Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 291

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 292 17: Just Your Average Office Killing

Twenty minutes passed by in a blink of an eye.

During these twenty minutes, another 'Psssh' noise sounded from the Dark Room. There was also the sound of a rapid keyboard strikes against a laptop. On top of of that, slurping, followed by a satisfying burp sounds could be heard. These three noises came from a blank room that had yet to be renovated into a living space nearby the two Dark Rooms.

During this time, Isabella actually gave head to Nao's member as he drafted his resignation letter on his laptop. Nao still managed to press the send button, directly sending it to his direct manager, of which he hadn't even learned his name until now. Still, he didn't care for him one bit.

As for Isabella, she felt lots of hot white liquid pump into her mouth, taking several seconds to gobble it all in bliss. A small bit of it left a string nearby her cheek, she couldn't even drink it all down. She raised her eyebrows as her mouth parted from Nao's member.

"Looks like you've really been taking in lots of stress, huh? Your milk is super thick and wild this morning. You excited to kill those bastards as you call them?"

It was easy for Isabella to feel what Nao was feeling right now thanks to drinking his s.e.m.e.n. Part of her bloodline was that of a Succubus after all. This was second nature to her.

Hearing Isabella ask that, Nao finally closed his laptop and let out a sigh after doing a final check that his letter of resignation was successfully sent..

"How can I not be stressed about this? Still, your mouth felt really good. You could even tell how I was feeling. Should I say, as expected of a Succubus?"

"Ehehe, thank you for the compliment. Your load is always the thickest in the morning too. Do you really need to go with Sister Chelsea? You just submitted that letter didn't you?"

"I did, but....", Nao began to say, replying to her. Yet the two were suddenly interrupted by a sound of feet shuffling and someone clearing their throat.

Nao saw a beautiful long ocean blue haired woman with long pointy ears gracefully walk into the room. She looked down, only to see a string of white liquid extend from the tip of Nao's member to Isabella's cheek. A light blush appeared on her cheeks but still folded her arms and spoke out.

"I was wondering where those weird noises were coming from. What do we have here?"

"Big Sis Elsa! You're out of the gaming chair!", Isabella said with a smile.

Yet an annoyed look appeared on Elsa's face seeing traces of white liquid clinging to Isabella's mouth.

"Hey, don't talk while Nao's junk is in your mouth! Learn to properly swallow it all before starting a conversation, damn it!", Elsa replied to her with a curse.

"Oops, that's right. Hold on for a moment."

Hearing Elsa yell at her, Isabella focused her attention to Nao's member once more. She wiped the rest of the white liquid off its tip. She then drew her hand wiping the rest off her cheek. After that she brought her hand to her mouth, letting the rest pour down her throat.

Her tongue swirled around in ecstasy for a moment before it vanished, letting one final gulping sound echo in the room.

She then put Nao's member back in his pants, hidden away.

"Thank you for the meal, Nao. It was lovely."

"Heh, glad you enjoyed it, Belle. It was amazing for me too. Glad to see you're out the virtual world, Elsa. How was your first experience?"

"It went fine. You two are causing quite the ruckus for clearing that starter dungeon so quickly. But before that, I couldn't help but overhear Sister Belle earlier. Is it true you're feeling stressed?"

After Elsa said that, a look of worry appeared in her eyes. She then walked around Isabella and approached Nao. Nao soon felt her chest press against his back, and saw Elsa wrap her arms around his chest, entering a hug. Nao let out a low sigh before nodding his head. He then rested his head against her chest.

'For the most part, I was. At least until I gave Chelsea that mission. My worries have mostly been lifted since then. To be honest I think that girl is looking forward to this much more than I am."

"I did see Sister Chelsea leave through a Gate before I came here. She was releasing a large amount of bloodl.u.s.t. What exactly is going here? What is this mission you're talking about?"

Feeling more worried, Elsa decided to inquire about the recent events that happened between Isabella and Chelsea. Nao didn't hold back and informed her. A look of shock soon appeared in her eyes.

"So let me get this straight. You basically ordered a hit to kill everyone in the company you and Sister Chelsea are currently working for? And Sister Chelsea is your hitman?"

"That's one way to put it, but that's indeed what happened."

Hearing Nao say that with a calm look in his eyes, Elsa's cheek started to twitch. She then yelled out.

"I'll just ask this then. Have you gone mad!? We're talking about killing one hundred people here!"

"Mad? It's possible. Crazy? Unlikely. You don't know what it's like down there, Elsa."

"Sure, the rest of us haven't ventured onto its surface yet, but still, isn't going about killing citizens down there a bit too much?"

"In my opinion, no. There isn't a single good fish among those bastards. Speaking of which, I probably should join Chelsea seeing that she had already left. I'm also interested in conducting an experiment of sorts too."

"An experiment? I'm hesitant to even ask what you're going to do...", Elsa replied as she let out a defeated sigh.

