Super Villain System Chapter 298

Chapter 298: Wild Star Sea Aqua

"Get up all, the boat swayed."

Qin Yu's voice was very gentle, and the witches all chuckled and stood up, looking at Qin Yu admiringly with beautiful eyes.

Unlike the real witches such as the Fire Demon and Shadow Demon, the witches are very similar to human girls in terms of personality, and they are a group of little girls who chatter.

Of course, this is just their appearance.

According to the instructions given by the system, the witch is good at weird Taoism, all of which are of Yin attribute, and can also summon some terrifying necromantic creatures, much like the necromancer in previous games.

However, they are essentially monks and have a certain ability to fight in close combat. The system description mentions that because of the Yin attribute, they can condense a layer of shadow shield around their bodies and have a high defense.

In Qin Yu's understanding, these twenty witches are equal to a flesh-clad necromancer + half a melee warrior, and they are quite bull-breaking.

Their realm has also come to the pinnacle of the crystal condensing realm. For such an existence, one or two can be of great help to their careers. Now there are twenty in one breath.

Good guy, there is nothing left to say.

Laughing and touching the heads of the witches one by one, according to the old rules, Qin Yu named them witch No.1 and witch No.2...

After a while, Qin Yu was very happy to send these girls into the small world of the harem.

Next is a large wave of villain values, with more than 700,000 villain values. The best use is naturally to upgrade the Huatian Furnace to the Supreme Sacred Artifact, but now the system level is not enough to be upgraded.

All the magic weapons he possessed are now fully upgraded. According to the priority that he thought before, it is naturally best to upgrade his personal characteristics.

Qin Yu has carefully read the upgrade plan for personal characteristics before. Five hundred thousand villains can increase a rating. A rating basically increases the power of the feature by 5%. Features at the SSS level can no longer be improved. If you want to upgrade, you need to have Special props, which have to be purchased from the mall by the upgrade system, or the European Emperor attribute triggers the box to be found.

Now, Qin Yu doesn't plan to touch the box, and the villain's value is to use it honestly.

"The system gives me the personality of being brave and fearless."

"Ding, the host chooses to upgrade the brave and fearless personal trait, which will be upgraded from the original B-level (comprehensive combat power 10%) to A-level (comprehensive combat power increase by 15%), are you sure?"

An increase of 5%, with Qin Yu's current strength, is equivalent to an increase of 45,000 violent horses, and as his own strength increases, the effect will become stronger and stronger.

It's more cost-effective than buying a lot of pills, and it also saves refining time.


Qin Yu gave an order, his body flashed, and his personal characteristics changed.

Of course, the reason for the promotion of bravery and fearlessness is that this feature is easier to trigger, and it is triggered immediately when the basic fighting method is fierce.

Qin Yu, the fierce-male in the eyes of the devil concubines, the outside world is even more famous as Shura, is this not triggered casually?

The remaining 211700 villain value is kept, and there will be a better way to use it then.


You said that it is too expensive to purchase special physique and bloodline talent.

It can only rely on the lottery, or when will a son of the plane emerge and give an eight-digit villain value, it may be quite late.

As he was about to leave, suddenly a ray of light flew from the sky, Qin Yutian looked over, but saw a group of human monks coming in this direction.

"Huh? Isn't this just the frontier repair of Huang Xinghai?"

After flying wildly, Qin Yu had already escaped from the Ruthless Sea. This was the coastal waters of the Eastern Wilderness, called Huangxinghai.

It is also a place under the jurisdiction of the Yuhua Xianzong, but it belongs to the border area. In the eyes of the orthodox monks in the Eastern Wilderness, the monks here have always been regarded as rubbish.

The contemptuous title Manxiu is evident.

The people who came were all from a group of Qi Refining Realm cultivation bases, seven men in common clothes carrying a sword behind their backs, and the gourd on their waists. They didn't even have a storage bag. It can be seen that they are barren.

The next moment, the seven fell on Qin Yu's boat. The middle-aged man in the lead looked at Qin Yu and frowned, "Boy, did you see a blue light flying by here?"

Because they couldn't feel any fluctuations in Qin Yu's mana, Qin Yu dressed casually, and the Shenmu Feizhou looked ordinary, so they thought he was an ordinary fisherman who went out to fish.

Qin Yu naturally knew that the Qingguang they were looking for was him. He pointed to his right and said: "I see it, Qingguang has flew there, and it's very fast!"

"Ding, you lied to the other party, you may cause the other party to rush a few days in vain, behave badly, and get 500 points for the villain."


There was a hint of joy in the middle-aged man's eyes, and he was about to greet everyone to leave. Suddenly, there was another burst of light from the sky, and he soon flew to the front.

But it was a group of blue-skinned monks who looked a bit like murlocs.


Qin Yu showed curiosity in his eyes. The Shui Race is not a monster, but a branch of the Human Race.

It's a bit like a mermaid. The body structure is almost the same as that of the human race, but the skin is blue, the armpits have more gills, and it has two sets of respiratory systems.

In the past, the major sects in the East were greedy for the cultivation resources of the open sea and launched several small-scale plundering wars against the aquarium. In the end, the aquarium ceded large areas of water and continued to use princesses and relatives to provide various heavenly materials and treasures to stop the war.

This deserted sea of stars was originally the territory of the Shui Race, but it was ceded to the Yuhua Xianzong a hundred years ago.

However, I heard that the heroes of the Shui clan have appeared in large numbers over the years, and I am faintly uneasy, and clashes with the human races living in this area continue.

Sure enough, this group of aquarists immediately surrounded the group of brutal repairs, including Qin Yu, but the leader of the aquarium was a tall female aquarium, dressed very cool, similar to suspenders and short shorts, and looked very sexy. .

Not only her, but this group of men and women aquatics wear unusually little, and the aquaculture is indeed the most cloth-saving race among so many branches of the human race.

In addition, perhaps because of swimming in the water, Qin Yu found that these aquatic people are tall and slender, which is in line with the human aesthetics.

No wonder I heard that the aquarium girls on the black market are in short supply. They are in good shape and look good.

While Qin Yu was considering whether to capture these aquatic people and sell them, the leading tattooed woman sneered and said, "Who am I? It turns out to be Elder Zeng Qiming, who is by Haimen."

"Say, did you get that blue light?"

"Hand over the magic weapon, or kill you!"

Zeng Qiming has an ugly face, and there are many Shui people. The leading woman is called Guerjia. She is a well-known master in this sea area. She is at the ninth level in the Qi Refining Realm. Shui is very good at surface combat. People can defeat everyone on their side.

He gritted his teeth, pointed in the opposite direction Qin Yu had just pointed, and said angrily: "The strange treasure is not in our hands, this little brother said that the strange treasure is going east!"

"If you have the guts, go after it!"

To the east is the direction of the mainland, and Guarja and the aquatic people's faces sank.

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