Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 101

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 101 Cries Of An Owl

Let's welcome Jacky Chen to the Patron family, everyone!


"I'll be damned... this is really elemental bending?"

Sokka whispered with his fears exposed through the soft tremors in his voice, gaining approving, yet, terrified nods from the group, except for Nik, who was still gazing at the beautiful girl, the same size as Pavka, yet an entirely different aura and charm.


His mouth opened slightly as the silver, almost, the white-haired girl locked her gaze with his, an amusing smile formed on her lips, once again, tugging onto his heartstrings.

That girl was the very definition of purity. While Pavka was the embodiment of Purity Lightning, the Girl's holiness was already at a different level. It stemmed from her very being.

'She is the eldest sister, huh.'

Nik gulped as he looked at the girl's soft and unblemished feet. He wasn't the type to hold the foot fetish, but if the feet tending to him were this girl's, he wouldn't mind the act at all.

Usually, Pavka wouldn't get envious of any girl Nik had been with. But now, Pavka once again felt a new feeling emerging within her heart a feeling pulling on her strings.

Before Virya could even stand on the smooth warm glass, Pavka immediately held her hands. She didn't want Virya to get close to Nik. It was a somewhat instinctual feeling that made her feel this way.

But even then, she didn't have any right to stop her from approaching Nik, not after bragging about Nik and 'enlightenment' the way she did.


Virya held Pavka's hand and softly whispered.

"Is something the matter? I smell fear. Did he hurt you?"

Virya gently asked, her expression still warm and comforting.

"No, sis... it's..."

Pavka couldn't help but clench her jaws at how selfish she was being. From the beginning of her existence, Virya is the only spirit who took care of her instead of letting her getting baptized and corrupted by the world. This is also one of the reasons Pavka can speak of death so easily without losing her own cheerfulness.

"Now, now, you are losing yourself to your emotions. It's the first time for me to see fear morphing into envy."

"If you don't want me to meet him, then I'll leave."

Virya patted Pavka's head before the blonde shook her head rapidly. Virya has been the one always introducing change and more exotic experiences to Pavka's life. Her love for spilt guts could also be attributed to Virya's affection.

But now, she had the chance to introduce something new into Virya's life. Something that she hadn't witnessed or felt since the beginning of her existence.

"No... I wanted you guys to meet... that's why I brought him here."

Chuckling at her expression, Virya gently consoled her youngest.

"You don't have to worry. He is a physical being, and that's already getting on my nerves, his existence, that is."

"Well... he is somewhat spiritual. It's complicated."

Pavka finally shrugged while Virya replied seriously.

"Believe me... since the moment I have existed....

It's always complicated."

Meanwhile, Nik looked at Yue, who had a calm expression. From what he knew and asked her, Yue couldn't see the spirits in the spiritual plane that transfer over to the material plane, not unless they reveal themselves.

But he could see any spirit that transfers over to the material plane even if they do not materialize themselves.

"Is this for real?"

June whispered while looking at the spectacular scenery of the glass refracting light everywhere, making the whole space surrounding the library nothing short of gorgeous.

"I must say that it is nauseating to be this close to any physical existence."

Virya smiled warmly and spoke towards Nik as she walked closer with Pavka in tow.

"Well, the greetings could have gone better."

Nik muttered as Yue looked at him with confusion. Before Nik could speak, Pavka spoke out.

"Did you get the scroll?"

Pavka looked at Yue and seeing her disappointed expression, Pavka turned to Nik with her large violet eyes filled with curiosity.

"We didn't."

Nik shrugged.

"I see... I'll let you two get along, then. You guys, wait near the carriage. Ignit and others need your tending."

Pavka smiled at Nik before moving her pupils sidewards, hinting Nik towards Virya before winking and turning into a bolt of violet lighting and shooting towards the library.

"I'll get back to you guys in a moment. I have to chat with a guest."

Nik waved at the departing group before looking at the sour-expressioned Virya.

"I am not your guest. This is my desert, this means, you are my guests."

She didn't move a single inch closer from the moment Pavka left. Her silver eyes calmly regarded Nik before her eyes widened in surprise.

"You are... from the outer world?"

Her apprehensions were gone almost instantly. As if, Nik wasn't a physical being anymore, instead, a long lost kin.

Without even waiting for his reply, she jumped forward and took Nik's hands before her own hands glowed brightly.

'This feeling...'

Nik immediately cursed. If he hadn't felt the same feeling during his subsequent sessions with each girl the feeling of their spirit binding temporarily he would have already been stunned.

His mind went into defence for any impacts and he used his Pheromone Illusion to increase his chances of taking control of the situation using the mind control and illusion attribute to the extreme.

But the similar bonding sensation didn't flood his senses, instead, the warm feeling that slowly filled his body felt devoid of any hostility.

After a moment, Virya took her hand back and looked at Nik with her own large silver eyes widened in curiosity.

"In the other world, is it true that a person can communicate through distance within a few moments?"

Aside from curiosity, there was a hint of apprehension in her eyes.

Feeling her gaze, Nik sighed and nodded. If it was a man that pulled such a stunt and tried to widen his eyes in curiosity, Nik was absolutely sure that he would've smacked the shit out of him.

But, a man she wasn't and Nik happened to have a sweet tooth for ancient lolis whose feet could kindle even his own darkest of desires.

Finally, he nodded.

"That's only a single discovery."

Hearing his words, a brilliant smile appeared on Virya's face as she looked at the entrance of the library for a moment with a hesitant expression before looking back at Nik.

"Then, we have a lot to chat about.

Filth, I mean... Nik?

I would also like to enquire the path of enlightenment that Pavka has been so elusive about."

Nik stopped suddenly as he heard a loud screech before the familiar bolt of lightning shot out of the library's window and soon appeared in front of them.

With a scowl, Pavka threw the grey-violet scroll towards Nik while hissing.

"That damn owl! He had hidden the scroll in his furs!!"

As she shouted, she threw a fistful of large black feathers, inducing everyone at the scene to take a moment of silence for the fallen owl kindred while Pavka floated down towards Nik and immediately reduced her size, sitting on top of his head.

"So? Does sis still call you filth?"

Pavka looked down with a curious expression and Nik finally found out that he was way sc.u.mmish than he originally thought himself to be. He looked back at Virya and then...

There was no then.

He was a certified lolicon. It's just that it's his luck that he always encountered legal loli.

'Although...' Nik rubbed his chin in deep thoughts.

'If I become the law creator of a particular world, I may as well change the age that leads to imprisonment, right?'

'No! No need to go down that road.'

Nik shook his head and then looked at Virya's pure expression once again.

'Devils... this is sooo damn hard!'

Of course, his cries remained unheard and unrecognised.

"Pavka, you shouldn't disrespect Tong. He is elder than you."

Virya looked up and frowned slightly only to see Pavka sticking her tongue out.

"He is a meanie! He hid the scroll!"

Immediately, Virya's frown vanished and a brilliant smile touched her lips.

"Well, if you say so, he must be a meanie."

At this time, a certain anguished owl let out another soft, yet, tearful cry.