All Heavens Check In From Douluo Chapter 489

Chapter 489: Reunited Old Friends

Outside the lock demon tower, Xu Changqing and Zi Xuan were watching the situation of the lock demon tower, in case any demons took advantage of them to flee, when they heard the sudden sound behind them, both of them were taken aback.

"It's Xuejian Girl and Jing Shaoxia!"

Zi Xuan quickly reacted, looking in the direction where the sound came from, and soon saw Tang Xuejian and Jingtian and others in red.

"How come they came to Shushan, and they also came near the Lock Demon Tower."

Xu Changqing also saw Tang Xuejian and the others, and couldn't help being a little surprised: "Chang Jin is with them too!"

"Don't you know if you just take a look?"

Zi Xuan smiled and walked directly towards Tang Xuejian and the others.

Although she and Xu Changqing are sitting here to prevent the monsters in the demon lock tower from taking the opportunity to escape, it does not mean that the two of them will stay here all the time.

After all, besides the two of them, there are many Shushan disciples near this lock demon tower, even if they leave for a while, it won't have much impact.

"Brother Changshou, I have a few friends here, so I will leave it to you first."

Xu Changqing looked at a Shushan disciple not far away, and said solemnly.

"Junior Brother, don't worry, there will be no problem if I sit here!"

Chang Shi immediately smiled and said: "You can rest assured that you can tell your friends about the past, Junior Brother."

Although Xu Changqing was expelled from Shushan by Qingwei and several elders and became an abandoned disciple of Shushan, in the hearts of many Shushan disciples, Xu Changqing has always been regarded as a brother.

Especially this time when Xu Changqing learned that Shushan was in trouble, he hurried back to Shushan to support him as an abandoned disciple of Shushan, which greatly increased his favor among the Shushan disciples.

Therefore, even if Xu Changqing is still an abandoned disciple of Shushan, most of the disciples on Shushan still treat him as brothers.

After receiving Chang Shou's reply, Xu Changqing was relieved.

Although his senior brother did not have many accomplishments in immortal arts, he was superb in his swordsmanship. In terms of swordsmanship alone, no disciple of Shushan could outperform him!

There is Chang Ji who sits here, and with the support of the crowd around him, he is not worried about any accidents.

"Then thank you brother."

Xu Changqing nodded Chong Changshou, hurried to catch up with Zi Xuan, and walked towards Tang Xuejian and others.

"Brother Changqing, Miss Zixuan."

Seeing Xu Changqing and Zi Xuan, Chang Jin quickly greeted him, then looked at Tang Xue and the others, and couldn't help but ask: "Senior brother and Miss Zi Xuan know these people?"

Before Xu Changqing was expelled from Shu Mountain, the relationship between him and Xu Changqing had been very good, and Xu Changqing did not give him much guidance on his practice.

Even after Xu Changqing was expelled from Shushan, the relationship between the two was not affected.

When Xu Changqing was expelled from Shushan because of Zi Xuan's matter, he once called a lot of colleagues to intercede with the head and several elders for Xu Changqing.

It is precisely because of this that a disciple of his regular generation will be punished to guard the gate!

Later, Xu Changqing and Zi Xuan rushed back to Shushan to support, and he did not communicate with the two people less, so he and Zi Xuan were also quite familiar, and they weren't too cautious at the moment.

"I have some friendship with this Zhang brother, this Jing Shaoxia and Xuejian girl."

Xu Changqing nodded and said, "As for the girl in the green dress and the girl in the blue dress, I don't know."

"This girl in green clothes is the Baguio girl I met with you on Penglai Island before. As for the girl in blue clothes, I have never seen it before."

Before Xu Changqing had finished speaking, Zi Xuan added.

"This is Solanum. According to her, she is my sister in my previous life, so she has been by my side now."

Sedum gave a wry smile and introduced what they said.

Xu Changqing and Zi Xuan looked at each other when they heard this, and they were both able to see the surprise in each other's eyes.

They thought that Solanum was a good friend of Sedum and others, but they didn't expect that there was such a relationship among them!

"Senior Brother Changqing, since you and Baguio know each other, then I won't bother you to renew the past."

At this moment, Chang Jin on the side suddenly spoke and said, "I'll go to the lock demon tower to guard you for a while, and I will leave after you finish the old one."

After finishing speaking, Chang Jin strode towards the Demon Locking Tower without waiting for Xu Changqing to speak.

"It looks like the hero Changqing has a good relationship with them!"

Seeing this scene, Tang Xue couldn't help but joked.

"Junior Brother Chang Jin has always been enthusiastic, and he is ashamed to say that Junior Brother Chang Jin will be punished to guard the gate of the mountain, also because of pleading for me."

Xu Changqing sighed, then turned around and asked: "By the way, Xuejian girl, why did you come to Shushan?"

"That's it. Sister Baguio and Zhang Shaoxia's master heard that the Demon Locking Tower had changed, so they sent them to Shushan to support. We had nothing to do, so we followed."

Seeing that Tang Xue hadn't concealed anything, she confessed her intention openly.

"Senior Yun Feng?"

Zi Xuan heard the words in her mind that flashed in her mind the extraordinary aura she had seen on Penglai Island. She was still calm and calm even in the face of powerful people like the Demon Respect Building.

Before Zi Xuan could speak, a slightly old but full of breath suddenly sounded in everyone's ears

"Unexpectedly, Changqing, you and these little friends are actually old acquaintances!"

Everyone followed the prestige, only to find that Qing Wei had appeared near them at some point, walking towards them.


Xu Changqing owed her body slightly, and said respectfully.

"A real Muslim!"

Zi Xuan's performance was much calmer than Xu Changqing's, but she nodded slightly, her attitude was not cold, but she was definitely not enthusiastic.

"I have seen a real Qingwei!"

Hearing Xu Changqing and Zi Xuan's words, how could Baguio and others couldn't guess the identity of the person, so they immediately owed their bodies and said respectfully.


Qing slightly responded to Xu Changqing and Zi Xuan, and then looked at Baguio and the others, her expressions became kind, and smiled: "A few little friends don't need to be polite."

"Madam Qingwei is here, but what do you want?"

Hearing Qing Wei's words, Baguio straightened up immediately, neither humble nor overbearing.

Qing Wei's background is indeed not small, the real head of the Shushan Immortal Sword School, the legendary existence of Dao Chengxian.

But this is not enough to make her feel afraid or restrained when facing Qingwei, because it is Yun Feng standing behind her!

Although she doesn't know how strong Qingwei is, she can be sure that Qingwei is definitely not the opponent of Demon Respect Building!

In contrast, her Big Brother Yun was able to calm down even when facing the Demon Respect Building, and could even be recognized by the Demon Respect Building.

Therefore, in her opinion, if her Big Brother Yun and Qingwei match up, her Big Brother Yun must have a better chance of winning!

What's more, when she was in Qingluan Peak, she had dealt with such powerful men as Yun Tianhe and Murong Ziying.

Now it's just a slight, not enough to make her feel moved!

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