Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 279

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 279 Chaptee 6: Just Your Average Salaryman Ii

Year 2124.

Four years passed by in a blink of an eye. Four goddamn years Nao and Chelsea spent in this god forsaken hell hole.

A key underlying factor as to why Yggdrasil's transfer happened in the first place was the fact there were no lingering attachments to the real world.

And now that the two have lived for four years here, Nao could come to an understanding with this concept.

At first Nao and Chelsea materialized into their actual forms, and didn't receive any sort of notion that they were being spied upon. In fact Nao couldn't even find a single trace of Divine Energy traced to a singular entity. All of it was pure and untamed.

It was as if any notion of god didn't exist, or they had long given up on this place, letting the Divine Energy run rampant here.

But that was the least of their worries. Nao and Chelsea were able to squeeze their way through this unscrupulous society, by robbing. Robbing a lower end bank to be exact. The two only stole enough to create an identify for themselves.

Since the notion of the government no longer existed, it was much harder to prove their existence. Identification and who went in or out was monopolized by Trinity, and seeing what they did to Tokyo, or Neo Tokyo now, Nao didn't want to rely on them.

So they forced their way through the black market. The moment they found it, they were swarmed by loan sharks and greedy bastards. A few even wanted to take away Chelsea after pawning off her two katanas, as they appeared treasures to them.

Heads were sliced off that day. Chelsea felt good about it.

Seeing how powerful Chelsea was to the common eye, the rest held their tail between their legs and scurried off. It took a long time nonetheless to forge identification papers for the two.

What Nao really wanted to see was how it was done so he could let Fie give it a spin later. No way in hell he wanted to let these guys forge thirteen more papers for the rest of the girls.

That had to be done within the next two years though so they're officially recognized in their databases. Yggdrasil did lock their accounts to its sole person after doing an iris scan after all. If the iris couldn't match the system, they wouldn't be able to play.

Nao also paid to have school papers forged as well, since he found out that it was required here to enter any sort of job. The price was tiered based what graduation level it was on. Even elementary school had to pay high amount of tuition so it became pricey very quick.

But that went smooth. The two opted for college graduation papers after Chelsea forced the black market dealer they found to lower the price.

With their identification and background now out of the way, their next problem soon came.

They used up most of the money they robbed, only leaving enough for daily necessities and food. Nao debated whether to live in the city and decided against it.

Nao and Chelsea rented out a very run down building in the outer perimeter of the Residential Area, only for Nao to practice his space affinity. After he mastered it enough to where he could create a [Gate], he immediately did so, linking the White Palace to their spot.

Since no one could even identify what space powers resembled, they had no clue what a [Gate] looked like, it was basically invisible to the inhabitants here. Nao did a test as well and sure enough, they couldn't even see it.

Not to mention any notion of robbing the two died down as well, as Nao and Chelsea only appeared to be good-looking people but poor since they rented this place. So they quickly were able to hide away for most of the days they spent, and if anyone from the underworld spotted them, those underworld members would flee in terror. It didn't even take a year to circulate rumors in the underworld of an insanely strong duo to steer away from, if one wanted to keep their head.

With that said, Nao and Chelsea would take the time and come home to their White Palace after every night. It didn't take the two long to find jobs either. They both landed one at a decent sized computer engineering firm.

Nao and Chelsea had officially become average salarymen!

But herein laid their next problem, pay. It was horrendous. They were beginners, and received minimum wage. They also had a lot of overtime hours to where they would work up to 16-20 hours a day.

Most of the overtime money Nao and Chelsea earned was heavily taxed too, with about 80% going straight into <>'s pocket. Also during the beginning of these four years spent, the two were basically slave workers.

Chelsea also received many l.u.s.tful stares from not only their fellow co-workers, and their managers, but even from their clientele. Chelsea only sent killing intent to anyone that did this, and not even a few months later did anyone dare to approach her anymore.

The first of four years spent was the roughest, but despite being a black hearted company, the company still followed work protocol. The two performed all of their tasks on time and even submitted some projects early, making the two rise in the ranks Only from second year onward did they receive enough promotions to be their own manager.

But the long hours persisted every day. If Nao and Chelsea didn't have Divine Energy constantly replenishing their energy reserves, they would have certainly become a certain purple acidic slime who couldn't tell work from reality anymore for having being worn out so much.

But their hours died down the more they rose in the ranks, and so did their wages increase too, giving them more free time on hand. It took them a total of four years to secure a good position in this new world.

Nao wanted to see what it was like to be in Suzuki Satoru's shoes before he became Momonga, and sure enough it wasn't fun to be an average salaryman.

Thankfully four years passed by in a blink of an eye. Only two more years they had remaining before the first day of Yggdrasil started. Speaking of which, Nao and Chelsea managed to amass most of their savings. They only needed to pay the rent to the rundown building the belonged to, since they had everything else needed for their daily lives back in the White Palace.

As such, after four years, Nao and Chelsea underwent the privilege of purchasing nanotech and having it installed on their bodies! That meant the installers had to drill holes on the back of their necks to connect it to their nervous systems and brains. The pain was almost nothing to them.

Nao and Chelsea bought the the full version of the nanotech, with the chair, separate console and helmet, and everything required to log in.

And now, Nao and Chelsea could be seen in a small room nearby in the White Palace next to the main bedroom and throne room. Similar to the Portal Room, it was relatively small and contained nothing but black marble inside of it, instead of white marble. They wanted this to be the Dark Room, aptly named and it was relatively cool temperature inside of it. This would be the same room where they would start the DMMORPG adventures!

Some may wonder how this was possible, considering they are in the White Palace and not back down on Planet Earth. Typically the virtual network databases and signals wouldn't be able to reach the White Palace. Thankfully through the use of some alien tech from the DBZ Plane and collaborative work of Miya, Tights and Isabella, the three managed to create a high tech satellite capable of receiving said data and signals, without the capability of being traced back.

Essentially a ghost satellite. Or in this case, a Godly Satellite? Regardless, it found its orbit around the White Palace.

You wouldn't think these virtual worlds would work willy-nilly just buy buying the stuff, did you? That's the bad part of living in a high tech society. Many factors are involved in the whole process.

Anyways, with that out of the way, Nao and Chelsea set up their gaming chairs, which appeared identical to the chair Suzuki Satoru used when he logged into Yggdrasil for his final time.

The two were now ready to start diving into some DMMORPGs! The other girls made their way to the Dark Room as well as they wanted to watch this happen.

Nao and Chelsea even found a couple of titles to get familiarized with. Glory was a full blown fantasy game while Fantasy Arena was your typical player versus player game with select options to choose from!

And just like that, Nao and Chelsea dove into the virtual worlds and slowly got used to its feels!

Like this, the next two years passed by uneventfully. The rest of the girls got their identification squared away, each obtaining a chair, console and helmet of their own.

They even had to make a second Dark Room next to the first one to fit everyone in. And they too slowly got used to the virtual worlds, and they each took a liking to it.

Before Nao realized it, he had already spent a total of six years in this place. Only until recently did he start seeing advertis.e.m.e.nts in the virtual world waiting lobby for Yggdrasil, claiming it to be the next generation of DMMORPGs. It had a huge emphasis on how customization!

While its server opening approached, Nao managed to reserve fifteen for him and the girls.

Unfortunately during these six years, he didn't have any luck in finding those forty one people, both virtually and in the real world. But he was bound to meet them in Yggdrasil eventually. He would be choosing a Hetermorphic race after all.

It soon became the start of Year 2126 and Yggdrasil. the game everyone knows and loves, released to the general public.

It was time to dive into Yggdrasil!



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