Goddess Collector: Every Hole Is A Goal Book 1 Chapter 11

Volume 1: Rank 1 Chapter 11 The Voluptuous Landlord 2

"For real?"

At Okusan's... no, Kyouko Okita's narrowed eyes and dubious expression, Nik shook his head with a smile.

"Okusan, I really am not a bulging monster underneath these clothes."

"But... you open the door barehanded..."

Okusan muttered while Nik retorted.

"I don't see any fun in opening the doors using legs or any other parts of our body."

"That isn't what I mean to say. You are still new here, right? After all, if you weren't, you would already know who Mitsuko or other Souma daughters were... you might even have known me..."

She muttered as she looked at Nik with crystal clear emerald eyes while her slightly round face held a huge smile.

"To open the door means that you are truly qualified to call yourself a world-class professional bodybuilder. Aside from Marika and Machio-san, nobody from the gym has been able to do so.

And that includes Rick, who always end up asking Machio's assistance every evening to open the door."

"No, no, no, let's not center our conversation around a door. How about Okusan introduce me to places around the homestay? Like a restaurant or some other entertaining sites."

At his words, Okusan immediately shook her head as her long, waist-length pink hair flung around erratically.

"You don't get to eat from outside while staying with yours truly, Okusan."

"But... Souko-san offered to cook for me... I don't think I'll be able to eat much."

Nik explained with a smile while his gaze drifted off to her, what Nik liked to call, a legal buxom body. Her long pink top alongside the dark-green tights looked really mind-numbing. Not only were her b.r.e.a.s.ts on full display that kept on bouncing with each step she took, but Nik also couldn't keep himself stay away from the round, meaty ass that clearly had a bit of extra fat. But this made it even more enticing.

Unlike Mitsuko, who still miraculously retained quite a tight body even after giving birth to three beautiful succubi, Okusan looked like a true milf that she actually was.

"Hmm? Nik? You can't eat anything other than my cooking! I'll handle Souko myself!"

Okusan made the gesture of flexing her bicep as she narrowed her eyes while even twisting her waist slightly at Nik's gaze. Of course, an enchanting smile failed to get registered by Nik, who happened to have been in a daze after her bottom twisting so seductively.

"So, Nik... if I am right, you must know somethings about Mitsuko, right? After all, you stayed there for a whole night."

Smiling at her words, Nik nodded happily.

"Yes, Okusan. I got to know how passionate Mitsuko-san actually is. She is a warm lady who actually lived a life while searching for something...

It's good that I was able to meet her."


Out of all the reactions and words, Okusan thought Nik would say, never did she think that his words would pain Mitsuko such a picture. She had heard the words S.l.u.t, Loose B*tch and even heard a woman call Mitsuko a whore in heat.


"For real?"

Okusan chortled to confirm that she wasn't dreaming or hallucinating while Nik gave an affirmative nod.

"Not only Mitsuko-san, but even Kurumi, Sayako and Souko-san are also wonderful.

Kurumi likes to paint and she is extremely proficient with oil paints. Not to mention that she actually wished for a guy that could truly take care of her, instead of using her. I think, that if I didn't meet her yesterday, one day, she would've definitely met a person who truly cared for her and it might've ended in my loss.

Sayako, on the other hand, is extremely hard working when it comes to her studying. She is an ambitious woman and already has her goals set. Unlike others, she is also unafraid to follow her dreams, quite a respectable quality.

Meanwhile, Souko-san knows how to cook and knows how to take care of her siblings in her own fashion. Being an independent woman, she definitely has the qualities of a charming woman that every man would kill for."

As Nik slowly thought over his words and found that he didn't miss any single praise, he finally nodded in satisfaction and then looked at the slack-jawed Okusan.

"What kind of Holy Water did you taste in that family?"

To her astonished tone, Nik replied with a brilliant smile.

"The best kind, of course."


'It really is strange... from his words, I am sure that he really slept with Mitsuko... but what is this guy? He isn't the least bit frustrated that many men have slept with her.

Sure, there are many that would end up forgetting the Souma family after having the first encounter, there are still many who stop visiting them due to the fact that they can't keep their egos satisfied by knowing that women like us had a long list of lovers in the past.'

"Okusan, your house is really beautiful."

As Okusan placed a tray of snacks and two glasses of juice on the table with an absent mind, the said tray almost fell out of her hand.

"Ah! Really? Thanks."

Speaking hurriedly, she finally succeeded in balancing the tray and placed it on the table with a sigh while Nik gazed at her house while feeling the comfort of the leather couch on his back.

Unlike the lavish texture of the Souma Residence, the Okusan Apartments had a cosy look that could make others feel comfortable and warm. Light-blue walls painted alongside textures on the either sides with simple decoration along the windows and the pieces of furniture were placed to have a spacious look.

Not to mention the number of lewd panties of various colours getting dried in the living room right behind the open verandah.

Seeing Nik gazing at her panties, especially her black, crotchless one with twin straps that hugged her waist tightly, a tingle went off against her flower as she could her lower lips moistening at a breakneck pace.

"So... Nik... why do you define Mitsuko... in such a wondrous manner."

