Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 107

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 107 Virya's Enlightenment

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"Let me go!"

"Don't wanna!"

Nik grinned as he picked a girl with soft features in the air due to sheer difference in their heights. While the girl wore the same greenish tunic that branded her as a Traitor, the skills she portrayed definitely pictured another image.

"So... you really are blind, right? So previously, you were trying to joke about your situation while saying you got your eyes on me?"

Nik mocked while the girl simply tried to scream, only for Nik to cover her mouth while his roguish breathing tickled the nape of her neck.

"Although rough on the edges, you definitely have a charm."

He whispered while still keeping her in the air by pulling the back of her collars, suddenly, his eyes flickered and he felt a bit of warmth coming from his left, making him retreat hastily.

A calm voice interrupted Nik's attempt at teasing the strong damsel in distress as an old visage slowly walked forward while glowing under the light of a ferocious bird made of flames, exposing Nik within the forest.

"Who would've thought that I would meet the traitor that managed to betray the Earth Kingdom, The Water Tribe and the Fire Nation?

Nik, I do appreciate that my niece wasn't harmed by your most recent actions."

Iroh smiled at Nik gently before pointing at the young lady with a huge pout on her face after she heard Iroh's voice.

"Now, please put down my subordinat"

"I am not your underling, old man! I am the feared Blind Bandit that robbed every merchant blind!"

She sniggered once again, probably, she felt that her remarks had finally crossed the lines of sarcasm to humour.

"Toph, you are just a young girl."

Iroh continued calmly while keeping his gaze trained towards Nik.

"Now, put her down."

He asked commanded his tone betraying a sense of anger burning within him.

"Mister Iroh, I never pledged myself to the Water Tribe. So, I only betrayed two factions." Nik smiled. Since his position was already exposed, he had a lot of ways to neutralize the threat titled as the General of the Fire Nation The Dragon Slayer, Iroh.

"But." Nik continued and slung Toph on his shoulders after sending her unconscious by pressing a special acupuncture point on her neck. While Nik may not be a good fighter, he was definitely a good masseuse. And the knowledge of acupuncture points of the human body was definitely something he needed to master.

"I don't think I will be leaving the girl in your old hand. After all, she deserves someone better and sturdier, like me."

He jumped back at the slightest movement of the fiery bird, making Iroh pause while Nik continued with a darker tone.

"Although, I wonder why Ba Sing Se hasn't fallen? You already have an Earth Bender in your ranks, even though, its apparently against her wishes.

Are you trying to stall time?

But why?"

Nik asked rhetorically before smiling brightly.

"Ah, I know. If I am not wrong, this must have something to do with Prince Zuko still staying within the Fire Capital."

The moment he mentioned Zuko, Iroh's eyes flared in anger and the fiery bird raised its head before letting out a silent screech as Iroh performed a series of strange motions that quickly morphed the bird into a malevolent dragon.

"Here we go!"

Nik laughed as he kicked his body upwards and then, instead of falling down, he stayed mid-air with a smug smile.

'While I cannot control a larger magnitude of gravitational waves, the smaller area is still somewhat manageable. Right now, Nik was simply controlling the gravitational waves to pull and push his body at the minuscule intervals, allowing him to stay still in the air.

"Iroh, the gates of the city would be opened. Maybe, you never wanted that, but I guess, you need to prepare for the siege within an hour, right?"

He grinned before his body glowed brilliant silver and almost instantly, the dark-looking Iroh was pressed on the ground.

After a few minutes, the pressure subsided and the moment he looked up, Nik was nowhere to see.

Meanwhile, a few minutes earlier.

The moment Iroh fell face first, Nik immediately landed gently and rushed towards the gate at am astonishing speed while he actively used his skill on the unconscious Toph.

He knew that no matter how much he explained, the earth bender wouldn't destroy or breach the wall, else, Iroh would have already subjugated the city, even if he didn't want to.

And now, after seizing the control of his group, he felt a sudden need to leave this place entirely. He had a realisation on how much time he simply wasted when he could have easily gained partners.

Maybe, the lowest level of incubus wasn't even supposed to have the same skill-set as him, this thought became more concrete after the mind-numbing benefits of his talent.

But deep down, he also felt that not everything was a total waste. Even though he didn't want to admit it, he enjoyed staying with Karna, teasing Yue while poking Pavka's soft cheeks every now and then.

Not to mention Azula's quirkiness...

Looking down at Toph, Nik pressed another spot on her neck before a grunt passed through her soft pink lips as Nik smiled and placed his arms around her shoulders to keep her from falling.

"Ugh... I just had the Wait... what happened?"

Her pale white pupils looked straight with a daze before she came to a sudden realisation as she looked towards Nik, more specifically, she turned her face towards Nik as there was no need to make eye contact.

"Hey, spit it out! What did you do to me?"

"Except slinging you on my shoulders, nothing inappropriate." Nik chortled while he tapped Toph's forehead before increasing the intensity of his scent, making the observing Virya mewl in delight as she started rolling over his hair once again.

