Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 299

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 300 25: First Raid I

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Before Nao, Isabella and Tabula realized it, the three saw three figures materialize right next to them. Once they got a good look, one could see a small fluttering red haired sylph, a graceful blue haired Water Elf and an adorable yet grotesque Amber Slime.

And vice versa, the three girls arrived in front of a gigantic castle made if never-melting ice. It wouldn't be tough to say that the depths of this place reached absolute zero. Not feeling these sensations perhaps was a boon for Yggdrasil players.

Yet of the three that just arrived, the Fire Sylph started to have damage counters appear very rapidly above her head. Every tick of damage that appeared was a -2. It was obvious a creature like her didn't belong to this place.

As for the other two, the Water Elf was attuned to Water, so it was natural she had Ice Resistance. As for the Amber Slime, well she had a unique disposition.

She herself called earned the moniker, The Unsinkable. Before she met up with the Fire Sylph and Water Elf, she was constantly hunted after the Heteromorphic discrimination began.

Unfortunately this started to sprout up half a year ago even just during the first year of Yggdrasil's release. People found out they could hunt and kill these players without any sort of penalty given to them. Heteromorphic players were essentially Monsters in human skin, but literally looking like Monsters.

And this Amber Slime was no different from the rest. Yet she stood out after receiving that title. She couldn't be killed no matter what was flung at her, and her skills to flee was high. Combine that with an insane list of resistances and immunities, and absurd defense and magic defense, it was no wonder why she couldn't be killed so easily.

Heck when this Amber Slime joined Ainz Oowl Gown later on, her friends started to call her the Slime Shield.

But little did she know she would get to show her prowess so soon, to Nao no less. She had shown her defensive capabilities to the Fire Sylph and Water Elf as well during their bussing sessions. The two helped this slime level all the way to 40 so far, and she was very grateful to them. It didn't take long in this one year to become good friends, despite the pitch in her tone that she uses every time she speaks.

Of course these three were Miya, Elsa and Bukubukuchagama. Yet Miya was the one who reacted first by letting out frown emote. Luckily she had a piece of equipment that gave her Ice Resistance, and once she put it on, the damage ticks stopped appearing above her head.

Miya only let out a sigh as Nao's grouped joined the three. Nao saw about a third of Miya's health already gone.

"Sigh...I didn't think you guys would be in a hazard zone, Brother. Guess that's what this makes this area a raid, even though we haven't even entered it yet."

"Haha, sorry about that. We got Ice Resistance a long time ago so we got used to not taking dot damage. But saying this place is dangerous is quite an understatement. Helheim is not a walk in the park, that's for sure."

"Well, at least I can let my health regenerate naturally. Still it's nice to see you guys in game again."

"Same goes to you, Sister Miya! Same for you, Big Sis! Also who is this adorable slime here? It looks so cute yet weird at the same time, hehe!", Isabella responded to Miya, letting out a smile emote in front of her.

"So these three are the ones you know, Metatron? Can't say I'm not impressed, seeing their levels are already evenly matched against ours. Moreover they got a mage, a healer and a tank. I wonder how they'd match against us...", Tabula chimed in as well.

"I mean I'm not against you wanting yo test their strengths but we can save that for later. Besides we'll get to see their capabilities in the raid, one of them at least. But like Belle said who is this one here?", Nao asked feigning ignorance as if he didn't know.

Miya knew Nao was playing but she didn't say anything and kept quiet. She did absorb all of his memories before starting his first life in the DBZ Plane, so anything story wise that Nao knew, Miya, knew as well. Despite being reborn with a soul, she is still an AI fairy in her roots and she could access her memory banks when she needed to.

But seeing Miya stay quiet, Elsa also remained quiet. Thus did Nao focus on Bukubukuchagama. In return she did nothing but stare at Nao with the pair of eyes she didn't have. It was just a cute blob of an amber gelatin-like substance that stretched onward. There was a gap between her head and the rest of her slime body, with a neck of sorts connecting the two. Liquid would pour off her face landing into the pool of slime that was her body.

