Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 297

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 298 23: Bukubukuchagama Finds Out

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Year 2127, January, Yggdrasil, Helheim, Icy Soul Wasteland.

Three figures could be seen standing in front a massive castle made out of never-melting ice. It was extremely cold here to say the least. One was an Angel, the next one a Succubus and the last one couldn't even be described properly. He appeared to be super creepy as if he came straight out of a horror movie.

These three were none other than Nao, Isabella and Tabula of course. Nao had just finished a video call with two of his wives, Miya and Elsa, who were having their own fun adventure in Alfheim, the land of the elves.

The reason for that was because the dungeon that was in front of them, the Lair of the Icy Soul Devil, was none other than a raid dungeon, and the first of its kind!

Going into raids was an insanely popular route among Yggdrasil players in the later years. Not only were they part of main storyline quests, they also dropped hefty rewards, and high rarity rewards at that. End game ingredients were also widely sought after that could only be found in these if one wanted to craft, oh let's say, Divine tier equipment. The overworld could provide only so much, unless one happened to stumble upon hidden areas.

But at this current moment, silence spread out after Nao finished his video call. He started to enter his own thoughts.

'I was only going to ask Miya about joining us in this raid dungeon, but who would've thought the second member of the future Ainz Oowl Gown guild would actually make an appearance! Not only that it happens to be one of the three female members to boot, Bukubukuchagama. It's a good thing those two befriended her already.', Nao said inside his mind, thinking to himself.

'If there were three people of that guild that I would want to personally meet with, it would be Tabula Smaragdina, Touch Me, and Bukubukuchagama. There is of course Ainz himself, but as long as I meet up with Touch Me somewhere in Helheim, he will lead me to Ainz, since it was him who rescued Ainz from getting PKed. I've already met with Tabula, but now there's the second...', Nao said, continuing to himself.

'While it is interesting that she created the Dark Elf Twins, to be honest, I'm more interested in herself. Not the slime, but her real identity. Rumors say she's a popular mainstream voice actress, even delving into a.d.u.l.t content. My livestreams have been gaining immense popularity. Despite the lack of cities, thousands upon thousands of people would appear each time. If I ever would decide to recruit a commentator, it would be nice if it was someone like her. It's a shame they never revealed her appearance as a human, she must be quite the beauty...', Nao said, speaking to himself once more.

Yet little did he know that a certain golden amber slime was already interested in his moniker identity. Metatron, the Fallen Angel. He had no idea that Bukubukuchagama was already a growing fan of his! He would be in for a treat if he ever gets with Miya and Elsa while she was with the two.

Yet Nao's thoughts were soon interrupted. a private message suddenly appeared in his view. It came through [Message]. Turns out this came from Isabella. Seeing it come through like this and not through her voice, it was probably something private-related.

He had no reason not to open the [Message], so he proceeded to open it. Upon doing so, his mind inwardly twitched a bit after reading Isabella's message.

"You aren't going to add in another sister to our ranks, are you, Nao?"

" this your so called woman's intuition?", Nao simply replied back.

"Well of course it is you dummy! You always tend to go silent thinking to yourself about a certain plan of action. And seeing this is related to Bukubukuchagama, it's connecting the dots is easy. Tell me, what is she like?"

"Haha, guess your intuition is right on the mark. But to be honest, I actually don't know what she looks like in the real world. She should be quite the beauty though after learning what job she does. In fact I was thinking about bringing her as a commentator to my livestreams. I've no intentions of ending this until our remaining eleven years are up."

"So you don't know, huh? So we only got Sister Miya's and Big Sis Elsa's description of her so far then. I'm actually all for it, considering if she's still single. Wasn't she a voice actress or something?"

"She definitely is. I'm going to see if I can have Miya and Elsa set up a meeting with her. We can invite her to our private guildchat room before setting up an offline meeting. But for now we should focus on the task at hand. Let's go formulate some strategies with Tabula, lest he will be in his own world for god knows how long."

"Hehe, you bet that right. Tabula likes to do that a lot. I won't deny he is quite an intelligent person to say the least. Cunning too. Are you sure we don't need to worry about him leaving us eventually?'

"Not really. We're bound by a contract but if he wishes to cancel it, he can. His fate to join Ainz Oowl Gown won't change. In fact, after he meets up with Ainz and he wants to cancel our contract, I'll do it in a heartbeat.", Nao replied to Isabella, sending out another [Message]. 'That way, he would be on task to create the Albedo sisters.', Nao thought to himself once more.

"Got it. Let's go get Tabula out of his thoughts."

Concluding their private conversation, Nao and Isabella walked up to Tabula, bringing him out of his own thoughts as the three started to talk about the raid dungeon before them.

Meanwhile, back in Alfheim...

Alfheim, the land of the Elves. Loved by nature all around with endless vast forests stretching in all directions. If one had a close look at these forests they could see they were all differently colored! According to legends the Elves were split up into seven clans. They were composed of the major and minor elements.

The Fire Elves. The Water Elves. The Wind Elves. The Earth Elves. The Spirit Elves. The Light Elves. and The Dark Elves.

Each one was rather self explanatory. However, it was none other than the Light Elves who actually ruled over the realm of Alfheim. As such, the main city which Miya, Elsa and Bukubukuchagama resided in was none other than the City of Light!

Each forest represented a part of the domain of the different clans. Yet there were no black trees to be seen anywhere. Instead what replaced the black trees were a sealed off portal leading to a hidden dimension, which the Dark Elves resided in. They were banished from the realm long ago thanks to their constant wars raged upon the lands. The other six clans banded together, and managed to drive them back. Then the City of Light was created as a memento of that last victory, erecting statues of the six Elven Heroes.

