Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 300

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 301 26: First Raid Ii

Nothing could possibly go wrong at this point, right? right?

Well that's what Nao thought at first after the two sides joined together. But perhaps he found one of the most annoying things to date. Combining the high pitched squeals from Bukubukuchagama's laughter with the scraping metal sounds coming off of Tabula's outfit was horror in itself.

Imagine someone intentionally clawing their way at a chalkboard in class, without stopping. Still, even with these sounds striking against Nao's ears, he had to get used to them. He figured it was out of habit for Bukubukuchagama to constantly talk like that, considering that she was a voice actress and all that.

Well, no use crying over spilled milk. 'Were all members of Ainz Oowl Gown weird in their own ways like this?', Nao couldn't help but wonder to himself.

Yet regardless of what was going on, time worked wonders. Everyone happily chatted away with each other. Bukubukuchagama didn't hide away her excitement after being asked to join the raid squad. Nao didn't deny her either, which only in turn spurred her excitement even more, officially getting to party with her idol.

Sure Nao did find it awkward knowing that he now had idols now, but he in turn had to get used to this feeling. He was slowly becoming numb to the idea as he always had myriads of people watching his livestreams.

Speaking of which, Nao reached the decision and offered Bukubukuchagama a chance to partner up with him during his livestreams, effectively making her a co-host. She started to bounce off the walls after hearing his offer, and immediately accepted. Through their small talks Nao also learned that Bukubukuchagama was still in college, and was actually quite young. Yet she made her debut in society early on landing her a voice actress job, which was her dream job.

Yet the talks eventually came to an end. Nao, Isabella, Tabula and Bukubukuchagama reinforced their ideas and formulated some strategies to take on the four person raid dungeon after their fourth member joined the party. Yet all of that would come into effect once they actually saw the layout of the place. It was common for raids to house multiple floors.

For example, the Great Tomb of Nazarick, which would eventually become the guild base of the eventual Ainz Oowl Gown guild, was originally a secret dungeon designed for members who were level 80+, and consisted of several floors to conquer. Each floor was thus turned into a different area designed for their guild's purpose, giving each one a Floor Guardian.

As for Floor Guardians, it was likely there would be some present, but they wouldn't be on the levels of Demiurge, Shaltear or Albedo. They were created NPCs after all, each with their own backstory. The Bridge of the Damned did have its own backstory as well, and this raid would likely have one too.

As for Nao's condition for the three other members, he didn't mind sharing the loot but they had to find the hidden torch within the raid dungeon. The Icy Soul Devil was known to be a keeper of souls, while Mattugr was the one who guided and watched them cross over into Helheim. Nao could see lots of mobs walking endlessly around the icy castle.

On the castle walls stood soul puppets and the like, fully decked with icy blue skin. Others appeared as if their bodies were see-through. Those were the lost souls unable to escape the devil's grasp. Besides these lost souls were countless undead creatures ranging from different tiers of skeletons, to zombies, to liches, you name it. There were various kinds of undead trolls, blueish imps, and more. It was definitely a variety of monsters to say the least. Most appeared they would be weak to fire or light.

It was unfortunate Miya would not be joining in so they would not have many fire spells to work with, so light and lightning would have to make do. In replace of her was none other than Bukubukuchagama. Nao was able to collectively look at everyone's growth so far reaching level 40 as well, he was shocked by Bukubukuchagama's stats. Her alignment literally screamed defense. She had taunts, debuffs, self healing, HP regeneration, a ton of resistances and even some immunities. She already had the immune to low tier damage which Ainz carried around, which prevents low tier mobs from even hurting her. All of this would definitely bolster their defenses by a large margin.

And with that all of that out of the way, the four said goodbye to Miya and Elsa. The two wanted to stick around and see how they would do but Helheim really wasn't a place to loiter around. Danger lurked in every corner, whether it be through monsters or through other players. Due to that, Miya and Elsa informed Bukubukuchagama that after the raid was over, she was free to either join up with them to further explore Alfheim, or continue partnering up with Nao's party. The two knew they would face further hardsh.i.p.s the further they delved into this realm. It would be up to her to decide.

