Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 1

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 1 Amano Megumi

It was a normal summer, boring even. After the trip with her friends, Amano found herself focusing on her practice. Her curvaceous, mind-numbingly voracious body sweated as it reacted to the ever-present cruel heat.

Swinging her wooden sword outside the living room, her b.r.e.a.s.ts jiggled at every move and her perky, round bottoms that dug out of her tight hotpants remained a sight to relish. The untamed movement of her b.r.e.a.s.ts pointed to the lack of underwear beneath her tight, off-white tank top and soon, the sweat stuck to each and every corner of her body.

"Hmph! Stupid Maa-kun! Always studying, always keeping his eyes away! I practice so hard to maintain my figure and he is always like that!"

Her strikes grew fierce and reckless. In her frustrations, she failed to notice how her beautiful pink n.i.p.p.l.es could now be seen through her clothes and most skin of her b.r.e.a.s.ts stuck to the cloth, creating a skin-like print.

Her luxurious black hair remained tied into a ponytail while her swings continued. The muscles of her arms, back and shoulder grew ever so tense when suddenly, a boy appeared above her out of thin air and immediately fell on her body.



Nik slowly opened his eyes as a musky scent assaulted his senses. He wasn't a warrior or an expert. It was just that the scent itself was quite strong and strangely, enticing. Taking a deep breath, Nik already knew what he had to do.

Gazing at the beautiful, fair-skinned girl pressurised by his body weight, Nik did not take long before his lips already sealed hers.

Of course, reeling through pain, Amano in fact, didn't resist the sudden soft sensation and only let herself get indulged in it. It was only when a strange... dangerous entity started moving within her mouth did her senses return. Her eyes snapped open, beautiful, glittering obsidian-black eyes gazed at the figure of a man that now sealed her lips while she failed to move her hands.

A strong hand clutched onto her wrists while her b.r.e.a.s.ts squished under the bodyweight of the man... no, boy, a youth. A black-haired one, just like her. The only thing different was that his face had a decorative scar at the corner of his right eyebrow while his face was slightly more defined and angular than Maa-kun.

But she didn't have the time to think things through. She couldn't speak and the only way she could breathe even after getting her lips sealed for so long was due to breathing through her nose. Her heart panicked as she felt her mind losing to the pleasure raging within her mouth.

'Is this it? I wished to save my first time for Maa-kun, but... am I going to get forced...

Mom... I am scared!'

Droplets of tear trickled down from the corner of her eyes when suddenly, she felt her entire tongue getting wrapped up by this mad person's. She would have immediately smacked him with her sword but...

'What is this inhumane strength?!'

Her hands remained forced on the ground. Amano, at this moment, dearly wished that her mother hadn't gone off with father for a short vacation.

She dearly wished that Maa-kun was here to protect her. But deep down, didn't she know that Maa-kun simply doesn't have the strength? He was weaker than herself, if she was overpowered, how could Maa-kun even hope of protecting her.

Image of a kind bespectacled boy flashed past her eyes while suddenly, she felt the pair of soft lips sealing her's lift up. Finally, she gasped for air and looked at the perfectly symmetrical face in front of her eyes. Megumi fell a bit dazed but seeing the tears in her eyes, Nik felt a bang inside his head.

"Sorry." Apologising, Nik immediately bit on the left strap of her tank top and tore her see-through tank-top with the sheer force of his jaws!

Her heavenly, soaked b.r.e.a.s.ts bounced outwards and immediately packed backwards while Megumi felt her heart growing colder.

'Is this it?'

She thought when suddenly, Nik dived down and plucked her left cherry topping accompanied with an erect nubbin in his mouth, sucking ferociously.


She hated it! Every single moment of what she was going through, she hated it! Megumi admitted that she could easily feel the lascivious stares of her classmates and even some perverted teachers, but her heart already thumped for Maa-kun. She didn't need anybody else. For his sake and her Kendo practice, she strived to keep her body in perfect shape.

Through various cosmetics, she kept her skin soft and supple while her body grew alongside her training and leaning towards her mother's side, her b.r.e.a.s.ts did not need any special attention as they naturally grew round and perky.

But now, those very b.r.e.a.s.ts of her were being played by a complete stranger.

She didn't want to admit it, but after a momentary despair, her body started getting hot. It wasn't the sweat or the practice. In fact, deep down, she wished that if she were to be violated, it should have been after she was fresh! Not in her current state.

