Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 108

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 108 Fall Of Ba Sing Se

"Ha! Hah! Alright! I'll do it!"

Toph shouted with flushed cheeks and a thin trail of drool running down her chin.

"What? You won't do it?"

Nik questioned once again while Toph sudden stopped... as if affirming to Nik's sudden question, once again branding her as a rebellious woman doomed to have her lips taken and her mouth ravaged, her body teased in ways unimaginable to her shallow mind while sending electrifying sensation down to her lower lips that made the bandit quiver under Nik's touch.

"Just kidding..."

Nik pulled Toph's cheeks before whispering.

"Now we play this game the other way... you refuse, and I will leave you, in fact, I will send you back to Iroh.

You do a good job, I'll reward you well, extremely so."

The last thing Toph wanted was to get stuck with that old man. While Toph didn't have any sense of beauty, she was forced upon the realisation that she was beautiful in the eyes of many.

The dastardly acts of sneaking into the tent of a lone blind woman made her accept that fact.

While Iroh would cruelly punish those who tried to commit such illicit actions and got caught red-handed, much of his time was spent away from the camp, allowing Toph to slowly beat respect into the bodies of all the filthy mutts that tried to take a piece of her.

But aside from that, the reason her disgust was aroused due to the fact that even when courting a woman, they had to be so sneaky.

It wasn't the Earthbending way. An Earth Bender has to be direct and honest in his own actions. Somehow, just like Nik, she thought secretly before cursing under her breath.

But she had already agreed that she would breach the wall... not for the reward, definitely not for the reward.

"Well, then, don't try anything stupid. My punishment isn't something you can still bear."

Nik whispered into her ears while giving a swift spank to her bottom, making her yelp, before she stomped her foot, creating a thin wall between herself and Nik.

"Keep your hands to yourself! I told you that I would do it, right?!"

She gritted her teeth, before stomping once again, this time, assessing the area through her seismic sense as the vibration from her foot slowly spread across the area, allowing her to map the construct of the small portion of the wall.

"But still, are you really willing to betray the Earth Kingdom?"

He asked curiously while Toph placed her hand on the wall.

"I haven't pledged myself to anyone." Toph patted a part of the wall before frowning.

"Either way, the quicker the war is over, the quicker things would settle."

She replied while instantly punching at the wall.



She punched once again as visible cracks spread across the wall while Toph hissed as she held her bloodied fist.

"Whoever made this wall is an asshole!"

"What happened?"

Even Nik was surprised by the sudden revelation of the creator being an asshole.

"Isn't it easy for an earth bender to carve earth?"

Nik patted the cracked part of the wall before looking at Toph's bloodied fist and scowling even harder.

"Earth Bending is quite versatile. Earthbending can also be used to reinforce structures, just like this wall. So, other than the one who created the structure, others cannot easily destroy the wall."

"Then we dig."

Nik replied back while he still couldn't get over the fact that Toph was bleeding. But his frustrations weren't revealed. He kept them close to his heart while simply chanting that he wasn't 'practical' enough.

He needed healing skills, or potions, so that such accidents could be skillfully handled.

"Dig... that would have been possible, but the wall goes 500 metres deep... and that is the point I can sense the surroundings vaguely..."

Nik finally looked up at the tall wall and then sighed darkly.

"Alright, then we fly. Virya, would you help us?"

Nik asked candidly. If he didn't even ask for assistance at such a moment, then when would he?"

"Sure? What do you need?"

While Toph was confused at who Nik was talking with, she didn't simply attribute Nik to have a rough childhood that played with his head.

She was blind, aside from Earth, there are myriad things she isn't capable of sensing. Though arrogant, she had accepted her... defeat under Nik's lips NOOO! HANDS! She was defeated under Nik's hands!

"Just make us invisible, can you do it?"

Nik asked while Virya nodded naturally. She was a light bender, such basic applications came to her naturally.

"Easily... but"

"I'll kiss you a lot, I get it."

Nik smiled while he gave an advance payment in the form of another passionate kiss to the original-sized Virya's lips while hugging her waist tightly. Unlike Pavka's sweetness, Virya had a somewhat fruity taste to her, even her scent was somewhat mystifying, being more prominent near her lower torso.

"Hmm! Good!"

Virya nodded naturally. The thin trail of saliva failed to throw her off of her game while she immediately started to glow brightly.

"Alright, Toph! You did a good job! Rewards are incoming!"

Nik immediately picked Toph once again, making her vision go dark, but his arms wrapped tightly around her remained the sensation that bypassed her vision itself.

Just as Nik had thought before, the top of the wall was filled with soldiers holding their weapons with a stern expression, ready for battle at any possible moment as they saw the flurry of activity in the distant fire camp.

It didn't take long for Nik to manipulate the gravity to slowly float down to the other side of the wall akin to a feather while continuously manipulating Toph's tongue while his hands kept shuffling between her calves and inner, moist thighs.

Once again, Toph lost to Nik's hands.


The opening of the gate was a simple task. With a few defeated soldiers swept away, Nik simply destroyed the somewhat larger gate openly, so that the destruction of the gate couldn't be hidden anymore, forcing Iroh to finally command all his troops and weaponry to defeat the final defence of the Capital.

