to teasing you and Chronoa even more now, hoho.", Towa responded with another laugh.

"Still, you best get ready yourself. The place we're heading to is unique at the very least. Have you ever tried out virtual reality?"

"Virtual reality? Can't say that I have. I know a few races here and there who dabble in its sciences though. Is this what we're going to be venturing into?"

"Partly. We will be re-imaging ourselves inside that virtual reality world, only for our souls to merge with these created characters and transfer them to our true destination. Sounds fun, doesn't it?"

"A world virtually built that has the capability to translocate souls into another area? That does sound pretty fun, even though such a thing should be theoretically impossible. You can definitely count me in. I'll be looking forward to destroying more fools that dare oppose us."

"...You just had to say that, didn't you? Well I won't stop you. Just remember once the transfer happens, we'll be thousands of times more stronger than the regular folks over there. Do be careful when taking action okay?"

"I'll give no promises to that~", Towa said as her lips curved upward into a grin.

Nao could only sigh at this time. Reasoning was Towa was proving to be useless, despite the contract they formed. She liked to go at things in her own ways from the looks of it.

But he didn't speak anymore, and slowly got up from the bed. He saw Caulifla round up the rest of the girls and saw everyone get dressed. More time soon passed before he realized it, and the girls now looked at him with anticipation in their eyes.

Standing on the cold white marble with his bare feet, Nao spoke out with a commanding tone directly at Rebirth.

"It is time, everyone. Rebirth, please initiate Soul Split."

[Acknowledged. Please be advised host will experience true pain. Please bear it as your body deconstructs back down into its soul]

After Nao said that, he heard Rebirth ding off inside his head, as well as Miya's. Those who were soul bound also heard this notification sound off inside their heads as well, receiving curious looks. Yet what they saw next was Nao's body start to glow a bright golden light.

Nao felt really calm and peaceful during the beginning of the Soul Split. He could feel his Divine Energy roam throughout his body as if it was trying to find a certain area inside it. Before long he actually saw it condense directly around his heart. It started to expand as well, It didn't take long before it became a visible bright golden sphere inside is body.

And then the pain started. It started light, only causing Nao to wince his eyes. The girls started to hold their breaths witnessing Nao's body turn brighter and brighter, only to start deconstructing!

It was as if Nao's body became pixilated. Piece by piece, starting from Nao's head, it started to crumble away. Mere moments passed as the pain intensified. It soon became ear curdling screeches, but surprisingly, the girls no longer heard Nao's voice. They saw him scream out in silence, which only caused them more worry. Yet not much more time passed before they no longer saw his head.

The rest of his body soon started to de-pixilate as well. Nao felt far more pain than he did from his past battles combined, but he persevered.

No blood was shed either. An unknown amount of time passed as the golden sphere of light inside his body expanded out further and further, deconstructing his body. His body was soon replaced by this said golden sphere of light. It was extremely l.u.s.ter, causing the girls to become surprised. Towa looked on with an interested look, seeing Nao's soul come into play.

But the pain didn't end there. Nao no longer had his body, but if he did, he wouldn't be able to feel it anymore. Having a million fire ants crawling around his body was now an understatement. The bright light died down, letting the girls witness the golden sphere in front of them.

It stood motionless in place, before they started to see it 'tug'. It kept tugging and soon tore apart, creating another visible sphere as it stretched away from the first one. Nao's mind wanted to pass out at this time but he knew it was at the most crucial part, and he went into hyper focus. Inch by inch did this second soul form.

More time began to pass as this second golden sphere parted ways from the first one. It became visible to the girls and looked identical t the first one. The process didn't stop there, as the pixels started to reconstruct not one but two bodies. It essentially entered a giant whirlpool of rainbow light.

It was then the pain stopped. Nao let out a sigh in his heart, knowing it was a success. He witnessed a second body be created before his first soul. The process finished, and what revealed in front of him was a slim body, barely with any muscle to it. It appeared to be twenty in age, and contained his same white spiky hair. However its eyes had no irises and it appeared dead, hollow. No tail could be seen either.

Nao saw his own body reconstruct itself as well, and that was when the Soul Split finished. Seeing his body back to normal with a dead-like avatar in front of him, Nao let out a sigh of relief, causing the girls to relax their tense expression.

"Phew...looks like this Soul Split creation was a success. God that was painful. I'm not sure how I stayed conscious during that. Thankfully it didn't extend on for ages."

Hearing Nao speak out, the girls nodded happily, and Elsa walked forward.

"It's great everything turned out well. But seeing two of you is going to take some time to get used to."

"So mysterious. Didn't think souls could be split apart like that. I'd love to look into it later.", Towa also chimed in.

"You're free to do that later, Towa. We have our next step to do. Are you guys ready to see the next plane be created?"

"""Yeah!""", the girls happily responded while Towa started to grow ever more curious.

After they responded like that, Nao received a notification from Rebirth at this time. Nao decided to look at it.

[Ding! Congratulations to host for successfully undergoing their first Soul Split. Please be advised host will not be able to bring a Soul Avatar originating from a different plane into a new one. The new Soul Avatar will need to grow in the new plane before it can make a connection between existing planes. Only then will host be able to transfer back into their previous Soul Avatars]

[Ding! Host has successfully acquired one Soul Point for creating a new Soul Avatar. Soul Avatar Count : 2. Host must undergo a Soul Transfer once host creates a new plane. Host must also choose a designated area to where their previous Soul Avatar will remain in a state of stasis.]

