Rebirth: Traversing The Myriad Planes Chapter 302

Volume 3: Second Reincarnation Chapter 303 28: Guilds

A/N : Aht here. Here is the second chapter of the week! More planning stuff in this chapter and things explained, so it may be an info dump to some of you. The path from lv1 to 50 is now over, and Nao will start his second path of lv51 to 100!

It's soon time to create a Guild and start conquering more dungeons and find some World Items! The World Champion tournament won't be too much longer either!

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Nao suddenly let out some curses after reviewing how absurd the Auric Soulfire Lamp was. Well, it did originate from one of the leaves of Yggdrasil, having the same power as the nine realms. Each one was powerful in their own right. Find authorized novels in , faster updates, better experience, Please click #!_51907470779541430 for visiting.

Yet Divine Items weren't the cream of the crop. One higher tier stood higher than them and the rest of the tiers. And those were World Items! World Items belonged to its own tier, reigning over the game itself.

World Items were said to only have 200 in existence, and many had powers to break the game's balance. They could even request the GMs to do one's bidding. Not a single one had made a public appearance yet, they either had insanely long questlines, impossible world or raid bosses to slay, or require an absurd amount of super high end crafting materials to craft.

Yes, it was possible to craft World Items too! Most of these came from Guild Weapons that everyone in a guild would have to spend countless hours on. One such weapon was the Staff of Ainz Oowl Gown. It was also rumored this weapon even broke past the World Item tier, becoming its own godly entity.

Nao did have plans to hunt some World Items, and craft his own too. He also planned to hunt down a guild base for him and the girls. Little did he know that the starting point for that would come so soon!

Speaking of Guilds, the other realms have unlocked them in this one year of time. It did appear there was a prerequisite to unlock them!

And now, Tabula tried to retort Nao with his own speculation, but the four were soon interrupted by another flurry of system notifications. The prior notifications seemed to be the end but turns out there were more.




"Seriously it's just one thing after another, huh?", Nao couldn't help but speak that aloud, letting out another retort.

"I was wondering why our Guild functions were grayed out. I do have my own contacts in the other realms and they've already started creating Guilds. Guess that's one more mystery solved. To think it was hidden away like that...",,Tabula said as he started to utter to himself.

"This is really cool! I've always wanted to be part of a Guild! Do you have an interest in creating one, Nao!?", Bukubukuchagama asked happily.


"What's with that nonchalant tone? Do you not want to?"

"It's not like that, haha. I do plan creating my own but I'm looking for a specific base of sorts. Besides both you and Tabula are destined to be part of another, let alone mine..."

"We're to be part of another...? There you go spouting things off like destiny or fate again. Hmph, if I decide I'm to join yours then damn it, I will!", Bukubukuchagama yelled out with a pout.

"That is a curious point you keep bringing up, but if we are to be part of another Guild, can't say it doesn't pique my interest. We haven't really net anyone outstanding though, mostly people who just want to kill us."

"That is true. I'm not sure if we'll encounter that individual but to be in the safe side, you guys can be on the lookout for a lone skeleton mage. If you two ever come across such an individual, let me know."

"A skeleton mage, huh? Got it. But party leader, enough of that, you've got a decision to make right now don't you? We got to to something about this raid dungeon. I didn't think it'd become a base for us to choose from. But if you want my if we have no intentions for this place, we ought to destroy it.", Tabula said, tilting his head to the side.

"So you think that too? I was thinking same thing. I'm curious, do you all know about Guild Bases? The other realms have Guilds open and our realm l

was the last to open the Guilds. But after maintenance is over, players are going to start searching for Helheim's Guild Bases without a doubt."

As Nao conversed with Tabula and Bukubukuchagama the only one who remained quiet throughout this was Isabella. She would tend to quiet down during conversations like these. She was happy that Nao had people that he could call friends. Up until they burnt their office down, Nao hadn't made a single friend in the Overlord Plane.

Isabella was a bit worried about this considering how many friends he made back in the DBZ Plane, but seeing how things turned out to this point, she no longer had to worry. Besides, they now had the way to create their own Guild now.

To say she wasn't excited about having the girls join together again would be a lie. No doubt this was the Guild Nao would create. It already had its name too, Rising Phoenix! It was synonymous to the Phoenix itself, where Nao has the ability to rise again from being Reborn aa he wishes.

Together with his family and friends, he would rise up over the skies and reign. As to whether more members besides his family would join Rising Phoenix, it was unclear.

Well, all at least but one person. And that was Bukubukuchagama. After learning about Nao wanting to create his own Guild, Bukubukuchagama clearly said her intent about joining. As she partied with Bukubukuchagama, Nao, and Tabula, Isabella started to enjoy the presence of this adorable slime. She found her extremely cute.

She was also good friends with Miya and Elsa, and Isabella could tell those two also took a liking to Bukubukuchagama. She didn't appear on Elsa's bad side either so Isabella thought that if Nao really wanted to chase her, they might be getting a new sister soon.

Isabella also found Tabula funny in his own ways, and he definitely filled in missing spots in their party alignment. All four had good chemistry now, so she'd be surprised if Tabula ended up joining another guild. She knew he was one of forty one people to keep tabs on while playing Yggdrasil.

Isabella wondered if those 41 people would band together creating a Guild. She along with the others weren't told much yet, only Nao and Miya new the full details of this Guild.

