Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 296

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 297 22: Bukubukuchagama

A/N : Another late chapter, apologies. Still trying to rest between working. Seems what I had isn't completely out of my system yet.

This raid fight will be a single segment. After that Helheim City awaits. Raids are among the more popular dungeons to explore in Yggdrasil, and they are the ones to drop good equipment, rare items and the like.

This raid fight will unlock another one of Nao's job classes he's aiming for, that's all I will say. I probably won't reveal any more status info screens until the very end, so you guys don't get spammed with it.

As of now, still on track to finish Yggdrasil arc within 50 chapters or so as previously mentioned.

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"No wonder why there hasn't been any notifications about any clears yet. Turns out we just found our first raid dungeon. Helheim isn't exactly the nicest place to be in with all this monster chaos so it makes sense as to why people have struggled till now Even though it's only been a year, PvP is starting to run rampant."

"But PvP has its own beauty to it you know? It's a lot more unpredictable! I wonder if this Icy Soul Devil will be able to give us a challenge like that first boss did.", Isabella chimed in letting out another smile emote in front of her.

"Says the girl who shows no mercy to her enemies. It seems I made the right choice partnering up with you two. You two know where to strike where its weak. But seeing this notification, I fear we're in a bit of a conundrum.", Tabula said with a hint of worry in his tone.

"You're referring to our current player count right?", Nao asked, shifting his body toward Tabula.

Tabula nodded and continued to speak

"That's right. I thought raids were dungeons that required units or legions, but from looks of it this is Yggdrasil's way of introducing raids to us. But with that said, we are down one player. We only have three out of four, which four is required."

"That is no trouble at all, Tabula! We can just invite one of our sisters! I'm sure by now they have some Scrolls of Teleportation on their hands."

"Sisters? You have mentioned previously you have friends of yours having their own adventures in the other realms. We did cone to learn about realm travelling, but is it wise to try and contact of them now?"

"Oh, stop being such a worry wart, Tabula. They'll definitely running if we tell them! The question is though, who?", Isabella asked with a curious tone. She then looked at Nao as if she were waiting for an answer. Nao proceeded to speak up.

"Ahhh, about that, Belle. hold off on that thought for a moment. I'm going to try to make a connection with Dabura. He's currently in a separate space so I want to see if it's possible to bring him here."

"Dabura? Sister Towa's Brother?"

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"Dabura? Now there's a name you rarely hear. Can't say I've ever recalled a name like that. Sounds devilish if you ask me. I know you two have your own secrets like I do mine, but I can't help but want to peer into it further."

Hearing Tabula say that, Nao let out a grinning emote.

"All to their own, Tabula. All to their own. As long as we abide by our contract, everything will be good. Can't believe a year has gone by just like that. But before we do anything I'm going to set up the connection, that is if it will work in the first place."


"Well, whatever it is you're going to do, good luck."

As Isabella and Tabula replied like so, Nao nodded once more. He then turned around and started to look at the green winds of Hel in the sky. Calming himself, Nao closed his eyes.

He figured he couldn't open up any space while inside the virtual world so he proceeded to do so inside his mind. He soon felt a connection to the spatial dimension he created for Dabura's use back in the DBZ Plane, right before he headed back into Rebirth's Void Space with the other girls.

Sure enough he saw what appeared to be a hellish paradise, fit with endless craggy rocks and a Demon's Castle in the beyond. Nao could only inwardly sigh seeing this, but still. The connection successfully was established.

Tabula and Isabella soon heard Nao speak out while his eyes were closed.

"Dabura, come in, Dabura. Are you there?"

After Nao spoke that out, an eerie silence spread among the three for a couple moments. Yet, as if something clicked, a rather deep voice suddenly spread out among them. It immediately drew Tabula's attention, as he couldn't find the source of this voice.

"Is that you, Young Master? And hear I thought you had forgotten about poor me! You don't need to worry though, I've been living lavishly. How has Sister Towa doing lately?"

Hearing Dabura ask that, Nao let out a frown emote.

"Didn't I warn you already to stop calling me that? You've been cooped up in there for a year already. You should know we don't use titles in our home by now. I was looking to bring you out but perhaps that I was a bad idea."

"Haha my bad! You're such a jester Nao. Is it true you want to bring me out? Can I go see my dear Sister?"

"In enough time, yes you can see her. But we need to test something first. Can you see if you can locate our current position?"

"A search request is it? Very well. Please hold on for a moment."

Hearing this mysterious voice die down, Tabula soon went into his own world, reveling in the information he just received, while Isabella looked on with anticipation.

Nao saw inside his mind a red aura released by Dabura. Dabura entered his extreme focus mode. After he strained his face for a couple moments as it passed by in silence, he ended up frowning and his aura disappeared. He then let out a sigh.

"I can sense your presence Nao but to me its like you don't exist at our home. I can't accurately pinpoint you...Is this what we were talking about earlier?"

"Indeed. So the test is a failure then, that's another thing to check off the list. Thank you, Dabura. I'll make it to where you can meet up with Towa later."

"Thank you. I bid you farewell then."

After saying that, Nao disconnected his connection to Dabura, slowly opening his eyes again. He shook his head in disappointment and let out a sigh. Tabula exited his own world and saw Nao's disappointment.

"So I'm guessing this Dabura person won't be able to join in? I couldn't follow much but I could at least make that out."

