Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 280

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 280 7: Racial Classes And Lore

Yggdrasil, a freely customizable DMMORPG with the ever so popular Norse Mythology. The game would soon stand above all other DNMORPGs, especially popular with what remained of Japan.

At present, within the White Palace.

Two connected rooms could be seen with various tech equipment. Sixteen monitors attached to the walls of the black marble. Sixteen full body chairs where one could rest their back on spread across the two rooms. Eight in one, Eight in the other. Air vents circulated cool air to keep the room constantly cool.

There were also a couple of desks in each room as well with a main computer. This computer connected to each of the monitors. Further toward the entrance were two round tables where discussions could take place. These two rooms are the Dark Rooms.

The very same rooms where Nao and the girls would mostly stay in for the next twelve years!

As for Nao and Chelsea, the two would still go to their managerial jobs back down at Neo Tokyo. Nao currently has plans to gain experience with the Nine's Own Goal squad members before the guild Ainz Oowl Gown gets created. At that time he will split off to create his own with the girls.

And with said plans, he had to be both a heteromorphic player, and a functional member of society!

He didn't know when the rise of Nine's own Goal will happen, but thankfully he managed to secure sixteen copies of Yggdrasil.

It was currently the last day of Year 2125. Rumors of Yggdrasil's release started to spring up around two years ago, and now it was only one day away!

Nao and the girls could currently be seen in the left of two rooms, gathered around the table, calmly drinking tea while Tights and Michael stood by Nao.

After taking some sips of tea in silence, it was able to calm Nao down from the excitement of Yggdrasil's release. He also saw papers in each of the girl's hand, containing information of Yggdrasil, it's lore, class and job system, starting locations, how to cast spells, etc.

Basically the fundamentals of the game known as Yggdrasil.

Seeing everyone finished reading, he spoke out to the girls despite seeing Caulifla and Kale frown.

"So, everyone. Our main task is soon at hand. It's only a couple hours away till midnight, and Yggdrasil's servers will open then. I hope you guys are excited as much as I am!"

"Of course we are, Nao. I've not dealt much into virtual reality though, it was weird getting this nanotech stuff installed too. Will it really be enjoyable as you say?", Elsa asked with a look of wonder in her eyes.

"You can bet your ass it's going to be fun! Virtual reality is insanely popular back at my home planet, Planet Nem! It can even be used to hold meetings for when we are too busy to meet in person.", Isabella said happily.

"I'm curious to see if this virtual world will affect our Divine Energy. The place we came to is really pure, almost untapped even. Surely this came across your mind at least once, right Nao?", Chronoa asked with wonder.

"It did. we can run some tests after we get used to this virtual world. Speaking of which, you all read the info I gave you guys. Does anyone have any questions?"

Hearing Nao ask that, the girls took a moment to look at each other, only to shake their heads no. Towa took the time to speak next.

"I've known some races who go crazy with their science and programming but I've not personally dabbled into these 'video games' myself. The notion of virtual reality is a big concept in itself. But what I do find interesting is its lore. Worlds where gods walk among mortals, tied together by the ashen tree of life, Yggdrasil. Sounds like you can become quick friends with it, my dear, hoho.", Towa grinned as she looked at Chronoa.

"...And what's that supposed to mean, you stupid witch? Were here for the enjoyment of exploring something new! The game itself seems fun and lots of options to choose from. Mechanics-wise your explanations are simple and precise. I think most of us has decided on our racial classes too. But we do have nine starting locations, right? How are we going to split each other up?"

Hearing Chronoa ask that, Nao nodded.

"Pretty much. The starting locations will depend on the racial classes we choose. Anyone want go first on what they picked?"

However, before the first girl spoke up, everyone suddenly heard a slam onto the table, slapping the paper down on it. It came from none other than Caulifla.

"Now hold on here bucko, we've definitely got a problem here! Why the hell are Saiyans not listed as a race!? You all decided but Kale and I sure haven't!"

"B-big really don't need to get worked up...over this...It's not like we will truly change once this 'transfer'...happens...ummmright, Nao?"

Kale still couldn't look at Nao directly and her cheeks blushed as she said that. Still, it caused Nao to smile seeing how correct Kale was.

"That's indeed correct, Kale. Thanks to Miya here, we will be able to retain our current appearances. While Miya may be human now, she can still use her powers of an AI. I'll leave it you to you when the time comes, Miya."

"Of course, you can leave it to me, brother! I'll make it so we can transfer the skills and magic we learn but keep our current appearances before we transfer to the New World! You guys don't need to worry, the game character appearances will only be temporary."

Hearing that, the girls sighed in relief while Vados and Towa looked at Miya curiously. Caulifla slouched back into her chair as well.