But this made her even hotter.

Nefarious thoughts burnt within her mind as her nubile n.i.p.p.l.e felt a tongue twirling around her soft, pink a.r.e.o.l.ae expertly.

"Hah~ Please! Don't do this! Stop! Hmmmmm! I am begging you!"

Her lips parted yet her words failed to suppress her m.o.a.ns. In fact, they only grew louder.

Staring at her for a moment, Nik immediately let go of her b.r.e.a.s.t, allowing Megumi to feel a moment of relief and reluctance, before he once again sealed her lips. His lips, unlike previously, did not go gentle on her mouth.

She was being ravished!

Her mouth, her b.r.e.a.s.ts and hopefully, her flower! Everything was going to be ravished by this handsome youth who she did not even know and yet, his actions determined him to be the polar opposite of her crush.

Her muscles started to lose their tension under his passionate care while the afternoon sun made Megumi even more tired.

Feeling her wrist loosening up, Nik finally backed away and stood up. Under the cruel sun, his figure hidden in a blue t-shirt and a pair of black pants looked like a block of ice.

Cool, yet his eyes showed a passionate expression as his eyes properly inspected her body. Once again, Megumi felt the stare passing through her flushed face down to her soft, voluminous b.r.e.a.s.ts and then finally stopping at her crotch. Her hot pants already seemed to show the wet area.

Megumi hated this, she hated her own body's honesty. She hated the fact that her own body willfully surrendered and now she hated the reaction of her crotch that made her body twitch ever so slightly.

"My lady... let's continue this inside."

Nik whispered before he crouched and picked Megumi up with his right arm supporting her upper back and simultaneously squishing her right b.r.e.a.s.t, much to Megumi's physical ecstasy, his left hand meanwhile easily dug into her plump butt. Even the fabric of her hotpants was extremely soft, making the experience all the more enjoyable for Megumi.

Although, her butt was supposed to get groped in such a dirty and hot manner by Maa-kun, she suddenly had to think if he was actually courageous enough to do so?

Her Maa-kun would simply turn his eyes if she tried to lean her body whenever they traveled on public transport.

Was she really that off-putting?

'No...' A silent thought escaped her mind. The new realms of carnal pleasure played and twisted her thoughts cruelly. All her pent up physical frustration alongside the mental pressure of getting ignored by the simple boy who had no redeeming quality other than his cooking and that combined with the fact that she was currently being forced upon and her body simply accepted such a terrible situation easily made Megumi angry at the boy she placed all her hopes and desires upon.

The firm hands pinching the base of her soft butt and the side of her bust made her thoughts afloat further. She wished to see Maa-kun in the eyes and confess all her past feelings. Then, she wished to unleash all of her untold rage on the boy that seemed nothing but a disappointment.

Instead of thinking his fl.u.s.tered expression cute, Megumi, at this moment started to hate it and clenched her jaws while tears streamed down her face once again.

Maybe, deep down, she knew that it wasn't Maa-kun's fault. She was the one who developed the crush on the boy selfishly. She simply wanted to vent her frustration on someone, but Megumi couldn't bring herself to unleash her rage through her mouth after that very mouth had tasted the carnal pleasure the youth could bring her.


Suddenly, her back felt the comfort of her couch and she looked around only to realise that they were already in the living room.

"It's a bit uncomfortable on the couch, so please bear with me. I'll make you feel good, too."

Whispered the youth as Megumi failed to comprehend the meaning of his words. With her back supported by the couch, the youth knelt on his knees and gently placed his warm hands on her knees, spreading them apart to reveal the striking cameltoe that soaked her entire garment.

Her tight hotpants dug into her meaty thighs, truly a sight to relish. Readjusting her calves on her shoulders, Nik finally moved further and placed his lips on her meaty entrance still covered by her soft pants.

The musky scent overflowed and slowly, Nik placed his thumbs on the either side of her fleshy door that formed her cameltoe before stretching them apart.

Almost instantly, the whole living room was saturated by the musky scent so that even Megumi was finally aware of her own smell. Embarrassment filled her head but before she could muster any physical energy to stop, Nik's lips suddenly kissed her lower lips through the fabric.

Instantly, a shock passed up through her spine into her brain. Her senses started to get dull and yet, she could distinctively feel his touch and his lips slowly descending deep into her psychology.

