Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 290

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 291 16: Surprise

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A light hissing sound echoed around the dark room. Nao's gaming helmet popped off his head, receding back towards the top of the long black reclining chair, one of many which could be seen in the dark room.

His chair was currently facing the south wall, as did the others. Eight monitors seemingly about forty inches wide were mounted on the walls, overlooking the chairs.

Upon having a closer look at these eight monitors, it split up into several areas. One had a player's avatar located in the top left corner of its screen. Around the player's avatar had its stat screen, equipment layout and items, and their item box. For the players that specialized in magic, their spells panel could be seen further beneath that

In the bottom left were the available chats. It was split into many types. [Public], [Private], [Party], [Guild], [System], [Raid], and [World] chatrooms. Each one was pretty self explanatory. Moreover, both [Guild] and [Raid] were currently locked with a keyhole symbol. [Party] was grayed out on a couple of the screens while it was lit up for the others.

If one looked closely, regardless of what player's screen one focused on, the [Public] chat was currently getting spammed with messages, lots of jealousy emoticons and like. This was likely due to Nao and Isabella clearing one of the nine starter dungeons.

Moving to the bottom right of the screen showed miscellaneous icons such as Live Call, Live Video and so on. There was also an icon that allowed a direct connection to the Rising Phoenix private chat, but would require pausing Yggdrasil to enter it.

As for the remaining top right of the screen, it was the player's actual footage of Yggdrasil. Every so often they would flash in colorful lights or show different scenic areas.

As for who these players were, they were none other than the girls of course. Nao's window screen reflected stillness, as nothing was currently being done on it, or more specifically his character.

Reason being, well Nao finally decided to call it quits for the first day of the game release. Over eight hours passed in a blink of an eye, since the game officially released at midnight.

Nao's eyesight was blurred for several moments after his helmet was taken off. The console attachment, which acted as his Arcane Eye, also automatically swerved backwards a bit, locking into place.

Nao didn't say anything until his eyesight was adjusted back to normal. After he was able to see again, he soon saw his own monitor. Player Metatron couldn't be seen on it.

Thankfully it wasn't his first time using this chair. He along with Chelsea gained experience in many virtual reality worlds through that neural nano-interface, which connected directly into a player's drains. That's why a person needed to have a hole drilled at the nape of their neck to ensure a successful connection, the neck was the fastest and direct route to the brain without damaging it. The neck also served as the connector to connect to the rest of the body's nervous system.

It definitely felt like an out of body experience during Nao's first few times using it, but Nao got used to the feeling. Nowadays he only gets a blurry vision that lasts a few seconds before they get adjusted back to reality.

Nao also did a test using his Divine Energy and he actually found out that by using it, Divine Energy actually neutralized the side effects of virtual reality! It also acted as good practice if he wanted to exhaust his Divine Energy during his gaming hours.

Speaking of Nao's Divine Energy, it actually never left after Nao created his Second Avatar. Nao didn't need to ascend to godhood twice. Once he became a Saiyan God in the DBZ Plane, his energy underwent a mutation and completely converted into Divine Energy.

So while now was Human in the Overlord Plane, he could still exercise it, as well as his mastered affinities! He no longer ages and receives other beneficial effects of a godly constitution. As a result he would to carefully choose creating future avatars in case he wanted to start younger.

Nao didn't have plans for that in the Overlord Plane, but in the Pokmon Plane and Trails Plane, it's likely he would be starting life anew from birth thanks to those visions he received. Nao was thinking of having Rebirth introduce a function that sets a limiter to seal his Divine Energy until he becomes a certain age.

But that would have to be set for later. Nao shook his thoughts away and immediately got out of his chair. Reason being is he heard two 'Psssh' sounds echo not long after his did. One belonged Isabella's chair.

She did experience VR before but that was back when she was still a child. She immediately felt a wave of dizziness and blurriness despite her sturdy body. That lasted for a few seconds, a similar duration to Nao's but the effects were somewhat worse.

The moment she regained her vision, Isabella saw Nao next to her chair. Nao extended his hand, letting Isabella place her hand on his palm, albeit a bit wobbly.

She felt a bit weakened as she moved her legs, which were also wobbly. After moving her legs trying to stand up, her feet gave out and collapsed head first into Nao's chest.

"Hey, take it easy. You're just getting out from your first experience."