"Curses! That old man! What happened to him?!"

She immediately asked while the scent around her triggered a strange reaction within her body. But she cared the least about her own body while worrying over Iroh.

"Well, he is preparing for war. Now, chop chop, breach the wall for me, will you?"

Nik assured before leaning forward, due to the difference in height, he had to lower his back a bit as he softly whispered into her ears.

"Just breach the wall and all this suffocation will be over in an instant."

Nik's words were akin to a blessing for the sudden eruption of scent, Toph was certainly suffocating. Her breathing was short and rough, her mind was a mess and only illicit thoughts prevailed from the remaining sanity she held onto.

Suddenly, Toph stomped her foot as a spike emerged right beneath her, wishing to impale Nik, the source of her suffocation. After all, if Nik kicks the bucket, the scent would still disappear, but suddenly, through her seismic sense, she felt the tip of the spear touching the base of Nik's foot, and instead of piercing his foot, the tip of the spike actually 'pushed' him up.

"Hehe, now do you understand." Nik snickered as he was already in love with the feel of controlling the gravitational waves to make him weightless. Without further ado, he used his mind control skill to make toph do his bidding. Until now, he still hadn't rewired her, but now, he didn't see the point to stretch the task any further.

But the sudden thought of Toph's own will being pointless struck Nik to his core. Somehow, he has already started to lose his own morals at a rapid pace after he denied Sokka's thoughts and placed the group under his skill.

Taking a deep breath, Nik stayed his hand. Instead of rewiring her, Nik felt that convincing her using his own methods would do well for him.

Nik was many things, a man-whore, sc.u.m, apparently a certified lolicon, but even he felt that actually playing with someone's mind was something beyond his own limits.

While Nik added a core to the group's thinking, he never rewired them to do his own bidding, something, he was about to do on Toph.

And to add a similar 'core' to Toph's morals, he needed to spend time with her and slowly wear her defences down.

'Forced seduction it is...'

Nik reaffirmed his thoughts and slowly landed on the ground, a few metres away from a flushed Toph who was already biting her lower lip.

Smiling at her reaction, Nik couldn't help but chortle.

"Aww, save some expression for the bed, sweety."

He shot towards Toph and immediately jumped up, from his observations, the little lady, just like Virya, loved to spike her enemies, so, Nik assumed that a spike would definitely await him.

While he was still confused about how Toph could still see him even after being blind, he decided to save his curiosity for the bedroom.

And as he predicted, a spike awaited him the moment after his leap, making him smirk.

"Did you lose your aim? My little chilli?"

Nik didn't stay in place and immediately shot sideways as once again, an earthen spike touched the ground, but immediately stopped in its pace while Toph's attention was attracted to the cl.u.s.ter of vibration produced by Nik's steps. She couldn't 'see' the area ahead of his path much clearer, but she still predicted the direction and softened the land a few metres away in the same direction the moment she lost her sense of Nik's footsteps.

"Sorry, but I am behind you."

Nik spoke while immediately picking Toph up once again, making her lose contact from the ground and taking away her vision once again. This was something he observed during his chat with Iroh. Even though Toph had all the chance in the world to attack him, she didn't.

Now, he changed the didn't to couldn't.

But unlike his previous hold, Nik flipped her while immediately seizing her lips. While he did want to enjoy his time with each and every woman he meets, he was currently on the clock.

Even though Iroh may prepare the army, he definitely would have sent a team to scout out Nik's location. Of course, Nik could silence the army, but it wasn't according to Nik's style.

He preferred more... sc.u.mmish... methods.


Toph immediately started to hit his chest, all to no avail, as her grinding thighs came to an abrupt stop as Nik's tongue immediately coiled around her tongue while drinking her pseudo-nectar from the mouth.


Retracting his head, he asked once again.

"Will you breach the wall?"

"Hell, no! Are you insane?!!"

Toph immediately screamed. Even though she couldn't see anything, the feeling transferred was definitely sensational, to say the least, but her... well, her little bandit would like to disagree and call that feeling fabulous, a marvel, even.

"I see. Thank you for bestowing upon me this opportunity."

Nik smiled at Toph's denial and his lips seized any chance to kiss her lips, without allowing her to resist his actions.

He may not rewire his women, not now, at least, but he never lost his sc.u.mmish attitude of attacking females.

Meanwhile, Virya, who has already felt Nik's lips couldn't help but frown at Nik's favouritism.

'Does he like denying women? He just kissed me once and he keeps on kissing her... I see...'

As if understanding something of great importance, Virya nodded before she crossed her hands and spoke to Nik.

"Alright, do not kiss me from now on."

She spoke up, but gods forbid if Nik actually diverted his attention when taking care of one woman in his arms.

Receiving no immediate response, Virya panicked for a moment before stammering.

"W-wait. Forget what I said. Keep on kissing me!!"

She spoke with a healthy flush while Nik's ever-present scent kept her company.