[Ding! As host now has one Soul Point, please navigate to the Plane Shop and purchase what plane host would like to create. It will take a massive amount of host's Divine Energy this time, but host will not experience the pain of Soul Split.

Nao heard three notifications sound off inside his head, which brought a smile to his face.

'Quite direct, are we? Well it's good. Looks like once I make this Soul Transfer, I won't be able to go back into this current body until life in the Overlord plane is done, which is fine since I was wanting to go that route anyway. But I will wait to Soul Transfer until after the plane is created.', Nao thought to himself.

'Set designated area : White Palace. Purchase the Overlord Plane from the shop with my Soul Point.', Nao willed Rebirth.

[Acknowledged. Host has bought the Overlord plane. Please set a designated in the Void Space to begin construction]

Nao received another Rebirth notification, only to have his smile grow larger. He then turned to look at the girls and spoke out to them.

"Alright, everything is ready. We will go out and create the plane. After that I will undergo a Soul Transfer, causing this body to enter a stasis in the White Palace. It didn't deny we could transfer the White Palace itself though once we get situated in this plane.", Nao said.

"Excellent. I think only Sister Miya witnessed the first one besides you, right Nao?"

"She did. Speaking of which, you have to make your decision now, Miya."

Hearing Nao say that, all eyes landed on Miya.

"Yup! Unlike you I have the ability, Soul Change, and I can keep both bodies, but Soul Change takes a lot out me. I actually did it once while you were experiencing your nightmares, Brother. I want to use it for this next plane. I want to progress my skills as a fairy, I feel this virtual world will help with that."

"If you're determined, then I won't stop you."

"I'd like that. I'm going to go agead and use it now! But before I do, Chelsea, do you want to bring Mist out? He is your guide."

"Guess I should huh? Very well. Mist, you can stop hibernating."

"Hmmm...", A deeper voice suddenly echoed ftom inside Chelsea's body. The girls looked at her, only to see a a small blue orb of light come out of her body.

This small blue orb then stretched out, revealing a small figure no bigger thsn a couple feet with transparent blue wings. He had rough hair with part of it covering one of his eyes. He wasn't wearing any clothes either, but appeared to be genderless. This was Mist, Chelsea's fairy!

As for mist, he started to flap his wings, getting used to flying again. The other girls looked surprised, Chelsea had only talked about Mist to them. This was their first time seeing him!

After flying around a bit, his eyes landed on the fifteen girls beside Nao, only to look at Chelsea who had a calm look in her eyes.

"I felt like I had a super long nap...It seems a lot has happened while I wasn't around. You've got more competition now."

"Oh shut it, will you? We're about to go through a plane change. You do know what to do, right?"

"Of course. Leave it to me.", Mist said with a confident tone.

Hearing that, Miya smiled. She then yelled out, drawing everyone's attention once more.

"Then let's start it. Soul Change!"

All of a sudden, Miya's body started to glow a bright red this time. They saw her body shrink before their very eyes and her tail receded back into her body. She grew shorter and shorter, until it was slightly bigger than Mist's height.

Beautiful transparent red fairy wings sprouted out from her back, and started to flutter constantly.

Most if the girls became shocked once again as Miya, or with this identity, Miho, reintroduced herself to the group.

"Fairy Miho, at your service! Nao, are we ready to head out?"

"Sure are. We'll let you guys get used to this, especially since you'll be seeing Miho in this form for a while. It's like how you currently look, Chronoa."

Chronoa, who was still in her busty form, nodded in confirmation.

"Indeed. This is actually my second time seeing this, but it's still surprising no matter how many times it happens. These planes of you speak of yours, is it similar to birth of a planet?"

"Pretty much. Let's go head out. I'll find a good spot to place it."

After Nao said that, everyone nodded, still having shock in their eyes. Towa's turned to that of a teasing look.

With that said, everyone flew out of the White Palace. Flying several thousands of miles away from the DBZ Plane, Nao found a good spot. It was close enough to where a bridge could be formed between the two.

Nao confirmed the spot with Rebirth. It acknowledged him and Nao started to feel his Divinely Energy start vanishing at a rapid pace. It didn't take long before he felt out of breath.

Seeing Nao lose his footing next, Elsa and Sayuri flew up and supported him. But their eyes could not stop from looking at the bright light form in front of them.

Before long a small planet formed! It expanded but it became about three fourths as big as the DBZ Plane. It wasn't as big as it. It's color was different as well. It was dark violet, similar to that of a ripe eggplant.

Nao felt completely drained now, but felt accomplished. Yet everyone soon frowned after the new plane finished forming. An awful stench struck their noses. Those more sensitive to smell had to cover it with their hand.

"Ugh...What is this stench? I wasn't expecting this! It smells like a toxic waste dump. Don't tell me we're actually going into this?", Elsa couldn't help but utter as she continued supporting Nao.

Nao then felt his legendary saiyan veins kick in. The energy drain was far stronger than what they could replenish. After a short amount of huffing, Nao regained his composure, and spoke out.

"Well...that's the beauty of this next place we're going to. The first half is a place so bad that when we reach the second half it would be nothing but a blessing, heh.", Nao replied with a chuckle.

"Well I hope so. Does this plane have a name?"

Hearing Elsa ask that, the girls turned to look at Nao. Chelsea Mist and Miho knew what its name was since they could see all of Rebirth's notifications, but the others didn't.

Nao responded with a loud tone enough for everyone to hear.

"It does have a name. Overlord!"