Dragon God Sovereign Chapter 4116

Chapter 4116: Hundreds Of Supreme Soaring

Mountain behind the alchemy temple.

Yun Fengxiao smiled happily: "Brother Feng, frankly speaking, as a person from the Temple of Chaos, I really don't believe you will make friends with us."

"I make friends in Feng Wuchen. I don't care about the identity of the other person, but look at people coming. Brother Yun is good."

Feng Wuchen smiled lightly: "Big Brother Yun, I'm here this time, I'm actually looking for something to do with you."

"Something to do with me?" Yun Fengxiao looked at Feng Wuchen in surprise.

Yun Fengxiao is only a disciple of the alchemy palace, whether it is cultivation level or alchemist realm, they are very weak.

What can Feng Wuchen do to find him?

"Big Brother Yun, I established the Dragon Soul and want to invite you to join. I need someone I can trust." Feng Wuchen smiled lightly.

"Dragon Soul?" Yun Fengxiao said in a slight embarrassment, "Brother Feng, I have this cultivation base to join Dragon Soul, isn't it good?"

"It's okay, I can improve Brother Yun's cultivation level very quickly, including the alchemist realm. Dragon Soul has several powerful alchemists." Feng Wuchen smiled lightly.

"Since Brother Feng personally invited him, if he doesn't agree, it will be too shameless!" Yun Fengxiao smiled happily.

"That's it." Feng Wuchen said with a smile: "At that time, Brother Yun can return to the alchemy palace whenever he wants."

"Brother Feng, how strong is the Dragon Soul?" Yun Fengxiao asked curiously.

"Very strong." Feng Wuchen smiled mysteriously.

"Young Hall Master Qi, someone has ascended, it's an old man." At this moment, Xuan Liu's protector suddenly heard a respectful voice.

"It's soaring? Didn't it mean half a month? Why is it a few days earlier? It should be the treasure of the chaos realm that I left." Feng Wuchen was taken aback, and immediately transmitted the voice: "I will rush over. "

"Big Brother Yun, suddenly there is something important, I have to go first, then you will go directly to the Sanctuary Pangu Immortal Mansion to find me." Feng Wuchen laughed quickly, and immediately disappeared.

"Brother Feng!" Yun Fengxiao wanted to say something, Feng Wuchen had disappeared.

"A strong cultivation base is great, and I have to work hard to cultivate, but I can't shame Brother Feng." Yun Fengxiao sighed, full of envy.

What Yun Fengxiao didn't know was that joining Dragon Soul would change his life's fate.

What Yun Fengxiao didn't even knew was that he would become the top powerhouse in the Megatron Chaos Domain in the future.


The Gate of Chaos World.

Pan Guxi walked out of the chaos world.

Feeling the enormous chaos aura, Pan Guxi smiled excitedly: "This must be the chaos world! The aura is terrifying!"

"Is the predecessor from the Pangu Realm?" Xuanliu's guardian appeared and asked respectfully with his fists.

The Xuanliu guardian suddenly appeared, silently, and immediately frightened Pan Gu Xi.

"The old man came from the Pangu Realm." Pan Guxi hurriedly clasped her fist. He felt a very terrifying power from the Xuanliu Protector.

This person must be the top powerhouse in the chaos world.

Protector Xuanliu held his fist respectfully again: "The Young Hallmaster ordered his subordinates to wait again. The Young Hallmaster is rushing over."

"Young Hall Master?" Pan Guxi was taken aback, and secretly said: "Is it Feng Wuchen that kid? If Feng Wuchen builds the Dragon Temple, then at least he is also the Hall Master. How could he be the Young Hall Master? He can't be mistaken, right? ?"

At this moment, the gate of the chaos world shone golden light again, and another old man walked out of the gate of the chaos world.

The second soaring one is Yuanshi Zhizun.

