Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 292

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 293 18: Burn It Down

Nao soon walked into the burning building, ignoring the searing heat. He immediately activated his Divine Energy which acted as a coolant. He no longer felt as if his body was melting.

He was no longer a Saiyan. In his second avatar, the race he chose was Human, for this Earth 2126 part anyways. His true race will become that of an Angel once the transfer happens.

But for now he wanted to kill a few humans and see where his power lay. That is if his fists were actually strong enough to deal death blows.

During these last six years spent while working down here, besides getting used to the virtual reality worlds, he often found himself sparring with Caulifla and Kale, honing his body. It was no longer jam packed with muscle like his Saiyan body had, but more of that of a swimmer's build. A very well toned body that seemed packed with internal energy.

Once Nao walked into the burning building, he noticed missing presences. Some pieces of furniture was overturned, office files were scattered in disarray. File cabinets could be seen torn up or either sliced in half.

But the most important thing was there was no traces of blood anywhere to be found, nor were there any bodies. Hell, even some of the office chairs could still be seen spinning around as if they didn't know the worker who typically sat on them was no longer around.

Nao nodded in approval seeing this. He did inform Chelsea to leave no traces behind, and that went for the corpses too. As for the building, it consisted of five floors. Nao concluded that Chelsea already wiped everyone in the first floor, or they fled in terror upward. Hopefully none of them broke through the front and fled.

The crackling of fire was what was only left on the first floor. Nao's thoughts were soon interrupted as he walked up the stairs leading to the second floor, by cries if anguish.

"S-Stay away from me! You're the devil! Why a-are you doing this to everyone!?"

"Hehe, why thank you. You'll be seeing the rest of your comrades soon enough. In Hell that is."

"H-Hell!? We haven't even done a single goddamn thing to you! And this is how you treat our company!?"

"You think I'm that stupid? Is your head on right? There hasn't been a single day where you and the others would look at me in contempt or jealousy. Especially you, Mr. Boss Man, you really have a death wish for trying to catch glimpses of what lies beneath these legs of mine. Well, they are pretty enticing, are they not?"

Hearing these two voices go back and forth, one which sounded as if they were frightened, while the other one had disgust in their tone, Nao found himself on the second floor. This floor was the company's designated break area.

On one end to the right of the room stood a pile of barricaded tables with several people cowering in fear together, unable to move. They wore formal suits and ties for men while the women wore skirts. If one looked closely, puddles of yellow liquid could be seen soaking a few of the workers down below.

On top the burning fire, Nao smelt burnt iron and rotten piss, but he ignored those bad smells. His eyes focused on Chelsea who was currently wearing her black kimono. To the left of her he saw the boss of the company, who appeared to have gotten coffee to start off the morning.

He was middle aged and pudgy, wearing a fancy brown suit with a black tie, and had fading hair. Obvious fear was written all over his face but it also contained hints of tiredness. The coffee he poured himself had long spilt onto the ground beside him, along with the cup shattering.

Nao moved his eyes back to Chelsea and he soon saw what appeared to be a blood red coagulation floating around her. He raised his eyebrows as it appeared very similar to Shaltear's Blood Frenzy. Yet the shape this one took wasn't a sphere, it was a crescent moon.

However, Nao saw Chelsea start shifting her kimono to the side, revealing more of her legs, and played the role of a seductress. She moved gracefully and she even saw their boss move his head to try to catch a glimpse, as a small tent rose in his pants. A cold aura immediately seeped out from Chelsea's body seeing this result.

"You're disgusting. Sigh, I don't even know why I'm talking to you for this long. Pierce him, Lunar Blood Dance.", Chelsea said, commanding the floating moon crescent blood sphere. It led out a happy screech, confirming her.

"B-But aren't you the one--!?", their boss tried to say, only to have his eyes turn wide, unable to finish his words. After the blood moon crescent let out a happy screech, it extended, it churned a bit before a point-like needle started to stretch out from its body. It moved at an extremely fast pace, piercing the boss's heart directly. His lifeless body collapsed onto the stretched needle. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/rebirth-traversing-the-myriad-planes_13907057906238705/chapter-18-burn-it-down!_50993827619601410 for visiting.

Yet it didn't fall over. Nao saw it start to absorb the boss's body! It became more and more shriveled up, much like a mummy. It was soon drained of all its fluids, leaving nothing but bones. Yet even the bones started to shrink, getting absorbed. No traces of the boss's body was left behind.

Chelsea, reveling in the pleasure of absorbing him, finally noticed Nao who approached her. Chelsea smiled seeing him.

"Looks like you're having fun. Didn't think I'd see our boss down here on the second floor so quickly. He usually hides himself on the fifth floor."

"You finally made it! I actually just finished him off. Even upon his final words he still looked at me with those l.u.s.tful eyes."

"Yet he will never get a chance to do so, cause that only belongs to me, haha!", Nao said while letting out a grin.