"Heh. You see, in my past life, there were countless stories people wrote for the sake of enjoyment. Among those was a popular theme where the main character would die getting ran over by a Truck, and get sent into a fantasy world of their choosing."

"Hah? That's a load of bologna. That doesn't sound logical at all. I've never heard of someone dying like that and have their soul get sent to a fantasy world of their choosing."

Hearing Elsa say that with doubt in her voice, Nao's cheek started to twitch.

"Well, something similar happened to me, but the cause of death was different and I obtained Rebirth thanks to the old man's will."

"Oh yeah, you did reveal that to us a long time ago, I almost forgot...Still that really sounds too good to be true."

"Right? I was thinking of driving a Truck into the office and see what happens. Will their souls react like that to those stories of my past life? Haha!"

Hearing Nao say that with a laugh, Elsa suddenly received an urge to pinch his waist out of annoyance. She proceeded to do so, causing Nao to shift his eyes toward hers.

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"Fine, it was the thought that counts, okay.?"

Elsa's expression became deadpanned after Nao said that. Clearly she wasn't taking it. To dispel her thoughts, Nao suddenly grabbed her waist and gave her a hug. He brought her into his embrace, and Nao leaned in, planting his lips against hers.

Elsa was shocked momentarily by this sudden kiss but she didn't back away and stopped pinching his waist. She then wrapped her arms around his back and closed her eyes, savoring this moment. Isabella took this time to straighten out her clothes and stood up, looking at the two with interest.

A moment passed in silence letting their two tongues dance around before Nao parted his mouth from hers. Nao then continued to speak.

"I'm going to go join Chelsea. Belle, Elsa I'll return in a while. I'd like to keep you two for myself today. The rest can go about their businesses. Is that fine?"

Hearing Nao ask that, Elsa remained silent while Isabella clasped her hands together happily.

"Of course it's fine! My hole down there is ready for you!"

After she said that, Elsa's cheeks blushed and her ears turned red.

"D-Don't say it so crudely like that, Sister Belle! But still, it's been a while since us three shared a private moment together, huh? I-I don't mind joining in...", Elsa said with a couple of stutters.

Nao smiled enjoying Elsa's reaction and continued to speak.

"Then it's settled. Make sure you two don't have any plans for today. I'll be heading out."

After Nao said that, he finally got up from the chair he had been sitting in all this while. He was already dressed and proper, do after tidying himself up, he proceeded to exit the room, heading straight for the Portal Room.

"Have a safe trip.", Isabella replied while waving her hand.

"...", Elsa responded without saying anything. She stood dazed seeing Nao leave. It didn't take long before the two no longer felt Nao's presence in the White Palace. He had successfully left.

Yet after more moments passed as Elsa and Isabella talked with each other, the two soon felt another presence enter the room. This time it was none other than Vados!

"Oh my,, did I come at a bad time? Am I interrupting something between you two?"

"Not at all! It's rare for you to come seek us out. Who are you looking for exactly?", Elsa responded with a look of interest.

"Actually you, Bis Sis Elsa. Something happened in the Dark Room."

"Something happened in the Dark Room!?", Elsa responded with a look of worry appearing in her eyes. Yet she saw Vados smile, which confused her even more.

"Yes. It appears a connection was successfully established. Meaning we now have one of those forty one persons of interests Nao talked about with us on the line."

Hearing Vados say that so nonchalantly, Elsa took a moment to absorb this information. Her eyes didn't blink for a good moment, before they suddenly turned wide in shock.

"That's great news! it's a shame Nao left for the day already but he'll be back in no time. I'm sure he'll be excited once he learns of this!"

"I share the same sentiment. But I would like to ask on how to proceed with this. This person is still on voice call. It's distorted so I'm unsure whether it is male or female."

"Ahh, you can tell them that we'll be able to talk later today once Nao is back. Us three are going to spend some private time together as well, so once everyone is out their gaming chairs, can you inform them?"

"Understood. I will take my leave for now then."

After Vados received confirmation, she withdrew from the room. As for Elsa and Isabella, the two soon made their way back to the bedroom and started to prepare themselves for Nao's return.

As for Nao, he soon found himself in front of a large building in the Business District, currently set ablaze in flames. The stench of burnt iron and steel streaked across his nostrils. Every so often a piece of the building would fall off, creating a loud bang as it dropped onto the cement ground.

Yet the people all around him didn't care one bit. He could even hear cries of anguish along with the slicing of a sword every so often. If one looked closely, a shadow could be seen moving about fast in the building's windows.

Yup. This is just your average day of killing office workers. The people didn't care about what was currently happening and kept to their own tasks.

A smile crept on Nao's face as he formed a fist with his hand.

"At least I'll be able to test this new avatar of mine and see if it's capable of killing normal humans with it. I'm no longer a Saiyan, so I'm unsure of my current capabilities. At least in the New World I'll know what strengths I have, but until then, it's time to do some testing.", Nao uttered to himself.

In the next moment he was no longer where he was standing at. His body vanished into the burning building.


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