Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 100

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 100 Virya The Eldest

Nik's eyes would have definitely popped out from the sheer shock while his heart would be filled with boundless fear and apprehensions if he came to witness the startling change around the tower of the library that poked out of the sandy landscape.

The tiny patch of glass had instantly spread across an entire kilometre of surface area. The most startling concept was that Pavka could definitely feel that sand below the beasts melting and liquifying but before it could actively burn Ignit and Nyla, it cooled off instantly, finally covering the tiny patch of landscape in frosty looking ice.

The feeling of admiration was a hard one to suppress as Pavka understood the core mechanism of the technique.

Using light manipulation, the entity known as the Eldest Sister increased the temperature of the patch of land by increasing the intensity of the afternoon sun while the genius water bending technique came into play to manipulate the liquified sand into glass.

The factors such as keeping the beasts away from harm and turning the landscape into glassy hell in an instant were just a matter of practice and experiments that allegedly took more than a thousand years.

After all, even if someone is blessed with the ability to bend the light, most of them end up killing themselves. Light could be considered as one of the most dangerous and volatile of all elements, unlike its heavier and sturdy counterpart darkness.

While Pavka floated mid-air without any change in expression, the same could not be said for the cowering beasts and an unfortunate group making their way towards the caravan sneakily.

"3 humans detected and eliminated."

A gentle voice rang as the surrounding temperature cooled down quite a bit, credits to light and water bending once again.

Hearing the words, no matter how morbid, Pavka immediately grinned brightly and flew towards a particular location with her arms open.

"Eldest Sister!"


Pavka's body immediately hugged something soft and light a huggable body, just like her's before she looked up and matched the gaze of the silver-eyes girl with a slightly immature face, pale-white skin and glittering silver hair that reached her neck.

"Pavka, it's good to see you after so long."

The girl gently reached for one of the many luscious locks of Pavka's hair before brushing them past her ears. A soft, yet, content sigh escaped the girl's soft pink lips as she felt Pavka's body wrapped around her's.

"You are still as comfortable as before."

A smile touched the girl's lips once again, her free hand patting the top of Pavka's head, making the golden bolt of cuteness purr in content.

"I missed you, too, sis."

The duo spirits remained in the same position for a few minutes, the temperature surrounding the library finally grew a bit warmer while a relaxed Ignit could be seen trying to snuggle against Nyla only for him to move to a different location with a snort.

"So? What you been up to for the hundred years that you went playing?"

Pavka grinned and immediately flew out of the girl's embrace and opened her arms wide while laughing loudly.

"Sis Virya, in the last month, I experienced things more than I could have experienced for years."

Witt smugness lacing her voice, Pavka continued and folded her hands before making a tut tut sound.

"And, it's unfortunate that I have finally experienced something that you haven't."

Instead of getting angry at her sister's shenanigans, Virya smiled gently and asked out softly, her silver eyes glittering with curiosity and her expression brim with happiness.

How could Virya ever get angry at her own siblings? She loved them, all of them. She was like a mother to them instead of their sister. Especially, for Pavka. Unlike other mutated elemental spirits, Pavka is the only one who ever received Virya's personal guidance and affection due to their similar body structures.

"Come on, Pavka. Stop teasing me already.

So? Does this experience have to do anything with the external scent I am picking up from you"

Virya pointed at Pavka, who in return, nodded and replied with a grin.

"Hehe, Sis, I am going to show you the path to enlightenment."


30 Minutes Later.

The group had finally arrived back at the central chamber of the library with varied expressions on their faces.

Nik and Yue had a disappointed expression. Of course, the soft red marks on his neck and the excited flush on Yue's face pointed out the activities performed to pass their time. The marks immediately attracted glares from Karna and Katara.

Karna, though glaring, kept on trembling every now and then. But the look of pure hunger and expectations when she looked at Nik garnered more attention from her peers.

What did she learn?!

June, on the other hand, looked quite calm, yet, a small smile on her plump lips gave away the fact that she got what she wanted.

Out of the group, only Sokka had a serious expression and kept pondering with his thumb and index finger on his chin, he was so deeply involved with his own thoughts that the guy even ignored Nina's cheerful welcome and kept muttering soft whispers as if calculating something hard.


Katara looked at Karna with a hopeful expression. She really wanted to learn a few advanced technique and tactics and this may very well be the chance of a lifetime.

"I... I learnt a few techniques for... close combat."

Karna nodded with a blush. Katara was way younger than herself, yet, she was so engrossed in the art of waterbending, unlike herself, who wasted the entire time in learning illicit and e.r.o.t.i.c methods to wield the art of waterbending.

But when she recalled Katara's reactions near Nik, she couldn't help but ponder. If she actually beguiled Katara into learning that stuff... maybe she could finally overpower Nik and get a one-up during their night activities.


Katara squealed in delight and hugged Karna joyfully while Nina walked closer to Sokka and tapped his forehead.

Leaning closer, she let her arms hang around Sokka's shoulders before kissing him softly and whispering.

"Hey, when your girlfriend greets you, it is nice to greet back. Or at least, acknowledge the greeting."

Her blue eyes looked into Sokka's with seriousness, breaking him out of his thoughts.

"Sorry, I"

"You found something important. I get it... based on your expression, everybody gets that.

But, when it comes to relationship, you have to mark a clear line between duties and pleasure. Your girlfriend may not be that accommodating, you know."

Sokka nodded after hearing her words and smiled cheekily.

"Thanks a lot, sweety!"

Nina also grinned in return and pulled his cheeks.

"No worries, baby!"

"So? I get that you lost your time in passion and forgot to find the scroll regarding gravitation?"

June walked near the crestfallen duo and gave Yue's and Nik's butt a soft, yet, swift slap, waking them up.

This time, Yue didn't even feel like registering the spank and simply sighed heavily.


She cried out loud before placing her face into June's bosom and hugging her tightly.

"Don't even get me started..." Nik muttered with a lost look in his eyes.

"What happened?"

Karna frowned at their reactions.

"Well... we got lost. That's what happened."

Yue took her head out but still kept hugging her recent comrade in bed and sighed heavily once again, making Nik complete the rest of the story.

"And found ourselves in the torture section."

"Then... did the torture techniques get you so excited?"

She walked closer to Nik and gently grazed past the multiple hickeys on his neck.

"Well... let's say, torture isn't as bad as it sounds."

Nik shrugged, making Yue blush and hide her face in Karna's bosom once again, making the taller lady chuckled and embracing the silver-haired half-spirit, gently.

"Did you find my library interesting enough?"

Wan Shi Tong slowly flapped his large wings before flying towards their group and gently landing in front of them. When his small beady eyes fell on Nik and Yue, he couldn't hide his own pleased expression.


Nik didn't even feel like replying and controlled the puddle of water to create a pillar of ice with a lane of handles built to allow the group to climb up towards the ceiling and leave the library.