Martial Immortal Inheritance System Chapter 1103

Chapter 1103: Success

"Wuxian Inheritance System (

"Hurry up, don't sell it!"

The previous version of Blood Sea Demon Immortal urged, but the current version of Blood Sea Demon Immortal also looked at Zhang Yunhao to see what reason he could say!

"The first reason is that even if you defeat me, you cannot destroy the dragon veins in the world of Wuxian, because the Great Emperor Wuxian will definitely appear to stop you!"

Zhang Yunhao said slowly: "Actually you know this yourself, you are fighting him and he can't do it temporarily!"

The current version of Blood Sea Moxian nodded: "Yes, the probability is very low, but no matter how low the probability is, I have to fight it because I must kill him!"

Zhang Yunhao said: "In other words, the chance of success for your own revenge is very small, but in the past, you seized the house, with my help, the probability is far greater than your own revenge, this is my first reason!"

"This reason is a bit reluctant, because there are too many uncertain factors. For example, will you really be the opponent of Emperor Wuxian?"

The current version of the blood sea demon said: "You were cultivated by Emperor Wuxian, and he will never cultivate a stronger opponent than himself. Therefore, your final fate may be to become his nourishment and help him. growing up!"

"After all, I have to do one!"

Zhang Yunhao smiled and said, "Now lets talk about the second reason, that is, you dont want to destroy the world!"

"Your reason is really funny, my blood sea demon fairy will care about the safety of this world?"

The past version and the current version of Blood Sea Demon sneered at the same time. Zhang Yunhao looked at them and said with a smile: "Yes, because you are also a part of this world. If your plan succeeds, I will die and the world of Wuxian will be destroyed, Wuxian When the Great Emperor falls, no one can resist the coming catastrophe!"

"I don't know what the catastrophe is, but it must be of the world-destroying level, and even the power of the two universes can't be resisted when the power of the two universes are superimposed. There is no Wuxian world, no Wuxian Great, without me, this world is dead. !"

Zhang Yunhao continued: "And you, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, you don't want the universe to be destroyed, am I right, Sister Ghost?"

"Do you think you know me well?"

The previous version of Blood Sea Demon Fairy turned his head and snorted, and the current version of Blood Sea Demon Fairy also sneered: "You actually put your chances of winning on the basis that I will care about the life and death of the universe, Xiao Bawang, it seems that you are not as smart as I thought. !"


Zhang Yunhao smiled and said, "I have said everything that should be said about me, Sister Ghost, now is the time for you to choose!"

After speaking, Zhang Yunhao said to the previous version of the Blood Sea Demon: "Your soul breath!"

"Give you!"

The previous version of Blood Sea Demon Fairy gave Zhang Yunhao a bit uncomfortable, and cut off his soul breath to Zhang Yunhao. Zhang Yunhao didn't talk nonsense, nodded and left this time!

As soon as Zhang Yunhao left, everything returned to normal. Blood Sea Demon Fairy blinked. It seemed that something extraordinary had happened just now, but why didn't he have any impression?

At this moment, a gentle but majestic male voice rang: "Sorry, I am late!"

Looking at the very affectionate man in front of him, the blood sea demon fairy somehow felt a little upset, she said: "I'm in a bad mood, fight with me!"

The man was a little surprised when he heard the words, then smiled and nodded. He has a character, I like it!

No more mention of the past. In the sea of blood, Zhang Yunhao's pale complexion squeezed the breath on his hand, the wheel of time behind him, and the star formation of Zhou Tian above, all dimmed!

Zhang Yunhao said that he was very puzzled: "Is the burden so huge? Wasn't it easy for Tianji Martial Saint to transfer so many people back then?"

"Although there are many people, there is not even a single deity. How can it compare with my soul breath? My soul breath is comparable to an ordinary person on the mainland. How can you not be tired when you bring so many people back?"

The current version of the blood sea demon said coldly: "Hmph, even if you bring her back, it's useless, because I will never let her replace me, although she will definitely help me take revenge, but she is not me after all. I want to revenge myself."

Zhang Yunhao didn't speak, and directly sent the soul breath into the body of the blood sea demon fairy. The blood sea demon said angrily: "Can't you understand human words?"

Zhang Yunhao still did not speak, but looked at the Blood Sea Demon Immortal with a smile. The Blood Sea Demon Immortal was silent. After a while, she sighed and said uncomfortably: "After all, I can't hide from you! Little Overlord, thank you!"

After that, the resentment on the blood sea demon fairy dissipated at an astonishing speed!

In the current version of Blood Sea Demon Fairy, he finally chose to give up. Zhang Yunhao's plan succeeded!