"Nope. It was an experiment to say the least. Belle, thinking logically to tackle this Raid, it's likely its weak to Fire and Light. We got Light covered. You're starting to dabble into Fire and Water yourself right?"

"Sure am! Besides the Martial Monk I started with, I was able to evolve it into Dark Knight. After that I was able to pick up Fire and Water Elementalist Job Classes. I may go for Dark Elementalist next to further support the Heat I've been trying to create. Plus that will help set up illusions and give me access to more debuffs!"

"Heh, looks like you got your path squared away then. I will need to look at your status before we dive into this raid. The same goes for you, Tabula. You won't be against it will you?"

"Not at all. In fact I'm all for this. Once we know our exact numbers it will help us strategize better. We cannot underestimate our first Raid. I've come to learn what skills you two used during this past year but we can never be too sure."

"Right? Glad we're thinking along the same page then. As such I've reached a decision to who our fourth member will be. I will give Miya a call."

"So it is Sister Miya then. Makes sense, she is a Fire Sylph in Yggdrasil. Her firepower should be quite high. I'm sure she'll set this huge ice castle ablaze!"

"Heh, if she's capable of doing that I'll gladly watch it. I'm going to go give her a call."


Concluding their conversation, Tabula saw Nao pull up his menu window. Nao navigated to his Friends List. After opening his friend's list, Tabula saw many names were on it. Comparing that to his own, it seemed Nao did indeed know quite a few people. Tabula barely had any friends on his own list.

It would eventually get filled with the names of the 41 Supreme Beings, but that would be for the future. It's not like Tabula was a loner. He just was picky on who wanted to be on his list.

But Nao was different. He had the girls already added.

All of them appeared online now as well. Early on Nao found out he could set up a video call with those added as friends. It worked both ways, he could block any such requests that came his way as well.

But for this time, he sent the call notification over to Miya. Not even a second passed before a 3d screen popped up before Nao, Isabella and Isabella. What they saw was a very cute sylph with pinkish skin, no taller than a few feet high. She had translucent red wings growing out of her back they seemed to constantly flutter about.

A small robe covered the rest of her body, but not her hair which was also fiery red. It was fairy wavy and flew past her neck.

This was Miya's Fire Sylph form in Yggdrasil. Her actual Fairy form matched rather similarly to this form, but each one still had their differences. Miya wasn't alone either, a graceful ocean blue haired elf could be seen on the video screen next to her. Thus was of course Elsa.

As for their current location, they were still in Alfheim. They appeared to be in a grandiose city surrounded by a multitude of different colored trees. Miya flew around happily before waving her hand at Nao.

"Well if it isn't Brother Nao! Hello!"

"It's good to see you, Miya. Looks like you're here as well, Elsa."

"Yes. You called at a good time. We're currently back in town restocking our supplies. Our third member is currently in one of the shops. We will be heading out soon to clear the remainder of this area we're in. It's level cap is 40, much like yours."

"Is that so? Wait did you say you have a third member in your team? Did it happen recently?"

"Yeah. People over here in Alfheim have started to figure out the deal with the Heteromorphic classes. I'm not sure what it's like in the other realms but the discrimination has already begun here. PKers would go out and about killing them on a whim. Most of them are now in recluse. But then that's when it happened.

Not too long ago while we were on our way to Geyser Forest, we stumbled across a live PK session. Some hooligans were chasing down a golden amber slime-like monster."

"A golden amber slime-like monster...could it be?"

As Nao started to go into his own thoughts, he was cut off after Elsa nodded her head.

"Yeah. Turns out this monster had a name tag over their head and was actually a Heteromorphic player. After discovering this we easily killed off those hooligans. Little did we know that the slime's name was Bukubukuchagama!"

"So it really was her! Such a lucky find you two. Still, makes me wonder why she appeared in Alfheim in the first place."

"I'm not sure, she didn't explain much to us. We only extended her an invitation and now she's a party member. She thanked us profusely already after we saved her. Pretty neat huh?"

"Sure is! But us it safe for her to be walking around in one of those shops alone?"

"She'll be fine as long as we're in this safe zone. Plus we've been busing her around since we've picked her up. Her level isn't too far off from ours. We just hit level 40 the other day."

"That's great to hear. Speaking of that, the main reason I called was for Miya. We found a dungeon raid and we need four people. Thinking about our options over here I figured Miya would be our best bet for our last member. What do you say, Miya?"

"You can count me in, Brother! That's fine isn't it, Big Sis?"

"A raid, is it? Fufu, you can go in and join them. I'll go chat with Bukubukuchagama after and then we can relax for the day. We weren't in a rush or anything."

"Yay! I don't think any of us have been in a raid yet. This will be a first for all of us, right Brother?"

"Sure is. You have Scrolls of Teleportation right? Or do you need me to send you some?"

"We got some to spare! I'll be over in a jiffy!"

"Great. I'll end the call then."

After Nao said that, Miya and Elsa waved goodbye. Miya was going to wrap things on her end before teleporting over. Still, Nao didn't think he would receive such a wonderful piece of news so soon.

On top of Tabula who now has been in his party for this past year, he had finally located the second member of the forty one Supreme Beings of Ainz Oowl Gown. Not only that, she was partying with Miya and Elsa in Alfheim!

It was Bukubukuchagama! For those who were not aware of who she was, she was none other than the creator of the Dark Elf Twins, Aura Bella Fiora and Mare Bello Fiore!