Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 285

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 285 12: Bridge Of The Damned Ii


A single curse word escaped from Isabella's mouth as the closest Demonic Ice Troll struck down with its fists, its body a couple times larger than her. It crushed her Dark Shield as if it were a piece of paper.

After the dark purple circular shield covering her frontside crumbled into nothingness, she saw a large gash appear across her chest. It split open several inches, letting rainbow light leak out of it.

Nao saw the green hp bar floating above her head deplete instantly, dying. Her body collapsed onto the ground.

Nao could only sigh as the Demonic Ice Troll's Hate value soared, targeting him next. Hate was essentially the aggro count of a monster, and it was actually a stat itself in Yggdrasil. Similar to stats, its value ranged from 0 to 100. If a monster was not aggressive or if combat had yet to start, it would start at 0. If it ever reached 100 the monster would be hellbent on destroying you unless it got its aggro redirected.

It appeared as a red bar above a monster's head. HP appeared as a green bar while MP appeared as a blue bar. Nao still showed he had full bars on both.

While the Demonic Ice Troll was feared for its strength, it was relatively slow. Nao managed to keep dodging it. A couple moments soon passed before Isabella's body resurrected. She chose on site resurrection and appeared not too far away.

Unfortunately thanks to being Heteromorphics, players couldn't express themselves well. Their mouths couldn't move when speaking either. All they could do was express themselves through emojis or the tone of their voice.

Isabella quickly rejoined Nao. An angry emoji with smoke coming out of its ears appeared in front of her for a few seconds before she spoke out in anger.

"Damn it! I can't believe a beginner mob crushed me that easily. It tore through my shield so quickly. But now looking at's rather slow, isn't it?"

Seeing Nao keep dodging the Demonic Ice Troll's swinging fists, she could only let out a sigh

"Sure appears that way. Care to go at it by yourself again? It sustained some damage from your strike earlier."

"Hell no! Not without you buffing me at least. Got any spells available Iike that yet?"

"I thought this may happen so I kept a couple slots in the Tier 1 Spells for this. Don't worry, leave it to me. Think you can get this guy off me?"

"Got it! Dark Shield!"

Calling out her Dark Shield once more, Isabella rushed in. She managed to strike against the Demonic Ice Troll's blue sphere once more. Its hp went down under halfway and Isabella reacted fast enough to step backwards a ways. Its aggro soon changed to her.

Seeing Isabella do better this time, Nao immediately backed off and started to use his controls for the Arcane Eye. Moving his right hand, he locked onto Isabella. He didn't move his left and kept its range to a single person.

"Maximize Boost Magic, Physical Power!"

He let out his first spell of Yggdrasil, which was the lowest physical damage buffing spell. He used the metacasting mechanics on it to maximize its boost effect and raise it up a tier. The highest version of this spell would be known as Draconic Power.

Isabella soon saw herself wrapped around in an orange aura. It lasted a few seconds before it vanished. She saw her Phys Atk skyrocket. Seeing this she let out a smile emoji, before roaring out. She rushed in, striking out with her fist. It collided against the Demonic Ice Troll's sphere for a third time.

Sounds of glass shattering echoed around them, seeing a visible gash appear on the Demonic Ice Troll's body. It split into rainbow light and the monster suddenly vanished from sight.

Isabella and Nao saw a light cover their bodies for a second, earning their first experience points. Surprisingly it was enough to level up to Level 2!

Isabella blinked her eyes seeing her HP and MP refresh back up to full. Every level up did fully heal a player, which was nice for the early stages of farming. It meant they could last longer.

"We leveled up, just like that?"

"Yup, just like that. Level grinding isn't that hard in Yggdrasil. I don't think there is a level cap for regions either, just a minimum level requirement to enter dungeons. But the max level we can get to is 100. Do keep this to yourself though, not many would know this right now."

"Of course. You knowing about future events is a great boon for us, but things won't always go as they want to. But that factor of uncertainty is what makes this fun, hehe!"

Even though their mouths weren't moving, it was weird when Isabella let out a giggle like that. She let out a smile emoji. Seeing this, Nao continued to speak.

"Anyways, go check to see if that troll dropped any data crystals. Besides currency and materials, anything else gets dropped as data crystals. This would allow us to customize their appearances before he opened it. Think of them as customizable loot drops."

"Loot that we can customize to our liking? That sounds pretty neat. I'll go take a look."

Sure enough, after she said that, she found a white cube of sorts. Grabbing it into her hand, she had a look. She then tossed it at Nao to have a look for himself.


Nao would raise his eyebrows if he could He soon spoke out again.

"Looks like we got a piece of equipment already, lucky. I'll let you have this. Any mage equipment will go to me."

After Nao said that, he tossed the white data crystal cube back to Isabella, who nodded in response.

"Got it. Are we to start killing our way through these trolls? I'm pretty sure we have to go to that bridge in the distance."

"That we do! I think that place is called the Bridge of the Damned. The towering monster over there on the bridge should be our main target. But for now we'll push through and reach Level 8. I'll get to use Tier 2 spells then."

After Nao said that, he gave Isabella a thumbs up emoji, ensuring her their plan of action. Isabella nodded.

Just like that, the two started their killing spree, killing off every Demonic Ice Troll they would encounter. Slowly but surely, they inched their way closer to the Bridge of the Damned. They picked up lots of Yggdrasil's currency and data crystals along the way.

After spending a good four to five hours, Isabella and Nao officially reached Level 8, and arrived at the entrance to the Bridge if the Damned. Not only that, they two even decked themselves out in full Low grade equipment!

The looks of these low grade equipment weren't anything special, but it reassured their stats for being at Level 8. Also thanks to gaining three points per level, Nao received 24 points during this time. He found that Racial Classes had no limiters, and he was able to invest the last eleven points right away, which brought his Angel Class to Lv15.

Unfortunately he did not see his second Racial class unlick, so he probably had to reach a specific level to unlock it first. On the bright side, he unlocked more passives by reaching its max level Furthermore, by reaching Level 8, he unlocked the second panel of spells, Tier 2, available to him.

Nothing was really restricted in terms of spells. One could choose what they wanted to use. However, there was one requirement. To use the spell the player needed to set it on the spell tier icon panel, and only ten slots were available per tier. So only ten spells could be used at most in that tier at any given time.

Which meant players normally could stack up to one hundred spells. But with mages who had special passives that targeted toward spell counts could further increase this base cap. Lv100 players often found themselves having around 300 spells to use.

Ainz was a special occasion, where he boasted a powerful catalog of spells consisting a grand total of 718, one of the highest that was ever recorded in Yggdrasil. In the anime, Ainz barely even touched upon this humongous figure.

But after spending a few hours in the game, he could see why Ainz was reluctant to give it up. Playing a DMMO was really thrilling!

Not only that their first boss fight was soon approaching. They were right at the gate that lead into the main bridge. Besides the towering monster to the left, all he could see were Demonic Ice Trolls and another type of new enemy. They were read as Lost Souls, blue skinned humanoids covered in ice.

With this laid out before them, Nao decided to look over his stats, as well as Isabella's, before rushing into the Bridge of the Damned! The very same bridge that ferried dead souls into the land of Helheim!


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