Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 282

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 282 9: Entering Yggdrasil

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Drawing the girl's attention once more, Nao started to divvy up them based on their racial classes.

"So let's get this done and over with. There's a lot of us here and we can extend our reaches far and wide in these nine worlds. Don't forget our goal. Also if any of you come across World Items, and special or named NPCs and the like, note it down and if you think you're strong enough by then you can challenge or persuade them."

Hearing Nao start saying that, everyone nodded with serious looks. There were fifteen girls waiting for Nao's instructions. Even the goddesses were attentively waiting. He then continued to speak, with Chelsea going up first after Nao looked at her. She seemed to have a cold air around her eyes.

"Chelsea. Are you up for some more god-slaying?"

After Nao asked that, it was as if the air around her got colder all of a sudden. She grinned and nodded.

"With pleasure."

"You will choose Asgard then. Plenty of godly entries within that world for you to enjoy. If you come across a snag during your level grinding, don't hesitate to use [Message]. It will be you alone there for now."

Chelsea nodded silently, acknowledging Nao. Speaking of [Message], this was one of Yggdrasil's functions. It acted as a means to let players communicate both near and far, regardless of what part of Yggdrasil they resided in. It is also the same skill Ainz often uses to speak with the others in Nazarick after he transferred to the New World after discovering it could allow a connection to be established!

Chelsea then raised her arms, and brought up a window screen of sorts. it had several options to choose from with the one at the bottom that said, 'Leave Rising Phoenix Chat'. She selected that one and her figure dematerialized from the office room. Nao didn't waste any time and looked at Elsa and Miya next.

"Elsa, Miya you two are next. Alfhiem should be a good place for the two of you. Elves, Dark Elves, Fairies, Dryads, Pixies, Sylphs, you name it.", Nao said with a smile.

Elsa and Miya nodded happily.

"That definitely sounds like a place for us. Going back into elven territory, huh? Sounds exciting.", Elsa said happily.

"You got it, Brother! If I find any pretty NPCs I'll make sure to note them down, hehe.", Miya said with a giggle.

Hearing that, Nao let out a sigh but didn't retort her words. Elsa and Miya popped open their status window and left the Chat.

"Next up is Vanaheim, another world mostly ruled by gods.", Nao said, introducing the next world of nine. His eyes wandered around the girls, only to land on Sayuri, Eir, and Aht.

"Eir, and Aht. You three up for the challenge? I fear Vanaheim may be an especially challenging place."

"It's the one world where its dominated by magic, right? It would make sense for us to go! Isn't that right, Big Sis Eir?"

"Sure is. You aren't Celestia's shaman for nothing, Aht. Your control in Mana is impeccable as of late. It would be easy to get used to this place I'm sure."

"Then it's settled. We're off to Vanaheim!", Aht hopped around excitedly.

Having the two acknowledge Nao, Aht and Eir opened their status window and left the Chat. Isabella, Sayuri, Tights, Chronoa, Fie, Caulifla, Kale, Vados, Towa, and Michael remained.

Seeing the two off, Nao proceeded to look at Sayuri next while calling off the fourth world.

"Sayuri, Nidavellir is up next. It's likely going to be a cyberpunk-like world, you can learn crafts too if you wish. How about it?"

"Hmm...Sure, why not? I've been your housewife since I became a retired galactic patrol cop. Learning housework has been improving my handiwork. Crafting weapons and armor sounds pretty fun if you ask me. I'm guessing I'm going alone?"

"As of now, yes, unfortunately. Do be on the look out for Fafnir and any potential people that would be good to do business with. We will need to start amassing items at some point, but for now we can just enjoy the game.", Nao replied to Sayuri with a smile.

The virtual space even copied how Sayuri looked in the real world, and hearing Nao say that, her three bushy tails started to thump around happily. Receiving her starting location, Sayuri opened her status window and left the Chat.