If she could see her face through a mirror, Megumi reckoned that she would look anything but the desirable and gentle girl that attracted eyes of many save for one.

She felt that her expression would have already turned ugly. After all, such ugly acts can never make any girl look beautiful, right?

Meanwhile, under the soft caress and gentle kisses on the slowly erecting nub above her slit, Nik invoked her fluids to slid down her seal as his hands finally moved from the waist of her crotch to her h.i.p.s and pulled her hotpants in one swift motion.

Part of her underwear got stuck at her butt as she sat comfortably on the couch, but the front part of her pants was successfully pulled down, finally exposing her lower flower alongside the developing pubes right above the slick slit.


This time, Megumi finally mustered enough energy, both mental and physical to stop any further continuation. Alas, even when her hands gripped on his head, trying to push his face away while her scent only grew, she couldn't overpower him.

Strangely, the youth who looked similar to her in age was able to stay unimpressed by her arm strength as his head still moved forward, despite her gruelling efforts.

His thumbs still stretched her fleshy mounds that revealed the soft-pink, glistening flower and his lips did reach her labia, licking her entrance before tasting her nectar, something, Megumi found incredibly embarrassing once again.

Licking his lips, Nik looked up. His face appreciatively gazed at her dazzled eyes and the flush on her cheeks so dark that they could rival a ripe tomato. Her lips slightly apart as the bridge of thick, luscious saliva connected them.

"Please... stop."

Seeing tears forming in the corner of her eyes once again, Nik sighed in his heart. Even though he felt bad, he had things to do. And he was sure deep down that once Megumi finally felt how his own member felt, the guilt that caused these tears would vanish.

If he could, he wouldn't want to snatch someone else's woman, but extreme situations call for extreme measure.

"Miss, I don't know your name. But believe me, I would genuinely like to know such a beautiful woman.

For now, pleaseose yourself in pleasure."

Assuring, Nik finally placed his mouth on her parting v.a.g.i.n.a as his tongue stretched forth, sticking into her tight, warm walls. The sweet, gushing nectar finally filled his mouth as he kept digging and feeling each of nook and corners present.

Suddenly, Megumi's m.o.a.n grew as his tongue grazed past a specific spot.

"Nooo! Pleasshe! Stahp! Hnnnnggghhh!"

A pleased groan erupted as the palms that kept pushing his head suddenly pulled him in.

Taking note of the spot, Nik continued while striking the weak spot occasionally, creating a symphony of pleasured m.o.a.ns and groans to erupt out of her throat.

She couldn't stop him, she couldn't overpower him and she couldn't escape his clutches. Though, she genuinely felt horrible, all she could do was pull in Nik's face even harder to scratch the unscratchable itch that bothered her since the start of her puberty.

Her thighs gradualism enclosed around his neck and head, making his face buried in the heavenly scent that wafted out of her desirable v.i.r.g.i.n p.u.s.s.y while his cheeks got squished by her meaty thighs.

Suddenly, much to Megumi's reluctance, the soft lips slowly parted from her twitching p.u.s.s.y as his tongue stretched out before covering her lewd, moist entrance. Her twitching mounds and the erect clit got tasted in one swoop.


A strange sound different from her previous m.o.a.ns erupted. She tried keeping her voice low, but the sudden shake made it harder to control. Her thighs tightened further as her body arched up.

Looking at the reaction, Nik smiled before sealing her lower lips once again. His tongue stretched out, anticipated the gushing nectar while gently caressing her walls, pushing Megumi further.

And there it was.

Megumi's arms suddenly gained strength, as she surprisingly pulled Nik's face into her p.u.s.s.y even harder. Her inner walls tingled as she experienced a deep, mind-numbing orgasm.

A feeling she had never experienced before, discrediting her Maa-kun further in her mind.

A thin trail of healthy nectar dripped down Nik's chin as he stood up and moved his face towards Megumi's open mouth. Her body already lost all its strength and now, even her tongue did not have enough energy to remain inside her mouth.

"You look beautiful..."

Murmuring, he placed his lips on hers once again, making Megumi finally taste how sweet and tender she actually was. Nik's hands squeezed her soft, malleable b.r.e.a.s.ts as her erect nubbin felt sensitive to air.

"I'll only sting a little."

This time, Megumi clearly understood Nik's meaning, regardless of her situation, she understood him.

