Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 284

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 284 11: Bridge Of The Damned I

Nao had finally logged into Yggdrasil for the first time. The very same game Ainz Oowl Gown rose to fame! Nao too, would take this chance to rise up in power and acquire his own fame.

He had also finally decided what build he was going to go with. He was unsure up till now, but he could now make a firm decision. Albeit that may be, it would still be a bit ironic to take after Ainz's path.

To become the strongest Angel magic caster there was! And to flaunt it off and bring those dastardly churches down in the New World!

But for now, Nao found himself in a huge icy wasteland as far as the eye could see. It was mostly flat but hills popped up every now and then. He couldn't even see the sky was it was blocked by eerie pale green wind. The only shrubbery around were pitch black thorn like brambles and dead trees all around.

Further in the distance he spotted a singular huge black-gold bridge that seemed to go on endlessly, Nao couldn't see an end to it. Within its middle point off to the left side stood a towering husked monster wielding a large stone pillar as a weapon. Its eyes moved back and forth over the bridge, as if it were watching.

It didn't take long to spot his little favorite Succubus not too far away. Nao could see other Heteromorphics spawn in every so often further in the distance. Yet Nao disregarded those players and joined up with Isabella.

As soon as he did he got a good look at her appearance. In actuality, Yggdrasil players actually did not change much from what they originally looked like, at the starting point at least. Sure if you became an undead or a skeleton, it was obvious there would be changes.

But to those appearing more humanoid like Angels and Succubi went, they didn't become such grotesques like Ainz became or the other Supreme Beings looked.

Neither how hideous those of the likes of Victim was, who was literally a flying tongue with wings. Victim had an Angel class, but a character's image, let alone how an NPC looked like, was very customizable.

As far as Isabella went, she still remained beautiful as ever. Hot pink hair which seemed to enlarge a bit, flowing further down to her waist now. Two cute little white curved devil horns protruded out of the sides of her head, curving around it. Clothing wise it was mostly ragged and brown, but she was still clothed nonetheless.

Don't forget out of the girls, Isabella was extremely tall too. The tallest out of them in fact, she was over a foot taller than Nao was, who was already at 6.3.

Perhaps Succubi were always tall creatures to begin with? Albedo however wasn't even tall as Ainz, so who knew.

Isabella smiled seeing Nao walk up to her. She twirled around a bit, letting Nao get a good look. Isabella also saw Nao, who had changed a bit. Nao no longer had long spiky hair like Vegeta had, but it was more short and closer to his head. His skin appeared flawless and slender, not to mention it was pure white. It was no longer the skin humans typically had. A golden halo stood above his head while two large fluffy angelic wings stuck out from his back. He was dressed in a simple white garb as well with a holy cross embedded in its center.

He appeared more along the lines of Demiurge and Albedo's appearances when it came to how Heteromorphics looked like. He did not look like the Angels that were summoned in the New world. Far from it in fact. He still had the resemblance of being a human, despite being a Heteromorph.

He also didn't see any black wings on Isabella's back, and came to the conclusion that they would appear during Isabella's class upgrades later on. Disregarding her pink hair, she looked similar to Albedo already. Thankfully besides Nao, the girls would return to their regular appearances before the transfer happened.

Isabella grinned seeing Nao observe her before she spoke out to him.

"I'm guessing you like this new look of mine. We only got twelve years to enjoy it, right?"

"Roughly speaking. We have about seven to eight hours before Chelsea and I need to head back to work in the morning."

"...You're really going to continue doing that? In such a bad place?"

"It might be bad, but its a must, for now at least. Once we meet Momonga and their guild forms, we won't bother with that anymore."

"Sigh...well, that can't be helped then. This will be like the journeys we had way back though, I'm already getting excited! I would say its a shame we can't tackle our special list here but...this place really isn't suited for that."

"Haha, you sure got that right!"

Hearing Isabella say that with a frown, Nao let out a laugh. Isabella then turned around and looked forward, seeing the land of ice as far as the eye could see. Her frown widened though, since they weren't actually alone. Tall grotesque figures could be seen roaming around the icy fields around them. They appeared similar to the Ogres found in the New World, shooting up several feet into the air. But they had small tusks coming out of their mouths. Their skin was completely icy-blue. Each one of them had a dark blue crystal bell embedded in the center of their chests.

Her frown persisted as it wasn't just one or two of these monsters. There were hundreds upon hundreds of them! They were barring Isabella's and Nao's path from reaching the dark-gold bridge far in the distance.

"...I know the game said among the worlds to choose from, this world wasn't beginner friendly, but isn't this taking it a bit too much!?"