Zhang Yunhao laughed loudly: "If you say no, you are still very honest! I didn't expect that Big Sister Ghost would be a deadly proud!"

"Shut up your mother, or believe it or not, after I am resurrected, I will cut you off immediately!"

The blood sea demon yelled uncomfortably, just listening to her voice knew that she was no longer the same she was, in other words, she was the past she was!

The current version of Blood Sea Demon Immortal, the voice is full of resentment, full of resentment, ordinary people will go crazy when they hear it!

But the current Blood Sea Demon Fairy's voice is rebellious, making people think of a wild girl full of vitality!

"After you are resurrected, remember to help me become a Wuxian!"

Zhang Yunhao said: "Although the unlucky ghosts have provided me with various methods, and I have thought about a lot of them myself, none of these methods have directly asked a martial immortal to help come quickly, safely, and successfully!"

Of course, it's not that the unlucky people didn't think of this method. The question is what use is it, where do you find a martial arts?

Wuxian has disappeared for thousands of years. If Wuxian were there, how could they become unlucky ghosts? So this method is useless at all!

Zhang Yunhao didn't think it was useless at all. Since there is no Wuxian now, create one by himself. It's that simple!

The blood sea demon yelled: "Why do I want to help you become a Wuxian? Also, I just said, I will hack you to death!"

"The road of Wuxian was cut off by Emperor Wuxian, you can see for yourself how to help me achieve it, the sooner the better, we don't have much time to wait!"

Zhang Yunhao said: "In addition, you can order the Shura clan to stop now, I don't want more dead people!"

While Zhang Yunhao and the Blood Sea Demon Fairy were fighting, the Shura Clan was still attacking the major sacred sites. Because of the coming of the Nether Blood Sea, their strength greatly increased. In addition, the top ten were transferred away. Now the major sacred sites are quite comparable. Danger.

Under this circumstance, Zhang Yunhao naturally wanted the blood sea demon to stop the war first!

"You can't even beat the Asura clan, you juniors are really embarrassing!"

The blood sea demon said disdainfully, but still gave the order of truce through the ghost blood sea!


The Asuras looked at the sacred place that was about to be breached, very shocked, but this was the order of the Asura God, no matter how puzzled they were, they could only obey.

The **** Shura is the master of all Shura!

Therefore, the Shura all retreated and returned to the camp outside the Holy Land!

And in the sea of blood, the battle stopped. The envoy flew over and asked puzzledly: "Master, why do you want to stop the war, I am about to kill that pesky woman?"

"I didn't even touch the corner of my clothes, dare to say that I was killed? Are you afraid of being ashamed?"

Miao Xue flew to Zhang Yunhao's face with disdain, and asked, "Little Overlord, what's the situation?"

Zhang Yunhao pretended to be mysterious and said: "You'll know in a while!"

When the blood sea demon fairy saw the flying envoy, he said uncomfortably: "I want to stop the war and stop the war, why can't I explain to you?"

The divine envoy found the difference between the blood sea demon immortal in an instant, and asked in astonishment: "Master, how did you change? Uh, it's not changed, it's changed back to the way it was before!"

"My old lady is like this from beginning to end, don't talk nonsense."

The blood sea demon said impatiently, the divine envoy hurriedly nodded. In addition to doubts, there is more joy in his heart. It likes such a master. The previous one has too much resentment. Although it doesn't mind, it must not be present. This is good!

"Little Overlord, don't think that you count everything, the old lady will be resurrected soon, then, you will wait for death!"

Blood Sea Demon Immortal sneered towards Zhang Yunhao. The crowd around was surprised when they heard the words. Miao Xue hurriedly asked: "What's the matter, why Blood Sea Demon Immortal can be resurrected? Doesn't she have to gather blood immortals to be resurrected? "

Zhang Yunhao said: "Yes, I gave her my blood fairy. It was originally hers, but it was made into a fairy after being divided by the Great Emperor Wuxian!"

"Huh? You gave the blood fairy to the blood sea demon fairy?"

Everyone exclaimed in unison, are you sure your brain was not kicked by the donkey? There seems to be a traitor among us?

Po Tian Wu Sheng couldn't help saying: "Little Overlord, you must tell me that you are joking!"

"Of course he is not joking. The old lady is about to be resurrected. Hahaha, Emperor Wuxian, you wait for the old lady. Not only did you deceive the old lady's feelings and body, you also chopped off the old lady, dividing the body into several pieces for refining. Become an immortal, if my old lady chops you up, you will not be named blood in the future!"

