Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 102

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 102 Truth

It has already been a few hours and the group had finally reached their next destination.

Coconut Shade Oasis.

Unlike the rotten Mystic Palms Oasis, this particular resting spot sported lavishness that only a few willing merchants could afford. Of course, there are exceptions like Nik, who would go and take his pocket money by beating a few bandits, making his earnings composed of pure profits.

Once again, the group's thoughts were reaffirmed that looting is the best occupation of all. Especially, if a man-breaker like Nik is accompanying you.

During their encounter with the eighth desert bandit, Sokka had even shouted loudly Charge! while Yue laughed loudly and acted even more roguish than the burly bandit himself, making the poor guy prostate n.a.k.e.d on the hot sand.


That time, Nik made a mental note to not that if he ever needed a torture department, he must definitely consult Yue.... and of course, Virya.

Virya's sense of afflicting pain... was too much. Even for Nik.

Sending a shard of glass than exploding it within the body while lacerating the organs from inside?

Sending a spear of ice through the butt and shredding the intestine?

Gauging the eyes balls with toothpick shaped ice. The word was carving but Nik didn't feel like correcting the murderous ball of cuteness and fluff.

On one thigh, Virya nodded after hearing much stuff about modern society while Sokka and Karna would of scoff at how farfetched these things sounded. While on another thigh, Pavka simply leaned over Nik. Though a bit envious, she couldn't help but feel giddy when she was how much Virya seemed to be interested in Nik.

Of course, unlike the two bloody spirits, the group didn't know that he was an otherworldly horny teenager and only attributed his words to very distant dreams.

June, on the other hand, would in fact ask questions about many things, which would often match with Virya's question, making the silver-haired invisible spirit observe June with an appraising gaze.

But as they neared their destination, Sokka finally claimed something that actually made Nik a bit impressed by his dedication.

"Um... everyone... and that spirit you are talking to." Sokka gave Nik a look, as if trying to find if there really was a spirit of Nik had just lost his head, edge.

"Actually, Nina and I aren't in a relationship." He looked at Nina, who had a clear look in her eyes and a beautiful smile. Seeing her, Sokka took a deep breath before gaining a bit of his old, suppressed courage.

"When I offered her to teach me about relationsh.i.p.s and... well, you know... baby-making activities, Nina asked me to buy her out.

Ordinarily, it would have been impossible. Even Nina knew her request was a bit overboard. But... I kinda liked her company... and also had the money... sooo..."

Sokka dragged his words with a cheeky smile while rubbing the back of his head.

"Either way, what you saw between Nina and me was actually my training on how to talk with my girlfriend.

I apologise for both of our steads for all the inconvenience we caused."

Before others could speak, especially, Katara, who looked like she wished to explode, Nina suddenly spoke out.

"If I had to say... it wasn't all Sokka's fault. And from him, I found out that it wasn't his money, but Nik's"

Before she could complete, Karna finally had it enough and immediately stood up.

"Don't you dare..."


Nina couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"You got me wrong. What I meant to say was, not only am I willing to teach Sokka the entire course, I am also willing to teach all the inexperienced ladies within the group."

Then, as if she suddenly remembered something important, she gave Katara a mocking smile and licked her lips seductively.

"Ah! I forgot... we only have a single maiden left. All thanks to our tiger, there."

"That's it!"

Katara exploded, and alongside, brought multiple tendrils of water, which was instantly stopped by Nik before anything permanent took place.

"Relax guys..."

Nik finally spoke up while looking towards Virya, who had an impassive expression on her face.

"Sokka? Why did you decide to speak up now? You know that you guys could have just pretended to break up, right?"

"It is part of the training. Honesty and Courage."

Sokka replied.

"After sleeping with the woman?"

Nik asked curiously.

"Especially after sleeping with a woman. If a man wants to spend some time, he should be honest. If he doesn't, instead of leaving silently, he should stay and explain his reasons."

"That's stupid." Nik frowned and looked at Nina. While Sokka's answer actually impressed the two physical woman and a physical maiden, Nina remained unimpressed.

Shrugging, she sighed in defeat.

"I told him so. This wasn't actually the part of the training. If a man actually stays behind and starts explaining how that particular night was just a fling, slap and tears are the least of your worries."


Sokka clenched his jaws before shaking his head.

"I would still do what I said. If it is a mistake, I'll stay and explain. If it is right, I'll be more than willing to stay."

Nik looked back at Nina and suddenly spoke up.

"You didn't train him at all."

Nina also retorted.

"Hey, I am with guys for only one day."

Nik sighed and looked towards Sokka. He felt that even if he won't be staying with him in the near future, he should at least clear Sokka's misunderstanding. He owed it to him after travelling with Sokka for so long.

"Listen up nicely. What you said sounds honourable and stuff that I don't want to be associated with.

But put yourself in the woman's shoes. You just had a good and awesome night with a man, and the next day, he is waiting for you to wake up, only to tell you why he doesn't want to be with you.

Ordinarily, this results in the woman thinking that the guy is finding faults in her, and that too, after sleeping with her.

Now, do you still feel honourable?"

Nik sneered and asked out loud.

"I don't believe that it will turn out like that." Sokka remained determined in his own thoughts.

"If I explain it reasonably"

"Sokka." Nik cut him short and spoke with a small, yet, sad smile.

"Emotions cannot be reasoned with. I am sorry, but that's the truth."

His words silenced the entire group. Somehow, Katara felt a bit sad seeing his smile, this was even more prominent for his partners, except for Virya and June.

Those two had seen the world and knew that such a smile filled with sadness is only formed when the same person went through a similar situation.

Eating their dinner in silence, the group booked an Inn settled in with two women, one spirit and one invisible spirit staying in Nik's room. Of course, even though June took a different room, she still winked and proclaimed that she would be visiting them later tonight.

A crestfallen Sokka and the impassive Nina bunked together for continuation of his lessons.

Lastly, Katara couldn't help but sigh before looking at June with a bit of desperation, making her laugh out loud.

"Why don't you just bunk with me? I would've even invited you to join us tonight, but that's a no, right?"

June's words made Katara sigh even heavier as she simply waved her hand while leaving for the room.

The reason the group chose the Coconut Shade Oasis was due to the lack of bandits within the bounded area. This allowed the group to sleep soundly without any worries for their beast partners.