Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 287

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 288 14: First Boss Battle Bridge Keeper Mattugr Ii

"Grrrr! A filthy Angel dares to tread the sacred bridge of the dead! I will tear off your head and offer your soul to Goddess Hel! You won't make it out alive!"

A humongous roar quaked the bridge, causing Isabella and Nao to become serious. Thankfully Nao buffed Isabella and himself prior to jumping down on the bridge.

Mattugr saw Nao and Isabella approach him. The moment Nao casted Detect Enemy and Detect Level did Mattugr jump down off of his stone pedestal.

"Detect Enemy! Detect Level!"

Casting two analysis spells in a row attracted Mattugr as an information window appeared before Nao's head.


Boss of the Demonic Ice Trolls, born and raised in Helheim. Having the name meaning the Mightiest Son of Hel, Hel blessed this troll with ice and shadow powers, granting him the title of Keeper. Mattugr's duty is to ensure the souls of the dead are really dead when they enter this realm, and prevent threats that would threaten Helheim.

Level 15

Racial Class : High Demonic Ice Troll

HP : 40

MP : ???

Phys Atk : 20

Phys Def : 10

Agility : 5

Mag Atk : 7

Mag Def : 10

Resist : 15

Special : 10

"Definitely a boss type character here...It's a good thing your class focuses on strength right now. You have 15 strength right now right Belle?"

"I do after your buffs! I'll be able to damage him if I can get in close. If it's straight calculations we need to get eight hits in!"

With her dark shields in play now, Isabella rushed Nao stepped back, and started to observe their surroundings. There were mobs around them so Nao had to keep them at bay. Thankfully they also provided experience.

The moment Isabella reached Mattugr, Mattugr swung hard with his totem, but Isabella dodged it, rolling further beneath him. Reaching underneath his large body, Isabella struck out with her feet. they began to glow green, Initiating a kicking skill. She struck hard, and a gash appeared in Mattugr's rear..


Seeing a damage counter appear, Mattugr let out a loud roar. Mattugr didn't back away and swung his totem through his legs. He acted quite quickly despite his low Agility for a boss character. Isabella couldn't follow up in time and felt a heavy impact strike against her body.


A loud boom echoed taking his totem swing head on, and was sent blasting away. One of three shields ended up breaking into bits. Isabella's HP instantly dropped to below one third, not expecting to take this hit.

"Shit. This is why I saved half of my MP. Maximize Magic, Lesser Healing!"

Nao adjusted his Arcane Eye and targeted Isabella. Her HP regained over half. Isabella stopped flying and caught her ground behind Nao.

Mattugr didn't stop and started to throw dense balls of frozen ice at Nao. They were relatively fast but Nao was able to wiggle his way around them. Seeing more Demonic Ice Trolls and Lost Souls encroach their surroundings, Nao let his Holy Ray loose.

All if a sudden a blinding light came out of Nao's hands, blasting it several meters around him. Thanks to the potency added on, he started seeing the Demonic Ice Trolls and Lost Souls collapse and turn into pixels, effectively killing them off.

He saw his own experience bar slowly increase closer and closer to that 100%. Isabella also saw her own experience bar increase as well thanks to being in his party. Once the mobs were clear the two were now 75% to level 9.

"We might be able to time a level up or two during this fight. Can you try to get in another hit or two in?"

"I'll try! Are you saving your other spell once his health is nearly depleted?"

"That's the plan! I'll monitor your health and wait for the next wave to come in."


Knowing what to do next, Isabella dashed in, dodging Mattugr's ice balls. He in turn saw they were ineffective, and grabbed a hold of totem pillar once more and swung down hard right in front of her.

Isabella rolled her body off to the right and the pillar created a large bang as it struck the bridge's hard and cold stone. BANG!

Seeing the pillar now on the ground Isabella struck out, slashing against Mattugr's knees this time.


Another damage counter appeared, and rainbow light leaked out from the gash caused by her punches. Isabella wanted to continue striking but she and Nao suddenly heard a deafening roar.

"ROARRRRRR!", Mattugr suddenly yelled let with a roar. A fourth of his health was now depleted.

Isabella couldn't even react before she saw her fists strike nothing but air. Mattugr suddenly turned into a black shadow, only leaving behind a green ball of Hel's Wind. Mattugr's totem also vanished from sight.

Isabella took this time to recollect herself while Nao scanned the area. Over in one opening to their left, Mattugr's shadowy figure rematerialized out of thin air.

Yet the two couldn't even do anything before another different type of defeaning roar echoed, almost as if it were a war cry. Mattugr roared out causing a visible shout to darken their surroundings for a few seconds. Nao and Isabella became stunned during this time.

Unable to move their bodies Mattugr swung down his totem pillar at the ground, creating icicle shockwaves. These shock waves were fast but Isabella and Nao reacted quickly enough to side step, narrowly avoiding getting hit.