The Blood Sea Demon Fairy gritted his teeth and said, the entire Nether Blood Sea was responding to her grievances!

Although she hadn't experienced this personally, when she thought that another herself had suffered such pain, the blood sea demon was really angry. In any case, she must kill Wuxian the Great!

Everyone looked at the angry Blood Sea Demon Immortal, and was very shocked, because the blood sea Demon Immortal's resentment was significantly less than before. Before, it was simply the incarnation of resentment, the kind that would rather destroy the universe and have revenge, but now, it is just ordinary The **** hatred!

Miao Xue saw the clues at once, and asked in surprise, "Blood Sea Demon Fairy is back to normal?"

The blood sea demon said uncomfortably: "Little girl, what's wrong with my old lady? Don't talk nonsense, otherwise it will be very troublesome!"

"You actually threatened such a lovely girl like me, you are indeed normal, Xiaobawang, how did you do it?"

Miao Xue asked incredulously, and other people looked at Zhang Yunhao in shock. This was even more incredible than killing the Blood Sea Demon Immortal!

Even Xinmeng couldn't help asking: "Yes, how did you do it?"

"Of course it depends on personal charm!"

Zhang Yunhao flicked his hair and said, there was vomiting around, and the blood sea demon yelled, "Boy, when I am resurrected, you will know how terrible people can die!"

Zhang Yunhao said lightly: "If you want revenge, you can't kill me! Only my little overlord can defeat Emperor Wuxian and defeat that mysterious enemy!"

The blood sea demon sneered and said: "What you said is the same as the truth, you are not even Wuxian now!"

"Before this battle, many people also said that I could not save the world of Wuxian, but now I am saved?"

Zhang Yunhao said lightly: "My existence represents a miracle!"

The blood sea demon said dissatisfied: "You save? Do you believe it or not I will let the Asura clan continue to attack?"

Zhang Yunhao said very seriously: "Don't believe me!"

The blood sea demon fairy was speechless, she rolled her eyes, but didn't really give an order. She really couldn't do such a thing, even though she was a demon fairy!

The high priest of the Asura clan asked the Blood Sea Demon Immortal: "Great God, why not continue to attack? We have a chance to win and will soon become the master of this universe!"

"I need to explain to you?"

The blood sea demon yelled displeasedly, and the high priest immediately knelt down in fright, begging the true **** for forgiveness. After all, everything he had came from the true god!

The blood sea demon snorted and waved his hand, sending all the Shura in the ghost blood back to the world of Shura, leaving only the envoy and the heart dream. One of the two is a 100% obedient pet, and the other is the reincarnation of the god. Not the Shura!

"Little Overlord, the problem of the Asura clan, you have to find a way to solve it!"

The blood sea demon said to Zhang Yunhao: "I just felt a little bit. The strength of the Asura clan is much stronger than our martial artist. In this case, even me, it is difficult to suppress After all, they now have the strength to seize the universe!"

Hearing the words "our martial artist", everyone immediately relieved their hearts. It seems that the blood sea demon fairy is their own!

The divine envoy said to the blood sea demon fairy: "Master, why bother to help humans, wouldn't it be better to take the universe directly?"

"The Shura has no real warriors, only humans, and the Shura is a war race. If they seize the world, sooner or later other lives in the universe will be killed by them. When there are no enemies in the universe, they will destroy themselves. Yourself!"

Blood Sea Demon Immortal shook his head and sighed: "I made them, it seems they are all failures!"

God made speechless, and said in front of me that I was a failure. Is this really good?

"The Shura are only tools of war, not a real race!"

Zhang Yunhao said: "When I become Wuxian, I can easily suppress them. As for the future, I will talk about it after the crisis of Wuxian world and extinction is solved!"

"That's true, let's talk about it then!"

Blood Sea Demon Immortal nodded, Miao Xue's eyes flashed, and said to the Blood Sea Demon Immortal: "Master Demon Immortal, why not take all these Asuras back into the Nether Blood Sea? This will also increase your strength!"

"The little girl's heart is very poisonous. I am the **** of Shura. They are the lives I created. I will not kill them, and I will not allow others to kill them."

The Blood Sea Demon snorted and said to Zhang Yunhao: "Little Overlord, you created this situation. You must think of a way to get the best of both worlds for me!"

"Dare I do something wrong?"

Zhang Yunhao was a bit speechless, but he still agreed: "Leave it to me, when I become a Wuxian, there will be a way to place them!"

"That's good!"

The blood sea demon fairy who succeeded in shaking the pot was in a good mood, and her body was violently recovered, and she was about to resurrect!