Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 294

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 295 20: A Party For Three

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I will give you all a reminder, I'm not planning for the Overlord Plane to be too long. I know I stretched out the DBZ Plane, but it won't be the same for Overlord.

I'm currently viewing this plane as a long vacation for MC before he starts a completely new life in the Pokemon Plane, of which he might seal off his memories until he reaches the start of his adventure, or somewhere during it.

As you all know Pokemon is set in a unique circ.u.mstance to where living as a child provides more benefits. With this ideology in mind, the same will be applied to the Trails Plane.

But for now I will continue to reveal what the Overlord Plane has for you guys.

MC will go into a couple more dungeons. Explore Helheim City. Find Ainz and Touch Me, conquer the Great Tomb of Nazarick, have MC take down Hel's Castle creating his own unique guild base, and participate in the World Champion tournament. Of course he'll hunt World Items too (:

In the New World he'll find himself in a funny starting location. He'll probably trash the Slane Theocracy, maybe take over the Elves. Maybe take over the Dragons. Near the end I'm planning an MC vs Ainz fight, so look forward to it (:

I'm not sure how many chapters all of this will encompass, but I feel its good to let you guys know of my current road map. Of course he'll pick up the few girls he's interested in during that time too.

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'No lemons spotted. It's a dry ocean out there' what Nao thought to himself. Yet reality tends to turn the other way, especially when he has fifteen girls in his harem. He found himself blocking the rest of the day off.

M.o.a.ns of pleasure echoed around the bedroom during the rest of that time. It was really a s.e.xy time for Nao this time, as he had a Succubus and an Elf dress up as office ladies. His libido didn't calm down for a long while. (A/N : Shame you guys didn't want to see this scene. :P )

But fun times came to an end as Nao woke up the next day feeling refreshed and full of Divine Energy again.

He did not have his limitless stamina like he had with his Saiyan Body.

Yet he discovered that using his Divine Energy as a substitute was a good alternative method. He also found using his Divine Energy was a lot easier in this part of the Overlord Plane, as Vados mentioned it was literally untouched by gods. So he didn't have to worry about his body shriveling up while being a Human to please his girls.

But with that said, the next day dawned. Nao remembered the events that transpired yesterday. He and Chelsea killed their own boss and everyone else in that company.

This meant he was now without a job. The same went for Chelsea. But doing this would allow Chelsea to spend more time in Yggdrasil.

After waking up, he spotted a n.a.k.e.d Isabella and Elsa sleeping next to him. Aht also joined him during the night last night and joined in on the fun. As for everyone else, they had returned to the Dark Room already.

Nao couldn't help but look over at Aht. Her small tail was swinging back and forth happily as she slept. He then had a closer look at her belly. She had gotten a bit fatter during the last six years and the time he spent with her on the continent of Vainqueur.

Well, there was a good reason as to why she had gotten fatter. Her belly now contained his child. She was indeed pregnant! It only took that one time with Aht. It was truly a magical experience for the two.

It wasn't until they had settled down that Aht revealed her pregnancy to him. It was a very joyous occasion for him and the girls, and they ate and drank their fill till everyone passed out.

Nao did have his worries as to how long their child would stay inside her. Turns out her situation was similar to Isabella's. Yet the gestation period really depended on the mother herself. Aht mentioned that Mana placed a key factor in the shaman line of her tribe. The longer they stayed pregnant, the stronger and healthier their child would be born.

Nao was also worried about Yggdrasil's impact on Aht but as it turns out, it was actually a good stress reliever for her. Aht also found the Mana in outer space was extremely pure much like the Divine Energy deal, unlike on Planet Earth where it was non-existent.

So she didn't have to worry about absorbing it and could absorb it freely. Turns out Having their child absorbing Mana also suppressed any normal pregnancy urges a girl would have. It was pretty smooth sailing so far. As for Aht herself, she didn't want to give birth in his part of the Overlord Plane, and would wait until they transferred into the New World.

But with all of that said, Nao concluded his thoughts for the morning. He saw Isabella was pretty giddy right now as she slowly stirred awake. Elsa on the other hand, appeared completely worn out. She did not escape from Nao's grasp last night, it was a rather rough night on her. Aht also seemed to be tired this morning as well and continued to sleep.

So Nao decided to only wake up Isabella. After seeing her awake the two quietly washed themselves up, and got dressed.

Making their way towards the Dark Room, Nao decided to lay out the plan moving forward.

"Say, Belle you liked experiencing the game firsthand yesterday, right? Did it feel up your alley?"

"Sure did! Its virtual world is still a bit crude to the technology I was used to as a kid, but it's still really fun! Hunting monsters and conquering dungeons is a blast!"

"Heh, glad you're enjoying it then. I'll take it you'll continue to party with me, or do you want to go on your own adventure? We have more room to spare now."