Yet Nao wasn't disgusted by this. Sure seeing thus appearance classified her as a grotesque being, but Nao only found this slime extremely adorable. Yet a moment of silence spread out between the two, before a hurried high pitched voice escaped from Bukubukuchagama.

Nao was caught off guard hearing this strange tone. Miya and Elsa were long used to it by now. Isabella and Tabula also wasn't expecting this slime to talk like that.

"I-I'm very sorry for staring at you like that! I don't know what came over me. But wow, are you really THE Fallen Angel!?", Bukubukuchagama said as she started to bob up and down in excitement.

Seeing her act like that, Nao found it a bit gross yet funny at the same time. 'Guess that's the beauty of being a Heteromorph', Nao thought to himself. He even saw her let out a big smile emote.

Nao slightly nodded before responding to her.

"Heh, that's me, in the flesh. Though considering you're with these two, it's not surprising you would come to learn about me. But more importantly, who are you?"

"Ahhh! I almost forgot about basic greetings. It's only proper for me to introduce myself before asking about you. I'm sorry. I met your two friends a few months back and we started to party together. You can call me Bukubukuchagama!"

'Hearing that name is such a mouthful each time I hear it, but not that I'm complaining about her. So this is the creator of the dark elf twins huh? If we can somehow form a relationship, I wouldn't mind bringing her to the New World and to the other planes with us. That would definitely give Ainz a shock too, haha! But unlike the relationsh.i.p.s I formed in the DBZ Plane where most of them were setup by a third party or were done because of certain events happening, this one can at least start out properly, and the first step to that is getting to know each other...Moreover I don't even know if she's seeing someone already. Here's to hoping she's not', Nao thought to himself. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #%!d(string=13907057906238705)/chapter-25-first-raid!-(i)_%!d(string=51525196678488966) for visiting.

Yet to not delay the conversation, Nao continued to speak and responded to her.

"So you're Bukubukuchagama then? It's nice to meet you. I've heard you've been looking after Miya and Elsa. Miya is my sister as well, so I thank you for doing that."

"Aww, doing that was no biggie! Plus these two are my friends, they've been helping ne a lot as well. Just getting to meet you in person makes this all worth it! You're a shining star to us Heteromorphic players! Without you people would be losing hope on this class type!"

"Have my actions really been influencing people like that?"

"You mean, you don't know?"

"I haven't been paying attention too it much I guess. I know my livestreams bring thousands of people together now, but I'm just playing the game like anyone else is doing."

"But that's where you're wrong! You bring our class hope! You don't back down from fights even though they provide bonuses to you yet you show them no mercy either. That shows you're an extremely tough player to beat, and knowing that you're a Heteromorphic player, that makes it all the worth while!"

"Is that so? I thank you for telling me this. It's true I don't show any mercy to people who try to PK me. After all, for anyone that tries that should expect the same to the person doing it."

"The Fallen Angel is thanking me, oh geez...All I spewed out were some words of flattery."

"Come on, don't be like that. Just encountering these two is giving you a chance of a lifetime. As to whether you make that chance yours, it'll be up to fate."

"Fate? That's the second time I heard you guys speak of that. Because of what's been going on in our world, I'm not sure if I believe in fate much..."

"Hehe, then why don't we try spinning fate into your hands?", Miya responded all of a sudden.

"Huh? What do you mean by that?"

"I knew it, you're plotting something aren't you, Miya?"

"Don't be like that, Brother! Its just a little push that's all. Bukubukuchagama, why don't you take my spot and join Brother's party and enter the raid with him? This is a first discovery for all players."

Hearing Miya suddenly ask that, Tabula c.o.c.ked his head a bit with a look of interest as he stared at the adorable slime. This movement caused his straight jacket-like outfit to move, causing everyone to shudder a bit.

But immediately after, Bukubukuchagama's voice suddenly yelled out in surprise as she finally took the time to take in Miya's question.

"EHHHHHH!? You want me to take your spot in this raid!?"