Sealing her lips to attract her focus once again, Nik used his other hand to finally unbuckle his belt and lower his pants. Even though his own large rod, something, Megumi failed to see, was quite huge for a first-timer, not to mention the fact that his dong wasn't even lubricated.

Nik felt that it was extremely wrong to force himself upon a girl so sweet-looking and hardworking. After all, he interrupted her training session. He also couldn't make her use her mouth to lubricate his dong as this was their first time.

He was experienced in providing oral satisfaction without any hesitation, so he did. But that doesn't mean that he has to force his preferences, too. This action was needed for his survival.

Rubbing his exposed tip and grinding his rod against her wet slick, Nik finally positioned his p.e.n.i.s against the desired hole.

"Just focus on the kiss, alright? You'll feel good soon enough."

Nik assured and whispered into her ears once again as he finally pushed his tip inside, bypassing the entrance before feeling the thin layer of obstruction. Feeling her clearly intact h.y.m.e.n, Nik was even more surprised.

Most of the athletes, like the woman in front of him, already have broken seals due to their highly intensive physical exercises. Megumi had the body of a strong athlete, but her v.a.g.i.n.a remained innocent.

Finally, giving a hard push, Nik barely broke through her seal while Megumi's pained shout was muffled by his tender, exceptionally gentle kiss, unlike his previous passionate one.

As half of his shaft entered deep within her, soft pinkish light glowed from his little member before Megumi felt her pain receding at a breakneck pace while her innards only grew more passionate, warm and constricted.

The blood seeping out of the thin space failed to affect her as Megumi gave one final thought to her crush before the sudden bout of pleasure wracked her mind numb.

'Sorry, Maa-kun... I'm a bad girl. Uuhhhhhhhh!'

Her legs bucked up as Nik's member was fully accommodated, his balls touching her puckered up, soft and fleshy entrance of her butt hole while his veiny glory throbbed deep within her, bypassing her g-spot before smacking at the entrance of her w.o.m.b.

Meanwhile, her tongue lost all its energy, depending on Nik's gentle care while her hands that loosely hung around her neck started to move downwards his body, her nails trailing his well-defined muscles before hugging her waist tightly.


A m.o.a.n chortled during their passionate kiss as Nik slowly moved his h.i.p.s. Even though his skill managed to subside the pain, that didn't mean that his actions won't further pain her.

No matter what he did, this was Megumi's first time and certain physical trauma would remain for a few days before she gradually accepts the shape of his p.e.n.i.s.

His left hand gently cupped her right b.r.e.a.s.t while his right hand pinched her left n.i.p.p.l.e. Megumi still couldn't believe that she had finally become a woman.

She had indeed watched many... doc.u.mentaries in private and of course, she had also seen her Maa-kun n.a.k.e.d, only once. Only that peek allowed her to understand that there was a difference between the physical structure of a professional and a normal boy that she loved.

But at that point in time, she didn't care much. As long as she happily married him, she would be satisfied.

But right now, her p.u.s.s.y stretched to its limit, so much so, that she was afraid that her innards would tear up made her even hotter. Her hot and tender flesh gripped onto Nik's p.e.n.i.s, affecting his speed.

With a grunt, he moved even swiftly. Putting his back into each of his thrusts while Megumi's wildly bucking legs slowly locked upon his h.i.p.s, wanting to keep him inside, slowly grinding his c.o.c.k through the sheer intensity of her slick walls.

Finally, Nik broke the kiss and whispered as he gazed at Megumi.

"Pleaaase hah hah hnnngh! Don't look!"

Her eyes immediately glazed as her hands moved to her rescue, covering her face with her arms. Not feeling offence in the slightest, Nik knew that s.e.x for the first time could be extremely emotional for a woman. Not to mention that Megumi did not consent for their s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse.

Understanding her dilemma, Nik threw away the thought of leaving a trail of hickeys down her collarbone and then sucking onto her sweet delicious tits before he removed his hands from her b.r.e.a.s.t and clutched her arms, slowly removing the cover and gazing into her tear-filled eyes.

"You aren't dirty... miss. You look extremely beautiful. Your cheeks are rosy that every man would want to pluck them while your eyes are comparable to tye starry night. Not to mention your s.e.xy nose and the lips that would drive any sane man insane.

Please don't cover your face."

Slowly descending, Nik stopped his lips right above Megumi's. His warm, heavy breaths assaulted her face, numbing her senses while his words shook her heart.

