Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 293

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 294 19: Tabula Smaragdina

Tabula Smaragdina.

This name actually referred to the Emerald Tablet in Latin. It is a well known alchemical material. Rumors say it took a large role in the creation of the Philosopher's Stone. The Philosopher's Stone itself is a mythical stone said to be the Elixir of Life, able to grant immortality to one's desire, on top of changing base metals to fancy metals like gold or silver. As to whether this item actually existed in Yggdrasil, it was to remain unknown.

And now this very same name was associated with one of the forty one Supreme Beings. Tabula was known for being an alchemist in Yggdrasil, he liked to create everything from gear to popular consumables for Ainz Oowl Gown. The only bad thing was that thanks to his dementia, he often created humongous backstories for anything that came his way, often putting twists on said items or characters. He also loved to dive into occult-like things and myths.

On top of being an alchemist, he liked to design. Most of the Great Tomb of Nazarick's security measures came from his designs. He also enjoyed gap moe of Japanese culture. To give a short explanation of what gap moe was, it was when someone did something completely contradictory to what they normally like to do. Aka having mood swings. Tabula's dementia played a large role in this unfortunately.

It was because of this Tabula ended up calling Albedo a bitch in the background settings when Ainz did his testing after he transferred into the New World. That's right, Tabula was the one who created the Albedo sisters!

But in the end, he still received the moniker, The Settings Master. Settings Master Tabula.

And that very same Tabula successfully made contact with the Dark Room. Unfortunately Nao and Chelsea left the White Palace before this happened to do their killing. Yet it was now afternoon while still on the first day of Yggdrasil's release. Nao initiated the call service on the virtual world hub found on his monitor.

Yggdrasil's many screens soon vanished from the monitor, only to have the call service remain on it. Beeping sounds soon started to echo around the Dark Room as the call started.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Click.

After a few beeps, a single click came next. The monitor suddenly changed, bringing up what appeared to be a a weird black insignia, replacing the whole monitor. It was in the shape of a squid with two long tentacle-like protrusions coming out, shooting straight up. Beside this weird insignia now stood a a shadowy figure who appeared to be sitting on a gaming chair with his legs propped up to his chest.

"Looks like the connection has been successfully established. Hello!.", a calm male voice that contained a hint of excitement suddenly spoke out from the monitor. Every time the voice spoke, sound waves would appear beneath the shadowy figure, matching the tone of his voice.

"Indeed it has. I apologize for not being able to contact you sooner. I was currently in office, of which I'll now have more free time after today."

"Haha! No worries. I'm a very patient man when it comes to my research into the unknown. I'm glad you were able to take some time out of your schedule to speak with someone you don't know. May I wonder why out of the many fish in the sea, the first player of Yggdrasil to make a name for themselves would decide to speak with me? Surely there are better contenders."

'It's not like I can say that you're the creator of the Albedo sisters now, can I?', Nao retorted inside his mind. Much like to the shadowy figure in front of him, Tabula also saw the same of Nao, he couldn't see Nao's figure clearly and his voice only appeared as sound waves. Yet Nao didn't remain quiet and spoke out.

"Perhaps this was fate? Our setup is a bit unique, we just don't allow anyone to connect to here. We did some tricks, did you try tracing our location at all?"

"Sure did. I had my guys do it. You guys really aren't on the moon, are you?"

"Hahaha! Of course we aren't. Thanks to my wife's handiwork, we're no slouches when it comes to security. She knows quite a lot in her field of expertise. Anyone who thinks we are on the moon by trying to trace us are mere amateurs. Not that I'm calling you one anyways. You seem to have discerning eyes yourself."

"Thanks for the compliment. It helps having such eyes when dabbling into the occult or legends. I must say, we ought to properly introduce ourselves, seeing as this is 'Fate' as you call. You can call me Tabula. Tabula Smaragdina."

"That is a must, isn't it? It's only proper we introduce ourselves. I'm sure you know already, but I'm Metatron. I've not much of a name otherwise, but you can call me Nao if Metatron isn't to your liking. It's nice to meet you, Tabula Smaragdina."

"Nao, is it? It's nice to meet you. Exchanging real names isn't really a taboo here so I can tell you mine too. I'm known as Suzaku." (A/N Tabula's real name is currently unknown, if it ever gets revealed or if someone actually knows it, let me know)

"Suzaku? The same bird that's named after the Vermillion Bird?"

"So you do actually know your stuff! That's exactly right. My parents named me like that wanting me to shine brightly and soar high into the sky, despite this hellhole of a planet we currently live on. Just seeing the beauty of Yggdrasil left be breathtaking to start taking account as to what lore it a part of."

"I know right? Well compared to the other eight realms I'm sure Helheim isn't the most exactly prettiest of them all, but it has its unique air to it. The Bridge of the Damned was exquisitely carved like none other. But enough of that, was meeting us the only thing you had planned, Mr. Tabula?"

"Oh, just Tabula is fine. I do have something else to talk about but you're not the only one in your room right? I can see several figures in the background. You said you have a wife right? I'm assuming she's the one who's named Metatron's One and Only?"

'Hiiiiii! That's indeed right! That would be me!"

From Tabula's end, he saw another shadowy figure approach Nao's shadowy figure. This one had had long shadowy hair coupled with a large bust. He couldn't help but nod seeing her cling to Nao's shadowy figure like it was normal for her.

