Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 298

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 299 24: Level 40

A/N : A lot of searching was done during this chapter and will warn you guys this is another infodump chapter. If you guys find and mistakes in the information presented please let me know!

This is a showcase of Nao being at Level 40, I probably won't another reveal of Nao's stats until he reaches Level 70, and a final reveal of him being at 100. I am planning on not naming any equipment either unless they're special equipment like the Wand of Flight.

For ease of measure I am splitting the tiers of equipments to the # of its Tier.

Low, Medium, High, and Top will span Lv1-50, and Legacy, Relic and Legendary will span Lv51-100. Divine will have unique placements. As of now, I've yet to think of any Divine equip for Nao. If you want him to use certain equipment, let me know!

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Threat Detection. A rather handy spell Nao had selected during his grind to level 40. Being level 40 now grants him access up to Tier 6 spells. It is quite weird to have access to such power earlier in the game, but that's how Yggdrasil designed it. He was already over halfway to Tier 10 spells, which would become available to him by Level 64.

It wasn't until he would reach Level 71 that he would start getting access to those extremely powerful Super tiered spells! An example of this is Fallen Down!

Threat Detection only required MP to cast at the very beginning and it could stay active as long as he willed it to. It's range could be extended by the game's metacasting, and the higher one's stats were, the longer the range would be. It also detected when a target would lock onto the caster as well, and in this case it detected three teleport scrolls being used to his coordinates. This spell would also be beneficial to have once everyone arrived in the New World. It was a world full of unknowns after all.

But seeing this message pop up, Nao inwardly raised his eyebrows. 'There really isn't a restriction for all three to come, guess curiosity got the best of them. Still seeing the count be 'three', looks like Bukubukuchagama is indeed on her way here as well. I really hope Miya isn't plotting something...', Nao said, thinking to himself.

Yet little did he know that was indeed what Miya was currently doing. As to what she was thinking of, he wouldn't find out until the group. Still, at this moment, he could only wait for the three to arrive. Nao, Isabella and Tabula were currently formulating their strategy to take down this massive castle. A fourth member would be joining them as well so they would have a better chance at survival. As to whether the would clear it on their first attempt, that was wishful thinking.

Raids in Yggdrasil were on a whole another level. The overworld mobs and bosses were nothing compared to raid dungeons. They acted more human-like in their programming, becoming a lot more unpredictable and had insane stats to back them up. Yet its not like that risk didn't come up with nothing, its rewards were plenty. Rare crafting materials, rare equipments, weapons, unique job classes, you name it. Most of end game players sought raid dungeons for its rewards.

But as the three kept talking to themselves, Nao decided it was the best time to go over his stats. Besides choosing what spells to set for each tier level up, choosing his racial and class levels, and selecting their corresponding skills and passives, he had mostly left it on his autopilot during this last year.

Nao also wondered where he could spend the rest of his points once his job and racial class split reached level 100. Could he dump the rest of them into his stats? More likely than not but it's not like that could be an impossibility, since there were items and skills that could allow contact with the GMs directly. Racial and Job only allowed up to 100 levels. Since Nao would have an extra 200 leftover, he had to think of how to split that. He could start unlocking an endless list of passives.

Speaking of Classes, Nao had finally unlocked the Mid Tier racial class of the class he chose. It was indeed High Angel. As for what came after that, Nao had wanted to aim for the High class Angel of Life. To finish off his Racial class build, he would hope to find a hidden class scroll somewhere and unlock Seraphim. But going back to his Mid Class High Angel, it could only level to 10. As this was a feature for all Mid Class racial classes. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=13907057906238705)/chapter-24-level-40_%!d(string=51431624373499643) for visiting.

No matter what Mid Class racial class it was, it could only level up to 10. This went the same for the High Class racial classes, these could only be leveled up to 5. This also applied to unique and hidden racial classes, they too could only be leveled up to 5, unless there was a specific feature of that class that allowed a boost in its levels.

