Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 104

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 104 Towards Ba Sing Se

"What's with the gloom, Kat?!!"

Sokka appeared naturally and cheered loudly. His face was full of smiles while more than one set of eyes were directed towards the calm yet smiling Nina.

"Don't call me that! Gives me the creep!"

Katara immediately shivered and pushed Sokka's face back with her hand. Her eyes had darkened eye bags, contrary to everyone in the group.

Especially, Karna, Yue and Pavka. They seemed to be glowing. Heck, Pavka was actually glowing!

"If I didn't know better, I would think that you are afraid of sleeping alone."

Nina tiptoed towards Katara while whispering.

"My offer still stands, you know."

"Shut it!"

Katara snapped with a cold snort, making Nina shrug and sigh in defeat. She looked at Nik, who seemed to be discussing the route of the travel with June. While Nina was definitely impressed by the sheer intensity of hungry groans and passionate m.o.a.ns, she wasn't delusional enough to think that Nik didn't understand Katara's attraction for him.

This was especially so when Nina found out hos sensible Nik actually was.

Emotions cannot be reasoned with.

That statement enlightened the entire group that Nik was something more than a hirny teenager. This thought was confirmed when they actually thought how Nik's actions had already reached the point of impossibility.

Knocking a grown man twice his size with a single punch?

Using more than one elements?

Moving so leisurely with high bounties from the Water Tribe and the Fire Nation?

Lastly, that ethereal scent.

Experienced with many men, Nina understood that Nik's peculiar scent was inhumane. Monstrous, even, if the effect of the scent is analysed.

While Nina may not know, Nik was essentially a walking and living aphrodisiac, who would even affect spiritual beings like Pavka and... Virya.

"Hey! This smell is nice. Why don't you tell me about it? The previous outer world traveler had a similar scent, but he couldn't touch or look at me."

Virya whimpered with a flushed expression, the sudden exposure of the information earned Virya Nik's interest. Mentally taking a note to slowly find out the entirety of the situation, Nik gently smiled and touched the top of her head with the tip of his index-finger.

"It's nothing much. Natural scent."


Virya nodded while laying over his head and rolling around his hair.

"Nik... your hair is moving."

Sokka pointed out while Pavka spoke out.

"It's Sis Virya. Don't mind her, she just like soft things."

With the existence of the invisible spirit finally confirmed, Sokka gulped and retreated a step back.

"W-well! Let's go! Ba Sing Se isn't far. Might as well complete the journey today."

The group nodded at his words before they left in their carriage. This time, however, Nik also sat within the carriage while Sokka took the reigns and brought Nina out with him.

Within the confined space, Nik's scent slowly grew heavier, but the girls marked by him only felt comfort as Nik leaned back and closed his eyes. Meanwhile, Virya, simply enjoyed the tantalizing scent and the reactions her body gave. It was too new for her!

The most intimidated by the group inside the carriage was definitely Katara. She was sitting opposite to the man who she usually thought of during her me time and presently, she was surrounded by girls... women, that have actually achieved her own wet dreams.

Shame, envy and fear filled her heart. The small canister of water looked more and more alluring as time went on. God! Katara wished to release all the water and fill her insides real nice. She wanted to overlook their existence and just let go of herself.


But the only thing she had the courage to do was sigh deeply. Honestly, she didn't know what she was doing anymore. Why did she even allow herself to leave Omashu? Omashu was a nice place. She could use waterbending to slowly earn her living and live a peaceful life.

Away from war, away from sadness.

The only reason she decided to hop on the team avatar as Sokka proclaimed was due to the fact that she wanted revenge.

Revenge for her mother's death, revenge for her father's disappearance.

But her travels allowed her to understand that what Katara actually sought out was an excuse.

An excuse to fight, to kill and to let loose her frustration for being raised without parents.

But once again, Katara was also forced to understand that she wasn't the only one with the sad past, lost parents and burnt homes.

War was nobody's fault, she understood it after Aang's death, when she found out that Water Tribe was already in alliance with the Fire Nation.

The facts that more than half of the world was already against the entity titled the Avatar finally made sense to her.

A being of immeasurable power was both a boon and a curse and it was human's nature to account for the worst. She understood it, yet...

Katara also slumped back as the carriage made its way towards Ba Sing Se while its metallic walls rocked against the group's back.

Suddenly, Katara felt someone pulling her sideways, her heart immediately clenched in panic and anxiousness. Who? She thought before a tiny hit of hope struggled out of her rapidly beating heart.

Maybe, Nik?

"You should sleep. It might not be too comfortable, but try to sleep."

Karna's gentle voice woke Katara out of her stupor, finally making her nod with an unnatural flush as Katara raised her lower body and rested on Karna's laps.

"There you go..."

Karna smiled and gently brushed Katara's hair past her neck, making Katara sigh in relief and relaxation. She was too stiff lately, not to mention her orgasmic streak.

She needed to rest, and with Karna compelling her to, Katara didn't fight against her urges to sleep and let her consciousness descend into slumber.

But later, she would find out how much of a mistake it is to let your subconscious open up when you are sleeping in front of your crush and surrounded by his mates.

Sadly, with all the dreams that made Katara whimper in the carriage, her lips kept chanting Nik's name, making the whole group awkward, except for Nik. He simply enjoyed her needy and desperate whimpers.

Of course, there was a silver lining.

Katara didn't even know when the group reached Ba Sing Se and woke up completely refreshed! Ready to take on the world!