Leading to modern day, the City of Light acted as a trading hub between the nine realms. The Elves were known to be excellent merchants, so there were endless amounts of shops to be seen. Not only that players could set up their own stalls to sell their wares.

In the eastern part of the city, a fire sylph and a water elf could be seen chatting away. These two were discussing what just happened, as they were just on a video call with an Angel. These two were of course Miya and Elsa. Elsa was still quite beautiful as an elf and she attracted lots of attention. But if it wasn't to her family, her sisters, or to Nao, she acted quite cold to the general public. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_51340518201807397 for visiting.

Yet their conversation ended soon enough as soon as they heard a relatively high pitched voice reach their eyes. Despite on how high it was, Miya and Elsa still let out a smile emote from their avatars.

"Hah....I'm sorry for holding you two up! The shopping is done!", the high pitched voice said.

The two then saw what appeared to be a golden amber blob bobbing down and up as it made a mad dash toward the two. Other players either looked at it with scorn in their eyes or disregarded the player altogether. Yet none of them dared to approach because they all knew who the two were in front of the blob was. Miya and Elsa had made quite the reputation during this last year in Alfheim.

"You're back, Bukubukuchagama! No one caused you any trouble, did they?", Elsa said with a hint of worry in her tone.

"Nope! Even though I look like this, the NPCs were rather friendly to me. I didn't take the risk to enter a player's shop though. I won't be swindled that easily!"

"Hehe, good to hear. While you were out there shopping, I actually just had a video call with Brother. According to him his party just found a raid. I'll be parting ways with you two for a short while, I hope you don't mind."

"A raid!? Aren't those dungeons that require multiple amount of people? How many people did he say?"

"Only four are required for entry, so I'll be filling in the last spot."

After Miya said that, she and Elsa saw Bukubukuchagama's body deflate, as if she became depressed.

"Oh don't be like that Bukubukuchagama, They only said it was a count of four players. It's possible more can enter. I was thinking of bringing you along to watch anyways. Why don't you come along too, Sister Elsa?"

"I actually wouldn't mind that. We can catch up with Sister Elsa along the way. We can see what Nao is up to too."

"You two will really take me along? You won't ditch me and toss me into a trash pit somewhere, will you?"

"You're still thinking like that? Don't listen to what those other bastards tell you. You may receive their scorn but we see you as our genuine friend."

" really know how to pull the heartstrings you guys. But hearing that really does cheer me up. Just 'cause we look different, they show no mercy and just kill us without batting any eye. I do hope my Brother is doing okay with these creeps walking around."

"That's right, you did mention you have a Brother as well. We've talked about mine before but we never introduced him properly. My Brother is called Nao. I'm sure you may have heard his name by now. He goes by the name Metatron here."

Hearing Miya speak about Nao, it took a good moment for it to register in Bukubukuchagama's mind. Once it did, she let out a shocked face emote. She let out a high pitched scream with a curse. It sounded funny yet painful to those who weren't used to it. Thanks to that they were able to distance themselves from other people, so it didn't draw too much attention.

"Wait just a damn aren't referring to THAT Metatron, are you? THE Fallen Angel!?"

"Hehe so you do know him. That's right. He's been gaining quite the popularity recently, hasn't he?"

"That's an understatement! He's taking the helm of us Hetermorphic players! A lot of people, including me already look up to him! He's quite the fanbase now. I didn't know he is related to you! Now it makes sense as to why you two have such player names. Still...Elsa, are you really his wife? I can't help but be curious you know."

"Hmm, who knows? If fate allows it, we will tell you about our situation. I already have a nagging feeling Nao is trying to plot something...But whatever comes our way, you'll be here with us, won't you, Bukubukuchagama?"

"Of course I will! It brings me joy finding friends in a virtual world where danger lurks around every corner. I still don't really get what you mean by that fate stuff, but they don't call me The Unsinkable for nothing!"

"Hehe, glad to hear it. You were going to tell us who your brother was, weren't you?"

"Ahh! Thanks for reminding me. He's such a pain in the ass sometimes I swear. I always find myself reprimanding him most of the time. At least he listens to be like a good Brother though. He actually plays Yggdrasil as well! Have you two heard the name Perorocino?"

"Hmm...Perorocino, was it? Can't say that I have. Did he start out with you?"

"Ugh...I wanted him to but he was going on and on about having a grand adventure of his own. I really should knock some sense into that guy. He does report to me every so often at least. Last time I heard he also has a level 40 account."

"Is that so? Everyone is starting to pop out of the shadows, especially so since its been a year already since the game went live. But we ought to head to our destination for now. You picked up some Scrolls of Teleportation, didn't you?"

"Sure did! Got plenty for us to spare, Miya, Elsa. Leads head off to Helheim!"

Hearing Bukubukuchagama say that with a smile emote, the two nodded. She then passed a scroll to each of them. Tossing them up in the air, three scrolls unraveled themselves and got burnt to a crisp by a blue flame. Before everyone else realized it, the three were no longer in in the eastern part of the City of Light.

Things were now starting to shape up for Nao and the strands of Fate are starting to be strung. One after another the members of Ainz Oowl Gown will start to appear, whether he likes it or not. Bukubukuchagama was excited at the very least to meet her star, the Fallen Angel. She was also the sister of Perorocino, who was none other than the creator of one of the strongest NPCs in Nazarick, Shaltear Bloodfallen!

As to whether love would bloom between her and Nao, that would remain unknown. At this moment though, Nao had no clue that he would be accompanying by not one, but three girls. Of course those two being Miya and Elsa, but the last one would be that adorable golden amber slime!