Nao saw his Racial Classes now totaled Level 25. Seeing this he nodded inwardly and continued to look at his stats page. He saw his Level was now at 40. He also saw his Alignment was slowly increasing more and more to that of the Holy side. Ainz had an Extreme Evil alignment, largely due to the fact that he was an Overlord, which was the highest tiered Skeleton. The strongest Undead.

As Nao was an Angel, it was the exact opposite for his case. The more enemies of the opposite alignment he fought, the more the gauge would increase to that of Holy. This was shown over time, it wasn't an immediate display of growth. Nao hadn't decided on this part yet, as to whether to remain Neutral-Holy, or full on Holy.

If it ended up being the latter, just in case he had decided on choosing the Actor job class, much like Ainz did. This way if he needed to bullshit his way out of situations that required his presence, he could. Except he would be a lot more revered than being hated, because he is an Angel. But Nao didn't want to forget to not underestimate any enemies he would come across, Ainz did the same.

But regarding this, Nao still had time to decide, so he pushed it to the back of his head for now. He just had to monitor Alignment for now.

Nao then moved along to his stats. He couldn't help but grin inwardly. The higher level one got, the more and more it showed how better his capabilities were. Sure a large reason was because he was a Heteromorphic player. Just having three times as many points earned was huge by itself.

Nao did have intentions to go a similar route Momonga did as a magic caster. It was said that Momonga had a total around 735 stat points, 300 from the Heteromorphic class and the rest leveraged from his various Divine Tier equipment. Yet it was rumored that he could push that limit to over 800 increasing his MP to absurd levels. He could cast high and endgame spells multiple times with ease.

According to Yggdrasil, the limit to how many stats a player could achieve was 900. It went without saying that reaching 800 one could be called a professional player, and Momonga was the crme of the crop. PKers couldn't even break into Nazarick in its final years.

And after looking at his stats, Nao saw he was very well on his way to become someone of that level. He and his team were able to farm Top grade equipment during this last year. This granted him an extra 100 points to his stats. If he added that with the rest, it now totaled 241. Among other things he now had 65 MP. This was almost half of Momonga at Level 100, which was 145. He could cast 10 6 Tier spells before needing to cover his MP!

It was a shame this game had no MP recovery items, one had to wait naturally to let it regenerate or level up. That was the only way to recover MP. (A/N : I am not sure if this latter part is actually true, this is my own twist)

These stat results left Nao happy. He was over a fourth of the way to becoming someone on Momonga's level. And with that in mind, the last thing he went over was the massive list he called Spells and Skills. It was becoming more and more endless, and his inward grin grew wider and wider. After all the the more he had the more he could be prepared for when the transferred happened.

Yet there were a couple changes unlike last time to where mostly focused on the Holy element and just started to dive into Lightning. He now had more Lightning skills and Wind now. This was the result of unlocking more paths of his Tamer class. It appeared that Tamers were most attuned to Wind and Lightning, so Nao was grateful to that.

He was looking forward to upgrading Tamer into Dragon Rider as well, he only had twenty levels or so to go for that.

But with all that said Nao dismissed his stats page and Isabella and Tabula reappeared in his sight. They had been through a lot this last year but they still had eleven more years to go! He wondered if he could reach Level 100 by the end of year two, and if that happened, hopefully the World Champion tournament would get announced!

It also didn't take long before a disturbance appeared in the air around the three. This caused the three to stop chattering about strategies all together. What soon appeared before them was a cute Fire Sylph, a graceful Water Elf and an adorable Amber Slime. Miya, Elsa, and Bukubukuchagama arrived!


Metatron | Heteromorphic Race


An enigmatic Angel of Life who

serves to none other than protect

his loved ones.