Of course, people would know who this Guild belonged to. Once these 41 people band together, it would become none other than that of Ainz Oowl Gown! The main Guild who was depicted in the original story and it was the same Guild the main character Momonga belonged to!

But with that said about Guilds, Nao started to ask the two if they understood what Guild Bases were. Guild Bases played a fundamental role in Yggdrasil as a whole. They served as the homes of Guilds! They could be cities, dungeons, castles, you name it.

One important function of Guild Bases besides acting as a home to house guild members was that it had its own level system!

In Yggdrasil, players could only level up from 1 to 100. 100 was the absolute cap and no one ever found a means to break past that level limit. As to whether one actually exists, players would have to find out themselves.

However, Guilds worked differently. the lowest level base was 700. Depending on the size if the base's data crystal, the larger the amount of data it contained, the higher its maximum level potential was.

The highest known levels a Guild Base could contain was 3000! It was also unknown as to whether higher level Guild Bases existed beyond this point as well.

To add to that, it was said that only nine of these level 3000 bases existed in Yggdrasil, most likely one held in each realm. This was a known number though, so there could be more secret bases out there.

Once a player obtained a Guild Base and created a Guild, they could designate themselves as a guild leader. From there, they could invite other players to join their guild. The higher level Guild Base it had the more players they could house.

There also included other features as well. With the developer's tool Nao has, one could freely customize what their Guild Base looks like. Not only that, even without those tools, Guild Members could create custom NPCs!

These NPCs could have their own backstories too, but those required the developers tools, and Tabula would eventually become a settings maniac because of this. Custom NPCs, behave the same way players do, having a maximum level of 100. They also have their racial and job classes.

So if a player owned a Lv3000 Guild Base, they could create 30 Lv100 NPCs!

Ever wonder why the Great Tomb of Nazarick could even house all of those NPCs together? It was rumored that it was actually one of the nine known Lv3000 Guild Bases!

Nao had his own plans to hunt a Lv3000 Guild Base. Since Helheim had the Great Tomb of Nazarick, he would have to go to another realm. This was why he let his girls venture out to the other eight realms. Once he had a good grasp of another known Lv3000 Guild Base, he would try to acquire it at all costs.

Yet compared to the many NPCs the Great Tomb of Nazarick had, Nao only planned to create one NPC. One that would become insanely strong and easily break the game's balance. This was the very same NPC that showed up in Nao's vision of the future Planes he witnessed. A violet haired dragon girl!

To achieve this, the first step would to have all the Guilds and Guild Bases be unlocked. By clearing this raid, this step was realized, and the game will go into a server maintenance. After that, Nao's next step will to grind his level like crazy, and hunt his first world item. This World Item is called Ouroboros!

Ouroboros was actually known World Item in the original story. An enemy base of Ainz Oowl Guild used it against them to prevent the entire guild from having complete control over a very unique mineral mine which housed top and end game minerals and gems. The main concept behind this certain world that it could break the Game's balance to whatever the player wished for!

That's right, it was a wishing World Item! It was far, far superior to the Super Tier spell, Wish Upon A Star. It did not have any limitations, and it could ask the game developers to do whatever the player wanted. It was also rumored that unlike Shooting Star, it was not breakable, and had many use counts.

As to why Nao was going to hunt for this World Item, that was so he could ask the game developers to let an NPC break past the limit of level 100. This would only affect the NPC, so it would not be impossible to do so, or so he currently thought. He would let it match the Guild Base's total level, so it would become a Lv300 NPC! All for his future dragon girl, he very much was anticipating how she would turn out.

This was why Nao was also aiming for the Tamer and the Dragon Rider job classes, all for this one NPC.

And that was the gist of the current situation now that Guilds have been unlocked in Helheim. Sure he could try to hunt the Great Tomb of Nazarick himself, but after witnessing his vision of Overlord, he saw that Ainz would also come to the New World along with him. He would leave this base to him, so Nao would have to find a separate one.

With that said, the three finally concluded their conversation about the Guilds and the upcoming server maintenance. It was now the end of the day for them, and the maintenance would last for a total of two days, one day to implement the Guilds feature, and one day to implement the Guild Bases feature in Helheim. In the past year these two day maintenance would occur when the other eight realms achieved the same thing.

But before the four would decide to log off four the day, they reached the conclusion to destroy the raid dungeon that was the Lair of the Icy Soul Devil. None of the four wanted to be in charge of this data crystal, so after Nao selected his choice, the humongous ice castle started to crumble before their very eyes.

After it vanished, Nao, Isabella, Tabula and Bukubukuchagama called it quits, as they didn't have much time before the server maintenance began. Nao felt as if its been ages since he's been offline for a good amount of time, so he could use this time to destress the recent grinds he's been through, and regroup with the girls.

Nao also wanted to take extra care of Aht, as she was currently pregnant with his child. He was also curious about another girl he had met when he visited Aht's homeland. Nao and Aht officially met her inside Historia, the historian known as Nemesia. During her time spent alongside Stocke, she acted as the Red Chronicle's bearer, which played a similar role to the White Chronicle. It allowed the White Chronicle to traverse many more outcomes, it was essentially a world of endless possibilities. But now that she no longer had that role, she had decided to accompany Nao and the girls on his journey.

Yet she did not immediately join them as she still needed to wrap up personal business on her end. She was curious about the adventures Nao and the girls had and would have in the upcoming futures. Finally having time to settle down a bit, Nao decided that it would now be a good time to bring up Nemesia to Aht and Eir, as they too were part of Historia.