Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 109

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 109 Carnal Carriage 1


Katara was stuck. Her mind was a mess, but soon, she looked towards Sokka and sighed.

"Truly, I don't know what to do... but if Sokka leaves the group, I am leaving with him."

She finally stated and turned her heels, making her way to the carriage with an impassive expression.

Meanwhile, Nik looked at the next chain quest and pondered whether he should take it or not.

[Chain Quest II

Status: Pending

With the defeat of Ba Sing Se, the Fire Lord has finally unified the entire world. But, his tyranny is against the wishes of a few important beings of the world.

Defeat the Fire Lord and appoint a rightful ruler as the first unified king of the world.

Rewards: 30000 SO, 3 SP

Penalty: Forceful Departure]

After reading the description, Nik really had no intention to follow through the quest. While it seemed simple at first glance, the quest was fraught with intricate difficulty that required genius use of strategy and tactics, something he was admittedly lacking in.

Brute strength and seduction was his forte.

"Let's return to the Coconut Shade before we come to a final decision."

Nik spoke before making his way towards the carriage, leaving Sokka alone as his expression would often turn hesitant then determined before turning hesitant all over again.

He knew what Nik did was morally against what Sokka left to do when he joined Aang in his adventures. But deep down, there was this strangest feeling that compelled him to overlook the matters when it came to Nik. It was as if his own body wasn't willing to go against Nik, whether physically or emotionally.

The most shocking fact was that this feeling seemed to be completely natural. And Sokka felt that if there was no such feeling, he would have been an ungrateful swine. If he simply forgot Nik's kindness and only focused on his defects, what would he be called other than a swine?

Sighing, Sokka decided to take the reigns once again. He needed a little alone time before he came to a definite decision, while Nik had already decided a few matters that he would complete during the hours of duration till coconut shade oasis.

He named this journey The Conversion.


"Hey, what's going now?"

Toph asked with interest as the soft m.o.a.ns leaked through Yue's lips flushed everyone within the carriage. Meanwhile, Toph kept nudging Katara, who simply sat with her head down!

"Don't ask me!"

She hissed while June smiled at her reaction and whispered to Toph.

"Nik is currently fondling Yue's b.r.e.a.s.t as if they are buns."


Toph shouted happily as she just thought of her internal joke while Yue, who currently sat on Nik's laps burned in embarrassment and a strange mix of excitement that coursed through her body before electrifying her p.u.s.s.y, making her drip without any stop as Nik gently nibbled on her ear without minding the crowd that kept their attention on him and Yue.

His hands massaging her b.r.e.a.s.ts, almost threatening to expose them while pinching her delicious chocolate n.i.p.p.l.es as his erect c.o.c.k impacted against the crack of her perky ass, making her pant roughly while whispering pleas.

"Come on! I am sorry! Please, don't do it"

Alas, Nik wasn't in the mood of hearing cries of apologies. He simply wished to enjoy the entire journey. Before Yue could complete her sentence, her lips were seized by Nik as he showcased his expert french kiss in front of the group.

After a few moments of kissing, Nik finally looked at the somewhat embarrassed yet hopeful Karna.

"Wanna punish her together?" He asked with a smile that made Karna looked at the flushed Yue before her gaze trailed towards Pavka chatting with empty air, completely unconcerned by the illicit actions of her man while June seemed more than interested to join the group. Only Toph, who wasn't a part of the carnal group, remained a little sober while Katara's thighs grinding against each other spoke volumes about her own thoughts.

"*Gulp* Y-yes."

Karna nodded meekly before Nik grinned and grabbed her hand before pulling her body and immediately planting a ferocious kiss on her lips, his hands moved up and immediately took a fistful of her short hair before he started ravaging her mouth, warming her up for a few moments as he soon broke the contact, leaving the hazy-eyes Karna to look at Nik with a bit of indignation.


Yue exclaimed weirdly as Nik immediately placed his hands on her thighs and immediately pulled her kegs up while separating her knees, giving Karna a direct look at Yue's soaked pants. Since the carriage wasn't that big and the place was already a little bit cramped, the shifting of Yue's position for Karna's comfort took a whole minute.

But with all said and done, Nik smiled at Karna and winked.

"I can trust you with these lips, right?"