Level 16 -> 40

Job : N/A

Residence : N/A

Alignment : Neutral Sense of Justice : +100

Racial Level


Angel : 15 Lv

High Angel : 10 Lv

Job Level


Holy Magic : 10 Lv

Tamer : 10 Lv

Actor : 10 Lv

Racial Total Level : 25

Job Total Level : 30

Available Racial/Job Class Points : 65.

HP : 40 (+24)

MP : 65 (+40)

PHY ATK : 10 (+9)

PHYS DEF : 29 (+23)

AGILITY : 20 (+16)

MAG ATK : 60 (+36)

MAG DEF : 40 (+28)

RESIST : 50 (+38)

SPECIAL : 40 (+27)

Available Points : 0

Used Points : 120 (total)

Base Points : 21

Level Points : 120

Equipment Points : 100 (+67)

Active Skills/Spells :

Tier 1 :

Lesser Strength Boost I , Lesser Magic Boost I, Lesser Resist Boost I, Lesser Healing I , Mana Arrow, Create Water. Anti-Evil Protection I. Bunny Tail. Floating Board. Lesser Mind Protection. Quick March,

Tier 2 :

Holy Arrow, Air Bullet, Lightning Shoot, Holy Ray, Camouflage, Lesser Dexterity I, Message, Summon Angel 2nd Tier, Holy Sphere, Holy Lance, Lesser Ward Undead, Cure Poison, Detect Life, Detect Enemy, Holy Bind, Lesser Holy Wall, Summon Beast 2nd Tier, Thunder Lance, Wind Whip, Threat Detection,

Tier 3 :

Dimensional Move, Life Essence, Lesser Mass Cure, Shock Wave, Holy Light, Fly, Heavy Recover, Lightning, Electrosphere, Thunder Ball, Slow, Sunlight, Summon Angel 3rd Tier, Summon Beast 3rd Tier, Lopsided Duel, Slow, Wind Blast, Haste, Regenerate,

Tier 4 : Holy Aura, Control Cloud, Silver Lance, Grand Air Bullet, Chain Lightning, Shock Lance, Dominate, Draconic Power, Wind Surge, Lightning Surge, Holy Surge, Resist Break, Reinforce Armor, Summon Angel 4th Tier, Summon Beast 4th Tier,

Tier 5 : Energy Immunity - Ice, Energy Immunity - Darkness, Drifting Mine, Harden Steel, Wind Pillar, Lightning Pillar, Holy Pillar, Invisibility, Lesser Protection Energy, Dragon Lightning, Wind Field, Lightning Field, Holy Field, Magic Ward Holy, Magic Ward - Darkness, Teleportation,

Tier 6 : Holy Burst, Penetrate Up, Paranormal Intuition, Sensor Boost, Shining Blast, Hurricane, Wings of Gale, Shield Wall, Sanctuary Protection, Summon Angel 6th Tier, Summon Beast 6th Tier, Control Weather, Wall of Heaven, Eye of the Storm,

Passives :

Darkness Resistance, Poison Resistance, Paralysis Resistance, Low Tier Magic Resistance, Ice Resistance, Bludgeoning Resistance, Blind Resistance, Elemental Resistance, Angelification Resistance, Critical Hit Resistance, Energy Drain Resistance, Mind-affecting Resistance, Piercing Resistance, Slashing Resistance, Low Tier Magical Immunity, Low Tier Physical Immunity, Ability Damage II, Angel Creation, Create Low Tier Angels, Create Middle Tier Angels, Lesser Holy Aura, Angel Control, Angel Strengthening, Beast Strengthening, Recruit Low Tier Beasts, Recruit Middle Tier Beasts, Holy Aura I, Holy Aura II, Status Damage II, Holy Protection, Holy Vision, Beast Strengthening. Tame. Beast Control. Monster Storage. Formation. Call. Dagger Mastery. Bow Mastery. Gauntlet Mastery. Whip Mastery. Staff Mastery. Wand Mastery. Voice Alteration, Persuasion, Acting, Virtuous Soul, White Halo, Recover By Positive Energy, Ritual of Holy