"Guess that can't be helped then, havin' Saiyans not exist here and all that. But you sound as if you already know what you want, Kale?"

"I do!", Kale replied happily.

"Oi, and here you are keepin' it a secret! Tell your Big Sis, I'll choose what you want!"

After Caulifla said that, Nao saw Kale proceed to whisper into her ears, only for Caulifla to nod. Seeing the two now done, Nao continued to talk.

"Well looks like you guys know now. I'll reiterate what each of the nine locations are after you guys say what racial class everyone wants to be. That way it'll be easier to split us up. Why don't we start with who joined our family the earliest? I'll go last though, so Miya, you're up!", Nao said with a smile.


"A heteromorphic class to start things off then. Elsa?"

"Why wouldn't I be anything other than an Elf? I'm glad this race is an option to choose from, fufu.", Elsa said with a laugh.

"That'll be listed as a 'Human' class then. Isabella?"

"Much like Big Sister here and seeing how you're going to create a dragon sister for us later, I'll go with Succubus!"

"Another heteromorphic class. Got it. Sayuri?"

"Seeing how there are beastmen, of course I'm going to go with the fox clan!"

"Well there's our first Demihuman. Chelsea?

"I'm going to stick with the normal Human class. I'll be able to get tons of different job classes that way since I can already attest to my strength.", Chelsea replied calmly.

"Got it. One more Human class. Tights?"

"Like Sister Chelsea, I'll be goin' with Human too.", Tights replied with a smile.

"One more for the Human class. That totals 3 Human classes now. Eir?"

"I'll be going with harpy. I'm way too used to using my wings than anything else, I'm sure it'd be easy to adapt for me."

"Another Demihuman. Do you want yours to be similar, Aht?"

Hearing Nao ask that, she bobbed her head up and down happily.

"Yes! Since beastkin are here I hope there would be a goat clan to choose from. If not my next option would be to choose the same as Sister Eir's.", Aht replied happily. Eir couldn't help but rub her head after hearing that. As always the two were extremely close to each other.

Aht came from the land tied to the Historia Realm, Vainqueur, outside the DBZ Plane. Nao met Eir, who used to be Aht's personal guard back then. Eir got warped through a portal into the DBZ Plane by accident. The two reunited after Nao found out Eir was the bearer of the White Chronicle, and managed to head into the Historia Realm.

But that was in the past and Eir became Nao's lover after having her life saved by him multiple times. Aht was the sane too, she now was Nao's wife, after the two had gotten married back at Aht's home land, Celestia. That happened during their down time between the two Planes. But that would be a story for another time...

Aht looked back at Nao with a loving gaze as she replied back to him. She seemed more mature now but would still show her innocent side every so often.

Nao nodded, confirming Eir's and Aht's choice.

"So two more Demihumans it is then. Chronoa, Fie, are you two going to choose something together?"

Both Chronoa and Fie nodded happily in response.

"We are. It's obvious Kai isn't a available racial class in this virtual world, we will go with the next best option. Angel!"

"That's right! Mother Chronoa and I decided on being Angels! I can't wait to see what it's like to have wings, hehe!", Fie said with a giggle.

Nao couldn't help but reveal a playful smile hearing the two respond like that. He then noted the two down.

"Two Angels it is, two more Heteromorphic. Caulifla, Kale you two are up next. I'm guessing you've decided by now?"

Caulifla grinned while Kale nodded meekly.

"Saiyans are out of the question. Both of us are goin' with beastkin, obviously. I'll be a cat while Kale here is goin' to be a wolf!"

"...A wolf...for me...", Kale spoke softly.

Hearing Caulifla say that with a grin, Nao almost spat out his saliva, and ended up choking a bit. Bur he noted the two down regardless. He figured Caulifla would be able to tease Nao a lot by choosing those two, but he remained silent and didn't retort.

Thankfully Yggdrasil did not allow any R18+ action of any kind in the game itself. If one was caught doing it by force or something, their account would get deleted permanently, unable to use their helmet any longer nor any other helmet's to log into Yggdrasil, as they were bound by iris scans.

"Two more Demihumans it is then. Let's move onto our last three. Vados?"

"Hohoho, I'll be going with what I'm used to, Angel of course."

"Another heteromorphic race. Towa?"

"Demon.", Towa said with a playful smirk appearing on her lips.

Nao could only sigh hearing that. Chronoa wanted to lash out at her for her choice but didn't. Nao simply noted it down.

"One more heteromorph. Last but not least, Michael?"

"I'll be going with Angel too.", Michael respond with a calm smile.

"Got it. I'll say mine now. I'll also be going with Angel! That adds two more heteromorphic classes to the list. And that finishes it! Thank you everyone for deciding now. This will help speed up our character creation process knowing what we want to be."