Isabella let out a retort, causing Nao to laugh once more!

"Hahaha! It sure seems like that, doesn't it? Go take this time to distribute your skill points you've obtained from starting at Level 1. We should have three skill points to use. You interested in becoming a tank?"

"A tank, huh? I haven't heard that term in a long time. You're going to be our magic caster then?"

"Indeed. I'm about to pull up the Arcane Eye right now."


With that said, Isabella distributed her points accordingly to become a tank. Inputting her three levels into her Succubus Racial Class, it rose to Level 4. Skill trees existed in this game, and as long as you rose your Racial Class level, more skills and passives would get unlocked. One didn't need to waste their points on these skills, unless they wanted to strengthen them further.

Upon opening her screen, she saw her racial class split into various different branches. It was split into what type of character they wanted to become, Once Isabella would choose her path, the other branches would darken, unable to be chosen. Only the selected path would her skills unlock further. The same would go for Nao and the other girls.

With her branch chosen, Nao took this time to pull up the Arcane Eye. Through this he could freely target who he wanted to with the spells he wanted to cast, and adjust its range and so on. It was part of the console itself, and he would have to move his right or left hands accordingly. Once he did, the Arcane Eye would act accordingly.

A third eye suddenly appeared out of nowhere, floating right beside Nao on his left side. Nao put the three available points into his Racial Class, bringing his Angel class to Level 4. He saw branches become available to choose from, and selected the magic caster path.

The three points gained per level were mostly used for levelling the Racial Classes and Job Classes. Nao was unsure as to whether he could use these points on his stats directly. But feeling his Racial Class rise to level 4, he could feel some power soar inside his body. Sure enough by doing that, his stats rose a bit. He had more MP to use now, which was the main issue early one.

He also observed his spells panel. He saw multiple different hotkeys that could be used. To start with, he saw one row, detailing numbers from one to ten. This detailed the tier of the spells that he could cast. He immediately went to number one, and saw a view Tier One spells he could start casting.

Nao knew he was now ready to enter combat. He still Isabella still standing motionlessly, so he assumed she was going over her skillset. So for now he took this time to cast Detect Enemy, which actually didn't drain any MP. Upon doing so the Arcane Eye opened its closed eye, and started to scan a nearby monster.

[Demonic Ice Troll

Undead trolls whose bodies are completely built out of ice and dense muscle. It watches over the souls of the dead making their way to the Bridge of the Damned to enter Helheim, making sure they don't run away. The trolls have a leader who watches the bridge directly, ensuring the souls don't get misplaced. Level range 1-7. Known to be slow but contain high attack power. Players must be careful to not get killed by a strike of their fists.]

Using Detect Enemy for the first time, it only revealed the details of what the enemy was. It didn't detail the enemy's level, as their was another skill for that, Discern Enemy. He wanted to see what these monsters were first. Sure enough, they're undead creatures and trolls at that. Not goblins or skeletons, but trolls!

Another moment then passed before Nao knew it and Isabella finished going over her skillset. Nao felt a change within her, and nodded. Nao walked up to Isabella, and saw the countless Demonic Ice Trolls in front of their view.

"Guess this will be a warm welcome party for us. Our target is that bridge beyond these trolls. It's called the Bridge of the Damned!"

"Bridge of the damned it is. This place really reminds me of Hell. Let's get to pummeling these stupid trolls!"

After Isabella said that, the two nodded. Nao then saw Isabella dash forward, approaching the closest Demonic Ice Troll. Isabella jumped up, striking out a punch. She aimed right at the dark blue sphere in its center. It cracked a bit, revealing a bit of rainbow light. The troll in turn let out a loud roar. It's Hate, which was the aggro value in this game, rose considerably.

"Dark Shield!"

Isabella yelled that out, and a dark purple shield suddenly appeared in front of her, comprised out of Mana. The Troll swung down slow but hard, crashing its fist right into it. Isabella's shield started to crack, and soon crumbled into tiny pieces. The Troll's fist did not stop there, and struck across Isabella's chest directly Isabella yelled out in pain before a huge slice appeared on her chest. It split out, revealing rainbow light.

Isabella instantly saw her HP drain to 0.


Seeing Isabella die from a frontal attack, Nao could only let out a sigh as he saw the Troll lock onto him.


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Question for you all about the stat points.

I know what the stats do and what they look like, but I'm unsure how much they raise by. Are players able to use the three points gained per level by choosing the Heteromorphic race into the stat points as well, or are those three points only used for raising the racial class and job classes?

Do the stat points mostly come from leveling up itself as well as the racial classes? I know equipment also factors in a lot for the stat points.

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