Mattugr didn't stop there and lifted his arm up in the air. Pale blue spheres with black outlines appeared in succession. They slowly dropped onto ground, revealing countless Lost Souls.

Nao inwardly cursed seeing the boss summon more monsters around them at this time. Isabella knew what to do and rushed in towards the boss as it started to fling ice and pick its totem pillar back into its grasp.

Isabella managed to sneak in behind and leapt up into the air, striking at its back. She caused another gash of rainbow light to appear after a crushing sound struck their ears. This time a red number counter appeared.


Isabella dealt a full 8 damage this time through her attacks. Turns out critical hits existed and Nao saw some of Mattugr's armor break away, revealing more rainbow right.

Mattugr roared out once more as he had 22/40 hp remaining.

"You lowly devil! A mere Succubus isn't worthy to step into Helheim! You will die here!"

Hearing Mattugr yell that out in anger he could guess its Hate gauge reached its peak. Mattugr wouldn't stop attacking Isabella. Seeing this Nao inwardly smiled.

"Keep at it like that Belle! I'll take care of these mobs here!"

"Okay--!?", Isabella tried to reply back. Yet Mattugr suddenly vanished and reappeared in her blind spot, smacking her her side. She was sent flying, and another one of her dark shields broke. She was left with under 10% health left so Nao had to act quickly.

Nao attuned his Arcane Eye, shifting to the Lost Souls that were just about to attack him. A yellow glow appeared around his body S Nao chanted out another spell.

"Maximize Boost Widen Magic, Holy Sphere!"

Nao's holy aura suddenly condensed to multiple spheres of light Mana. He shot them out, shooting each and every Lost Soul in sight. Each one fell instantly, turning into pixels of rainbow light. He saw his experience bar shoot up and it didn't take long before Nao and Isabella had a yellow glow flash over their bodies.



Isabella also saw herself wrap around in yellow light, and left out a momentary sigh of relief. She was midair for another moment before she regained her footing and stood her ground. Nao cleared out the rest of the summoned monsters, only to see Mattugr not there.

Mattugr's shadowy figure suddenly reappeared behind Nao who tried to snack him with his totem pillar. Nao barely dodged out of the way and Isabella rushed in. Her fists started to glow orange as she hit her fists together, and it blasted out, hitting Mattugr directly.

"Hey, over here you bastard!"

This skill not only taunted Mattugr successfully, a visible debuff could be seen as well as a glow appeared over his body.

"Nao, now is the time to do it!", Isabella continued to speak.

"On it! Release Delay Magic, Holy Arrow!"

All of a sudden three yellow-white arrows of Mana appeared around Nao. Mattugr didn't vanish and constantly tried to fling ice at Isabella who continued to draw his aggro.

Nao didn't take long to lock on, and he shot them in succession. Pew! Pew! Pew!

Three whistling sounds pierced through the air as they made their way towards Mattugr's back. Three hits sounded, and rainbow light ripped through his body. Three damage figures appeared with the last one being red.




All of a sudden Mattugr's hp dropped from 22 all the way down to four. Feeling its death near, Mattugr spat out a lot of rainbow light. Blood wasn't really a concept in Yggdrasil as it was censored out with this rainbow light.

Isabella continued to strike against Mattugr's armor but Mattugr roared out extremely angry this time.

"You two will not pass! Feel Goddess Hel's wrath!"

In a last effort, Mattugr sped up his actions and started to crush the ground with his totem pillar, barely giving Isabella and Nao any wiggle room. Isabella weaved her way in and out while Nao started to chant his last spell he was going to use.

Isabella managed to squeeze in, triggering Mattugr's vanish once more. He started to pop in and out of his shadow every few seconds. Getting the timing down on where he would appear next, Nao yelled out his last magic.

A crackle of electricity boomed around him as he unleashed it.

"Maximize Over Magic, Shock Wave!"

Unleashing a powerful shock wave which would normally be impossible at his current Tier level, but thanks to using Over Magic, Nao could use Tier 3 spells. He only had access to branches of Holy Magic, but Shock Wave was still available under them.

As such this shock wave of electricity streaked across the bridge in a flash. It struck hard on Mattugr's chest, cutting into it. A huge rainbow gash appeared on his body and a big number appeared over it.


Nao saw using Over Magic just about doubled his MP cost of normally using Tier 3 spells, but its damage was no joke. Light in Mattugr's eyes soon vanished as his body collapsed onto the ground.

"Goddess Hel...I have failed you...Who will watch over...these", Mattugr said, squeezing out his last words, soon vanishing into pixels of rainbow light.

Nao and Isabella let out sighs of relief seeing their first boss taken down, only for the notifications to start coming in. They saw yellow light wrap around their bodies as well.




Seeing three different notifications pop up Nao became shocked and so did Isabella. The three levels they gained were from the boss alone, and not the quest's three levels, which was now apparently four.

The moment Nao read that last message, he couldn't help but let out an audible gasp.