Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 288

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 289 15: Loot Points

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Seeing a flood of system notifications appear in Nao's and Isabella's view, Isabella started to spam the smiley icon. It didn't stop for a good while. Two big kanji letters reading '"Shouri' appeared behind her back, very similar to how Kanji appeared behind Touch Me's back when he saved Ainz from some Pkers.

The meaning of this meant Victory. They had cleared their first boss battle and were unexpectedly the first players to clear the beginner dungeon, The Bridge of the Damned!

Nao didn't let the notifications stop either. He started to gain one level after another. Three from the boss himself, three from the quest and an additional level for meeting hidden parameters!









Seeing this flurry of notifications, Nao couldn't help but smile inwardly. Isabella also received these same notifications and Nao saw a big Lv16 floating next to her name tag. Swirl after swirl of golden light appeared on their bodies signaling each level up.

Before the two realized it, they had doubled their levels from before fighting Mattugr!

"So gaining levels really isn't hard in this game...", Nao said, drawing Isabella's attention.

"Looks like it. Plus we got something else too! I received another notification that that job classes are now available depending on what tier we're at! This function probably got unlocked by finishing the beginner dungeon."

As if que, Nao suddenly received one more notification. He decided to have a look at it.


"Well that explains a lot. This is where the big customization comes into play. Why don't we take a look at what we can purchase?"


After Nao confirmed that with Isabella, Nao opened up his status window and saw Job Class while scrolling through it with his hand. Selecting it, he found hundreds upon hundreds of job classes he can select from. It was categorized by what tier it was currently available.

"Long...", Was the one word Nao couldn't help but utter, seeing how long the available job classes were.

By reaching Level 16, Nao now was able to choose both Tier 1 to Tier 3 spells as well as Tier 1 to Tier 3 job classes.

After having a good long look at the job class list, he decided to peruse the Tier 3 list more. Nao smiled inwardly once again seeing one of the classes he wanted to use in the long run.

Beast Tamer.

Seeing Beast Tamer available in the Tier 3 job classes, Nao didn't hesitate to choose it. Beast Tamer was part of his route for the NPC he wanted to create later on. Through his vision he had back in the DBZ Plane, Nao knew it would end up creating a violet haired Dragon Girl NPC, a rather insanely strong one at that. It was the only NPC he would create too.

So in aspirations to that, he would hope to find a World Level item that would give him the ability to grant all three thousand levels of a the Guild Base he plans to occupy with the girls.

The Great Tomb of Nazarick was one such location. His White Palace would end up being one other such location.

But all of that was in the future, for now Nao was happy he was on his path. His first step by choosing the Beast Tamer Job Class. Upon selecting it he saw it became available in his Job Class list, starting at Lv1. Unsurprisingly, buying it spent one of his skill points. Thankfully gaining those eight levels granted him another 24 to use on top of the one left over he had.

With no hesitation he bumped Beast Tamer to Level 10, spending nine more points to do so. Upon doing so he gained another flurry of skills unique to that of Beast Tamer. He also took this time to add Tier 3 spells to his Spellbook, as one could say. But in reality these spells were just added to his Tier 3 icons. One of which he was very much looking forward to using, Fly!

After getting his Beast Tamer class to lv10, he unexpectedly saw that it branched out into more advanced classes, however all of them were grayed out. Depending on the type of beast one wanted to contract, one could go that route. He had a look through what was currently locked, and found Dragon Rider as one of them.

Knowing this job class existed brought more joy to Nao. Among the remaining jobs he plans to use, something along the Dragon Rider was one of them. He pulled up the window more closely as it revealed the general description of Dragon Rider. He also decided to pull up the window for what Beast Tamer was as well.

<< Beast Tamer

Tier Level : 3

Upon subjugating monsters, Beast Tamer grants the ability to tame them, effectively becoming pets for the player. After gaining control of monsters, one can issue commands to let them follow their master, attack, defend, and so on.

Available Monster Slots : 10 (Max)



Tier Level : 7

A more advanced version of Beast Tamer. Grants the ability to tame and control dragons, and have one be a player's mount. Grants bonus damage done to Dragons. Currently locked.


Nao had a good look at the two descriptions of these two job classes and nodded in approval. Dragon Rider wouldn't become available to him until he reached Tier 7. Nao would have to reach at least Level 43, so he had a road ahead of him.

Knowing this, he closed the description windows. He knew he had loot to open as well so he decided to open them posthaste!



Seeing his newly found rewards, Nao became interested. He went ahead and immediately swapped out what he could. He also decided to have a look at the Wand of Flight.


Rank : Tier 4 Magic Item

Bound to Player Metatron. Over-Magic bound, allowing Tier 3 players to use it.

Gives bonus 20% to stats. Allows the player to cast Fly with no duration or MP cost.


"A magic item already?", Nao couldn't help but utter in surprise, drawing Isabella's attention once more.

