Cultivation Online Chapter 146

146 20th Floor
\u003cYou have passed the 1st floor. Please ascend to the next floor within 10 seconds or you will automatically fail the trial.\u003e

"What? That was easy" Yuan mumbled to himself in a surprised tone when he defeated the monster with such ease. "Well, this is the first floor, after all"

A few seconds later, Yuan ascended to the next floor by walking up the staircase not far away from him.

However, he didn't immediately reach the 2nd floor and entered the resting area that was between the first and second floor instead.

\u003cYou have entered the resting area. The timer will begin when you begin to cultivate.\u003e

Yuan ignored the resting area and proceeded to the 2nd floor.

Meanwhile, outside the tower, the disciples there were dumbfounded when the first floor glowed a golden light so quickly.

"What? Whoever is inside has already passed the first floor? But that's too quickly even for the first floor! Not even Fairy Min cleared it that fast!"

The disciples outside were dumbfounded by what they had witnessed.

"Maybe that disciple had used his most powerful technique from the start? That would explain it."

"What a waste of energy!"

"Hahaha! What an idiot! Who uses their strongest attack on the first floor?"

However, not even a minute later, the second floor glowed a golden light.

"What?! He'd passed another floor so quickly already?! Is he trying to exhaust all of his spiritual energy before he reaches the tenth floor?!"

Half a minute later

"Another one! He's on the third floor already!"

Another half a minute later

"Again?! This disciple clearly doesn't understand how the tower works!"

The disciples were slightly shocked, as they cannot imagine what must be going through the mind of the disciple challenging the tower right now.

Three more minutes later, the ninth floor glowed a golden light.

"Heavens This disciple He's not even taking any breaks in-between each floor!"

"Hahaha! I'll give him 20 floors maximum before he gets kicked out of the tower for exhausting his energy!"

"20? You're being too generous! I bet that idiot won't even make it past the 10th floor!"


While the disciples laughed merrily outside the tower, inside the tower, Yuan had just stepped onto the tenth floor.

\u003cYou have 10 minutes to defeat the Magical Beasts\u003e

Once the magical beasts appeared two of them for the first time, the timer began.





"Two monsters, huh? They're still only at the 2nd level Spirit Warrior realm, though."

Yuan then controlled the Starry Abyss to kill one of the magical beasts while he pounced at the second magical beast with the Empyrean Overlord raised.

"Bloody Sword Strike!"

The large sword glowed a red color, and


The entire floor shook when Yuan sliced the magical beast in half like a sharp knife cutting through tofu before hitting the floor. However, there was surprisingly no damage done to the floor despite being struck by Yuan, which is one of the reasons why Yuan hasn't been minding his own strength too much.

After passing the 10th floor, Yuan continued to the 11th floor.

\u003cCongratulations on reaching 10 floors. The difficulty has been adjusted.\u003e

\u003cMagical Beasts will now have 'Weak Regeneration'\u003e

\u003cMagical Beasts will have their power, speed, and defenses increased slightly\u003e

\u003cThe trail for the 11th floor will begin in 10 seconds\u003e

A massive green mantis appeared in the center of the room ten seconds later and stared at Yuan with an intimidating gaze while emitting an aura close to the 4th level of the Spirit Warrior realm.

'From the second level to the fourth level? I might have to fight Spirit Masters later at the higher floors' Yuan swallowed nervously before controlling the Starry Abyss to attack the green mantis.


However, to his surprise, the green mantis was defeated as easily as the monsters from the previous floors.

'Maybe it's not as difficult as it appears' Yuan thought to himself as he continued to ascend the tower with relative ease, and he proceeded to slay the magical beasts on each floor with the same speed as he did from floors one to ten.

When the disciples saw how quickly Yuan ascended from the 11th floor to the 20th floor, they were all gobsmacked.

"Good lord! Where is this disciple getting his energy from?! He rushed from the 1st floor to the 20th floor in less than 10 minutes! That's freaking ridiculous!"

'Disciple Yuan' Min Li stared at the tower that was one-fifth lit up with golden lights with a nervous frown on her face.

'20 floors in 10 minutes Are you really that confident in your own abilities or are you simply being reckless?' she wondered to herself.

Meanwhile, on the 20th floor, Yuan did not immediately attack the magical beasts that had just spawned and merely looked at them with a surprised look on his face, as he'd seen these monsters before.

"Demonic Spiders? Two of them at the 5th level Spirit Warrior realm?"

Seeing these two Demonic Spiders, Yuan immediately recalled what happened not long ago at the Demonic Spider Silent Cave and sighed, "If only I was able to save that man's daughter"

A few seconds later, Yuan rushed at the Demonic Spiders without using the Starry Abyss or the Flying Daggers technique, as he had a personal grudge with Demonic Spiders and he wanted to vent a little.


The entire floor shook violently as Yuan tore apart one of the Demonic Spiders with ease.

After killing the first Demonic Spider, Yuan turned to look at the second with a calm but slightly cold look on his face.

"To think I was somewhat fearful of you not too long ago" Yuan mumbled in a low voice as he casually approached the Demonic Spider that could not speak like the one he'd encountered outside.


The Demonic Spider quickly raised its front legs that resembled scythes and slashed them at Yuan's face.


Yuan used the phoenix movement technique to dodge the incoming attacks with ease before appearing behind the Demonic Spider.



The floor shook once again as Yuan slashed the Demonic Spider with the Empyrean Overlord vertically, slicing it cleanly in half.

\u003cYou have passed the 20th floor\u003e