Cultivating 1000000 Years Chapter 1706

Chapter 1706: Light Of Faith

But after several times like this, the two of them faced each other. The comprehensive strength of this physical body was already above them. Various attribute techniques, interlocking powers, appearing vertically and horizontally, brought the two girls a great degree of battle. pressure.

Sure enough, at a certain moment, this guy suddenly exploded with the profound meaning of the earth attribute. Above the clouds, a huge brown-gray palm suddenly burst out, and it crashed down towards the location where Jiu'er was.

The power of horror erupted completely above Jiu'er's body, shredding all her body protection Qi, and exposed her body to the opponent's destructive offensive. Seeing this power, Jiu'er and A group of soldiers were attacked and killed.

A phantom body clone of Xu Yang suddenly appeared in front of Jiu'er.

"Only you dare to hurt me."

Xu Yang was full of domineering. Although he only sent a phantom body to Jiu'er, the body of this phantom body unexpectedly condensed into an indestructible sword that is indestructible, and the huge sword light rises across the sky. Shengsheng shredded the giant palm covering the sky in front of him, and while destroying the opponent's power, a sword penetrated the opponent's body.

On the spot, one of the messengers of the twelve gods was wiped out into nothingness. However, Xu Yang did not expect that after the opponents body was broken, not long after, all the fragmented flesh remains in the void. The aggregation and reorganization were completed in the shortest time.

Only after a short period of soul voiding, he returned to the peak of combat.

"Hehehe is a bit interesting. It seems that the messengers of the twelve gods are all phantoms evolved with pure law power. They are not as simple as a mortal body. No wonder they have aura. And the rhythms of their respective practices. So similar.

They were originally the twelve clones evolved from the same law. If they want to completely eliminate them, they must destroy all the twelve clones at once.

Otherwise, this battle will go on endlessly. "

After this thought appeared in Xu Yang's mind, he began to think about it and finally obliterated the plan of the phantom clone of the messenger of the twelve gods.

At the same time, the confrontation in the twelve battlefields continued. It's just that with the passage of time, even Long Kun, who is fearless and fearless, was tortured by the endless cycle of wheel battles and the immortal body that could never be completely destroyed.

The fighting consciousness is no longer as high as it was at the beginning. After all, Long Kun rarely fights protracted battles with the opponent. The more such endless grind, it will make this guy's original determined Dao heart become restless.

"Damn boss, what the **** is going on with these guys, I don't have enough patience to crush them into nothingness, and they can be resurrected. What an unreliable talent is needed to do it."

Sure enough, it seemed to have discovered that the twelve top powerhouses sent by Xu Yang had a more or less severe reduction in combat effectiveness, and the person headed by the messengers of the twelve gods finally showed a cold smile again.

Release the spiritual power for the first time to the souls of the other eleven gods messengers. "Very well, our opponents seem to have begun to decline. This is the best time for us to destroy the enemy with one blow.

Everyone obeys! All together summon the light of faith. "

As soon as the headed old man's voice fell, the other eleven physical bodies gathered around his body at the same time, enclosing the headed angel of God.

The eleven radiant rays of light on the periphery erupted perfectly on the eleven bodies at the same time.

Along with the eleven dazzling divine lights converging on the body of the man in the middle at the same time, an unparalleled huge holy light soared into the sky, almost piercing the top of the whole world.

The moment the light burst out from the deepest part of the cloud, the laws of time and space around the void battlefield gave rise to a great degree of restlessness, which immediately attracted Xu Yang's special attention.

"It seems that their strongest power is about to come, and it is time for the deity to take action in person."

At the same moment, Xu Yang did not hesitate at all, but saw a scene that made him gratify.

Although Long Kun and the others were unwilling and wanted to continue to fight this battle, they never forgot the order Xu Yang gave them in the first place.

Once they sensed that the opponent wanted to show the power of taboo-level exercises, that was when they withdrew from the core area of the main battlefield, the twelve figures followed Long Kun and withdrew from the main battlefield area.

At the same time, Xu Yang's own power simultaneously transformed twelve phantom avatars, facing each other's twelve **** messengers' silhouettes.

"From now on, it is up to me to fight all of you. It is best to play with your strongest strength. Don't let me down, otherwise this game will not be any fun for me."

Xu Yangs voice covered the entire battlefield like the voice of Gods coming, making the enemys millions of fighters feel uneasy. Even behind their own camp, those wild soldiers saw Xu Yang as if Gods coming. All of them instinctively knelt on the ground and worshiped.

"Oh my God, this is the true **** in our eyes, an existence that can change the life fortune of the entire wild empire. Your Excellency Xu Yang, you must win the final victory."

Everyone prayed like this deep down in their hearts, even if it was Shuangdao, the youngest and Queen Fire Lingji, who was standing in the middle of the crowd beside him, all looked up at the gods in their hearts with the most pious eyes.

At this time, Xu Yang, the avatar of the twelve phantoms, displayed unparalleled strength at the same time, but even so, there is still no trace of Xu Yangs performance. On the contrary, each of his avatars demonstrates the actual combat ability. All are much stronger than the twelve before.

"It seems that we have only one real opponent, and that is the only leader of this foreign invader. Your strength is really strong, and you can still be able to achieve such a soul realm as you like. It is really incredible.

It's a pity that this time you will be facing the complete law of the twelve of us. This kind of power looks at the entire Second Temple. In addition to creating the master of our appearance, no one can resist the fantasy world. The mission that belongs to you is over and heading for fall. "

It can be seen that the leader of the messenger of the twelve gods has full confidence in the power of this taboo law, and what he just said is indeed not exaggerated. The complete law is for any illusion space. In other words, they are all manifestations of the power of absolute dominance.

It is a pity that their opponent this time is not someone else, but Xu Yang, who is hard to find a second one from the entire main continent, a character destined to step out of his own peerless monument.

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