Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 283

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 283 10: Angels Galore


After Nao touched the panel that read Yggdrasil in big gold letters, he was brought into the game's title screen. A mechanical voice sounded off around him, detailing what was going to happen next. He watched a short cinematic trailer detailing the nine worlds of the ashen tree, Yggdrasil, before he was brought to another screen. This time it showed him as an avatar, clothed of course. Yggdrasil didn't allow R18 actions, and neither did it appear here, they wouldn't even show their avatar n.a.k.e.d.

Taking a gander at himself, he nodded internally. He then heard the mechanical voice sound off once more.


'Makes sense. Players often did trial runs on theur road to Level 100, only for them to delete their character or die over and over again to grt the best build they want. Thankfully I know the route I want to take. That likely won't happen for me. The girls seem decided what they want to do too. All that's really hindering the build is the knowledge of the job class locations and the hidden class scroll at the very end...Still, I'm already looking forward to it.', Nao said, thinking to himself.

A long list of Racial Classes soon appeared before him next to his avatar. Sure enough the list was extensive. That combined with how many Job Classes there are, it well counted over two thousand. With such a selection it was no wonder why no two players' builds would be the same!

After getting a good look at the list to note it all down for future reference, he went back up into the As. It was sorted by the three main racial categories, Human, Demihuman and Heteromorphic. After Nao chose Heteromorphic the list was then alphabetized.

His eyes then landed on the Racial Class, Angel.

Without any hesitation he selected it!


Hearing the mechanical voice sound off once more Nao agreed internally. Yggdrasil was quite different compared to most games. It had a couple of unique stats on top of the general ones and its stat points were far lower than other games were. Each stat only capped out at 100 points upon reaching Level 100, but with equipment, it was still possible to go beyond that!

It was said that Ainz managed to get his MP stat well over 300!

Nao knew he had a lot of work ahead of him, but the whole point of enjoying the world Nao was now living in was to grow strong while playing a game and show off their dominance in the new world.

Typically this would make one appear more of that of a villain, but he can show off how strong he was as an Angel too. It would even be a plus if he could get the Scriptures under his command. He did want to attract a certain black-white haired girl with heterochromatic eyes after all.

And to do that, he needed to rise up in Yggdrasil. Become strong and overpowered, and reach Level 100!

With that in mind, Nao took this time to look at his stat window.


Metatron | Heteromorphic Race


An enigmatic Angel of Life who

serves to none other than protect

his loved ones.

Level 1 (0/10]

Job : N/A

Residence : N/A

Alignment : Neutral Sense of Justice : 0

Racial Level


Angel : 1 lv

Job Level


Holy Magic : 1 lv

Racial Total Level : 1

Job Total Level 1

HP : 5

MP : 3








Available points : 3


Yup. This was definitely a game to Nao. But unlike other games, Yggdrasil split the physical stats and magical stats more individually.

To quickly go over them, there was a total of nine stats Nao could invest in. There were no hidden stats or anything, everything came to him at the beginning.

HP, also known as Hit Points. It was the stat that determinedly how much health a player had and if all health vanished, a player would die

MP, or Mana Points. This stat determined how many spells one could cast. The larger one's mana pool was, the more spells one would be able to cast in a single go.

Phys Atk, or known as Physical Attack. This stat determined the strength of a player for anyone who specialized in weapons or physical damage. The higher it was the more damage one could do.

Phys Def, or Physical Defense. This was essentially a player's constitution. It acted to how well they can block hits from weapon and the like. The more it increased the higher damage reduction players would get and the more HP it would increase.

Agility. This was pretty simple in itself. It was the stat that determined how fast a player could run or react to scenarios. It also determined how well a player could use their weapons.

Mag Atk, or Magical Attack. This directly correlated to the power of one's spells. The higher it was the more damage a spell could do.

Mag Def, or Magical Defense. This stat gave endurance over spell damage. Intelligence also factored into this stat, and the higher it was, the more MP the payer would get.

Resist, or Resistance. This stat acted as the overall immunity to any sort of damage type. Physical, Magical, Elemental, Status effects, you name it.

Special, or Special Ability. This was a pretty interesting stat. It was also a factor that determined how strong player's special abilities were. This mostly derived from their Racial and Job Classes. It also determined how high the tier of spells and rank of equipment one could cast and wear respectively.

Ainz had two maxed stats, one being MP and the other being Special. As for Nao, he knew he had to max Special, and Resist. He did not want to take any chances in the New World, since even the likes of Shaltear was possible to be mind-controlled.

As for the others, he wanted an extensive list of spells. Ainz was able to have a repertoire of spells up to 718, and over 6000 were available in the game. Yet he was currently unsure as to whether to build a physical or magical attacker. He still had time to choose his path at least.

And being a Heteromorphic Class, he had three times as many stat points he could use compared to Humans who only received one per level and Demihumans who received two per level.

As for the Racial Classes, it was split into three categories, Low Middle and High. Low could level up to 15, Middle to 10 and High to 5. The higher tier it was, the more rare it was and better skills it gave.

For Job Classes, they were more simple and designed to do specific things at hand. It could be leveled up to 10 at most.

As far as equipment went, its range was fast. It had eight tiers, with the lowest being Low and highest being Divine. There was a special ninth category known as World Items. World Items were said to be so overpowered it could break Yggdrasil's balance in a single action. One could even contact the GMs directly for a wish.

Spells were similarly tiered, and Yggdrasil consisted of over 6000 spells. It went from Tier 1 to Tier 10. Super tiered spells were after that and were just as powerful as World Items were. Yet they either had strict casting requirements or took insanely long to use them.

There was definitely a lot to look forward to playing Yggdrasil. Nao was content with what he had chosen. As if on cue, he heard the mechanical voice once more.


'Finally,' Nao thought to himself. Without hesitation he selected Helheim. The mechanical voice spoke once more after Nao made his decision.


After the mechanical voice vanished, the character creation window disappeared. He soon found his vision black. He then found himself standing in a wasteland of ice.

All around him was ice as far as the eye could seen. There was also an eerie pale green wind constantly blowing over the realm. It contained no skies as it was hidden by this wind.

He finally found himself inside Yggdrasil. It was unfortunate he could not feel much of this, as thanks to the laws enforced by the huge conglomerates, they could not stimulate a player's sense of smell, touch, or taste.

But still, he only had twelve mire years, and most of that was going to be spent inside of here!

Nao took this time to register the girls' player ID's into his friends list. After opening up the window, sure enough he saw the girls pop up one by one, with their names colored green and available.

Once he saw the last couple on girls appear online, which happened to ne none other than Caulifla and Kale again, he sent [Message]s over to them to report their character sheets and what they looked like.

They welcomed Nao and sent their player info over to him, which he would note down for his personal use. He too wanted to see how they would grow inside this game.

As for Nao though,, he soon spotted his favorite little Succubus standing not too far away from him. Beyond the wasteland if ice stood a singular bridge in the distance. If one looked closely it was covered in black stone engraved with golden carvings. A towering monster could be seen watching over it, with two large husks protruding out of its mouth. A large stone pillar with its tip carved into a point and a green sphere of light embedded in the pillar's center could be seen the monster's side.

Isabella welcomed Nao and the two immediately formed a Party.

They now knew where they had to go next!


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