Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 286

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 287 13: First Boss Fight Bridge Keeper Mattugr I

Nao and Isabella stood at the entrance to the gate of the Bridge of the Damned. The two psyched themselves up for a bit, before Nao went over his and hers stats page. Sure enough with both wearing full Low grade equipment, their stats did raise quite a bit.

Nao also took this time to level up his Holy Magic all the way to Lv10. This was to help him clear this boss fight, granting him access to the rest of holy element spells. While that granted him access, he would only be able to use Tier 1 and Tier 2 spells. Yet for each level Nao gained, he would be able to use three more spells of that class.

So while it was typical to only use around one hundred spells for a normal player, just by leveling his one class alone would grant him 300 spells to choose from once he reached level 100!

Thinking this, he went ahead and went over his stats screen.


Metatron | Heteromorphic Race


An enigmatic Angel of Life who

serves to none other than protect

his loved ones.

Level 8

Job : N/A

Residence : N/A

Alignment : Neutral Sense of Justice : +50

Racial Level


Angel : 15 lv

Job Level


Holy Magic : 10 lv

Racial Total Level : 15

Job Total Level 10

Available Racial/Job Class Points : 1

HP : 8

MP : 11




MAG ATK : 15




Base Points : 21

Level Points : 24

Equipment Points : 15

Active Skills/Spells :

Lesser Skill Boost. Lesser Magic Boost. Physical Boost. Lesser Healing. Mana Arrow. Holy Arrow. Holy Ray. Anti-Evil Protection. Camouflage. Lesser Strength. Lesser Dexterity. Message. Shock Wave. Summon Angel 2nd Tier. Holy Lance. Holy Sphere. Lesser Ward Undead. Cure Poison. Detect Life. Detect Enemy. Holy Bind. Lesser Holy Wall. Life Essence. Lesser Mass Cure.

Passives :

Lesser Resist Darkness. Poison Resistance. Paralysis Resistance. Low Tier Magic Resistance. Ice Resistance. Bludgeoning Resistance. Angel Creation. Lesser Holy Aura. Angel Control. Angel Strengthening.


Sure enough, this looked a lot better than what he did originally. Twenty four spells were now set into his hotkeys, reedy for casting. The Angel Class upon reaching Level 15 gave him a variety of Skills to choose from as well.

Nao ended up choosing the passives from the list of skills available to him that would suit him best for the upcoming locations in Helheim, as well as fighting that towering monster.

Speaking of which, after confirming everything, the two actually saw the Bridge of the Damned's gate closed. Several pillars of ice could be seen going around it. One could actually squeeze their way in and climb over it.

They also received a system and quest notification as well. Nao and Isabella decided to view it before heading in.


Rewards : 3 Levels. Middle Data Crystals x10. High Data Crystals x3.>>

Seeing the bountiful rewards from this sudden quest the notifications sent, Nao couldn't help but whistle.

"Looks like this game isn't stingy at least. We know the name of our target now too. You ready, Belle?"

"Of course! I'm sure you got more spells to use now, right? Can't wait to see them! I unlocked more skills to raise my defenses and draw aggro to me so I'll keep you safe!"

"Sure do. Let's go!"

After Nao said that, Isabella let out another happy smiley face emoji in front of her. Since they couldn't go and break the gate down, they had to resort climbing into crevices, making their way up a nearby pillar of ice to the right. Once the made their way up, a grand black-gold bridge paved in stone appeared before their eyes.

There were plenty of hidden chests and monsters along the way. The two didn't forget to claim every single one and slay the trolls and lost souls they come across. Their gold stack was slowly getting higher and higher, as well as their stacks of Low tier data crystals. Since this was a dungeon, every so often they would find a Middle tiered data crystal, of which would be safely stored away. Nao or Isabella wouldn't want to risk losing them so they were going to test the waters of their boss with their current equipment.

Much like how Isabella battled in their previous Plane, she very much liked to use her fists. Nao saw Isabella's first class she had was actually the Martial Monk job class!