After Nao said that, the girls happily nodded their heads. Nao tallied the counts up, and spoke out again.

"From the looks of it. We have 3 Human classes, 5 Demihuman classes and 8 Heteromorphic classes. Good job everyone. Looks like we'll be able to spread out to every single world."

"Excellent. You said you would go over these nine worlds before we split up accordingly, right, Nao?", Elsa asked curiously.

"I did. Let me do that now. There is the ashen tree, Yggdrasil. It is known as the tree of life..." Nao answered Elsa. He then started to go into the lore of the nine worlds, causing the girls ears to perk up.

Asgard, first of nine leaves sprouted from the world tree, Yggdrasil, left alive by The One Who Devours All. Home to the Aesir Gods who watches over human living in Asgard, with the Lord of Asgard being their ruler, Odin. A paradise land known to many.

Alfheim, the second of nine leaves left alive by The One Who Devours All. Also goes by the name Ljslfaheimr, the land of the elves. Light elves to be specific. They rule their forests in peace and often wage war against the Dark Elves over various disputes. The light and dark elves are said to be ruled by a pair of siblings, Freyjr and Fryeja. Known as Dream King and the Dream Queen, they belong to the race known as Vanir, a race of gods.

Vanaheim, also goes by the name Vanaheimr, the third of of nine leaves left alive by The One Who Devours All. The actual home to the Vanir Gods. Ruled by the Dream Menace, Njord, Fryejr's and Freyja's father. He rules the land with an iron fist.

Niavellir, known as Nidavellir, the fourth of nine leaves left alive by The One Who Devours All. The land of the dwarves, mostly swarmed by human and demihuman players. A craftsman's paradise, where it known that anything and everything can be crafted or forged here, as long as one had the materials. Even godly equipment wielded by the gods.

Midgard, the realm of mortals, the fifth of nine leaves left alive by The One Who Devours All. A Human paradise where humans rule the land. As much only the Human class is permitted entry into this world. Demihimans require special permits and Heteromorphics would get executed on the spot. It is housed by one sole kingdom, ruled by Queen Mordred and her trusted knight, Arthur.

Jtunheim, the realm of the ice giants, the sixth of nine leaves left alive by The One Who Devours All.. An ice-capped world littered with valuable raw materials unknown to man. It is also said the land is ruled by Frost Dragons, the very same Frost Dragons Ainz manages to capture in the New World on his way to the northern mountains. The races here often antagonize those that belong to Midgard and Asgard. A demihuman paradise.

Niflheim, the realm of ice and mist, the Mist World and the seventh of nine leaves left alive by The Who Devours All. Stretching the land endlessly in ice with crisscrossing ice rivers, it is known to be a paradise to Heteromorphic players It contains the Bubbling Spring, Hvergelmir, said to be one of the main sources of water for Yggdrasil, guarded by the Dragon Serpent, Nhggr. The actual realm is the home of the fallen goddess, Hel, now known as the Goddess of Desth.

Helheim, the realm of the dead, the eighth of nine leaves left alive by The One Who Devours all. The most famous location of three to the heteromorphic players, and the most chosen starting location. It is ruled by Hel, the same owner of Niflheim. No Human is welcomed here. It also contains the very famous Hall of the Slain, Valhalla. Warriors who die in honor come here to reside in Helheim.

Mspellsheim, the realm of fire, the ninth of nine leaves left alive by The One Who Devours All. Those who sinned get punished and sent here to rot away in fire and torture for all eternity. It is ruled by the flame giants, with Surtr being their leader. He cuts away the sinners with his flaming sword. They like to wage war against the Frost Giants. It is the third of three lands available for heteromorphic players.

And these were the nine locations that were available to choose from in the virtual reality game, Yggdrasil!

It took quite a bit for Nao to reiterate this info to the girls before him. Seeing quite the diverse availability, anticipation appeared in their eyes. Before they realized it, the remainder of the last day passed.

With everything decided, it was now time to log in!

Nao took this time to split the girls into two groups as well to the Heteromorphic classes into one room and the Humans and Demihumans classes into the others. It would go as follows:

Dark Room #1 : Nao, Miya, Isabella, Chronoa, Fie, Vados, Towa, Michael.

Dark Room #2: Elsa, Sayuri, Chelsea, Tights, Aht, Eir, Caulifla and Kale.

Everyone acknowledged their positions It's not like they wouod be too far from each other either, was the two rooms were connected by a small corridor.

Everyone could also be seen with small metallic circles on the nape of their necks. A small hole could be seen in its center. Once Nao and the girls laid back on the chairs, they geabbed the virtual reality helmets one by one.

They then took the cord, connecting it to the back of their necks. Everyone felt a jolt streak across their nervous systems before they closed their eyes, letting the new images take place, appearing in their visions.

Link, start!


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