"So I take it your Metatron's One and Only then. To be honest I've been seeing other similar names pop up in the other realms, but we can save that topic for later. I do have one topic left to discuss today with you."

"Oh? What would that be?"

"Speaking honestly here, I've struck up a deal with <>. They've been recruiting people like crazy and their deal for me was really enticing. But let's be real, I can't trust those guys. Sure they're the big shots around here but I don't want to be a target of scorn. I'd rather much partner up with some few fellows than those jerks. Then your name decided to pop out of nowhere, so I decided to take a gamble."

"Heh, I'd call that perfect timing then to be able to catch your attention. Are you wanting to strike up a deal?"

"Something like that, but we can work out the details later. I'd just thought I'd rather cooperate with someone like you. I just hope that clear of yours won't just be a one time thing."

"Haha! I don't plan on that, as we're planning to sweep our way through the center of Helheim. Besides we're both Hetermorphic players right?'

"Sure am. My class is known as a Brain Eater. I actually saw you two defeat the boss on that bridge, it was a spectacular fight. I'm still trying to clear out the mobs to reach that place though."

"Well here is the first of many meetings to come, Tabula. I look forward to working together with you. Once I log back in later I'll make sure to add you to my friends list. I'll go ahead and send you my player ID now." Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click /book/rebirth-traversing-the-myriad-planes_13907057906238705/chapter-19-tabula-smaragdina_51072437600708654 for visiting.

"Sounds good. I will say I'm a crafter of sorts, so while you and your friend will take the frontline, I'll help keep your gear in check. I'm going to go dive back into Yggdrasil myself now. It was a pleasure talking with you, Metatron. Here's to a fruitful business."

"Take care."

Saying goodbye to each other, Tabula soon dismissed himself and his insignia and shadowy figure vanished from Nao's monitor. His monitor returned back to normal, displaying all his Yggdrasil information.

A moment of silence spread around the room as Nao saw the girls now out of their gaming chairs, looking at him with happy smiles. A grin then appeared on Nao's face, causing Elsa to shrug her shoulders. She then walked up to him.

"Are you serious about partnering up with this guy? He is one of our person of interests, right?"

"Yeah, he is. He may be...quite quirky at times but just from hearing Tabula speak he sounds like an honest man. And being part of those forty one Supreme Beings, he will be quite the force to be reckoned with in the future. It's good we're able to partner up now."

"I see. This game does sound like it will be tough to play it solo, was it wise to send a few of our sisters out there alone?"

"I'm sure Chelsea, Tights, and Sayuri are handling it just fine. Have you three run into any trouble so far?"

Seeing as the girls are now around him, he decided to ask the three that. It didn't take long before the three shook their heads. A cold glint even appeared in Chelsea's eyes.

"Nope! I'm having lots of fun. In Nidavellir we're immediately taken to the starting city before we start exploring. The dwarves are really fun to talk to there! I've already started to level up Blacksmithing too!", Sayuri responded to Nao, letting her three tails thump around happily.

"Midgard is such a funny place. The other human players constantly argue with each other tryin' to best and steal each other's loot. They're really greedy. I just hope they don't destroy the actual kingdom we're currently in.", Tights said with a sigh.

"Asgard is in a similar situation but the land is ruled by gods. The other humans just get their ass beaten and sent back to the churches only to revive with nothing on them. The City of Asgard is constantly in a state of ruckus thanks to that. Yet for me, I've managed to locate the starter dungeon which is the Plain of Ida. I don't know why but they made Thor its boss there. It's a huge grassy plain with rolling hills."

Hearing Sayuri, Tights and Chelsea speak out respectively, Nao's eyes started to twitch the moment he heard Chelsea say that they made Thor the beginner dungeon boss in Asgard. 'Thor was such a prominent figure too...welp, beggars can't be choosers.', Nao thought to himself.

Yet he shook that thought away and his lips turned into a smile.

"Sounds like you three are having fun even though it's only been the first day. As for the rest of you, we can catch up of what happened during your adventures. But for now, Isabella and Elsa will come with me for some alone time. I've promised the two of them that."

"Yay! I'll go get ready. Come with me, Big Sis Elsa!"

"Aright...", Elsa said as her ears turned beat red. She was then dragged away from the Dark Room by Isabella's hand. Seeing this, Miya turned around to look at Nao and grinned at him.

"Hehe, looks like Sister Belle is looking forward to this a lot. I'll make sure things don't get out of hand here. You go have your fun, Brother."

"Thank you, Miya."

Thanking Miya, Nao soon left the Dark Room to join Isabella and Elsa who ran off to the main bedroom. Miya rounded up the rest of the girls and informed them they now had free time to spend however they wanted. Acknowledging her, a few went back into Yggdrasil while the rest started about their day in the White Palace. Only a few remained in the game and that was Chelsea, Tights, Chronoa, Towa and Michael. Miya, Sayuri and Fie went to the kitchen to start cooking.

Caulifla and Kale called it quits for the day and Caulifla dragged Kale to their sparring room, which was back down on the first floor near the main reception area. Aht and Eir went to go practice Mana next to Caulifla and Kale. As for Vados, she started to take an interest in learning Mana so she went after Aht and Eir.

And just ,like that, the first day of Year 2126 had come and gone. Nao successfully partnered up with one of the forty one Supreme Beings of the later Ainz Oowl Gown guild, Tabula Smaragdina. Before he realized it time started to pass again, and days soon turned into months...


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