"Oh you, I'd love to continue our alone time but we still got a job to do.", Chelsea said calmly.

Nao then shifted his gaze to the rest of the workers. He spotted a total of over thirty gathered around in fear.

"Say, how many have you killed so far?"

"That man marks my twentieth. Why?"

"So looks like like these will put that count up to over fifty then. The rest must be on the higher floors. I'll go up there, you have your fun down here."

"Sounds good. I'll ensure not a single one makes it out alive."

Hearing that, Nao smiled. He then started to walk up to the third floor with his back against her. He waved his right hand as Chelsea saw Nao's body vanish into the staircase.

As for Chelsea, a cold look appeared in her eyes as they swept over the frozen crowd. A serious voice escaped from her mouth as she spoke out to them.

"So who is the bitch that constantly tried to covet my position?", Chelsea started to ask before she entered her own little world, and started to kill the rest of the workers on the second floor.

As for Nao, he also entered his own world, and started to do his own testing as he killed the remaining fifty or so people on the last three floors. He started with his Divine Energy first. It basically acted the same way his Ki did back in the DBZ Plane. And by infusing small bits of it into any part of his body, the humans would implode upon contact to anywhere he struck or punched out, letting blood splatter area.

He also decided to test out his Mana. Ki and Mana were different types of energy releases. Ki was essentially the life force of one's own body while Mana was the conduit of reading nature's energy and controlling the elements to one's own will. Turns out without the supplement of Divine Energy, he actually couldn't cast any spells of sorts, down on Planet Earth anyway.

Aht did give Nao the fundamentals of how each element worked in the past and they were indeed classified into the Lower and Higher Elements.

Earth, Wind, Water and Fire belonged to that of the Lower Elements.

Time, Space, and Mirage, aka Reality, belonged to that of the Higher Elements.

Among the elements, Reality was probably the most special one. The rest were self explanatory and they had their own benefits and downsides. Each element also had sub branches, such as Nao's Ice Affinity. This was derived from the Water Element.

As for reality, it was split into three main categories. Creation/Life, Light and Darkness.

For Nao's character build in Yggdrasil, he was currently focusing on building it around the first two of those three classifications. That was why he wanted to go with the Angel class since that class heavily impacted Creation and Light.

But it was understandable that Mana had no reactions to the elements around him. It was because there were no spirits he could communicate with, those colored orbs he often saw when getting in tune with the affinity he was using. Mother nature was completely destroyed down here, far beyond redemption.

He did have a Gate active down here, yes, but Divine Energy acted as a supplement to let him use Mana still free from worry. But Nao decided that was enough testing for once, he found these humans extremely weak. He found a lot more enjoyment sparring with Caulifla and Kale.

Perhaps his mindset was slowly becoming that of Ainz, who slowly became accustomed to losing his identity as a human and that of a skeleton? In Nao's situation at least he didn't know what he was becoming. Perhaps he had already got accustomed to that of living as a God, thanks to his previous lifestyle in the DBZ World. He was human now, but he didn't feel like one.

But enough of that, time passed and it became well after noon after the cries of anguish and death slowly died down. Nao had tested his Divine Energy, which seemed to constantly replenish itself thanks to how pure it was around here, unlike his Mana to where it was non-existent. He found he could use his affinities just fine too.

After killing the last one, Nao and Chelsea set the scene to where the cause of deaths and fire was put on the boss. Chelsea didn't forget to absorb the rest of the blood as well. They were in luck and found a lit cigarette being used by the boss.

Once the authorities 'conveniently' arrived at the scene of the crime, it took them a while to put out the fire. It also took them a while to trace back to the lit cigarette, but the sparks indeed set off various flammable objects around it. They did the DNA tests and everything, and traced it back to the boss.

They found no bodies but could smell the blood in the air. They came to the conclusion that thanks to the lack of awareness, the cigarette caused a roaring fire and incited a tragedy. A boss killed himself and his one hundred workers. It wasn't a well known company and even found out the place didn't carry any sort of sprinkler system in the ceilings.

Turns out after the authorities released this to the news which became the main highlight for a good week or two, they did a background check on the boss and found out he was both a philanthropist and a money squanderer. A bastard to the core.

Yet it at least gave Nao and Chelsea enough money to square themselves away in the White Palace, decked out with those gaming chairs and consoles.

As for Nao and Chelsea, they soon called it a day. Yet they were overcome with excitement once Vados informed Nao that one of the forty one supreme beings made contact with the Dark Room.

Nao immediately rushed into the Dark Room with curious gazes from the rest of the girls, who were now offline and out of their chairs. They too wanted to see who this person was.

Elsa also didn't forget to cast 'Cleanse' on Nao and Chelsea, and reminded the two to take a bath once this call was over.

Nao confirmed her and shifted his attention back to his own monitor. Opening up a video call service, he soon saw the name attached to the caller ID that called him from inside the game. He immediately sent a call notice to this ID.


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