Demon Emperor Supreme, Sword Soul Supreme, Huangyan Emperor, Wushuang Supreme, Xuan Zhan Patriarch and others, successively walked out of the gates of the chaos realm.

Seeing the old men walking out of the gates of the chaos realm, in just a few minutes, dozens of people soared, the guardian of Xuan Liu was stunned and couldn't believe it.

For tens of millions of years, no one has soared in the chaos world, and Feng Wuchen was the first.

But today, so many people have soared up in one day.

"Who are they? Why did this protector feel a huge sense of oppression?" Xuanliu's protector was extremely shocked.

What shocked Xuanliu's guardian even more was that these elders seemed to be very weak in cultivation, but they gave people the feeling of being an outsider.

The ancient aura exuding from these old men is extremely domineering.

"Young Hall Master Qi, many people have already ascended!" Xuanliu's guardian respectfully said, and looked at Pan Guxi and the others in shock.

"I'm ready to arrive." Feng Wuchen said with a smile, extremely excited.

"It is indeed the Chaos Realm, with a very large and strong spiritual energy. Even if there is no cultivation, this seat will feel that the cultivation base is slowly improving!" Yuanshi Supreme smiled excitedly.

"Finally successfully ascended the Chaos Realm!" Wushuang Supreme smiled happily.

"Where is Feng Wuchen boy?" Space Supreme looked around, not seeing Feng Wuchen's figure, only Xuan Liu protector.

"Seniors, please wait a moment, the Young Hall Master will be here soon." Xuan Liu said respectfully.

"call out!"

As soon as the Xuan Liu protector's voice fell, Feng Wuchen turned into an appearance.

"Young Hallmaster!" Xuan Liu's protector saluted respectfully.

"Protector Xuanliu, thank you very much. This is a tenfold space ring. You should go back to practice first. Just leave it to me." Feng Wuchen smiled happily, and gave Xuanliu a tenfold space ring.

"Ten times the space ring?" Xuanliu's guardian's heart was so scared that he jumped out, and immediately forced him: "Yes, Young Master."

"Good apprentice!" Wushuang Supreme was overjoyed.

"Senior Pan Guxi, Senior Yuan Shi, Master, you can be regarded as soaring!" Feng Wuchen smiled happily, his expression extremely excited.

Yuan Shi Zhizun happily smiled and said, "Thanks to the treasures of the Chaos Realm that you left behind, this allowed us to overcome the catastrophe several days in advance."

At the gate of the chaos world, people keep coming out, all of them are a hundred supreme.

After half an hour, all the 100 Supremes soared smoothly.

The Xuan Liu protector directly stunned on the spot.

There are so many people in the Pangu Realm who soared on the same day, and every state of mind of these old men is unfathomable.

Pangu Realm is too scary, right?

"Hundreds of supreme beings have all ascended smoothly, Master, Senior Yuan Shi, I will take you to Pangu Immortal Mansion." Feng Wuchen smiled happily.

"Feng Wuchen, who is the strong man just now? Why do you call you the Young Master?" Ancestor Xuan Zhan asked curiously.

"The cultivation level of the guardian just now must be very terrifying." The Demon Emperor said, with his eyesight, he would not be wrong.

Feng Wuchen happily smiled and said: "He is the protector of the Chaos Temple, the strong chaos Tianzun, I am now the Young Master of the Chaos Temple, and the Chaos Temple is the most powerful force in the Chaos World."

"What? You are the most powerful Young Hallmaster?" Hundreds of Supremes were shocked.

Seeing the shocked expressions of a hundred supreme beings, Feng Wuchen smiled triumphantly: "Of course, don't look at who I am, Master, you will understand after you understand the Chaos World."

"It's rare to fly into the Chaos Realm. You must take a good look at these Japanese people. As for cultivation, don't worry." Wushuang Supreme smiled happily.

Feng Wuchen smiled happily: "Master, in the future you must be the one hundred supreme gods in the chaos world!"