"Nuh uh! I don't want to do solo play in this world unlike Sister Chelsea. She can slay all the gods she wants to her hearts content. I'm going to stick with you! Besides, you're going to be partying with that Tabula guy right?"

'Why did Belle bring up god slaying all of a sudden? Well, no matter. It is true I'll be partying up with that guy', Nao sent a retort to himself. He then nodded his head in approval and continued to talk.

"That's right. Tabula said he watched our fight from afar. Hopefully he himself caught up to where we are. Might be hard for him since he's a crafter."

"Even then, crafters should have many weapons and items at their disposal right? So their stats should align like that too. He should be quite nimble with high strength."

"Hmm, similar to a rogue class then? That is if Tabula didn't go the magic route. Guess we'll find out when we meet him in game. Just don't be shocked when you see him okay? We're all Heteromorphics."

"I know that...but still, Brain Eater sounds like a really disgusting class. I mean who in their bright minds would like to eat brains all day long?"

Seeing Isabella say that as she stuck our her tongue, Nao's expression became deadpanned. He could only shake that off with a sigh.

"I'm just not going to say anything more than that, let's head to our chairs. Our goal is to reach the max level in the game before they announce the World Champion tournament. So we got to focus on grinding and clearing out Helheim. Once we're in charge of Helheim we'll be able to participate."

"Okay! That sounds really fun! Let's go kick some more monster ass!"

Fires started to light up in Isabella's eyes. Her blood started to pump and with a burst of energy, she grabbed a hold of Nao's hand and dashed toward the Dark Room. Nao couldn't help but chuckle seeing Isabella's anticipation. He decided to just go with the flow.

In no time at all did they arrive back in their chairs. With a 'Psssh', he connected the helmet to the back of his neck. 'I know its super chunni ever time I say it, but let's say it. Link start!', Nao shouted inside his mind.

A weird feeling encompassed his nerves before his vision went black. It was then replaced by the virtual world hub. He saw Yggdrasil's black page with golden letters. Yet his sight halted and shifted. They then landed on a branded video service program which was off to the side.

Nao's eyes landed on it and entered his own thoughts for a moment. 'Do they seriously have Twitch in the twenty second century? Guess it was a popular enough platform to last over a hundred years. It even went through an upgrade too, seeing its called Twitch 2.0 now...

That's pretty neat in itself. Since I'm no longer bound by the duties of a salaryman, I can start trying out what I want to do. Unfortunately in my past life, I was planning to livestream Rebirth. But now I have that opportunity again! I'm going to inform Tabula of this of course. If he isn't against it I'll start setting up my channel.

I know the whole point of the New World is to have no lingering attachments to this current Earth before the transfer happens, so I'll just be doing this for fun to pass the time. Can't help but get excited just thinking about it', Nao said happily.

'But first lets meet up with Tabula.', Nao said, concluding his thoughts.

He then tapped the Yggdrasil screen, and soon found himself and Isabella's succubus avatar near the end of the Bridge if the Damned. Isabella took notice of him and spammed the smiley emote. Nao did a wave and located his friends list. He saw him and Isabella sitting at Lvl16.

A third green highlighted name found its way to the active names. Of course it read as Tabula Smaragdina. Nao saw his level, which was Lv15. If he could raise his eyebrows, he would have. He was only one level less than the two of them!

On top of that, Nao saw a radius meter next to his name, signaling how far away he was. Turns out he was actually nearby and appeared to be hiding in one of the nearby ice crevices.

As to why that was, he saw other players past the Bridge of the Damned now and into the next area. The two were able to locate Tabula hiding away. Tabula greeted the two with a warm voice. Sure enough Isabella found Tabula's avatar really disgusting but she kept it to herself.

After forming a party if three, Nao decided to ask Tabula what happened to him. A guilty emote soon escaped from his avatar as he started to explain the situation.

Apparently Tabula played the fiddle with a few of the Trinity members, who already started to branch out in the nine realms. With an intent to join Trinity, Tabula piggybacked the starter dungeon. He only provided the party he was in with minimal support, and once they cleared it, Tabula ditched them and hightailed it out of there.

Seeing this betrayal of sorts, it affected Trinity's image. The few players got extremely mad and tried to PK him, but Tabula outran them and hid away, until now that is. Nao ended up shaking his head hearing the full story, but still welcomed Tabula into the group.

Sure enough Nao saw Tabula was a hoarder. He had loads of items and data crystals from the starter dungeon. But the three had a new goal in mind and that was the next area.

Nao had a good look beyond the Bridge of the Damned. Besides the eerie green winds and grey dense cloud blocking off the skies and the sides around him, he saw what appeared to be an endless stretch of land. On top of this lend were destroyed graves, crypts and death hills.

The moment the three took their steps into this place, Nao received a system notification.


"Anyone up for some grave robbing?", Nao retorted, seeing this system message appear on his screen.