Meanwhile, Nik had already rushed back to their hiding spot and finally sighed loudly when he saw the notification appearing in front of him.

[Chain Quest I

Status: Complete

Description: With the Death of the current Avatar, the balance of the world has changed. To appease this world's Gaia, start restoring the balance. Infiltrate and destroy Ba Sing Se.

Rewards: 4000 SO, 1 SP (Skill Point)]

Penalty: Forceful departure.]

The rewards were collected while Nik slowly woke each of his group members through a sprinkle of water, making them groan in frustration simultaneously.


"This is..."

Sokka's lips trembled as he heard of everything Nik stated truthfully. Ba Sing Se was no more.

"Hey! Get me more buns, damnit!"

Toph raised her plate and shouted smugly as she immediately created an earthen wall in front of Nina, not allowing her to leave.

"Listen here, shorty! I already served you six times! Now, get your food yourself!"

Nina frowned, but seeing her cute face while a smug smile still hung on her face, Nina couldn't help but sigh.

"Alright, last time!"

She once again brought more bread while June sat beside Toph.

"So you are saying that you actually sense and see through vibration?"

"Yeah! Pretty nifty, don't you think?"

Toph grinned before opening her mouth wide and engulfing the poor bun in one whole go.

"Oi! Get me more!"

"Aaagh! Fine, damnit!"

Nina really couldn't resist Toph.

Meanwhile, the three waterbenders also stood near Sokka and Nik with a worried expression.

"What you did was wrong, Nik."

Sokka finally uttered as he suddenly felt a sense of loss deep within his heart. His stay with Nik allowed him to slowly realise that Nik was a kind man. A reasonable man that operated outside the usual norms. His encounter with Min in the restaurant while calmly backing off was still imprinted within his consciousness, always making Sokka think more than thrice before acting up.

But today, he was utterly devasted to find out yet another facet of the man he respected.


Behind the calm visage that seemed to be able to even reason with death itself was simply a heartless man who wouldn't bat an eyelid before committing actions that would affect thousands of people negatively.

"What I did was wrong? Alright, let's agree for the sake of argument." Nik finally spoke up, while he was surprised that even after planting a core into Sokka's ethics, his will remained ineffective, making Nik realise that he still had ways to go in the truest form of manipulation.

"Then what?" Nik continued with an impassive face that betrayed neither his thoughts or his newfound respect for Sokka.

"Then what?" Sokka frowned and muttered Nik's words, his expression turned hesitant for a moment, just like the other three girls that stood witness to the confrontation.

June had no interest in the life of others, Toph wasn't a saint either while Nina was forced to be sold by her own parents, so it was safe to assume that even she did not hold the same opinion as Sokka.

But out of the trio waterbenders, surprisingly, Karna seemed to be sighing while making her way towards Nik as she gently embraced his body without any hint of passion, but endless warmth and comfort radiated out of her physique.

"I don't know if it was a hard decision for you or not..." She whispered before tightening her embrace, as if trying to convince herself.

"But, I want to believe in you, no matter what."

She finally whispered while Nik gently wrapped his arms around her quivering body as he whispered a thank you in a sincere tone that echoed from the depths of his heart, making Karna feel that she might just have selected a right path for herself by giving their relationship another chance.

Although there might not be much openness between the duo, Karna was already a decisive woman held by the bonds of society. Now that she could think for herself, no matter correct or foolish, she intended to follow through her own decisions.

Yue, on the other hand, looked at Nik before looking at the city and then once again looked at Nik.

"Um... is there a chance that the city would have fallen even if you hadn't contributed?"

Yue finally questioned. She didn't know what was right anymore.

And from Nik's point of view, the confusion was the most normal reaction he observed after Sokka's blames.

"Maybe, maybe not. Did my answer satisfy you?"

Nik still smiled, even though, he couldn't help but feel a bit dejected. Even Yue's expression soured a bit after hearing his question, the tone of blame hidden in his voice was too apparent. Never had she thought that Nik would actually blame her for his own actions, but his tone also served as an awakening call.

Gazing at the empty ground for a moment, she realised, that she too, did not care. To care for people she hasn't met, even in her own vocabulary, was too stupid. Not to mention, comparing them with someone who has been taking care of her all this time.

Even after leaving her tribe, never did Yue recall any of her experience in a state of blissful nonchalance. All of this was possible due to Nik's tender affection that left little room for sadness.

"Your answer does not satisfy me..." she spoke honestly while matching Nik's gaze. Their eyes locked onto each other before she smiled gently.

"But I suppose, I could try to be on the compromising side of our relationship for once."

She walked over to Nik before softly caressing his cheek while whispering gently and affectionately.

"Can you forgive me?"

"After a round of punishment, of course." Nik grinned before planting a soft kiss on her forehead while patting her back gently.

"I see... let's get it sorted out then."

Sokka sighed heavily. While there were no winner or loser in this scenario, seeing how easily other girls took Nik's side still served as a tool of dejection within him. He looked at Katara, who could be considered the most troubled within the group and sighed once again.

"Katara, what do you think of this situation?"



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