It was also Level 10 now, much like his Holy Magic. It provided an array of close combat techniques and resistances against physical damage. It also allowed her to taunt more effectively and inflict various debuffs. Combine that with her Succubus skills that could inflict various status ailments, she would prove a difficult challenge later on.

But with that said, the two had a good look of the bridge. They saw souls of the dead phase in and out if existence as they slowly walked across the bridge. The Demonic Ice Trolls kept close eyes on them while the Lost Souls were watching for potential intruders.

As for Mattugr, he constantly let his totem scan the souls with a pale green light, the very same light that streaked across the skies of Helheim. This light actually had a name, Hel's Wind!

Mattugr disregarded the two players. Nao nodded seeing this.

"Looks like what I was thinking was right. Bosses won't actively engage us in combat until we decide to trigger it. I'll start buffing us up. It may take several seconds."

"Got it! Rotating Dark Shields, deploy!"

Acknowledging Nao, Isabella yelled that out. Her singular Dark Shield appeared but didn't it stop there. It soon started to split itself, creating more shields. A total of four shields started to spin around her body. These shields would deflect or block attacks, and spot check her blind spots. Isabella then entered a fighting stance, ready to strike.

As for Nao, he called out his Arcane Eye. He now had 11 MP to use so he had more wiggle room to use his spells.

"Twin Maximize magic, Skill Boost!"

"Maximize magic, Magic Boost!"

"Maximize Boost Magic, Lesser Strength!"

"Triplet Maximize Delay magic, Holy Arrow!"

"Maximize Widen Delay magic, Holy Ray!"

Casting a total of five spells, Nao saw his MP drain very quickly. 3 of them were Tier One spells while two were Tier Two spells. The only way it would cost more MP than usual was if he had used the metacasting Over Magic technique, which would elevate a spell's tier by one. Boost mainly maximized a spell's damage potential.

Isabella saw a varying aura of colors sweep over Nao's body. Isabella also her body get wrapped in two different lights. She received Skill Boost and Lesser Strength. Her stats rose a bit as a result and her skills would do lots of more damage.

Seeing this she let out another smile emoji. Nao nodded, seeing his own stats increase further. Holy Arrow and Holy Ray wouldn't launch until Nao willed them, thanks to Delay. He had used up half of his current MP already, the downside of using spells early on. MP regeneration was quite slow in Yggdrasil as well.

But the two were now prepared. They jumped down from the pillar of ice they were standing on. They did not get attacked yet so Nao decided to test something else.

"Don't go in yet, Belle. I'm going to try something."


Hearing Nao say that, Isabella nodded her head. Nao then continued to speak. He yelled out one of his skills.

"Lesser Holy Aura!"

After Nao yelled out his skill, which was the last skill that got unlocked upon his Angel class race, a calm white aura soon enveloped his body. It did not cost any MP either, as it was a skill and not a spell. Isabella could also feel this aura and it felt very soothing to her.

Yet it did not prove to be the same for the undead in front of them. Once it started to seep out of Nao's body, the undead trolls and lost souls in the area started to get agitated. It also reached the boss of this dungeon.

Upon that, Nao and Isabella immediately received a deafening roar, shaking the ground around them. A deep voice soon followed as Mattugr jumped off the platform he was standing on. The green light shining out of his totem pillar also went back into the green sphere embedded in its center.

Surprisingly though, Mattugr actually spoke to the two which confirmed that monsters could actually speak! On top of that he sounded very angry!

"ROARRRR! How dare a filthy Angel desecrate the Bridge of the Damned with your presence! Begone at once! Otherwise I will smash you to bits with this totem blessed by Lady Hel herself!"

Mattugr yelled that out with a roar if anger. He jumped onto the bridge, creating a cloud of dust. Nao and Isabella responded in kind and appeared not so far away from them. Despite being six and seven feet tall, Mattugr's height still towered over the two.

It was time to fight!