"...That's true. Plus I can relax like this for a bit while in your arms, hehe. Guess my body didn't remember much of this feeling. Too much time has passed."

"Belle...", Nao said as he couldn't utter her name. Hearing this, Isabella said no more and closed her eyes, letting Nao's warmth spread across her body.

Yet the two soon heard someone clear their throat seeing another figure approach the two enjoying a moment together.

"Ahem. I won't get in your way with Sister Belle, but you are conscious about the time clock right?", Chelsea said with a cold look in her eyes. She obviously seemed not looking forward to another day at work.

Hearing that, Nao shifted his eyes back to his monitor for a couple seconds. He saw a time clock on it as well in the bottom right corner. It now read 8:30AM. Their work started at 9 so they only had a half hour to arrive at their office.

Thankfully they could teleport directly there now, and not waste time in daily commuting. Nao shifted his eyes back to Chelsea. He nodded and a serious look appeared in his eyes, which drew Chelsea's curiosity.

"Yes. I know we need to head out soon. But I think enough time has passed experiencing the life of an average salaryman. I think you know where I'm getting at with this?", Nao said as he started to ruffle his fingers through Isabella's hair while smirking.

Hearing Nao say that with a smirk, a cold glint streaked across her eyes.

"So you've finally had enough of that shit hole? Hear I thought I would be the only one submitting my resignation letter today."

After Chelsea said that as her own lips curved into an evil smile, Nao couldn't help but twitch his eyes a bit seeing this.

"Something like that. But I actually got good news for you. However, before that, I want to ask you. Was there anyone at all out of those hundred people that looked at you with eyes of decency?"

Chelsea immediately shook her head no. A look of disgust appeared in her eyes as she frowned.

"No. Everyone down there, while knowing how to do their job, did nothing but either stare at me like a l.u.s.tful beast or with jealousy. I stopped caring after a while since no one could actually get close to me but it was unformattable working through that these last six years."

"Is that so? Well during these next few minutes I too will write my letter of resignation. But that's not the point. During these years of looking around I found no traces of those forty one persons of interest within this group, nor are they related to any of their relatives. So I will give you a mission of sorts. You up for it?"

"A mission? I think I can see where this is going.", Chelsea replied as her smile grew wider.

"Kill them. You can chop off their heads, slice their bodies in half, crush their nuts, burn them alive, whatever method you like. Leave no evidence alive and turn their ashes into dust. We've no need for leftovers for torture, that group is rotten to the core. Burn down the building and make it appear like an accident. As much as I like cherishing life, sometimes we need to be heartless, especially once we're in the New World."

"With pleasure. I was thinking something along those lines. I can't wait to slice them apart!"

"Good. Once its done we'll shift our base of operations back up to here. Belle, I'll be relying on you and the others to navigate the Godly Satellite to locate our targets, okay?"

"Got it. Sister Miya is constantly making upgrades to it. As long as we've got accurate descriptions, we'll try to find them. We've also set it up to where if they're using their in game names, they'll be able to open a call to us to this room."

"Excellent. You and Miya really are well versed in sciences and technology."

"Ehehe. After you write your letter and come back, let's have some fun. My body is already wanting you.", Isabella replied with another giggle.

All of a sudden she jumped face first at Nao, planting her lips against his. It was as if she regained from her weakness for a while now. Her force caused Nao to stumble on his onto his butt, causing a light bang.

Surprisingly the room nullified that noise relatively quick, to not disturb the others while they were gaming. Chelsea let out a sigh as she saw Isabella twirl her tongue around with Nao's, letting her black spade shaped tail twitch freely in the air in happiness.

"Well I'll leave you two to your fun. I'll be leaving at five till nine. Make sure to finish that letter and be dressed proper."

"Mmm...!", Nao said, trying to reply Chelsea, yet all he could do was let out a muffled m.o.a.n. He could oy nod in confirmation after.

He had a good twenty minutes left after taking these few minutes to talk with the two. Nao did himself proper and parted ways from Isabella and got ready to head to work with his letter of resignation with Chelsea.

Yet little did they know that a surprise was waiting for Nao and the girls, that one of the 41 Supreme Beings would come into contact with them first! Nao would receive a great shock as to who this one was too!

All thanks to that fiasco they had taking the first clear in the beginner Helheim dungeon during their first gaming session!