And Bukubukuchagama acknowledged the two. She did thank Miya and Elsa for all that they've done for her till now. As for Miya, she essentially shipped her and Nao, so if Nao didn't take this chance and start building a bond with Bukubukuchagama, there probably wouldn't be another chance to do so.

In the end, Miya and Elsa departed back for Alfheim. Nao, Isabella, Tabula and Bukubukuchagama didn't chat any longer and directly opened the raid's interface. After inviting her into the party, the four selected the Lair of the Icy Soul Devil. As to whether the Adorner of the Soul job class was actually here, Nao didn't know. But knowing Yggdrasil's possibilities, he couldn't help but get excited.

Once the four found themselves inside the raid, sure enough they received a system notification detailing that the dungeon had four floors that was revealed to them. The first floor was the >, which brought them to the big open area directly in the center of the castle. The second area was the <>, which led them inside the walls. The third area was none other than the <>, which was the boss room. The fourth area was the <>, where it would bring the party to the walls of the icy castle. Lots of ranged monsters roamed about here.

As to whether they could find the hidden floor that contained the torch to light the way of the devil's soul, it would be up to their luck. Nao needed to regardless, as he was placing his hopes on the hidden reward. If it could be the Adorner of the Soul job class, it would be all worth while.

For Nao's job classes, as of now, he had Holy Magic, Tamer, and Actor all set to Level 10. He had Angel and High Angel racial classes. All of this totaled 55 points, and he could only use another 45 for his build. Soul of the Adorner would take another 10 points. The 3rd tiered racial class Angel of Life that Nao was aiming for would spend another 5 points, as high level racial classes can only level up to 5. Nao also had plans to hunt for a hidden class scroll, and if he could obtain it, that would spend another 5 points.

All of this totaled 75 points, Nao would only have 25 left for the remainder of his build. This was plenty though. 5 would be put aside for his Dragon Rider promoted job class once that tree becomes available to him in another rank or two. Another 10 would be saved for the World Champion unique job class, as Nao had plans to enter the World Champion Tournament.

It was unfortunate such a tournament was nowhere to be found, and perhaps it wouldn't be announced until players started to reach level 100, the peak of Yggdrasil. This would leave now with 10 points. As Nao was going on a direct opposite path of Ainz, perhaps he would be able to find a Ruler of Life job class along the way. If that existed, his build would be complete.

And with that in mind, Nao had to tread forth on his path with his friends and family. Bukubukuchagama may become a part of that eventually as well. His first step to all of this was to clear this raid that no one else could!

And before the four realized it, they found themselves deep within the castle courtyard, filled with mobs. They started to count in the hundreds. But thanks to Bukubukuchagama's insane defenses, Isabella was able to become an off tank, letting Bukubukuchagama become the main tank. Isabella could start to shift her attention on more than one thing at a time thanks to this.

As for Nao, he could launch flurries of spells thanks to the amount of Mana he has now. Tabula stuck with ranged attacks and sneaking skills. Their levels slowly started to rise once against as the lowest level of these mobs matched their current, level 40...

And before the four realized it, time started to speed up before their very eyes as they cleared floor to floor. Forget about dying and testing the waters, their teamwork started to shine and they were able to take care of enemies with minimal trouble! And by doing that they were able to locate the hidden floor of the dungeon, effectively clearing it before heading to the devil's lair! Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!-(ii)_51636651079820053 for visiting.

The devil through slanders and curses as the party, debuffing like no tomorrow. One thing to note was that it actually had a unique skill that would forcibly take hold of a player's body, effectively becoming its puppet. This would last a good ten to fifteen seconds and the player would take damage equal to half of their health. But if a player could deal half damage to the controlled player, hey could end the timer quicker.

This threw the four in for a loop, yet they were able to prevail through thanks to Nao's healing. Luckily for the four, Bukubukuchagama never was controlled a single time. If she was, the other three probably would have cried to death. She really did have absurd defenses. Tabula also offset some healing spells just in case for any emergencies like this. And just like that, the four whittled the devil's health down until its soul shattered into pieces.

Once its soul shattered, tons of loot dropped before their eyes, and a ding they were all waiting for resounded in their eyes. They were able to clear Yggdrasil's first raid!


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