Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 103

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 103 Tender Care

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"Gah! So tired!"

Karna and Yue groaned simultaneously as they slumped on the bed, front first, with a suppressed Oomph.

Even Nik slumped at the remaining space with Pavka sitting on top of his head.

"It wasn't so bad, right, Sis?"

Pavka spoke with a sagely expression and then looked at Virya, who had taken the liberty of shifting her size to rival Pavka's and sat near her, above Nik's head.

"It was alright, I guess. It's been a millennium since I left that desert."

"What do you know?" Yue groaned while giving Pavka a stink eye.

"You can fly for god's sake. You don't have to sit on the same seat that has already been reduced to flatness instead of its cushiony delight."

Pavka simply shrugged while Yue's complete disregard for Virya was only natural.

"Hey, it's your butt you should be complaining to."

Nik's lips twitched at Pavka's words while Karna simply hid her head at Yue's and Pavka's banter. She was dead tired, but the thought of using her training... hehe, kept on revitalizing her.

"I smell evil from that girl."

Virya pointed at Karna, attracting Pavka's and Nik's attention.

"Well, considering the night approaching... we all will grow evil thoughts. Against an undefeated enemy, we always needed the best of our worst personality."

Pavka shrugged while Nik stood up and made his way to the bathing room.

"Anybody wants to join?"

He gave an assuring smile only to get tired groans out of Yue's and Karna's throats as they replied in tandem.

"Nothing bad during the bath. We need to relax."

"Of course."

Nik smiled. Even he understood that while he could make them hotter, it would be counterproductive. After all, if they actually slept blissfully after their first orgasm due to the tiring journey, who would he cry to?

He was expecting a one... two... three... four...

In total, a fivesome. Well, if Virya is included, then it would be considered an orgy. He definitely needed a nice hot orgy filled with steamy women, their tongues not leaving a single part of his body un-licked while their soft and meaty holes wrapped around his

"Ah, he already got a boner."

Yue immediately exclaimed while Karna hissed.

"Crap. That early? We haven't even gotten undressed yet?"

Karna looked at the rising tent with a mixture of exhaustion, delight and hunger.

"Don't worry. We will only be relaxing."

Nik shrugged and undressed. Honestly, Nik really didn't believe that the duo would actually agree to his invitation. After all said and done, deep down, Nik was a bath lover. Nobody knew this, not even his late mother. He loved bathing, feeling the filth on his skin slowly sliding off of his body.

While the souma family and Kyouko couldn't even think why Nik took so long in the shower, even longer than Sayako, the nasty yet clean freak, the answer was this simple.

A barely audible sigh escaped his lips as he shrugged.

'Might as well relax them.'

Though this particular resting point was lavish when compared to others, the bathroom was still a bit small, making it a bit cramped for three grown men and women to take a relaxing bath, for which, Nik simply asked Yue and Karna to hop into the bathtub even if they hadn't washed yet.

While the bathtub wasn't constructed out of marble, the wood bathtub had its own feel, making Nik nod. He started filling the bathtub with warm water, credits to his waterbending while the miniature Pavka finally jumped in, swimming towards Karna's b.r.e.a.s.t and leaning back on the soft bosom before letting the warm water wash her body.

This was the first time Pavka had ever experienced warm water on her skin.

"This is amazing~"

She sighed while Virya frowned for a moment before deciding to keep sitting on top of Nik's head.

"Water itself is so relaxing~"

Yue whimpered with her eyes closed as she let her hair submerge with water. Meanwhile, Karna placed her arms over the wooden edges while heaving a deep, yet content sigh, just like Pavka.

"Now, to fulfill my promise."

Nik smiled before walking behind the Karna and placing both of his hands on her head, leaning forward, Nik prevented Karna from speaking with a soft and tender kiss on the nape of her neck.

"Just relax. Today, yours truly would serve you."


Karna held the urge to m.o.a.n in satisfaction and nodded with a hum of approval, inducing Nik to slowly use his fingertips to soothe her by giving Karna a nice and gentle head massage.

His dexterous fingertips showcased their expert control as each and every press happened to be a measured one, greatly relieving Karna from her headache. There was no sensuality in Nik's technique.

To increase the sensitivity of a woman in such a tired state was not his objective. It was to relax her. He would often move his palms to the side of her head and press her head for a few moments before he gradually made his way towards her shoulders.

His thumbs easing the knots on her back and traps while his fingers gently pressing the fleshy base of her neck, right above her collarbones.

"Woah... she really slept."

Yue muttered while Nik simply smiled in satisfaction. All things said and done, he still wasn't sc.u.mmish enough to put his own l.u.s.t above the need and rest of his women. Not minding her unconscious state, Nik continued massaging her upper body without a shred of l.u.s.t in his eyes, well, except for the time when he was giving Karna an awesome b.r.e.a.s.t job.

Damn, it was really hard to control.

Then, Nik stopped and walked closer to Yue and gave her a soft kiss on her lips before whispering.

"Let me put Karna on the bed. I'll come and give you a nice rub, too."

"Me, too!"

Pavka cheered loudly, to which, Nik picked Karna from the bathtub and removed every droplet of water from her body while whispering to Pavka.

"Don't shout too loudly. She is sleeping, you know."

After tucking Karna in the bed, Nik gave Yue her princess treatment before she too, was tucked in gently.

"Is this feeling satisfaction?"

Virya blurted out as she looked at Pavka's pleased expression while soft snores slowly rang through the three girls' throats, even making Nik yawn.

Nik muttered as he gently rubbed Pavka's back. Instead of having her personal time with Nik in the bathtub, Pavka asked to get massaged in the bedroom, so, Nik had a chance to give her legs and the base of her feet a nice and relaxing massage.

"Satisfaction, relaxation, bliss, there is only a thin line that separates those feelings."

Nik commented softly.

"Then, what are you feeling?"

Virya looked down at how expertly Nik caressed Pavka's supple thighs without even making it look e.r.o.t.i.c.

"Me? Pride? Maybe."

Nik smiled and finally placed a thin sheet over Pavka's body. But deep down, he felt a bit of pity for Karna. After all, both Yue and Pavka were digger sleeper but when he thought how Karna herself was a blanket he reckoned that she might just enjoy a few limbs behind her back.

Shrugging at zero space for himself, Nik made his way out of the room. For Sokka's sake, Nik didn't wish to bunk with Nina and Sokka tonight while the thought of bunking in with June and Katara made him feel a bit light-hearted before he shook his head.

Tonight, he wasn't in the mood to go behind the three blissfully sleeping beauties and get more partners. So, he was left with one choice.

Going down the reception, Nik booked yet another room before walking up to June's room and knocking on the door before a thinly-veiled June answered to the door.

Smiling, she raised her brows.

"I was just planning on coming to your room."

"Change of plans... Nik smiled and then took June's hands, picking her up and immediately walking, passing through Sokka's room, they could hear soft m.o.a.ns that only served to heighten their own l.u.s.t.

Meanwhile, back at the room, Katara remained seated with a stunned expression before she sighed deeply.

"I guess I am all alone, huh...


Katara wasn't the type of girl who curses, but special situations require special methods of venting frustration.


Tonight, Nik got another partner.

Time left: 3 Months 15 Days

Total number of partners: 6/10