Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 281

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 281 8: 16 Players And Chatting

Year 2126, January 1st, White Palace, Midnight.

Nao closed his eyes after leaning back against the large gaming chair he was in. He had seven girls beside him do the same thing. The other eight were also doing the same across the dark corridor in the second Dark Room.

Only whirring sounds and cool air being circulated could be heard in the two Dark Rooms. The moment Nao and the girls grabbed their virtual reality helmets, they plugged it into the holes on the nape of their necks. They each felt a jolt, before their vision turned black.

The next moment the sixteen monitors lit up, and soon displayed what appeared in their sight next. The virtual reality world!

Nao then heard a mechanical voice echo in his ears.


As Nao's vision remained black, he saw a scan pass through his body. It covered it all, and then ended back on his eyes. The voice sounded once again.


Nao would smile if he could, but he soon found himself back in the virtual world hub.

This was equivalent to a second world to people on this Planet Earth. Once it was first created and sold by DMMO-systems Inc, the company decided to name this virtual hub, <>.

From Gaea, several general applications would immediately be available to use. Media players, music players, world news castings, private, region, and world chatrooms, livestream services, and so on.

For anyone who wanted to dive into DMMORPGs like Nao and Chelsea played during their last couple of years, they needed to install it much like any video game. Mind you the size of these DMMORPGs were not small.

It also required internet connection to download them. They were in the White Palace located in outer space hidden away. So how are they able to connect now? The satellite they created. Now aptly named, Godly Satellite!

It constantly received Planet's Earth's internet signals as well. One would say.. at a godly pace. But seriously speaking, they didn't need to worry about it, they could play here to their hearts content.

But if Nao ever met Momonga inside the game and the two wanted to meet up offline...He would show that he was an active member of society. As to whether he would actually reveal the White Palace to him now...probably not likely, not until the new world to where it would serve as his and the girls' base. Much like the Great Tomb of Nazarick did to Momonga and the Supreme Beings.

But to reach that point, he had to start playing it!

Speaking of Yggdrasil, once Nao saw he was in the virtual hub, he saw one window screen dedicated to Yggdrasil. It was pitch black with the title of the DDMMO engraved in gold letters.

Nao really wanted to stretch out his finger and press it, but he didn't. Their next step was to actually go into <>, making sure the rest of the girls were fine and ses if they could use the helmet's functions properly.

Most actions were done with the console next to them but simpler actions that didn't need to move the full body could also be done, like tapping one of the window panels with a finger. And that he did. Nao tapped the light blue panel to the left of Yggdrasil, causing his vision to change once again.

He soon found himself standing in a large office room of sorts, where it contained plenty of room for other people to arrive. He soon heard another mechanical voice.


'Hmm...So they're really going with the office theme for this, huh? Makes it simple I guess. Since I'm going to be creating a Guild with the girls later on, why don't we name it after that?', Nao said happily to himself.

"Please enter Rising Phoenix as the private chat name. Please send invites to these fifteen player IDs. No one else is allowed.", Nao replied to the system.


After the room was created he no longer heard the voice. He waited around silently. He then saw his name enter the chat.


Seeing a copy of himself now in this virtual office room, Nao nodded. Only a couple moments passed in silence before Nao saw the first girl to arrive. It was none other than a fiery long red haired woman that had two big bangs dr.a.p.e over her two shoulders. She could be seen wearing a red phoenix kimono with dark red roses embroidered on it. She was very beautiful.

But the moment she entered, Nao almost spat out his saliva and a deadpan look appeared in his eyes.


It was none other than Miya of course. She was the first to get used to the new experience and already started to walk around the virtual office as if it was a normal thing for her. Well it made sense, considering she used to be a virtual AI fairy.

"I kind of figured you would be first, Miya. Are the others still getting used to the feeling?"

Hearing Nao speak up Miya turned around to look at him and nodded with a smile.

"Yes. It doesn't matter if one is a god or mortal. If they don't know how virtual reality feels or works it will always be a new sensation to them. It took you and Sister Chelsea a long time to get adapted to it, right?"

"It sure took a while Just getting used to the motion controls was tough as it was. That's why we've been gaining experience last couple years ahead of you guys. If we want to enter combat in such a way...that'd be on a whole other level. Thankfully we got our consoles backing us up though."

"That's right, Brother. This is known as a Dive, where we find our conscious inside virtual reality, but it's not like our physical bodies are. We are able to use tools to help us. As for the others, don't be shocked by their player names okay? This is only for the fun of it. We'll make sure to change our names back to normal before the 'transfer' happens."

"Don't worry about that. I was just surprised, that's all. Who do you think will come here first?"

"Hmm...If I had to say, it would be Sister Belle! Her race is among the highest technology-wise."

Hearing Miya say that with confidence, Nao nodded his head.

Sure enough, only another moment passed before a third figure materialized before the two. She had long pink flowing hair and a soft expression. Wearing nothing but a pink shirt and blue jeans, letting her black spade shaped tail stick out of her butt.


This time it was indeed Isabella! She immediately waved her at Nao and Miya.

"So it looks like I really was one of the earliest ones then! Man, this is such a nostalgic feeling. I haven't touched virtual reality since I was a kid.", Isabella said happily.