'I... am beautiful? No, I am a dirty... woman. I don't know you and yet, I am enjoying something that I should be hating.

Despising, even.


Slightly lifting her head, Megumi's lips finally touched Nik's as she lost herself to the emotions that turned her body even more sensitive.

Steadily, Nik's thrust grew fierce while the sound of his flesh hitting resounded within the living room.

Suddenly, Megumi's eyes snapped open, her hands started to pat his back fiercely while her p.u.s.s.y clenched so tightly that even an experienced guy like Nik had to hold onto his dear life in this wild ride.

With extreme pressure, suddenly, Megumi lost most of her strength, her body turned limp while a rushing river affected Nik's tip before her nectar started to leak out.

The sudden softening of her p.u.s.s.y finally made Nik groan one last time as his s.e.m.e.n exploded deep within her, disregarding any thoughts of getting her pregnant, Nik lodged his member deep into her walls, pushing her w.o.m.b as Megumi cried once again.

Her body felt as if it was lit on fire. Nothing felt so horribly comforting to the young maiden. Not even the sweets prepared by her Maa-kun felt this comforting. With her consciousness drifting, Nik gave her a kiss on the forehead before whispering a soft thank you.

'Ah... that's right.'

Megumi finally understood the difference between the man in front of her and the boy she liked. If it was Maa-kun that dumped his virile load deep within her, turning her into an accomplished woman, his words would solely contain an apology, not the appreciation that the man showed.

[Do you accept Nik Faran as your partner?]

'Whatever, I don't care anymore.'

She finally lost her consciousness as her p.u.s.s.y blissfully leaked the off-white spunk that mixed with her v.i.r.g.i.n blood and her sweet nectar.

Meanwhile, Nik finally took out his sloppy member as he looked back at Megumi, only to find her glowing brightly.

'Thank God, it worked!'

Pumping his imaginary fists, a green display appeared in front of his vision.

[Congratulations, Nik Faran. You survived the test and have officially become the last surviving member of the Incubus Society. The temporary skills will now turn permanent.

Name: Nik Faran

Age: 19

Affiliation: Incubus Society

STR: 2

AGL: 2

VIT: 2

CHM: 2

LUK: 2


V.i.r.g.i.n Lover (Exclusive)

To care for every v.i.r.g.i.n is the task of the incubus master. This skill relieves the user's partner from the pain of going through s.e.x.u.a.l intercourse for the first time. Making the experience pleasurable and memorable for both mates. This skills only affect the v.i.r.g.i.ns, disregarding their h.y.m.e.n.

Baby Hater (Exclusive)

As an aspiring Incubus, the user should strive for c.u.m.m.i.n.g deep within their women and satisfying them without impregnating them and creating obstacles for their ambitions. After all, no unsuccessful woman would simply want a bun in their oven if they aren't forced. This skill allows you to control the s.p.e.r.m count, letting you c.u.m without any fears of cradling a child instead of a pair of b.r.e.a.s.ts.

Female Hunter (Lvl 1):

A developing skill that increases the charm (CHM) of the user. No incubus is a dirty old man or a fatty sc.u.m. An incubus should look dignified even when mating with the Cerberus bitch. Look good and feel good.

Nxt Lvl: 1 Skill Point.

Main Quest:

Survive (10 D):

You have been thrown into a new world. Survive. Note that the system doesn't feel sorry if the host is transported right in front of a man-eating lion. It is your own bad luck, feel its consequences yourself.

Affiliation Quest:

Turn 10 women into your fold. (Time limit equal to the main quest.)


Amano Megumi (Human)


As the golden light receded, Megumi was once again revealed as Nik could feel a special connection with her. After taking a moment to calm down, he finally looked around and to his relief, he only needed to clean the mess he made on couch.

"Amano Megumi, huh."

He finally muttered the name of the woman that allowed him to pass the test of the long lost inheritance.

"I'll remember you. Even though I have restricted your freedom, I promise that I'll make up to you."

Nik spoke without any hint of remorse. He didn't hate himself for forcing himself on others. He wasn't a hypocrite. He, in fact, felt good. When he came deep within her, he felt satisfied and this is the reason he sought the Incubus inheritance for so long.

He wanted to claim a lot of women. Whether they be someone else's daughter, wife or sister. Even a hot grandma would do.

He was a sc.u.m.

But at least, he knew that he was a sc.u.m.


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