Picking up a glass of orange juice while folding her legs, Okusan's body demanded attention at every action as her b.r.e.a.s.ts... ridiculously large b.r.e.a.s.ts still retained their perkiness. As her green eyes met his black eyes, Nik fell into deep thought before replying.

"Honestly... I don't have to think much about Mitsuko... and others. While the society is filled with people who like to have s.e.x in secret while condemning the same action in open... the Souma women actually allows me to have a nice change of pace.

Around them, I don't have to lie to myself and keep my desires hidden. Of course, it might sound ridiculous as we only met yesterday, but I definitely think that I am more suited for the Souma women, both, mother and daughters when compared to their past flings."

Nodding her head, Okusan agreed with Nik.

"Yes, it does sound ridiculous."

At her glaring attempt of mocking, Nik just shrugged and picked the glass of juice to quench his thirst.

"So? What's your story? Mitsuko told me that you are around here for ten days, but your words make me realise different intentions."

Okusan finally asked with a smile.

"At first, I really intended to stay for only ten days... but something happened between me and Mitsuko-san. So I guess, I'll have to make some arrangements."

"He~ You don't have to. You can stay with me. After all, I live alone so a cute guy is always welcome."

Even though it wasn't Nik's intention, he just nodded along and thanked her for the offer before he drank the whole content and then sighed in relief.

"Um, Okusan, can I see my room?"

"Sure, follow me."

Standing up, Okusan brought Nik to the room right next to the living room and opened the doors that lead to a plain guest bedroom that was quite beautifully furnished alongside an attached bathroom.

"Since I owe Mitsuko a favour, you will be living here for ten days for free. Of course, that can change if you play your cards right."

Smiling seductively, Okusan patted his back and then left while her sweet buttocks jiggling around, only to be restricted by her green tights.






The annoying clicking sound continued as Kenta looked up with a wrinkled frown on his forehead. All this time, he kept quiet and remained patient for the one who kept on making such annoying sound happened to be the athletic bella of their school Megumi Amano. But he couldn't bear any longer.

Sitting right next to her while hearing the clicks of the ballpoint pen, again and again, Kenta finally leaned sideways and whispered.

"Amano-san, could you please not make such sounds."

"Ah! Sorry about that..."

Megumi nodded quickly and placed her pen on the ground as her gaze drifted off to another girl with dazzling black hair, just like she has while her honey gold eyes remained concentrated on the board, listening to the teacher's words seriously.

'She is amazing... aside from some rumours, she has top scores, she is better than most athletes of the runner's club and she is also going to be the school president soon enough...

But... I just was a tool, huh...'

The scene of Nik gently kissing Kurumi's lips resurfaced within her consciousness once more as the sight of her Maa-kun blushing at Kurumi's greeting annoyed her to no end.

Gripping onto her pen once again, she really wished to unleash her fury on the clicking part of the pen that allows the nib to emerge out of the pen. But finally, she controlled the urge.

Truly, she never felt so sick in her life. Wanting to cry, but why? Why should she cry over a man who hadn't contacted her after committing the deed and leaving her alone in her tears?

The answer to that question lied deep within the fact that Megumi already knew that what Nik did was absolutely the right choice. Unlike the mangas she liked, where the man would immediately embrace the protagonist when she feels sorry for herself, Megumi finally understood that when a person truly feels sick of his/her own self, they need time.

Instead of a long, annoying embrace, the person would need a little private time to carefully think out their thoughts. Honestly, Nik didn't leave her alone. He carefully tucked her into the bed and even waited for her to wake up and finally, the gesture of the already prepared food for her nourishment did touch her heart.

But could she really forgive a man that forced himself upon her?

If only she could simplify her thoughts. But humans are complicated... they are supposed to be, right?

As she slowly thought back at how good she felt even if it was her first time, Megumi, admittedly, compared Nik to Maa-kun and unsurprisingly, Nik would come out victorious in every single comparison except for intelligence. But Megumi wasn't a naive girl to equate intelligence to smartness and wisdom.


A deep sigh escaped her lips and then she suddenly whispered a strange chant.

"Partner Status."

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Mitsuko Souma

Kurumi Souma]

While the fact that her name was at the top made Megumi feel a little better, she couldn't help but think the conditions of successfully partnering-up with Nik.

If the conditions are the same as Megumi went through, wouldn't that mean Kurumi and her mother, who she actually looked up to in the recent parent-teacher meet, had also actually slept with Nik?

And if she were to assume that the names are sorted by the time of... contact, since Megumi was on top, that meant that Nik actually had s.e.x with Kurumi's mother and then Kurumi herself and successfully partnered with them.

But while all these questions plagued her, the most important doubt occupied a dominant area of her consciousness.

'What is this partner-up? And why can I see such a strange window? Even now, nobody seems to be affected by this strange thing. This only means that only I can see it.

Wait, if I can call for it, doesn't it implies that the other partners can see it, too? Did Kurumi already know?

If she knew about me... does this also means that she knows about her mother, too?'

With previous questions replaced with newer ones, Megumi seemed to be completely occupied with her own thoughts as Kurumi, whose golden eyes remained dazed, looked at the screen with wonder and astonishment hidden within her heart.

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