"So you've used it before?", Nao asked.

"Sure did! Just needed to get used to this feeling again. I'm already getting excited!"

After Isabella came, the next couple of girls soon entered.




All of a sudden, three more girls soon arrived. Surprisingly enough they each retained their regular appearances in this virtual chat, thanks to Miya's handiwork. She made it so their virtual character skins were highly customizable.

This time it was Chelsea, Elsa, and Vados! Chelsea quickly got used to logging in almost every day do she was able quickly join the group. Vados was able to as well, as if it felt natural to her. Seeing Elsa join so quickly surprised Nao though.

Isabella even grinned as she approached Elsa while Vados just took to a corner of the office room and sat down at a nearby table. Chelsea also joined Vados.

"So the prodigy princess was able to make it here quick enough. As expected of a prodigy. Welcome, Big Sis!"

Hearing Isabella say that, Elsa let let out a sigh.

"Now look here, Sister Belle. I'm no longer a princess . I'm a retired queen now, mind you. But regardless of that it's not like I'm foreign to virtual reality. I've just not dabbled with it too much..."

After Elsa replied, Isabella still welcomed her, as well as Chelsea and Vados. Seeing the two sit down at a nearby table, the rest followed suit.

The girls started to get familiar with each other, only virtually now. Before long the next batch soon arrived.






This time, it was five girls who joined at once! Tights, Michael, Towa, Chronoa and Fie. Tights arrived next to Michael and Fie, who soon spotted Nao and the other girls. Fie immediately dove into Nao's embrace while the other two joined the rest.

As for Towa and Chronoa, the two arrived at the same time. Not only that, they could be seen directly looking at each other. Nao saw this and started to see sparks streak across the room. Towa grinned while Chronoa let a sigh.

"To think out of everyone, I just had to arrive at the same time with the likes of you. Fate is being too cruel today."

"Hoho, worry not, my dear. Aren't you being a little pretentious yourself by adding Goddess into you name?"

"Hmph, I AM a Goddess. So what's wrong with that? Aren't you one too? Demon Goddess Towa."

"Sure am. But I did say I'd be Nao's Darkness, so here I am. It's best we join the others, or would you like me to tease you some more?"

"That was one time. And one time only! I went with it cause we won that battle royale. Understand?"

"Yes, yes. Come along now."

Hearing Towa say that, Chronoa turned her back against hers and joined Fie in hugging Nao. Nao couldn't help but grin seeing this.

Sure, he didn't disallow the girls to have fun times together. He let Caulifla sleep with Kale. He didn't want to destroy their feelings. If someone wanted to sleep with another, he would let them. They were all soul bound to Nao, and this let everyone be more open with each other.

He didn't want to be a controller, he hated that actually. Having him be in a harmonious relationship with his lovers was the best. And much like Caulifla & Kale, Aht & Eir, there was Towa & Chronoa...

And yes, after the girls beat Nao in that battle royale before they came to the Overlord Plane, Chronoa slept with Towa, albeit reluctantly. Let's just say that was one of the hottest and s.e.xiest nights Nao witnessed to date, the two even let him join in. But that would also be a story for another time...

But Chronoa and Towa soon joined the rest. Only five girls remained now. As everyone got used to how the virtual reality chatroom functioned, they started to chat with each other.

And then, more figures materialized before them. It was indeed the last five girls, with Caulifla being dead last.






With the last five finally here, Nao got a good look at their player names. Sure enough each one did a play on words and showed that each one was a lover or wife of his in one way or another. He was truly blessed.

But if others were to see this, they would either tend to think he was an extremely rich person for building such a harem, or that he was a shameless bastard and would curse him to death.

He was unsure how the public would react to these names, but until they acquired a level 3000 guild base for their own use, they would be splitting up into the nine different worlds.

And now that everyone has gathered, he gathered their attention after Caulifla let out some curses complaining why she was dead last. Kale was able to calm her down thankfully.

"Now then, everyone. I'm glad you all appear to be getting used to virtual reality, which is good. I created this chatroom so we can talk about things or set up meetings before we dive into Yggdrasil each time. We can also use this space to invite others from other guilds once they start popping up. This will give us some leeway if we can't meet offline."

Once Nao started to speak the girls nodded their heads and looked on with anticipation. Seeing this, Nao continued to speak.

"But with that said, we will soon enter Yggdrasil. You all should have seen its panel available from the main startup virtual hub. We just need to tap it and it will start. But before that I'll assign you guys to each of the nine worlds...", Nao continued to say.

"Our first and foremost goal will be to establish our White Palace into Yggdrasil. We of course will conceal this name during our time spent in Yggdrasil, and we will be known as Rising Phoenix. But to do this we need to reach the center of each of the nine worlds and scout its Level 3000 guild base. Each world only has one of these, so we must be careful on which one we choose!"

After Nao said that, everyone nodded with serious eyes, acknowledging him.

"And with that said, it's a good thing our racial classes are spread out. We can divvy up and explore to our hearts content. I will now split us up into different groups! Once you know which world you are to be in, you can leave this chat start Yggdrasil!