Moving along was the fifth of nine worlds next. Nao soon landed his eyes on Tights, who gently smiled back at him. She was currently in a maid uniform as well, but this time it was the ever so popular black maid dress.

"So Tights, it looks like you're up. Up for a visit to Midgard? I'm sure you'd be able to fit right in."

"It does sound like that don't it? Me bein' human and all of that. Surprised ya didn't send Chelsea to Midgard. It's essentially the human realm ain't it?", Tights replied calmly.

"Sure is. So you may see many famous figures of human lore, not just that belonging to the Norse myths I told you guys about already. Apparently Yggdrasil decided to condense it all into one giant kingdom so it's bound to be an extremely huge place. I'm guessing its level 3000 guild area is located in the Palace itself, so try to find a way into it."

"Understood. I'll keep an eye on any potential guild enemies too. I fear Trinity may try to grasp a hold of Midgard quick since most of these people on this planet will likely choose a Human-related racial class."

"Right, there is that too. Just use [Message] to me directly if you come across a problem that may arise."

Hearing Nao say that, Tights nodded in confirmation. She then opened her status window, and left the Chat.

Nao immediately moved onto the next world, Jotunheim. His eyes landed on Caulifla and Kale. Surprisingly enough Miya tweaked this space to even let their Saiyan appearance show as normal. But they still appeared human since Universe 6 Saiyans no longer had any tails. The two girls were very muscular still, to say they least.

"Caulifla, Kale, I'll be sending you two Jotunheim, the land of ice giants. Each and every one of them are humongous and quite formidable, so it will be a challenging world to dive into. You two will definitely able to attest to your strengths there. It will be a rather cold place though."

Hearing Nao say the next place, Caulifla and Kale nodded their heads. Caulifla then clicked her tongue and grinned.

"Pssh, I ain't scared of cold weather! I want to a enjoy a challenge and this place sounds perfect for us! Isn't that right, Kale?"

"It does...A place where we can freely move our bodies...sounds nice...", Kale responded quietly.

After the two confirmed with Nao, Caulifla and Kale struggled to open their status window but did so nonetheless, and left the Chat. Only six girls remained, and Nao himself. He went through the six worlds that were more popular with the Humans and Demihumans. These last three were mostly enjoyed by the Heteromorphics. He continued with Niflheim next, and proceeded to look at Fie, Chronoa and Towa.

"Fie, Chronoa, Towa. You guys up for exploring the ice hell, Niflheim?"

"Really?", Chronoa asked with a deadpan look in her eyes..

"Yes, really. The three of you can battle all sorts of mystical ice creatures and even those Frost Dragons. Maybe even an Ice Phoenix if you're lucky enough."

The moment Nao spoke out like that, Fie's eyes started to sparkle.

"An Ice Phoenix!? Think we'd be able to tame one!?"

"Haha! It'd definitely be possible. Tamers exist in Yggdrasil for a reason. Guess Fie is getting excited already. Are you against it, Towa?"

"Not exactly. It's a shame though I wouldn't get to force that goddess of death into submission and have her crawl beneath your legs, hoho.", Towa said with a grin.

Hearing Towa say that with a teasing tone, Nao couldn't help but shudder a bit. Even it was meant to be taken as a joke, Hel, the goddess of death was one of Yggdrasil's end game bosses and not to be taken lightly. Yet he remained calm and continued to speak.

"Well, you three can take your time exploring that place. It's even rumored the Bubbling Springs is a mythical hot spring meant for the gods. The steam it produces comes directly from the fires of Muspellsheim, so they say."

After Nao said that, even Chronoa had sparkles appear in her eyes at the mention of 'hot spring'. Right then and there, she grabbed onto Fie's hand and opened her status window. Chronoa left, and Fie followed her. Towa let out a chuckle before giving one last look at Nao. She then opened her status window and left the Chat.

The second to last world came, and it was time for Muspellsheim. Nao looked at Vados and Michael respectively.

