Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 277

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 277 5: Just Your Average Salaryman I


Dive Massively Multilayer Online Role Playing Game.

Or just commonly known as DMMO-RPGs.

They are considered worlds of fantasy, where you can imagine yourself as if you were actually in it. The very same virtual worlds Nao talked about with the girls, but this is the actual technical term for what they are called.

Not only are they worlds of fantasy, they offer the one true solstice to the current habitants of Planet Earth. A place where people can escape from reality and enjoy being embraced by mother nature, as mother nature no longer had any presence to where Nao and Chelsea landed! Zilch!

It was as if they landed on an endless sea of concrete as far as the eye could see with refined steel towers extending on for miles up into the sky. It appeared to be a more advanced society than Planet Earth was back in the DBZ Plane, if it wasn't for the fact that there was toxic waste everywhere.

Miya and Mist guided the two souls to over the city, unsure where to go. They didn't really have a destination in mind, other than to know what they had to do. Earn money and lots of it. As the roamed around aimlessly Nao and Chelsea took this time to observe their surroundings. They could constantly hear traffic noise echoing around them in all directions with a constant flow of vehicles. The two could see fancy subway trains tracking along the endless railways that crisscrossed through the city.

Further down below were endless sea of humans going about their daily lives. Most of them seem unhindered by the toxic air around them, as they either had air filtration masks and goggles covering their faces, or if they could afford it, artificial lungs with an automatic filtration system to filter out those toxins. These were extremely expensive and could only be affordable by those of the higher class, or those directly involved in the big conglomerates that reigned over Tokyo.

Speaking of conglomerates, Nao and Chelsea saw that this Neo Tokyo was no longer the same Tokyo they had wanted to visit for vacation back in their first lives together. It was actually split up into three main areas with giant steel walls separating them. The steel walls extended onward and formed a giant fortress of a city. Extending way beyond that was endless poisoned marshlands as far as the eye could see, both to the left and to the right. Any sort of notion pertaining to smaller villages had long crumbled away. Heck. No one even dared to venture outside these giant walls.

Besides Neo Tokyo, over to the very far left stood a relatively large city, which was none other than Neo Kyoto. And last but not least, was Neo Sapporo all the way to the north. Only these three cities remained in all of Japan. One ruled by each of the three big conglomerates! The notion of government only existed in fables now. These three conglomerates reigned with power

Back to Neo's sight of vision, it landed back on Neo Tokyo and the buzzing wave of people all further below. He could see the walls split Neo Tokyo off into three main sections. One seemed to be of houses and apartments as far as the eye could see. The other seemed to belong to businesses and markets, while the third was housed schools, ranging from elementary all the way up to college. He could also see many tunnel entrances coming out from the ground for the underground railways as well.

Seeing all of this happen before his very eyes, Nao halted over the city causing Chelsea to also come to a halt. She looked at him in a strange light, before speaking out to him.

"This isn't what you really were expecting, were you, Nao? To be honest I'm kind of surprised on how bad it is over here. To me it looks like they're maintaining their last lines of defense. Who knows how low the population became here."

"Sigh...It really is different. This city is equivalent to a massive fortress now. Gives me the vibes of another popular anime from our time, except there's no invading giants. It's just poison. Poison everywhere as far as we can see. It truly is depressing, don't you think?"

"Let's just say that environmental destruction came to bite them in the ass. Look, they're all moving like zombies down there."

After Chelsea said that, the Miya and Mist guided the two of them further down and sure enough, every single person they saw was moving in a singular pattern, and seemed to have no energy inside of them. It didn't matter if they were female or male. Though every so often expressions would appear on those who didn't wear those ugly air filtering masks. But most of the time they were looking down at their phones, or trying to get onto the trains with briefcases in hand, heading off to their work.

Chelsea couldn't help but frown. Everything seemed so monotonous to her. She didn't like it.

"...Must we live in this place? I'd rather much live back at our home. Our ACTUAL home. Not in this pile of shit. Besides, who knows how many rotten bastards there are, I bet some of them would even try to land their hands on me.", Chelsea replied once more, actually letting out a curse.

"No doubt about that. They aren't even trying to hide crime anymore...Speaking of the devil.", Nao continued to say, only to hear a large explosion sound off in the northern area. A large cloud of smoke puffed into the air as if some fireworks were lighting up into the sky. Except they weren't fireworks, someone actually decided to blow up one of the lower end buildings.

They could see each area further split off into three separate districts each. He could probably guess what each one was, since the buildings appeared more lavish as the closer they got to the center of the city.

Looks like they remodeled the whole place with the Skytree being its centerpiece. It was by far the most expensive looking building, and the tallest.

Nao focused his vision to the top of the Skytree. It was now equivalent to a high tech military outpost. Its observation deck now closed with steel shutters. Only a smaller observatory could be seen at its very top. Countless black ops could be seen roaming the outside of it, carrying sniper rifles with scopes.

Heck the Skytree even had high tech anti-air turrets around its perimeter now. To top it off Nao saw the name of the building in bright neon lights. It was no longer called Tokyo Skytree. Nor was it called Neo Tokyo Skytree.

If Nao wasn't in his soul form right now, he'd probably raise his eyebrows after seeing it.


Seeing the name Skytree Trinity, Nao soon went quiet once more. Chelsea also saw the name and found it familiar but didn't know why.

"Skytree Trinity...why does that name ring a bell? More specifically that last part."

"I'm sure you can remember. That's the name of top guild of the DMMORPG we'll be playing. But to think they'd be the largest conglomerate here as well overseeing everything. They probably have their reaches in other virtual worlds too. Well, guess that's why they were able to maintain their top spot that even Ainz Oowl Gown couldn't topple, haha!", Nao said letting out a chuckle.

"So they're the top dogs of this shitty place? I'm suddenly getting an urge to slice this stupid tower in half for some reason. Can I try it?", Chelsea asked teasingly.

Hearing Chelsea asked that, Nao's soul shook a bit before he calmly replied back to her.

"No. We need to integrate ourselves into this society unfortunately. It will only be for a few years at most. Once we've climbed high enough I can bring the White Palace over and we enjoy the game from our home. Nanotech technology shouldn't be too expensive seeing that Suzuki Satoru could afford it."

"A few years? Guess I can put up with that. Better than you being gone during that thirty one years of training you did back then."

"Hey, I came back a few times during that, didn't I?"

Hearing that, Chelsea let out a giggle.

"Hehe, you did but that wasn't enough. But if we are to integrate ourselves, how can we if we don't even have identities? It's not like we were born here unlike how you went through rebirth last time. This is a transfer."

"Indeed. Thankfully I found the source of that earlier explosion. Turns out to be some lowly bank robbers. It's probably best we acquire our proof of identity through the black market and we can use those robbers to our advantage. You up for some stealing?"

"...You know we're supposed to become salarymen right? But I guess identity is everything, especially in this place where money and power is king. It's probably best we do as you say Nao. Looks like we're buying our way in. Target sighted!"


A/N: Note down here this time.

I simplified Neo Tokyo's image and turned Japan into a toxic marshland. Just a glimpse of what I view Ainz's old world. Next chapter will probably contain the time skip to where they purchase the nanotech for the DMMORPGs. As for the members of Ainz Oowl Gown, they probably won't make their appearances until Nao finds them in game.

And don't worry about any of those young master bastards. Don't forget Chelsea's strength. She didn't transfer into a new soul like Nao did. She can literally chop off their heads before they can even do anything~