Arcadia Chronicles: The Story Of Lien Hua

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Arcadia Chronicles: The Story Of Lien Hua
Arcadia Chronicles: The Story Of Lien Hua
Lien Hua, a mother afflicted by the pain and grief over losing her child to a terminal illness. Just as she was starting to cope with his death, she ends up losing her life.She is reborn in a world ravaged by 5 thousand years of war between Humanity and the Spiritual Beasts. The last safe haven for humankind is the Immortal Empire defended by formidable warriors. The Spiritual Masters.Will she be able to survive, but above all, find her place in this world and create her personal safe haven?-------------------------------------------------------------------Other tags: #Strong-Willed-Mc, #Mature-Mc, #Sect-Building, #ImmortalsThe usual schedule will be 1 chapter Wednesday and Saturday.-------------------------------------------------------------------Weekly Milestone Goals:150 Power Stones --> +1 Bonus Chapter200 Power Stones --> +2 Bonus Chapters250 Power Stones --> +3 Bonus Chapters-------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you very much for reading my novel ^-^PS: I don't own the cover artwork. All rights of the cover belong to the Yan Chuan, the original artist!. You can check his artworks on ArtStation. His username is Yan Chuan.