"Vados, Michael, you two will venture into Muspellsheim. Even I'm curious to see how you two will match against Surtr. Being two angels, I don't think it will prove that much of a challenge. Still, its best to scout the place out."

"Understood, Nao. Those Seven Deadly Sins should be wandering around there, yes?"

"They should be. I've no clue about them, but they could be stronger than Surtr himself. So do be careful."

Once Nao said that, Michael nodded her head. Vados smiled and took this time t speak next.

"Regardless, they're worlds created by legends of myth and lore. I can't wait to see which one has to offer. Once Muspellsheim is done, are we fine to move onto the others?"

Nao nodded his head hearing Vados's question.

"Yes. If you think you've done enough in Muspellsheim, then you can regroup with the others. There are individual teleportation skills but I do believe Scrolls of Teleportation can change worlds directly."

"Got it. I wish you the best in your endeavors. I take it you'll be going into Helheim with Sister Belle over here?"

Hearing Vados ask that, Nao nodded, confirming her. Isabella's expression softened as well.

"So you're finally starting to call us sisters, Sister Vados?"

Vados couldn't help but place her hand over her mouth just, letting out a chuckle.

"Hohoho, of course. I must play my part, right? We Angels do see each other as family, but we weren't particularly that close. Yet here I am starting to see you guys as actual family. Still, slow and steady wins the race as they say. I don't dislike being embraced by you guys."

"That's good to hear. Do your best out there as well, Michael."

"Understood. We'll be heading off now. Take care, Nao, Isabella."

After Michael said that, Vados stopped talking and the two pulled up their status window, as if it were natural to them. Pressing the Leave button, Michael and Vados left the Chat.

All who was left now was Isabella walked up to Nao, and grabbed a hold of his two hands, interlacing her fingers with his. And then a grin appeared on her face.

"Just like old times?"

"Exactly what I was thinking. Glad you can join me on this Belle. You ready?"

"You bet your ass I am. Time to hunt some bones and sweep up some crypts of legends. Who knows maybe Sister Miya will be able to tweak that goddess of death Hel to your liking. You said NPCs that 'transfer' with us when the game shuts down in the future gain a soul?"

"That's right. That's the reason why we were amassing money all this while, to buy the full version of Yggdrasil with Creator Tools in hand. This will let us adjust flavor texts to our liking once no one cares about the game anymore."

Isabella nodded happily after hearing that. She then said goodbye, and pulled up her status window, leaving the Chat. Nao was now by himself, and he no longer had any business in this chatroom. He pulled up his status window, and left.

Nao soon found his vision back on the main virtual hub with many programs floating around, available to be used. His eyes soon spotted a black window screen with gold letter. These words read, 'Yggdrasil'.

Without hesitation, Nao reached out his finger and tapped the screen. His sight got messed up again before he found himself on Yggdrasil's main log in page. He entered his unique ID into the screen, and was brought towards the character creation page. After watching the initial opening detailing the nine worlds of Yggdrasil in detail, Nao became very excited.

It was now time to create his character and start his adventure in Helheim, the realm of the dead!

Not only that, Chelsea will adventure in the land of the Aesir Gods, Asgard!

Elsa and Miya will venture into the land of the elves and mystical creatures, Alfheim!

Aht and Eir will venture into the land of the Vanir Gods, a bountiful place full of Mana, Vanaheim!

Sayuri will venture into the cyberpunk world filled with craftsmen, Nidavellir!

Tights will venture into the realm of mortals, Midgard!

Caulifla and Kale will venture into the land of the ice giants, Jotunheim!

Fie, Chronoa and Towa will venture into the land of ice and mist, Niflheim!

Vados and Michael will venture into the land of fire and sin, Muspellsheim!

And last but not least, Isabella and Nao will venture into the land of the dead, the same place Ainz levels up his character, Helheim!

But little did the Yggdrasil players know, it was about to be the advent of the angels. Nao and the girls were about to take this game by storm!