"Moreover it's Over-Magic bound, so it'll let me equip it right away.", Nao continued to say.

"Magic item? What are those?"

"They're pretty unique items or gear that are blessed with a special ability, hence the word Magic Item. The one I got grants me the ability to use Fly with no cost. That'll definitely come in handy."

"Fly? So we can actually fly in this game?"

"Sure can. Tier 3 is needed for it. I'm sure it'll drain your MP the more you use it unless you get a Magic Item like mine. For now you should open your loot and put on whatever you can. After that we'll call it a day."


After the two conversed a bit, Nao decided to equip everything he could and saw his stats rise up once more. He also saw Isabella act giddy opening loot boxes, which in this game were in the form of Data Crystals. Nao equipped his Want of Flight as well, and immediately took note of the 20% boost to his overall stats. His stats were finally starting to shape up at a mere Tier 3!


Metatron | Heteromorphic Race


An enigmatic Angel of Life who

serves to none other than protect

his loved ones.

Level 8 -> 16

Job : N/A

Residence : N/A

Alignment : Neutral Sense of Justice : +75

Racial Level


Angel : 15 lv

Job Level


Holy Magic : 10 lv

Tamer : Lv1->Lv10 (New)

Racial Total Level : 15

Job Total Level 20

Available Racial/Job Class Points : 15 (+14)

HP : 16 (+8)

MP : 25 (+14)

PHY ATK : 1 (+20%)

PHYS DEF : 6 (+20%)

AGILITY : 4 (+20%)

MAG ATK : 24(+20%)

MAG DEF : 12 (+20%)

RESIST : 12 (+20%)

SPECIAL : 13 (+20%)

Available Points : 0

Used Points : 102 (total) (113 with 20%)

Base Points : 21

Level Points : 48 (+24)

Equipment Points : 33 (+18)

Active Skills/Spells :

Tier 1 :

Lesser Strength Boost I , Lesser Magic Boost I, Lesser Resist Boost I, Lesser Healing I , Mana Arrow, Create Water.

Tier 2 :

Holy Arrow, Holy Ray, Anti-Evil Protection I, Camouflage, Lesser Dexterity I, Message,

Summon Angel 2nd Tier, Holy Sphere, Holy Lance, Lesser Ward Undead, Cure Poison, Detect Life, Detect Enemy, Holy Bind, Lesser Holy Wall, Summon Beast 2nd Tier

Tier 3 :

Life Essence, Lesser Mass Cure, Shock Wave, Holy Light. Fly. Heavy Recover, Lightning, Electrosphere, Thunder Ball, Slow, Sunlight, Summon Angel 3rd Tier, Summon Beast 3rd Tier

Passives :

Darkness Resistance, Poison Resistance, Paralysis Resistance, Low Tier Magic Resistance,

Ice Resistance, Bludgeoning Resistance, Blind Resistance, Elemental Resistance, Angelification Resistance,

Angel Creation, Lesser Holy Aura, Angel Control, Angel Strengthening, Beast Strengthening,

Beast Strengthening. Tame. Beast Control. Monster Storage. Formation. Call. Dagger Mastery. Bow Mastery. Gauntlet Mastery. Whip Mastery. Staff Mastery. Wand Mastery.


Seeing his updated status window and what appears to be in a new layout, Nao whistled. Sure enough his stats soared once more and he gained even more passives. The new look also separated his spells out by tier now, making it easier to see what belonged to where.

But that was enough working with the status screen. He had a quick peak at the in game time and he saw over seven hours have passed before he realized it. It was closing in on the eighth hour, and his work started at 9. Seeing this, he decided to call it quits for the day, and spoke out to bell who still had her smiley icons pop in and out.

"Are you good now, Belle? We can go over what you got later."

"Yup! I didn't get any Magic Item, but it gave me a nice ring. What do you want to do now?"

"I'm going to be logging off for now. It's a shame but work calls. At least I don't need to physically go into that office anymore thanks to our Godly Satellite you guys created. I can work from the White Palace now."

"Hehehe, that sure was a fun project to work on! Do you think Sister Chelsea will continue to work with you? I don't think she can bear another moment working like that. I've heard the stories from her and it really does sound like a shit hole down on that planet."

"It really is. Thankfully unless my managerial work needs me to be in my office, I can spend time here with you guys. We didn't any trail of those forty one people at all while Chelsea and I were down there. it's best to try to find them in the game."

"Okay! I'll join you then. I'd rather not venture off in this place alone. Seeing how much that boss did to me alone I don't think Yggdrasil is suited for solo play. You did assign a few of us to be alone so I can't help but worry."

"Heh, I'm sure they'll take the necessary precautions. Come, let's log off. I wonder how people will react seeing the first dungeon in Helheim already cleared by two nobodies."

After Nao said that, Isabella let out another smiley icon but didn't say anything. The two didn't talk any more and opened the game menu, and logged off.

Nao soon found himself back out in the Dark Room, slowly removing off his game helmet!