He spoke while he gently removed Yue's top as she squirmed under his touch while Karna had a hard time controlling a predatory feeling slowly building within her body. She nodded while gently lowering her head, her hands immediately shifted beneath Yue's butt to make her a bit comfortable as she gently placed her mouth over the soaked fabric, taking a deep whiff before revealing an enchanted look.

Nik meanwhile played with Yue's b.r.e.a.s.t as he slowly pulled her tunic, first, revealing her beautiful and smooth stomach before making his way towards her warm b.r.e.a.s.ts as he gently removed her top.

Before continuing, Nik gave June a grin as she thought that her time to contribute has also finally arrived.

Removing his pants without any thoughts of Katara's reactions, he exposed his veiny glory for all to see... well, except, Toph. She would be directly feeling it while the miniature Pavka slowly explained the entire process of enlightenment to the curious Virya.

"June... wanna help me out?"

He smiled while sitting grandly, his legs slightly parted to keep his c.o.c.k comfortable as he turned his head to slowly kiss Yue's back while leaving a stream of hickeys as he gently twirled and played with Yue's soft chocolate n.i.p.p.l.es while squeezing her b.r.e.a.s.ts simultaneously. Meanwhile, Karna had already pulled Yue's pants down with one swift motion and wrapped her lips against Yue's darker flower, enjoying the warm sensation of pink flesh while letting her own tongue taste every inch of flesh marked with Nik's scent.

"Don't mind if I do..."

June licked her lips lasciviously before getting on her knees, removing her long-sleeved gloves before spitting on her own hand as she gently wrapped the thick, juicy shaft with her hands, covering the bulging rod in her own juices before giving it gentle strokes.

With her 'eyes' moving out for battle, Toph once again started nagging Katara.

"Hey! Goddammit! What a wuss?!! You just have to tell me what they are doing, you know!

It's not like you are doing the same thing! So tell me, how is June licking that tough guy!

What's his size? I could only sense his flaccid state before, I want answers, woman!"

She kept nudging poor Katara, who already had steam releasing from the top of her head, her eyes were growing dizzy as she witnessed the sheer size of his c.o.c.k.

The girth... that juicy tip and those dominating veins...

Nothing like the monotone water tentacles she has been using, Katara concluded.

In the meantime, June got ready to taste her serving, her mouth opened up wide before taking half of Nik's c.o.c.k into her mouth, hiding the glorious shaft from Katara's view while her throat bulged as her cheeks sunk in while her eyes turned a bit crazed. Her soft and luscious lips glided across Nik's c.o.c.k while her hands cupped Nik's full balls, waiting to nut into her raunchious throat that would wrap around his shaft while always waiting to suck him dry.


"You shouldn't be too hard on others, Sokka. Life isn't all black and white. For most of the parts, it is grey."

Nina whispered gently as she kept her hand on Sokka's thigh, caressing and patting his leg.

"I know that... there is nothing good or bad. A starving beast kills an innocent animal. What's wrong with that?"

Sokka asked rhetorically before smiling sadly.

"It's just that... I want to live a life that defines and distinguish between good or bad."

"That's a naive thought."

Nina continued gently, her expression was still warm and comforting while she looked at the road ahead.

"As Naive it is... I wish to follow my thoughts till the end. Whether there is light at the end of this tunnel, I will know after reaching that point mmghphh?!!"

Sokka wasn't even allowed to impart his wisdom as his lips were sealed with an impatient Nina's.

"Hey! What's the big idea?!"

He immediately pushed her away in panic while Nina simply smiled while licking her lips.

"Can't you hear it?" She cooed gently while placing her hand on his chest while whispering her words and hot, steamy breaths into his ears.

"Can't hear what?" Sokka frowned before his expression turned strange as he looked back at the covered carriage.

"Now." Nina smiled at his response while immediately jumping on top of him, her b.r.e.a.s.ts pressing against Sokka's chest while her hot, moist crotch already grinding against Sokka's slowly hardening p.e.n.i.s in an illicit manner.

"This is one of the joys of being a couple. Caravan S.e.x."

She smirked before she pulled her top and pushed down her pants, revealing her smoking hot body, her soft pink n.i.p.p.l.es and a nubile p.u.s.s.y that dripped onto the tip of Sokka's tent.

Narrowing her eyes, Nina grinned at Sokka.

"I won't let you think of others, you can count on me."


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