Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 106

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 106 Acquiring The Blind Bandit



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A mind-numbing bone crunch rang sonorously with the pained groans chiming from behind as another fire nation soldier fell on his knees with his forehead filled with cold sweat and his body spasming in pain.

"You are"


Before the brave soldier could identify the assaulter, the said assaulter kicked the soldier right in his face before sending him to the unconscious dreamlands.

The fire soldiers, unlike their navy counterpart, didn't distinguish between a bender and a non-bender, so Nik decided that it would be good for him to remain cautious of any potential bender before deciding to use his own superior physique to neutralize their threat.

His moves didn't have any flowery techniques nor any elegance hidden in the movement of his hand. He simply grabbed a person's arm and twisted it unnaturally before smacking him on the back and sending him to a relieving dreamland. All the while, his Bloodline skill was activated for the whole time, dulling the senses of the soldiers around him.


The cold night hid Nik's vaporous breathing as he looked towards the tall wall before looking at one of the two gates of the city. There was no way he could climb to the top before attracting any attention so he decided to find the 'traitors' selected by the fire nation.

The group of traitorous earth Kingdom citizen might just have an unexpected surprise for him.

'Although... I can just use Gravity to attract the lower part of the wall... making the whole section crumble.'

Nik pondered.

While Katara slept peacefully with her throat groaning out his name in illicit fashion, Nik and Yue were actually studying the Gravity scroll looted... obtained from Wan Shi Tong. The scroll contained the long list of horrible actions taken by the previous gravity benders before the scroll cautioned the user that most of the troublesome Gravity Benders usually vanish without even being able to leave a distinctive legacy.

The moves, then, described on the scroll were pretty basic. The most important thing was on how to concentrate on the gravitational waves surrounding the benders before manipulating it to their own advantage and objectives.

While Nik used to simply transform and control his own element, the method to weave gravitational waves itself was quite an intricate process with a lot of dangers involved.

The process also required the number of Elemental energy units he did not have. So rejecting the thought of reducing an entire section of the walls to a rubble, he looked towards the brightly lit camp and looked at the fallen fire soldiers.

He frowned, the man beneath his foot was too tiny with a thinner frame. Looking around, he finally found someone with a perfect match, much to his own surprise.

Stripping the man, Nik placed his tunic in his inventory before wearing the bloodied fire nation uniform. But curiosity took the best of him.

He looked at the youth for an entire minute before his hands flashed quickly and lowered the guy's underpants, revealing his flaccid brother.

"... Such a similar body and yet... such a disappointment... sigh."

Nik didn't even find the man's little brother worthy enough to get covered again and immediately placed the helmet on the top of his head before he dashed towards the camp while cheering... ehm, shouting loudly.


Alas, today, the youth's bushy brother was destined to be exposed to the unfortunate and unprepared sets of eyes.

Meanwhile, a flurry of activity erupted within the camp while the entrance of multiple tents was slapped open as half-dressed and unprepared soldiers rushed and prepared for battle. Some of the soldiers allegedly wielded fire as their weapon of choice while holler of enraged soldiers erupted from the path Nik decided to take.

Obviously, the unconscious bodies of the soldiers were finally discovered and Nik's shout only fuelled their rage.

Sidestepping and immediately entering the dark shades of the trees, Nik let the passage to the tent get covered by soldiers while making a swift infiltration into the camp. Being one of the larger camps Nik had observed in the area, there was a good chance that a few 'traitors' must be present in the camp.


Before he could place his next step, the ground beneath him immediately softened, making Nik fall before momentum took over, forcing him to roll over the ground head-first and slamming into a dark tree with a cold thud.

"Ah! Now that really struck hard!

Man, I have never seen anyone running so fast... almost lost my eyes on you!


A sharp voice giggled at her own insider joke while Nik slowly stood up with a frustrated groan. He was barely scratched, but still, the feeling was comfortable. The Earth Bender he presumed definitely had a delicate control, unlike the brutes that loved to throw boulders. To soften the ground to shatter his momentum before pushing him 'up' through the ground itself, the only thing Nik could utter was formidable.

'But... it's not all that bad.' Nik's smile threatened to split his face in half, this time, unknown to Nik, the smile was especially malevolent. His mind immediately formed countless plans to counter an Earth Bender when suddenly a small figure zoomed towards his direction.

Even in the darkest hours, that particular figure seemed to be immune to darkness as her body glowed unnaturally. Even with the mind-numbing speed, the girl's hair remained still and her pure white robes failed to flutter.


Nik blurted unconsciously before Virya stopped in front of Nik in her tiny pixie form and nodded at him gratefully.

"I think that experience is called napping right?"

She grinned, for the first time in forever and immediately floated next to Nik's cheek and let her especially tiny lips peck his cheek.

"Thank you for letting me experience such a feeling."

'That wasn't my intention... but whatever.'

Nik sighed as he mentally made a note to never underestimate non-human lifeforms and never operate under the delusion that the method applied on humans could also work on non-humans. But, Virya wasn't even finished yet.

"Now! What was that earlier feeling, Nik!" She spoke hastily as her body grew into its original size while her soft cheeks seemed to be flushed in excitement.

"I never kissed... but that was amazing! I felt warm in my chest and lower useless regions and that moist sensation....

Does Pavka feel the same way?"

She questioned hastily while Nik understood that without any living beings capable of ploughing a spirit, her nether regions were indeed useless. Without replying, Nik placed his hands on her cheeks and smiled.

"Maybe she does. But believe me, I'll demonstrate that your lower region is one of the most important treasures in the world."

He spoke before jumping without any thoughts, a wise decision for a spike immediately emerged from his previous location.

Since Nik's assaulter could attack him even in the dark, Nik never considered himself hidden. While Virya's appearance took him. y surprise, it would have been foolish to lower his guard.


A soft, irritated snort echoed from the surrounding region while Nik kept observing the region while stabilising himself on a branch.

"Why is that girl interrupting us? Is she another bandit?"

Nik shook his head and pointed at the top of his head. Letting Virya fight an Earth Bender would seal her fate. But that would be counterproductive. He simply wished to enter the city as stealthily as possible and an Earth Bender would get the job done.

Now that Virya had confirmed the gender of the assaulter, Nik didn't think much before mentally adding another partner while grinning.

With Virya and this newcomer, Nik only had one more to go. Surprisingly, he had always counted Katara as his partner.

Although Nik wasn't a fan of blind dates, the newcomer had definitely piqued his interest. The only thing that remained was to check the 'assets' before transferring them under his name.

"Where is she?"

If given a chance, Nik would always love to reduce his own workload. So, without much thought, he whispered to Virya.


Virya pointed at a particular location, a little far from Nik's earlier estimates, somewhat near the camp as Nik grinned maliciously.

Without waiting any longer, he shot towards the sneaky assaulter.


A/N: Previously, I had planned almost 30+ chapters for the avatar world, but then I thought, that no sane person would actually wait for the unknown heroines while completing missions.

After all, If I were in Nik's place, I would have already taken 10 women and returned.

Now, in almost 13 chapters, Nik would return back to the system space.

The confirmed partner list is:

Pavka, Azula, Mai, Karna, Yue, June, Virya, Katara, Toph and Ty Lee

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